Best PC Radiators in 2021 – Top Selling & Popular Collections

by Mike Constanza

Many of you know how important a radiator is to drain the heat of your computer. Overheating creates great damage to the processor, and the best pc radiators will dramatically reduce the temperature of your PC.

Since CPU coolers come in different sizes and quality, you might get confused about which one is perfect for you after seeing so many varieties.

After proper market exploration, we have enlisted both high-end and some budget-friendly radiators which will help you to keep your computer cool. Keep reading the article and check out the features that the top picks radiators are offering.

Summary Table for Best PC Radiators in 2021

Image Product Name Price

MSI MAG PC Radiators | RGB Liquid Cooler | Rotation 240mm | 2 Fans
MSI MAG PC Radiators, RGB Liquid Cooler, Rotation 240mm, 2 Fans Price Check

FITNATE PC Radiators | Aluminum Heat Exchanger | CO2 Laser Cooler
FITNATE PC Radiators, Aluminum Heat Exchanger, CO2 Laser Cooler Price Check

Thermaltake PC Radiators | DIY Liquid Cooler | 64mm Thick Copper
Thermaltake PC Radiators, DIY Liquid Cooler, 64mm Thick Copper Price Check

CORSAIR PC Radiators | Hydro Cooling System | 360mm Radiator
CORSAIR PC Radiators, Hydro Cooling System, 360mm Radiator Price Check

Heat Sink PC Radiators | 360mm Water Cooler | Aluminum | Matte Black
Heat Sink PC Radiators, 360mm Water Cooler, Aluminum, Matte Black Price Check

The Best PC Radiators Reviews

The Best PC Radiators Reviews
The Best PC Radiators Reviews

In this section, we will enlighten you with some useful information about the top-notch radiators for your computer which are extremely great in quality. Hopefully, you will get to know all your unknowing via this article. Without any further bragging, let's just dig in!

1. MSI MAG PC Radiators, RGB Liquid Cooler, Rotation 240mm, 2 Fans

MSI MAG PC Radiators | RGB Liquid Cooler | Rotation 240mm | 2 Fans
MSI MAG PC Radiators | RGB Liquid Cooler | Rotation 240mm | 2 Fans

It may be one of the most convenient coolers we have ever tested, and undoubtedly MSI MAG is our top choice for high-end liquid coolers. Based on customer demands, it has claimed to be the number one brand in the market.

This liquid cooler beats the other competitive brands both in performance and noise level. The ceramic bearing motor is so reliable and designed to stand up to 100,000 hours of life expectancy. The pricing of the all-in-one cooler is fairly harmonizing with its performance.

The cooler is exceptional because it is more capable of the insane cooling feature.

Even this 100x speedy cooler runs quieter than all of its competitors. It includes RGB fans which support custom speed with PWM fan. You can customize the lighting through software.

The installation of this liquid cooler is a lot easier. The company logo is beautifully oriented. You can rotate the cap up to 270 degrees to keep it upright instead of fiddling with tubing. Also, the pump of this pc radiators has integrated into it for lowering the noise.

Overall, you will be highly impressed with all its features. Your CPU will no longer be overheated and unresponsive even after working for many hours.

Key Features

  • Long term reliability
  • Easy installation
  • Supports custom speed
  • Less noise production

2. FITNATE PC Radiators, Aluminum Heat Exchanger, CO2 Laser Cooler

FITNATE PC Radiators | Aluminum Heat Exchanger | CO2 Laser Cooler
FITNATE PC Radiators | Aluminum Heat Exchanger | CO2 Laser Cooler

If you want a PC cooler with excellent heat dispersion, no other brand will please you like this one for sure. In terms of pricing, it works great and unbeatable. Buying this cooler is a very good start if you want to save money on a custom water loop.

Undoubtedly, it will splice with your CPU system and boast impressive cooling performance. With intelligence, the manufacturer has used black oxidation paint to increase thermal efficiency.

Additionally, the pipe diameter is around 3/8 inches you might need a rubber gasket for tubing with it.

The built-in water separator holds the water and keeps it away from the equipment for safeguard. All in all, it can effectively improve the efficiency of heat transfer.

Here comes the most useful feature of this cooler. As the equipment is suitable for variable frequency drives, it can be applied to industrial computer CPUs. Moreover, it is also useful for laser head cooling, air conditioning evaporator, etc.

Therefore, we can conclude the FITNATE pc radiators are for both beginner and professional usage. As you won't face any difficulties to set it up, so why are you waiting for?

Key Features

  • Built-in water separator
  • Extreme cooling system
  • Affordable range
  • No complication to set up

3. Thermaltake PC Radiators, DIY Liquid Cooler, 64mm Thick Copper

Thermaltake PC Radiators | DIY Liquid Cooler | 64mm Thick Copper
Thermaltake PC Radiators | DIY Liquid Cooler | 64mm Thick Copper

Before you go out and get a cooler, keep it in mind that the best pc radiators depend on quality, not the price. The quality depends on how it supports the power and dissipate the heat. Now we are presenting such premium quality product that meets your budget.

Why do we consider Thermaltake as our top choice for high-end air coolers? Because it accommodates high air volume and triple-row flat tube. If you are an expert, you may already know that more rows ensure more cooling.

The side panels of this machine have specially engineered with stainless steel.

That's why it is increased in durability and strength while reduced in weight. Also, the manufacturer optimizes it for pulling the heat away efficiently to achieve maximum heat dissipation.

If you are using tons of larger components, then this is a fantastic cooler in a smaller build. The cooling system is so satisfactory, works at both low and high airflow operation. Moreover, its materials melt into each other so that it can reach optimal thermal transfer from tubes to fins.

