Top 5 Best DVR Security System – A List From The Expert

by Mike Constanza

,After knowing the significance of the CCTV surveillance system, you may be wondering what the best security system to go is? In a word, the most reliable security system is DVR (digital video recorder).

Unlike analog systems, DVR comes with advanced security functions. From crystal video recording to a large storage option, everything you will find on the DVR system. Besides, DVR performs as much as NVR in terms of recording and storing.

Thus, you need to choose the best DVR security system to get the uninterrupted surveillance system. To make your finding easy, we have narrowed down the 5 top-notch DVR system after thorough testing. Let's get them.

Top DVR Security System by Editors

Summary Table for Top 5 Best DVR Security System

Image Product Name Price

ZOSI 16CH DVR Security System | 4TB HDD | 80ft Night Vision
ZOSI 16CH DVR Security System | 4TB HDD | 80ft Night Vision Price Check

ANNKE 16CH DVR Security System | 5MP Cams | 1TB HDD | IP66
ANNKE 16CH DVR Security System | 5MP Cams | 1TB HDD | IP66 Price Check

HeimVision 8CH DVR Security System | 4pcs Cams | Motion Alert
HeimVision 8CH DVR Security System | 4pcs Cams | Motion Alert Price Check

TIGERSECU HD 8CH DVR Security System | IP Cam Supports
TIGERSECU HD 8CH DVR Security System | IP Cam Supports Price Check

SANSCO 8CH 1080P DVR Security System | 4pcs Cam | 1TB HDD
SANSCO 8CH 1080P DVR Security System | 4pcs Cam | 1TB HDD Price Check

Top 5 Best DVR Security System Reviews

Best DVR Security System Reviews
Best DVR Security System Reviews

To let you know more about the DVR security system, we have designed the reviews section with detailed features and specifications. Indeed, it will make sure of an easy buying decision. Let's dive into the reviews.

1. ZOSI 16CH DVR Security System | 4TB HDD | 80ft Night Vision

ZOSI 16CH DVR Security System | 4TB HDD | 80ft Night Vision
ZOSI 16CH DVR Security System | 4TB HDD | 80ft Night Vision

While choosing a premium DVR system, the first thing you may consider its video recording system. If you are thinking so, you can go with this DVR system without further consideration. Let's take a look at what it comes with.

The fascinating feature of the ZOSI DVR is its HD video recording system. It comes with a full HD DVR, which includes 16 HD cameras. That means there is no compromise about the video quality.

ZOSI has used the highly efficient video coding technology in this DVR system. Thanks to its ZOSI H.265+ video technology that made it possible. So, you can rely on this system for smooth video recording.

In terms of recording length, this system never lets you down. The DVR system offers maximum video storing capacity. As a result, it comes with a 4TB HDD. So, there is no concern about the storage capacity.

Moreover, if the HDD storage is full, do not worry about keeping the new video files, the smart overwriting facility will easily remove the old files and store the new files automatically.

ZOSI DVR security system is fully compatible with the indoor and outdoor environment. To perform at outdoor, each camera got an aluminum metal body to resist external damage.

This DVR security system includes other functionality such as various recording methods, distance monitoring, USB backup, and internet compatibility.

Key Features

  • 16 channels full HD DVR set
  • Includes a 4TB HDD
  • Used advanced265+ technology
  • Offers distance monitoring and USB backup
  • It comes with a durable metal body-based camera

2. ANNKE 16CH DVR Security System | 5MP Cams | 1TB HDD | IP66

ANNKE 16CH DVR Security System | 5MP Cams | 1TB HDD | IP66
ANNKE 16CH DVR Security System | 5MP Cams | 1TB HDD | IP66

After evaluating your intended coverage area, if you conclude that you need an 8 channels DVR security system, there is a perfect solution for you. Not to concern about its features and performance. So, let's check out literally.

Though it's an HD DVR set, it will provide you more than that. The camera and DVR resolution are quite awesome both day and night. You will get the 1920 X 1080 full HD video regardless of lighting conditions.

The video compression of the system is based on the latest technology. Plus, it ensures a standard video frame rate. All these things are possible due to its advanced H.265+ technology.

To solve the storing hassle, it comes with a huge recording capacity of 1TB HDD, which is included in the pack. If you need, you can extend the HDD. It will ensure you a 24×7 crystal video recording.

