Best Nerf Football – TOP 5 Models Reviewed by an Expert

by Lindsey Carter

Do you enjoy outdoor games with your family and friends? If you enjoy outdoor games, chances are you love football just as much as we do! For a good game of football, choosing the right ball is necessary!

Nerf is a household name when it comes to outdoor games. Whether it's shooting guns or water toys, they have a plethora of things for you to choose from. However, their line of footballs is just as impressive for household games!

Currently, Nerf has a massive collection of footballs. All of them have the salient features that make them stand out. If you're wondering which one is right for you, then we got you covered!

In this article, we've discussed some of the best Nerf footballs out there with tips on how to buy the perfect product. Let's begin!

Summary Table for Best Nerf Football

Image Product Name Price

Sports Weather Blitz Nerf Football | Red/Bla
Sports Weather Blitz Nerf Football | Red/Bla Price Check

NFL Gridiron | Junior-Size | Youth Nerf Football
NFL Gridiron | Junior-Size | Youth Nerf Football Price Check

Wave Runner Grip It Waterproof Nerf Football | Size 9.25 Inches | With Sure-Grip Technology
Wave Runner Grip It Waterproof Nerf Football | Size 9.25 Inches | with Sure-Grip Technology Price Check

Nerf N-Sports Turbo | Jr. Nerf Football
Nerf N-Sports Turbo | Jr. Nerf Football Price Check

Diggin Squish Soft Kids Nerf Football| Easy Grip | Foam Ball
Diggin Squish Soft Kids Nerf Football| Easy Grip | Foam Ball Price Check

Best Nerf Football Reviews

Best Nerf Football Reviews
Best Nerf Football Reviews

We've discussed multiple types of Nerf footballs available in the market. We've described their features to give an idea about them. However, not all the products might suit your needs. Please go through the reviews to find out the best footballs for throwing.

1. Sports Weather Blitz Nerf Football | Red/Black

Sports Weather Blitz Nerf Football | Red/Bla
Sports Weather Blitz Nerf Football | Red/Bla

To begin with, the best kind of footballs are the ones that can survive the wear and tear of any game. Whether you're just kicking the ball around or having the game of your life, your football should be strong enough to sustain. And if durability is what you're looking for, this is precisely the one you need!

If you want to enjoy football all weather long, then this is right for you. The material of the ball ensures it gives top-notch performance all year long. Whether you're gliding in the snow or playing in the mud, expect top-notch performance everywhere!

Furthermore, if you're training for the big leagues, this is beneficial for you. The material and design are made to survive sufficient wear and tear, which allows you to go the extra mile in training.

If you're investing, it's important that it lasts long. For something like football, it has to be durable, and this is where this football excels. While the material is already sturdy enough to last a long time. And the design gives it the edge when it comes to durability.

However, the manufacturer states that the product is not suitable for children under five years old. So, if you're buying something for small children, this isn't the product for you.

Key Features

  • Durable, long-lasting material
  • Useable in all weather types
  • Professional-grade build quality
  • Suitable for ages five and above
  • Comes with a foam ball.

2. NFL Gridiron | Junior-Size | Youth Nerf Football

NFL Gridiron | Junior-Size | Youth Nerf Football
NFL Gridiron | Junior-Size | Youth Nerf Football

For football fans, their favorite team means the world to them. Thus, most hardcore fans go to lengths to support their beloved team and see them succeed. And what's a better way to support your team than the ball of your team's design?

If donning your teams' colors is your plan, this is exactly what you need! With NFL approved designs, these balls feature the primary logo and colors of your favorite NFL team with additional secondary logo backing designs.

What's unique about the junior-sized balls is their size. It's a perfect size for every occasion.

Whether it's a bunch of children throwing around for fun, or adults having a game of their own, the ball will be easy to hold and play with for everyone.

Furthermore, the molded rubber gives the ball the sturdiness it requires to survive any weather or playing conditions. While the material ensures comfort when held, making your games convenient.

If you have a friend who's a massive football fan, giving them one of these with their favorite team's design is an ideal gift. This is both a unique and affordable gift idea for any football fan.

Key Features

  • NFL approved design with official club emblems
  • Ideal size for any group of players
  • Molded rubber composition suitable for any playing condition
  • Ideal for gifts
  • High tack rubber grip for easy control

3. Wave Runner Nerf Football | Sure-Grip | Waterproof | 9.25″

Wave Runner Grip It Waterproof Nerf Football | Size 9.25 Inches | With Sure-Grip Technology
Wave Runner Grip It Waterproof Nerf Football | Size 9.25 Inches | With Sure-Grip Technology

There's something special about playing football in the rain. Whether it's on a pool or a river, it's great for a change of pace or a fun party event. However, finding the right ball for playing in water can be a challenging task.

For people who love playing in the water, we found the ideal product for you! This 9.25" water football is a perfect size for any game. Whether you're playing on the surface or enjoying your time in the pool, this is an ideal size.

The ball features a unique grip pattern special to Wave Runner. This makes throwing and catching more convenient and enjoyable.

If you're someone who's still learning the game, this can be an excellent tool for practice.

To make sure the customers are completely satisfied, Wave Runner has a 30-day warranty in place. If you're not satisfied with the product, you'll receive a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Furthermore, unlike most footballs, this is available in a plethora of colors. Currently available in four premium colors, all of them have a distinct look of their own. Choose whichever is right for you, and start your game!

