St. Patrick's Day Captions for Instagram 2023 with Quotes, Insta Captions for St Patrick's Day with Messages Wishes 2023

by Mike Constanza

I have been told that there are three types of people in this world: those who don't celebrate St Patrick's Day, those who do from a cultural standpoint only, and Irishmen/women… which might as well be the same thing. The reason for me making this article is because many people celebrate St Patrick's day without knowing why it exists, what it means to them personally, or how they can make it fun! So here are some tips on how to celebrate Saint Patrick's day as an individual.

First off, if you're going to wear green on March 17th then you must take into consideration what type of personality you have. For example, green is my favorite color but if I decide to wear all green on St Patrick's day, I will look like a leprechaun. You might say that's not such a bad thing and you're right, but if your goal is to get really drunk then it may be in your best interest to wear blue or red because they are complementary colors of green and thus make it easier for people to spot you.

Then again, maybe you're just trying to have fun? The key in this case is wearing the color green in an outlandish way. This means don't just slap some green paint on your face or buy a cheap plastic novelty hat at Party City that would normally go with an outfit that has nothing to do with celebrating St Patrick's Day. Instead, come up with a creative theme and carry it out. The trick behind this is not to go overboard. If you're going to wear a green leprechaun hat, make sure it's well put together and you actually like it (you don't want to end up with buyers remorse when the night is over).

Best St. Patrick's Day Captions for Instagram 2023

Best St. Patrick's Day Captions for Instagram 2023
Best St. Patrick's Day Captions for Instagram 2023

I get these cravings for snow when it's hot outside, I guess that's why Santa wears a coat. - Happy Saint Patrick's day everyone!

The Leprechaun goes down to the pub where he gets his drink on and starts to get into trouble ~ traditional Irish song (lucky charms)

No matter where you come from, your dream can become true if you are willing to work hard. - Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!

All things grow better with love. Sláinte !

This calls for a toast! Cheers everybody! - Have a great St Patrick's day everyone!

White, green, orange-This is the color of luck on Irish eyes tonight ~ Irish Proverb (St Patricks day colors)

May the raindrops fall lightly on your fields and winds whisper softly through your trees ~ Irish blessing (Irish Blessing)

Sláinte ! Sometimes life doesn't go your way but that will never change the fact that you're awesome - Happy Saint Patrick's day everyone!

We may be small but we've got great big hearts and as long as we stick together nobody can break us apart. Sláinte !

Today is special because it marks the chance for all of us to get closer to our loved ones...Cheers everybody!

The luck of the Irish is here to stay; I'm lucky and you're Irish, so cheers to us both today! ~ unknown (Irish Proverb)

Every dog will have its day...but this is mine - it's St Patricks day on March 17th. Sláinte !

May your blessings outnumber The shamrocks that grow And may trouble avoid you Wherever you go Sláinte !

The Irish are unique, every day they awaken to green grass and blue skies - Happy St Patrick's day everyone!

You can't make someone feel inferior without their consent. Sláinte !

When life gives you lemons make whiskey lemonade...Cheers to that! - Have a great St Patrick's Day everyone!

No matter how many mistakes I make or how slow I progress, I will never give up ~ Confucius (motivational)

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Sláinte !

Funny, Good St. Patrick's Day Instagram Captions

Funny, Good St. Patrick's Day Instagram Captions
Funny, Good St. Patrick's Day Instagram Captions

Are you celebrating in a small village pub surrounded by friends and pockets of strangers who will buy your drinks all night? Or perhaps there's a massive party that will take place at one fraternity or another across campus and everyone in attendance gets drunk for free (but still be responsible!) Whatever the case may be, know where you'll be when March 17th rolls around so you can plan accordingly.

Normally I'd advise you to consult your bank account before buying anything, but because St. Patty's Day falls on a Saturday this year that means the bars will be packed and drinks will be $5 more than usual, so you're going to want to drink as much free beer as possible before having someone buy one for you or just accepting it from a stranger. You, er they, might not be able to afford it otherwise. Also keep in mind that for many places there is a mandatory coat check fee even if you're just stepping out for a smoke break. This writer recommends skipping the wait at coat check by wearing layers and carrying gloves in case it gets too cold outside.

You'll also probably have more fun if you start drinking early. If you're looking for a traditional Irish pub experience it would be wise to get there before 7 PM, where the drinks are half priced.

If you want to go big this year, meet up with your buddies beforehand and do some shots or play some drinking games during happy hour at one of the bars near campus. There are plenty of great places on Green Street that will have drink specials all night long.

Water is H 2 O has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen. Alcohol is C 2 H 6 O that's one carbon atom, six hydrogen - Oh wait what? Cheers to St Patrick's day everybody!

Remember: If you think nobody cares about you, try missing a couple of payments. - Have a great St Patrick's day everyone!

May all your troubles be little ones and may all your blessings be big ones - Happy Saint Patrick's Day !

I'm wishing for the future but enjoying today; praying for good health and smiling at my pain ~ Irish Blessing (Irish Blessing)

We are one people on this earth, each with his own customs and language, however different they may be. But there is only one humanity ~ Jawaharlal Nehru (diversity)

Although I will never reach the level of brilliance that is you, I will follow the light of that star on my shoulder wherever it may lead me. - Happy Saint Patrick's Day !

