Top 5 Best Ar Mag Pouch for Belt – Most Popular In 2021

by Lindsey Carter

The mag pouch is something that will make you easy to carry your magazines while on a shooting range or duty time. Otherwise, completing a successful mission would be difficult.

Unlike other pouches, the airsoft mag pouch has compatibility with the Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment system.

Magazine pouches have to be convenient to adjust with your vest, holster, duty belt, or even regular belt. It must have a tactical deployment and a good backup in your shooting time.

Though there are a lot of varieties of the pouch in the market, which does not indicate all are the lower quality. That's why you have to stand with the best ar mag pouch for belt, which will give a stable balance while running or going prone.

So, to facilitate your fighting experience, we have narrow down five top-notch and high demanding tactical ar magazine pouches. Let's move on.

Top Ar Mag Pouch for Belt Most Popular by Editors' Picks

Summary Table for Best Ar Mag Pouch for Belt

Image Product Name Price

IDOGEAR Tactical Ar Magazine Pouch - Hunting/Shooting (5.56mm To 7.62mm)

IDOGEAR Tactical Ar Magazine Pouch - Hunting/Shooting (5.56mm to 7.62mm)

Price Check

Mako Ar Mag Pouch, Polymer, With Belt Paddle (5.56mm Mag)

Mako Ar Mag Pouch, Polymer, with Belt Paddle (5.56mm Mag)

Price Check

CYTAC Single/Double Ar Mag Pouch (9MM Or.40/.45 Caliber)

CYTAC Single/Double Ar Mag Pouch (9MM or.40/.45 Caliber)

Price Check

HQDA Dual-Stack Ar Mag Pouch For Glock- 17/19/22 (9MM/.40 Cal)

HQDA Dual-Stack Ar Mag Pouch for Glock- 17/19/22 (9MM/.40 Cal)

Price Check

Blade-Tech Revolution Single Ar Mag Pouch - Vertical (AR-15/M4)

Blade-Tech Revolution Single Ar Mag Pouch - Vertical (AR-15/M4)

Price Check

The Best Ar Mag Pouch for Belt reviews

The Best Ar Mag Pouch for Belt reviews
The Best Ar Mag Pouch for Belt reviews

No more confusion, you are now purchasing the best magazine pouch. Do you want to know how? Just read through our article, you will get all the clarifications about airsoft mag pouch. Let's dive into the reviews.

1. IDOGEAR Tactical Ar Magazine Pouch - Hunting/Shooting (5.56mm to 7.62mm)

IDOGEAR Tactical Ar Magazine Pouch - Hunting/Shooting (5.56mm To 7.62mm)
IDOGEAR Tactical Ar Magazine Pouch - Hunting/Shooting (5.56mm To 7.62mm)

Does your magazine fall off while running on the battle? Or you don't want to miss your target while reloading the magazine? In both cases, IDOGEAR magazine pouch would be your top pick, since which will provide you amazing retention.

A pouch that composes of high-quality plastic, that's why it won't get any scratches easily. The holder is very compatible to get clip in your MOLLE system gears. You can effortlessly adjust this airsoft magazine pouch with your backpack or webbing vest.

IDOGEAR pouches have specially designed with an adjustable cord to hold your mags more securely and tightly with the pouch.

You just need to squeeze the prongs and slide the retainer down to open the MOLLE clip and take out the magazine.

If you are in law enforcement or just play shooting games to polish your skills, this pouch is perfect for you in either way. The quick-release feature will gear up your reloading speed. Additionally, it won't make you feel extra loaded.

Thus, you will get so many advantages if you buy this plastic made pouch. It will serve you for a long time, and you can easily clean this. It will deeply create a first impression on your mind just because of its outstanding quality.

Key features

  • Quick-release ability
  • Nice retention capacity
  • Provides a good gripping
  • High-quality plastic material

2. Mako Ar Mag Pouch, Polymer, with Belt Paddle (5.56mm Mag)

Mako Ar Mag Pouch, Polymer, With Belt Paddle (5.56mm Mag)
Mako Ar Mag Pouch, Polymer, With Belt Paddle (5.56mm Mag)

A paddle pouch is perfect for your long-range firearm because it tightly locks your magazine and secures it with the belt. Now, we are talking about such a type of polymer made magazine holder. Mako magazine pouch is a pretty convenient option for you.

