Top 5 Best LGA 1156 CPU – Most Popular Collections In 2021

by Lindsey Carter

What would be the first consideration while you are making a high-end PC? The computer CPU isn't it? Yes, it is the most responsible part that makes your computer faster.

It doesn't matter whether you are building your computer for video rendering or graphics work. You must stand with a high-performing CPU that compatible with your LGA 1156 socket.

However, if you are looking for such a high-performing processor for LGA 1156 socket, then hold on a sec. Our research team spent hundreds of hours to find out the best LGA 1156 CPU for you.

Therefore, keep reading to discover your desired LGA 1156 CPU.

Summary Table for Best LGA 1156 CPU

Image Product Name Price

Intel Core I7-870 LGA 1156 CPU | 2.93 GHz | 8 MB
Intel Core i7-870 LGA 1156 CPU | 2.93 GHz | 8 MB Price Check

Intel Core I7-875K LGA 1156 CPU | 3.60 GHz | 8 MB
Intel Core i7-875K LGA 1156 CPU | 3.60 GHz | 8 MB Price Check

Intel Core I7-860 LGA 1156 CPU | 2.80 GHz | 8 MB
Intel Core i7-860 LGA 1156 CPU | 2.80 GHz | 8 MB Price Check

Intel Core I5-760 LGA 1156 CPU | 2.8 GHz | 8 MB
Intel Core i5-760 LGA 1156 CPU | 2.8 GHz | 8 MB Price Check

Intel Core I3-550 LGA 1156 CPU | 3.2 GHz | 4 MB
Intel Core i3-550 LGA 1156 CPU | 3.2 GHz | 4 MB Price Check

Best LGA 1156 CPU Reviews

Best LGA 1156 CPU Reviews
Best LGA 1156 CPU Reviews

In this segment, we will be showcasing to you every detailed feature of the LGA 1156 CPU. That's how it will help you to find your intended CPU and let you know more about it. Let's dive into the reviews.

1. Intel Core i7-870 LGA 1156 CPU | 2.93 GHz | 8 MB

Intel Core I7-870 LGA 1156 CPU | 2.93 GHz | 8 MB
Intel Core I7-870 LGA 1156 CPU | 2.93 GHz | 8 MB

Our list kicks off with the Intel Core i7 processors. If you are an intel lover, it would be most suitable for you. Intel offers high performance and many more functions within. Let's unlock the other features.

If you are building the computer for graphic works purpose or gaming pc, you need a speedy processor. That's why Intel has made the maximum speed of the processor is up to 2.93Ghz.

Those who always have to do multitasking job, they need a particular processor to continue non-stop working. In this regard, you can rely on Intel Core i7 8th generation processor. It will enhance your computer speed by up to 28%.

Lag is a common problem for most computers. It happens due to the poor quality of the processor. That's why Intel comes up with such a faster CPU that is always committed to non-stop service with lesser frustrating lags.

i7-870 is the new version of the same generation of Intel processors. And you will get the processor at an attractive price. So, if you are an inter lover, you can consider the CPU for your 1156 LGA sockets.

Key Features

  • Total speed is 2.93GHz
  • Cache memory is 8 MB
  • Makes pc 28% faster while multitasking
  • 37% faster for video rendering & 15% for photo editing

2. Intel Core i7-875K LGA 1156 CPU | 3.60 GHz | 8 MB

Intel Core I7-875K LGA 1156 CPU | 3.60 GHz | 8 MB
Intel Core I7-875K LGA 1156 CPU | 3.60 GHz | 8 MB

Are you looking for the best Intel CPU at a reasonable price? You are in front of the right product. This is the Intel Core i7 8th generation updated version with some exclusive features.

First, see the speed of the processor. The processor comes with an Intel turbo boost speed of 2.93GHz. However, if you wish, you can choose the speed up to 3.60GHz. In fact, this speed is quite good for all graphic related works.

Besides the core speed, the memory of the processor plays a vital role in the fast data processing. That's why Intel ensures the 8 MB smart cache memory, which is made sure the high-performance.