May love and laughter light your days, and warm your heart and home ~ Irish Blessing (Irish Blessing)

Drink a pint for me today! Sláinte !

Here's to a long life and a merry one... A quick death and an easy one... A pretty girl and an honest one... A cold pint - and another one! ~ Traditional Irish Toast (responsibility)

There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness. ~ Dada Vaswani (kindness)

Trust and believe in yourself and go for it ~ Norman Vincent Peale (One of America's most inspirational writers)

You can't use up creativity, the more you use - the more you have ~ unknown (Creativity)

St Patrick's Day is a great occasion on which to reflect on all that Irish people have achieved worldwide over the centuries. I wish everybody who is part of this global celebration an enjoyable day with their families, friends and neighbours ~ Enda Kenny, taoiseach (honesty)

think the most un-American thing you can say is 'You can't do that.' ~ George Takei (humor)

Smile and let others wonder why - It's a mystery! Sláinte !

Top St. Patrick's Day Instagram Captions & Puns

Top St. Patrick's Day Instagram Captions & Puns
Top St. Patrick's Day Instagram Captions & Puns

If you're looking for the perfect Instagram caption for St. Patrick's Day, you've come to the right place! Here are 100+ Irish puns and quotes related to St. Patrick's Day that will crack anyone up this holiday!

Looking for more funny Irish quotes? Check out our 100+ Best Irish Quotes of all time!

"May your blessings outnumber The shamrocks that grow, And may trouble avoid you Wherever you go." - Irish Blessing

"May the luck of the Irish Follow you wherever you go, And may all of your wishes and dreams Come true!"

"Ireland is a small but distinguished country." - Charles J Haughey

"We will continue to be one people living under God until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money." - Ronald Reagan

"I am proud to be Irish. And I'm proud to be American. But I'm prouder to be both." - Rita M Hauser

"It's an Irish thing; you wouldn't understand"

"No matter how much you push the envelope, it'll still be stationery." - Ellen Degeneres

"I joined the navy to see the world. I saw it." - George Takei

"Every time I drink green beer, I throw up...So drinking green beer is out of the question." - Unknown

"Trying to walk in two directions at once is difficult, but possible. The Irish have mastered it." - Unknown

"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." - Dean Martin

"Whoever said ignorance was bliss must've been Irish because he sure as hell seemed happy about it!" - Eoin Colfer, Artemis Fowl

"Irish people don't kill people... They make them dead." - Unknown

"There are two types of pedestrians: The quick and the dead." - Dave Duffy

"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." - Sir Winston Churchill

"She's gorgeous, she's charming, she's clever, she's witty. There are no flies on her." - Christy Brown, My Left Foot

"The sun shines brighter when I'm with you" - Unknown

"If you actually look at a rainbow it's fairly disappointing...there are only so many colours. But seeing something in your head makes it more special to me." - Cate Blanchett

"St. Patrick himself would be rolling over in his grave if he could hear the rubbish being spoken by some of his so called 'devotees'." - Mary McAleese

"Who needs luck when you have Irish blood?" - Unknown

"The Irish are always at home unless they are in jail." - George Bernard Shaw

"Irish eyes are smiling...with a little help from Jagermeister!" - Unknown

"Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping" - Bo Derek

"I have an existential map; it has 'you are here' written all over it." - Stephen Wright

"A pessimist is a person who has had to listen to too many optimists." - Don Herold

"Ireland gets the luck of the Irish on St. Patrick's Day!" - Unknown #27 -"My head says the world is black and white, but my heart says it's pretty colorful." - Unknown

"The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits." - Albert Einstein

"You're just jealous because the voices only talk to me" - Unknown

"It could be that your whole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others." - Unknown

"Be Irish, act Irish, drink Guinness" - Unknown

"Irish good looks are not all skin deep" - Unknown

"Keep smiling; it makes people wonder what you've been up to." - Ml.G.Kelly

"I'm not prejudiced, I hate everyone equally." - Rodney Dangerfield

"You know your party's in trouble when the highlight of the evening is finally getting to go home." - Unknown

"Life is like an onion: you peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep." - Carl Sandburg

"Irish technology: The biggest screwdriver in the world!" - Unknown

"I feel like I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe" - Unknown

"Two days ago, I saw a vehicle screech to a halt two inches from my leg. Yesterday, I saw it again." - Steven Wright

"I wanted to become an atheist but I gave up... they have no holidays." - Unknown

Conclusion for St. Patrick's Day Insta Captions

Conclusion for St. Patrick's Day Insta Captions
Conclusion for St. Patrick's Day Insta Captions

Spinach is not the only way to get your greens this St Patrick's Day. You can also get them by drinking some green beer! But, if you are looking for an alternative way to celebrate this lively holiday, then look no further than these fun and festive st patrick's day captions for Instagram. They will help you give your photos that extra bit of shamrock-filled magic.

So, whether you're Irish or not, grab a pint (or two) and enjoy the festivities! And don't forget to use one of our St. Patrick's Day captions to show your friends how in the know you are. Sláinte! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and have some fun this St. Patrick's Day-and don't forget to share it all with us on Instagram using one of our clever captions. As always, cheers!

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