Mako airsoft pouch is easy to attach to your belt and won't move wherever you go. Though it fits in tightly and doesn't wobble, you can loosen the magazine when you need it. That's how you can perform flawlessly.

Though it is a paddle type pouch and doesn't have any loop, it stays on your belt. Even if you forget your belt, it will adjust with your pant and won't come off.

Besides, the pouch also offers extra-wide inside space for conveniently adjusting with any type of magazine.

From your prone position to running situation, the magazine will remain steady in the pouch. Its quick-release ability will let you reload swiftly. Moreover, its construction will effortlessly allow you to clean it with water.

What we love most about this pouch is its grip. It is too stable when you adjust perfectly. Thus, in tactical situations, you don't need to get worried. Instead, you will be satisfied with its overall excellent performance.

Key features

  • Hold up tightly
  • Easy to put off
  • Cost-effective ar magazine
  • Polymer ensures huge longevity.

3. CYTAC Single/Double Ar Mag Pouch (9MM or.40/.45 Caliber)

CYTAC Single/Double Ar Mag Pouch (9MM Or.40/.45 Caliber)
CYTAC Single/Double Ar Mag Pouch (9MM Or.40/.45 Caliber)

Which mag pouch is perfect for all? Versatile one, Right? That's why CYTAC bought the best ar mag pouch for belt, so that the military and civilian can go with the same pouch regardless of their purpose.

Non-slip friction feature enables the pouch to tuck with the holster tightly. You can quickly put on/off the pouch even in a demanding situation. Just loosen or tighten the screw to adjust the width of the pouch to fit perfectly.

Magazine pouch always demands a durable surface. That's why CYTAC ensures a durable pouch, which can stand with the extreme heat. You can work with it at high temperatures, and it won't even slip off the sweaty grip.

Alongside this, the pouch has water resistance. If you crawl through sand or mud, you can clean the pouch easily with soap or water.

Quick deployment of the pouch allows reloading the magazine faster. That is why users prefer to use it in the military, law enforcement, shooting range, etc. Besides, the air pouch can accommodate a single and double stack of.45mm or 9mm or anything in between.

That means you can freely carry it for your firearms. Though this single magazine is small in size, it can hold up your magazine securely, so do not worry about losing it.

Key features

  • Superb durability
  • Nicely fits with belt
  • Easy to wash
  • High-quality polymer

4. HQDA Dual-Stack Ar Mag Pouch for Glock- 17/19/22 (9MM/.40 Cal)

HQDA Dual-Stack Ar Mag Pouch For Glock- 17/19/22 (9MM/.40 Cal)
HQDA Dual-Stack Ar Mag Pouch For Glock- 17/19/22 (9MM/.40 Cal)

The pouch we are now going to show you is HQDA, which is the most reliable magazine pouch to hold any pistol magazine. If you are just a beginner in your shooting career, it will snug fit with your magazine that slops around.

Are you looking for a magazine that will stay in place even if you roll on the muddy ground? Get the polymer made pouch on your hand. It is so comfortable to use. Besides, the pouch can resist heat and water.

Do you want to know the good part of the magazine pouch? That pouch is adjustable with an easy rotation by the built-in hex key. So, you can set the carry angle according to your position, no matter what the magazine size is.

Surprisingly, the pouch can hold two magazines together. Most people love it because of its impressive steady performance and durability. Besides, the pouch can easily compatible with the professional or personal belt.

Therefore, if you want to retrieve with almost no grip of your regular magazine, then have the best mag pouches for plate carrier within your budget, since the pouch has a good hold and made with the high-tech polymer.