Sometimes pc got stuck while in extreme operation. It happens due to the lack of heat dissipation function of the CPU. However, there are no such issues with this processor. Thanks to its 95watt TDP that reduces the maximum heat.

Multitasking is a common phenomenon for the professional user. In this instance, the core i7-875K processor provides eight ways of multitasking function. That means you are about to have the best performance even at multitasking.

Therefore, if you want to get the best-limited price for this processor, you have to lock it right away.

Key Features

  • Speed of the processor up to 60 GHz
  • Comes with the 8 MB smart cache
  • Eight ways multitasking processing ability
  • 95watt TDP for advanced heat dissipation

3. Intel Core i7-860 LGA 1156 CPU | 2.80 GHz | 8 MB

Intel Core I7-860 LGA 1156 CPU | 2.80 GHz | 8 MB
Intel Core I7-860 LGA 1156 CPU | 2.80 GHz | 8 MB

To endure extreme workload, Intel brought a Core i7 processor that has the Intel EM64T 2 virtualization technology. If you are looking for such a processor, then let's dig up the other features of that processor.

If you are concern about the processor speed, then make it clear first. This Core i7 8th generation processor comes with a standard speed up to 2.8GHz. This speed is quite enough if you are building a high-end computer.

The Intel Core i7 would be the best companion for video rendering to photo editing. It will able to enhance the performance of your pc. Those looking for a good processor for a gaming pc can undoubtedly rely on this model.

The quad-core technology enhances the speed step of the processor. That means there is no hesitation for doing multitasking with this processor. It will ensure maximum performance even in extreme operation.

As I mentioned earlier, the processor is the best for video and graphics related tasks. Thanks to the Intel hyper-threading technology that made it possible.

So, if you want a quality Intel processor within a budget pricing, then you can undoubtedly take it into your cart.

Key Features

  • Processor speed is up to 2.8 GHz
  • Ensures intel virtualization technology
  • Most suitable for video and graphic tasks
  • Quad-core technology enhanced the overall performance

4. Intel Core i5-760 LGA 1156 CPU | 2.8 GHz | 8 MB

Intel Core I5-760 LGA 1156 CPU | 2.8 GHz | 8 MB
Intel Core I5-760 LGA 1156 CPU | 2.8 GHz | 8 MB

For those who still love to use the Intel Core i5 processor for their LGA 1156 CPU sockets, there is good news for them. Intel bought a 7th generation CPU, which is also considered as the best LGA 1156 CPU.

Intel Core i5 processors are preferable for beginner to expert computer users. This is because of the performance and speed of the processor. Besides, it will offer you a maximum speed of up to 3.33GHz.

Like i7 processors, the i5 also comes with 8 MB cache memory. In fact, this memory size is quite good for video rendering to photo editing jobs. If you are an enthusiastic gamer, you will have the same performance while gaming.

The fascinating feature of the processor is its supporting capacity. It can support up to 16GB DDR3 rams. So, don't be hesitate to set your ram limit at the highest possible GB.

For those who are aspiring for non-stop multitasking, this is the perfect processor that has been built through Intel quad-core technology. That means you will have the four ways of multitasking processing units.

If you are still facing the CPU heating problem, the processor is about to solve the problem. Thanks to its 95-watt TDP that reduces the maximum heat while in operation.

Key Features

  • CPU speed up to 3.33GHz
  • Supports maximum 16GB DDR3 rams
  • Ensures four ways multitasking process
  • 95-watt TDP ensure the heating solution

5. Intel Core i3-550 LGA 1156 CPU | 3.2 GHz | 4 MB

Intel Core I3-550 LGA 1156 CPU | 3.2 GHz | 4 MB
Intel Core I3-550 LGA 1156 CPU | 3.2 GHz | 4 MB

Last but not least, the processor collection is Intel core i3. If your CPU socket is LGA 1156 and still looking for a 5th generation processor, then the best way is to choose this one. Let's dig up the other exciting features of it.

First, talk about the processor speed. As a desktop processor, a speed upper than 3GHz is quite good. In this processor, you will have a maximum speed up to 3.20 GHz.