Besides a high-definition DVR system, you will get 8 pieces of 5MP cameras. The good thing about these cameras is their night vision. You will get the same picture quality even on dark nights.

The thing that captures our attention is its device security system. The DVR system is secured by ANNKE private protocols. As a result, there is no threat of stealing the files by hackers.

If you are distant from your property, you are still safe. And do immediate action by seeing an online update. It has remote access and motion detection alert that made it one of the best outdoor security camera system with DVR.

Key Features

  • Full HD 8 channels DVR set
  • Comes with 5MP 8pcs cameras
  • Used advanced security protocol
  • Have motion detection and remote controlling

3. HeimVision 8CH DVR Security System | 4pcs Cams | Motion Alert

HeimVision 8CH DVR Security System | 4pcs Cams | Motion Alert
HeimVision 8CH DVR Security System | 4pcs Cams | Motion Alert

Budget is another issue while choosing a quality DVR security system. If you are not solving such issues yet, hold on a sec. HeimVision is introducing a DVR set that includes all the latest features at an affordable price.

This is an 8 channels security system. The resolution of the DVR is 1920x1080P. Plus, the DVR set includes 4pcs of 5MP cameras. That means there is no confusion about the video quality.

HeimVision ensures all the features that a DVR should have. For instance, the weather protection capability of these cameras is uncompromising. It can stand with all weather conditions, which becomes possible due to its IP66 weather protective cameras.

The attractive feature of the set is face detection. It provides you a 100% authenticity in terms of face detection function. Besides, you can detect the motion and get the immediate alter message after detection.

Though it is a digital video recorder, it has a special ability to accommodate IP cameras. There are 4 channels for IP cameras out of 8channels. So, you will get everything in a single DVR security system.

Finally, HeimVision offers immediate customer services in case of emergency. So, if you face any technical issues, feel free to contact the manufacturer.

Key Features

  • It is an 8 channels HD DVR set
  • 4 channels support IP cameras
  • Includes 5MP 4pcs cameras
  • Provides face detection and motion alert
  • IP66 camera perfect for outside use

4. TIGERSECU HD 8CH DVR Security System | IP Cam Supports

TIGERSECU HD 8CH DVR Security System | IP Cam Supports
TIGERSECU HD 8CH DVR Security System | IP Cam Supports

For Those who are searching for an all-in-one security solution from a single DVR set, there is a search ending DVR security system for them. TIGERSECU full HD CCTV system surely impresses you with its performance.

The first thing that should come first is its video quality. As I mentioned, it is a HD DVR set. It can support a camera megapixel up to 5MP. So, there is no question about the video and image quality even at night time.

Interestingly, TIGERSECU is famous for its hybrid video recording system. As a result, the set can accommodate the IP cameras as well. So, you use maximum 2MP cameras in this security system.

To provide you uninterrupted video recording, TIGERSECU ensures a larger storing capacity on this DVR. The maximum HDD supporting capacity is up to 16TB. And it will make sure to overwrite old files while new files are coming.

TIGERSECU DVR always cares about the user's friendliness. Anyone can monitor the footage from any distance. The self-software system ensures easy remote control. The software has compatibility with the Android and IOS operating.

Slow performance occurs due to the lack of heat dissipation feature of the DVR. However, there are no such issues herein this device. It comes with an advanced cooling fan that ensures a cool system while in extreme operation.

That's why it is considered the best DVR security system in terms of its features, performance, and price.

Key Features

  • 8 channels hybrid video recorder
  • Support HDD up to 16TB
  • Support 5MP HD camera and 2MP IP cams
  • 2 years product warranty

5. SANSCO 8CH 1080P DVR Security System | 4pcs Cam | 1TB HDD

SANSCO 8CH 1080P DVR Security System | 4pcs Cam | 1TB HDD
SANSCO 8CH 1080P DVR Security System | 4pcs Cam | 1TB HDD

Motion alert is your first consideration while picking a DVR system, then SANSCO DVR set would be most suitable for you. Along with that, the security system provides 24/7 HD video recording.

As it is an 8 channels DVR set, you can easily install 8 cameras. The good news is that the set is included with 4pcs HD cameras. And there is no internet connection required to operate the system.

As mentioned earlier, the motion detection of the system is quite impressive. It provides an accurate signal about motion. Plus, you will get an immediate alter notification through email.