Key features

  • Built-in Allen wrench
  • Most reliable for pistols
  • Easy-grip
  • Resistant to abrasion

5. Blade-Tech Revolution Single Ar Mag Pouch - Vertical (AR-15/M4)

Blade-Tech Revolution Single Ar Mag Pouch - Vertical (AR-15/M4)
Blade-Tech Revolution Single Ar Mag Pouch - Vertical (AR-15/M4)

Let's meet a hot brand of the U.S.A. named BLADE-TECH. It must be a barrier for carrying Mags without a pouch. So, BLADE-TECH introduces an advantageous product that is AR Mag Pouch, whether you are participating in competition shooting, doing tactical work, or spending a day at the range.

There are a thousand options on the market to choose the top-notch magazine pouch. So, when you are confused and searching for a quality pouch, this one from BLADE-TECH must be a good option. You will be impressed with its super-fast deployment.

To let you know about its grip, it has manufactured with Robust Polymer plastic, which is abrasion-resistant. In any area, whether you are lying face downwards or running, any scratch will not impact in this pouch. That's why the pouch also ensures safety magazines.

This magazine pouch also has a high retention capacity. It will be easy to put on and taking off the magazine from the pouch. You cannot complain about it for its speedy performance.

As a result, Blade-Tech considers the pouch as the perfect mag pouch for a gun competition.

Key feature

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Stays steady
  • Abrasion and water-resistant
  • Heat protected

Things to Consider Before Buying AR Mag Pouch for Belt

Best Ar Mag Pouch For Belt
Best Ar Mag Pouch For Belt

Whether you are an amateur or professional fighter, you could consider some crucial factor of ar mag pouch to escape after buying harassment. As a result, we put together the following factors for getting the best mag pouches for plate carrier.


For a fireman, the priority is the reliability of the firearm products. The best way to know whether the magazine pouch is reliable or not is the material and its capability.

For example, a polymer is better than a nylon-made body.

As a result, you can stand with these pouches because of their polymer composition. You may also like some of the Chest Rigs Reviews from our list, so take a moment to check them out.

Heat and Water-Resistant

A gun heats up too much during a fire, so the pouch must have the heat consuming ability.

Also, it needs to wash often. That's why the pouch must have water-resistant.


You must consider before purchasing a pouch, whether it has abrasion-resistant. Pouch gets so many scratches and damages quickly if it doesn't have excellent resistance. The products we have mentioned above have a great abrasion resistance. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the hunting gear.

Retention ability

The attachment ability of a pouch is the main factor of a magazine pouch. Make sure if the retention of the pouch that you are purchasing is excellent or not. It must adjust with your backpack, holsters, or belt. If the retention is not good enough, it will fell off easily.

Quick Reload

Reloading a magazine within a second is an essential thing for a shooter. Otherwise, you will miss your target. It will also give you more time to use your firearm. Thus, if you are buying a new one, try a brand that has a quick reload ability.

Inside Space

You are supposed to arrange a single or double stack magazine inside the pouch. So, the pouch you are going to buy must have a great inside space.

However, these pouches will ensure the perfect fitting of any size of the magazine since the pouch comes with a huge room.

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Does that deploy easily?


It is so fast that you can reload your firearm in a second without missing a target.

2. Do I need an extra attachment to fit it?

You do not need any extra clips or attachments to fix it.

The pouch itself has a built-in clip and screw to fix with your belt or backpack.

3. Will this adjust with a regular belt?


Either regular or duty belt, it will adjust with any of it effortlessly. Moreover, you can adjust it directly with your pant.

4. Will that stay fixed?

Yes, it will.

Just by following the mentioned procedure, it will stay fixed and stable even if you run or crawl on the sand.

5. Will my single or double stack fit inside?


Single stack or double stack, both will be arranged nicely.

6. What material should I choose to purchase a pouch?

If you want ar magazine pouch, you can get polymer made ones because you can wash them frequently, and they have more retention than the others.

Final Words

Regardless of the purpose of the pouch, now, it is easy for you to choose the best ar mag pouch for the belt, because you have well informed about the market-leading ar mag pouch.

We can guarantee, you are about to pick the pouches which have excellent retention, scratch resistance, super strength, and fast reloading ability since all the pouches, as mentioned above, have the same features whatsoever.

Happy Shooting!

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