Key Features

  • Long-lasting rubber bladder
  • Unique grip for additional comfort
  • Great for playing in the water
  • Comes with a 30-day warranty

4. Nerf N-Sports Turbo | Jr. Nerf Football

Nerf N-Sports Turbo | Jr. Nerf Football
Nerf N-Sports Turbo | Jr. Nerf Football

Finding a football of premium quality that will give you a great experience can be a bit hard. However, Nerf has some top-notch products that will surely be worth your money. So, if you are looking for the best footballs for throwing this is for you.

What makes this product unique is that it is one of the best Nerf footballs for children. The size, design, and quality are sure to attract children to sports. However, it's not exclusive to children. The size is ideal for all ages.

Furthermore, the product has gone through sufficient durability and strength tests, making sure it will survive adverse conditions.

From playing in the snow to throwing around in the pool, you'll have a great experience everywhere.

Since the product caters to young players, the material is very soft. However, soft doesn't mean low quality. The softness is made through a top-notch build, which ensures durability as well.

The product features a straightforward build. The build makes it easy to grip and throw, while the light material ensures a good experience every time. This is an excellent product if you're learning to play the game of football.

Key Features

  • Especially suited for children
  • Safe, non-toxic materials
  • Quality tested to ensure durability
  • Soft and easy to touch, but long-lasting build

5. Diggin Squish Soft Kids Nerf Football| Easy Grip | Foam Ball

Diggin Squish Soft Kids Nerf Football| Easy Grip | Foam Ball
Diggin Squish Soft Kids Nerf Football| Easy Grip | Foam Ball

For children who want to play, most balls are too hard for them. Most footballs make the material hard to provide professional experience and ensure durability, which makes finding a good football for children hard.

Thus, we're presenting a football that's not only soft and squishy but strong and sturdy as well. Diggin uses its specialized technology to provide a soft exterior with sufficient weight for throwing and catching.

Furthermore, to make sure catching the softball is more comfortable, it's provided with a specialized grip.

The grip makes catching and throwing a lot more fun compared to its competitors.

If you have space in your house and want to play a game indoors, this is a great fit. The soft material will ensure you're having a great time without breaking things here and there. However, make sure you have space before you start playing.

If you have kids who want to learn football, this is an ideal pick. The material will prevent accidents while giving them an actual experience of the game. A perfect beginner-friendly experience.

However, don't think it's only for children. The 9" size makes it easy to hold for everyone. Making sure everyone gets to enjoy a fantastic game of football. For more suggestions, you can read about nerf Darts

Key Features

  • Squeezy, soft texture
  • High-quality grip for easy catching and throwing
  • Ideal for children and indoor games
  • Beginner-friendly material

Things To Consider Before Buying Nerf Football

Best Nerf Football
Best Nerf Football

If you want to buy the right football for you, you might need to consider a few factors. People often purchase without considering technical matters beforehand. However, a bit of research could go a long way in these circumstances.

Here are a few factors you might need to keep in mind before buying nerf football or the best footballs for throwing. Besides, you can choose some baseball swing analyzer.


The size of the ball is an essential aspect of your decision. If you're buying a football for children, a game-size football would be too big for them, while a junior-size ball might be too small for a game of adults.

Make sure the ball you're getting suits the size of your players. However, multiple footballs are sized adequately to help players of all ages. Look out for them for a comprehensive experience. Make sure you also check our guide for pitching machines for baseball.


Different footballs have different materials. The material plays a vital role in the performance of the ball. While most manufacturers claim their material to be the best, every material has its specialty.

A rubber football will likely get a better trajectory than leather or nerf foam football, while a leather one might be more durable. Make sure to see customer reviews about the product to choose the right product for you. Check out the most essential Review for little league bats.


The presence of grip makes a world of difference when it comes to footballs. The grip makes catching, throwing, and dribbling with the ball much easier.

There are a lot of factors involving grip that should be taken into account. The type, material, and position of the grip is a crucial factor. Furthermore, make sure the grip doesn't trouble your skin or makes controlling the ball uncomfortable.

Type of Game

What kind of game you want to play with your football is another important factor. The surface you play on, the severity of the game are key factors.

If you play regularly, look for a ball with high-end material. If you prefer playing water football, look for a football with a specialized water grip. If you play in the snow, make sure your ball doesn't skid too much in the snow.

A ball that's good for snow might not be the best choice in mud and vice versa. Keep these factors in mind when buying a ball.

Nerf Football FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Here are a few questions people frequently ask when choosing a Nerf football:

1. What is the Ideal Size for a Nerf Football?

In all honesty, the size depends on your preference. However, if you want a ball that will be suitable for people of all ages, we recommend getting a 9"-9.25" football.

2. Do Nerf Footballs Sink or Float in Water?

Nerf footballs are generally made to give you a comprehensive experience. Most of the balls are made of high-end rubber and foam, which will float in water to make sure you get the best experience on any surface.

3. How to Choose the Best Nerf Football For Me?

To choose the right product for you, you have to consider a few factors. These include the material of the ball, the grip, size, and price. Make sure to do your research, and you'll get the right product for you!

4. Can footballs cause allergic reactions?

Most footballs are made of a safe, non-toxic variety of rubber to make the product accessible for everyone. However, if you feel sick or have allergic reactions to such material, go for other materials.

5. Do Nerf Footballs Absorb Water?

Since the material is mostly rubber, Nerf Footballs can absorb some bit of water when playing in the water. However, the water doesn't significantly affect the performance and can be quickly dried off when not in use.

Final Words for Nerf Football Buyers

We all love a good game of football. Whether we're on vacation or simply having some quality time with our family, a good game of football is always welcome. However, the right products will definitely increase your fun.

However, if you're worried about finding the right football for you, we got you covered! In this article, we've discussed some of the best Nerf footballs out there to help you find what's right for you! We hope you find this helpful.

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