7 essential steps: How to wash a baseball cap

baseball cap

Baseball cap isn’t just a dumb cap of your wardrobe. It’s the protector of your face and head from the steady sun dose, identity bearer of your team, and your exercise companion. But, the appeal of these caps doesn’t last for long. The colour gets faded or gets dirty in the field because of dust … Read more

5 Simple Ways: How to Pitch Slow Pitch Softball

5 Simple Ways: How to Pitch Slow Pitch Softball 1

Since the first Olympics in 1996, the softball industry really grows up. Now it has a separate fan base rather than baseball. According to the Los Angeles Times, about 30 million people play softball only in the United States. That’s awesome! But still, most of the softball players consider the hitters as the main part … Read more

Top 10 Differences between Softball and Baseball

Softball vs Baseball

Softball and baseball both need gloves, balls, and bats in the field. The pitcher throws the ball and batter hit the ball. Both are the same, right? Wrong! Well, asking a noob player might result in an affirmative answer. The basic concept is pretty similar to both. But, there are some subtle differences between softball … Read more