If you are a professional photo editor or a video editor, the speed is quite enough to operate your pc smoothly. Besides, the tech-genius prefer this speed for the enthusiastic gamer as well.

The processor has been made through intel dual-core technology. It means you are going to have the four ways of multitasking processing units. As a result, it will ensure the best possible performance even in heavy tasking.

Let's talk about the cache memory of the processor. The Intel Core i3 processor comes with 4MB cache memory. And the bus speed of the processor is 2.5GT. Plus, the weight of the processor is 24.2g.

Interestingly, the Intel Core i3-550 has a good heating dissipation system. Those who are facing such an issue, you will get rid of that due to its 73-watt TDP.

Key Features

  • Maximum speed up to 3.20GHz
  • Support 2-slots DDR3 ram
  • Comes with 4 MB cache memory
  • Dual-core 4-ways multitasking processing

Things to Consider Before Buying LGA 1156 CPU

Best LGA 1156 CPU
Best LGA 1156 CPU

While buying some technological products, you must consider some crucial factors before buying. Otherwise, after buying harassment is inevitable for you. However, don't be worried.

We have put together some significant factors so that you can choose the best Intel CPU for LGA 1156 socket. Let's jump on to them. You may also like some of the Vertical GPU Mount from our list, so take a moment to check them out.


The first and crucial aspect of choosing a processor is its generation. Most of the updated features and functions is depending on the generation of the processors.

Suppose you choose an upper core processor but lesser the generation. That means you are inevitably down the performance of your computer. So, the generation of the processor must be considered before taking it into your cart. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the PC Radiators.

Core of the Processor

The overall speed and performance are depending on the core of the processor. So, you should choose the core consciously. Since the processor is a long-time investment, so you must consider as higher core as possible for your computer.

Don't forget to check the generation, whether it is compatible with the core or not. You may also be interested in some of the Riser Cable from our list.

Cache Memory

Overall speed and performance depend on the cache memory of the processor. The higher the cache memory, the better it performs. Cache memory means a smaller ram inside the CPU.

So, if you want a bufferless performance from your computer, then you have to make sure a higher cache memory-based processor.

Speed of the Processor

Clock speed is equally important for the processor. While evaluating a processor's performance, the first thing that comes to mind is its speed. If you got the higher speedy processor, that means you have made the speediest computer.

So, if you are making a high-end computer for professional purposes or gaming, you must choose the speedier processor.

Additional Issues

Most computer users have experienced CPU heating. It happens either by cooling fans or the TDA of the CPU. So, to skip such a situation, you can check the TDA watt of the processors.

Sometimes you need to check the supporting system of the CPU, such as ram and its maximum capacity.

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How can I clean the processor cache memory?

That's easy.

Cache memory will be wiped out if you turn off your computers. That means each time you off your pc, the cache memory will be cleaned. In case of an emergency, you can restart your pc to clear the cache memory.

2. What is the good processor speed for a gaming pc?

For any type of computer, the processor speed should be 2.8 to maximum. For gaming pc, the speed should be as maximum as possible. Let's say 3.00GHz or max.

3. How can I choose the best Intel CPU?

It would be easy if you look at some particular features. First, consider the core and generation of the processor. Then check the other features such as speed, cache memory, supporting capacity, and so forth. These features are the good symbol of a better processor.

4. What is the generation of the socket LGA 1156?

Socket 1156 is known as LGA 1156 or H1. It is a land grid array socket that has used the 1st generation workstation-class for core i3, i5, i7, and xenon 300 series processors.

5. Can I use these processors for video rendering?

Yes, of course.

These are the Intel high performing processors. So, you can use them not only for video rendering but also for photo editing, gaming, or multitasking job.

Final Words

LGA 1156 CPU socket supports a lot of processors, but you should choose the most appropriate one for your high-end computer. The above list has all types of the best LGA 1156 CPU. Now it's your time to choose your most desired one from them.

I hope that you will find the most suitable one as you have gone through the expert's reviews and buyer's guide.

Have a Great PC!

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