Unlike other brands, it is built with an ideal mounting and fitting. Thus, it will meet your cooling needs in all ways. Its premium quality makes it reliable amongst others. We must say, this copper made cooler is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Key Features

  • Expert in pulling heat away
  • Designed with copper made triple raw tube
  • Stainless steel panels
  • Includes screws for the fans

4. CORSAIR PC Radiators, Hydro Cooling System, 360mm Radiator

CORSAIR PC Radiators | Hydro Cooling System | 360mm Radiator
CORSAIR PC Radiators | Hydro Cooling System | 360mm Radiator

Are you looking for the best 360mm radiator that fits perfectly inside the CPU? Does your current radiator fail to cool your CPU quickly? All of these problems will be solved with one product, and that is CORSAIR hydro cooling pc radiators.

At first, we would like to inform you about its design. It has built up with dual fans on either side which are ready for the most ambitious custom liquid cooler. That's why it is the most exquisite cooler for your computer.

You may know, CORSAIR is the first manufacturer of liquid coolers, and they are still the top brand because of the quality maintenance.

It has coated with high quality matte black polyurethane which ensures a flawless finishing fitting with your system.

It is really hard to pass this cooler. Do you know why? It is because its thickness provides extreme cooling performance with high airflow by creating almost no noise at all. The water flow is amazingly more restrictive than other competitive brands. Isn't it cool?

The most convenient feature of this machine is its fan screws. Those integrated screws make it very easy to settle the fans even when the radiator is fitted inside the case. Thus, it will deliver a very impressive cooling performance.

Key Features

  • Amazing performance.
  • Incredible cooling ability
  • Noise-free performance
  • Lifelong durability with a reasonable price

5. Heat Sink PC Radiators | 360mm Water Cooler | Aluminum | Matte Black

Heat Sink PC Radiators | 360mm Water Cooler | Aluminum | Matte Black
Heat Sink PC Radiators | 360mm Water Cooler | Aluminum | Matte Black

Experienced people with know it better than the longevity of cooler depends on quality, not on price. Price doesn't matter at all when the product shows a better performance. Now, we are about to discuss such kind of product.

From our testing, we have got to know that this aluminum made cooler is very sturdy and durable. Moreover, the black-coated frame core makes it more improved and powerful to consume heat.

The best part is, its outer connector is suitable to install a 120x120mm fan.

The thing we must mention is this tool is suitable for water-cooled computer CPU. The good news is, you won't need a lot of installation effort and it is truly user friendly for variable frequency. You will be happy to know that it has a single drain which increases the cooling area.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, its thermal performance will blow your mind away. It has a larger radiation and brilliant welding technology which makes it unique amongst other brands. A pro tip we must say, you should flush the radiator before using for better performance.

If you choose the pc radiators for cooling, your hard-earned money will pay off as it does a very good job of keeping everything super cool!

Key Features

  • Matte black coating
  • Aluminum made and very sturdy
  • Supercooling technology
  • Fits in any size

Things to Consider Before Buying PC Radiators

Best PC Radiators
Best PC Radiators

While buying the PC radiators, you must consider some things in advance. If you buy anything randomly, it might be a bad an invest. You don't want that, right?

To make your shopping experience conventional, we are pointing out some features that you must chew over before buying the best 360mm radiator for your PC. You may also like some of the riser cables from our list, so take a moment to check them out.

Air Cooler or Liquid Cooler

There are mainly two types of radiators in the market, air cooler and liquid cooler. Generally, liquid coolers don't cause much clearance issues with storage, fans, or other parts related to the motherboard's CPU socket. They can endure high temperatures, so they need better maintenance.

On the other hand, air coolers offer greater performance and a longer life for the money you invest. But they are not much suitable if you want the extreme cooling effect. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the pocket operator.


Budget is the main factor for anything you buy. However, if you are purchasing the pc radiators for a new build, it is appropriate to fix an approximate budget for that. It is not wise to overspend on any cooler and end up having an unworthy product.

The products that we have mentioned above show pleasant performance and worth every penny.


The biggest consideration is the size of the radiators. PC radiators come in different sizes. Not all the cases can fit each radiator. You need to check wisely if the case can accommodate the radiator's size.

Sound Protection

It is a very annoying thing if the fans produce noise while spinning, especially when you are operating your computer in the office or a quiet place. Professional users and gamers tend to buy noise-free pc radiators.


Some radiators are copper made, and some are aluminum made. The aluminum made radiators are brazed without any insulating solder so that they work better than copper.

On the other hand, copper made materials have a better heat conducting ability than aluminum. So, be sincere before choosing one for you.

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Why do I need the pc radiators?

Radiators are a heat-reducing tool with a liquid cooling loop. When your PC gets hot, it needs to cool down. Otherwise, the processor may slow down.

2. Does size matter for a radiator?

According to the rule of thumb, it is wise to use a radiator with a 120-140mm size for each water component. Another thing you must need to know is, the coolers with larger fans tend to create less noise than the smaller ones.

3. How would I know whether I need to replace my radiator or not?

First of all, overheating is the main sign of when you need to replace the radiator. Moreover, if your current one gets a leak, rust, or unable to control the heat, you should replace that.

4. Is it easy to replace a radiator? And how long time does it take for installing?

Replacing the radiator is an easy task if you do it sincerely. However, it takes only an hour or two for a professional technician for the replacement process. But if there are any complicated issues, it may take 3-4 hours to fix.

5. How to pour water in the pc radiators?

Very simple!

Just open the cap and check the level of the inside liquid. Then add water according to its need. Then replace the cap by screwing up.

Final Words

After reading out the whole article, maybe you have a clear concept of the best pc radiators and the importance of having one.

Though it's a small tool in the CPU, it plays a significant role to keep a better performance of your computer. That's why you must not overlook this important machine.

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