For instant operation, the security system allows mobile applications to control the monitoring. So, within a single application, you can get a live update about your property security from anywhere.

The main advantage of the DVR set is its all-weather protection. SANSCO ensures the metal body cameras. As a result, it can resist any external damage and is easily compatible with the weather condition.

If you have a low-quality video at night, replace your existing security system with this one. Its night-mode video recording also provides the same quality as daytime.

No need to concern about the storage capacity. It will provide a 24×7 video recording. The good news is that the DVR set includes a pre-installed 1TB HDD.

Key Features

  • Compatible with all analog and HD cameras
  • 8 channels DVR comes with 4pcs 2MP cams
  • Includes 1TB HDD for 24×7 recording
  • Ensures distance monitoring through a mobile app
  • Metal body and IP66 provides all-weather protection

Things to Consider Before Buying DVR Security System

Best DVR Security System
Best DVR Security System

Choosing a security device is somewhat tricky since there are some significant factors to consider while purchasing. If you do so, you will understand what should be considered and how easily to go with a quality security system.

That's why we have designed this section with such factors, which will make sure to have the best outdoor security camera system with DVR. Let's move on.

Multi Compatibility

The latest DVR system has the ability to be compatible with most of the cameras. If the set cannot do that, then you will have a very limited option to go on.

However, if you choose the latest DVR set, it can easily accommodate any types of security cameras such as HD-TVI, AHD, CVI, and full HD. In some cases, such DVR systems can support IP cameras as well.

So, if you have the possibility to install some IP cameras beside HD cams in a DVR set, then you must check the compatibility. Besides, you can choose some 120mm AIO cooler.

Recording System

Though most of the DVR does automatic video recording, the buyer must check it before buying. Overwriting is another issue to check while choosing a DVR system.

If the DVR cannot overwrite the old files, it is a disaster for the user. That means you have to delete the old files manually to accommodate the new ones. Make sure you also check our guide for M.2 SSD for gaming.

Storage Capacity

To get an uninterrupted video recording for a long time, you need to check the storage capacity. The more capacity has a DVR system. It is better to go with.

Storing capacity should be considered according to the megapixel of the cameras. If the cameras have more megapixel, it means you need to maximize the storage capacity.

Most of the DVR set has pre-installed HDD. In this regard, if you need more storage, you can add another HDD too. However, first, check whether the DVR supports another HDD card. Check out the most essential Review for AMD fx processor.

Weather Protection

It is a must-look option for CCTV cameras, especially for outdoor cameras. Users suffer a low lifespan of the camera due to a lack of weather protection.

So, if the camera has better weather protection, it can perform longer. That's why I choose a camera that has a rating above IP66.

Another thing you can consider is its body materials. A metal body camera is perfect for outdoor surveillance systems.

Additional Features

Motion detection is a significant feature for a security camera. If you need the automatic motion alert notification, you must go with a motion detection-based DVR.

Besides, face recognition is an amazing feature that some DVR offers. Plus, if you need distance monitoring, then don't' forget to see the remote controlling feature.

DVR Security System FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I use IP cameras on these DVR sets?

Yes, you can.

Some of the latest DVR security systems offer IP camera supporting. So, if you need to install an IP cam on this DVR, choose a multi-compatibility DVR system.

2. What about the night video quality?

Simply awesome.

As you know these all are HD DVR systems, it provides full HD video recording. Due to its night-mode video recording, the DVR will ensure you a better video quality at night.

3. How can I operate the DVR and camera from a distance?

You need a particular app to do that. The manufacturer provides the app, which can be operated through a mobile phone. After connecting the DVR with the phone, you will get full access to distance control.

4. Is there any protection for outdoor cameras?


First off, all HD cameras come with a metal body. The main attraction of the outdoor cam is IP66, which works for weather protection.

5. What to consider while choosing the best outdoor security camera system with DVR?

First, see the number of channels, then look at its other features such as HDD capacity, video quality, motion and face detection, and weather protection. Finally, come to its price, which is compatible with the entire features.

Final Words for DVR Security System Buyers

To get the maximum surveillance security, you must ensure a DVR system that covers most of the features of the latest DVR security system. So, it is better to go with the best DVR security system so that you can have non-stop video recording with the original quality.

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