Softball vs Baseball Glove

by Mike Constanza

Softball vs Baseball Glove

Softball vs Baseball Glove
Softball vs Baseball Glove
Specification Softball Glove Baseball Glove
Size 11.5 Inches (Infielder) to 13 Inches (Outfielder) 9 Inches (Youth) to 13 Inches (Outfielder)
Webbing Webbing runs deep into the pockets Webbing is versatile because pockets are not deep.
Pockets Shorter and Deeper Longer and Smaller
Padding Less Padding More Padding
Softball vs Baseball Glove
Softball vs Baseball Glove

Softball and Baseball Glove

The glove used in baseball is smaller in contrast to the softball glove. The glove of baseball is small because the baseball is smaller in measurements in comparison to softball.

The gloves used in baseball can also be used for the softball game. The outfield gloves have added surface area to catch a softball. The surface area of an infield baseball glove is not enough for the large size of a softball.

The glove is a very important tool to become a great player in both sports baseball and softball. Not every softball glove and baseball glove are manufactured equal in terms of material and size. The player's playing position is essential to determine the right size for the glove as well as the type of glove they should go for.

The Design of Softball and Baseball Glove

The gloves have the same lacing, leather, and color but the main difference between the softball and baseball gloves is their design. The ball has a huge role to play in both sports. A regulation softball is 12 inches while regulation baseball is 9 inches.

Specifications of Ball Baseball Softball
Color White Yellow
Circumference 9 Inches 12 Inches
The Design of Softball and Baseball Glove
The Design of Softball and Baseball Glove

Baseball gloves are created with longer and smaller pockets since the ball is small, whereas softball glove pocket is shorter and deeper since the size of the ball is large.

Another feature of the glove design is webbing. Baseball gloves are more versatile with their web because the pocket is not deep, unlike softball gloves. The pitcher for both softball and baseball requires close webbing to hide the ball. But the webbing in any softball glove tends to run deep into the pockets than any baseball glove.

The Design of Softball and Baseball Glove
The Design of Softball and Baseball Glove

The Size of Softball and Baseball Glove

The size of the gloves looks the same on the TV but it is not the case whenever it comes down to softball vs. baseball. The typical size range of a baseball glove is between 9 inches for youth to 13 inches for an outfielder glove.

The infielder pitcher gloves' size range is between 11 inches to 12 inches and more than this range is considered an outfielder glove. A fastpitch typical softball glove size range is between 11.5 inches for an infielder to 13 inches for an outfielder.

There is also a difference in size for the catcher's mitts. The catcher's gloves for baseball are sized between 32 inches to 34.5 inches. The softball catcher's gloves are a little bigger and their size ranges between 33 inches to 35 inches because the size of the ball is larger in softball.

In addition, a baseball catcher's gloves have more padding than a softball catcher's gloves. The padding feature provides extra protection since the ball comes at full speed in baseball unlike the lower speed of a softball.

The Size of Softball and Baseball Glove
The Size of Softball and Baseball Glove

The Feel of Softball and Baseball Glove

Both the softball and baseball gloves are chosen based on how big a player's hand is. The fastpitch softball gloves have a small opening because the hands of women are considerably smaller than male hands. So, a lot of fastpitch gloves manufacturers design these gloves with smaller openings for hands. For slowpitch softball and baseball players, the gloves are manufactured with big openings because their hands are generally bigger than that of a softball player.

The opening is sometimes lined with furs for the comfort of players. Although the lining, color, and leather are pretty similar in both softball and baseball there are some differences between the two.

  • Baseball gloves have a shallow pocket.
  • The shallow pocket of a baseball glove is useful for smaller-sized baseball.
  • Fastpitch softball gloves usually have rounder and deeper pockets.
  • The deep pockets of fastpitch gloves are good for a bigger size of softball than baseball.
  • There are Velcro adjustment straps on the fastpitch softball gloves that give a firmer and tighter feel.
  • There are no adjustable straps present on the baseball gloves.

The Players of Softball and Baseball Game

The players for both sports are different. They have different techniques, superstitions, and pre-game rituals. As far as the glove is concerned, each player has certain preferences and they like their glove in some specific way.

Most of the softball players like their gloves tight around their hands that is why almost all the softball gloves are outlined with a Velcro strap that can be adjusted according to requirement.

Most baseball players like their gloves in a more relaxed fit compared to softball. So there are no Velcro straps but only standard conventional back.

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