Top 5 Best Grease for U-Joints in 2021 – Reviews By an Expert

by Lindsey Carter

Lubrication is the process of applying a lubricating substance, such as grease or oil, to lessen friction between components, a leading cause of wear and tear, corrosion, and contact fatigue. The lubricant also acts as a temperature control agent; it absorbs heat from the surface and transfers it to another point where the heat dissipates.

Best practices dictate that you use grease as your lubricating agent instead of oil. Grease has a slew of advantages over oil: it does not leak easily, it has sealing capabilities, and it protects surfaces from corrosion.

Not all greases are created equal, so here is the best grease for u-joints available on the market today.

Summary Table for Top 5 Best Grease for U-Joints in 2021

Image Product Name Price

Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Greas
Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Greas Price Check

Valvoline SynPowered Synthetic Automotive Grease
Valvoline SynPowered Synthetic Automotive Grease Price Check

Valvoline General Purpose Amber Grease
Valvoline General Purpose Amber Grease Price Check

Mobil 1 Synthetic Grease
Mobil 1 Synthetic Grease Price Check

Mystik JT-6 Hi-Temp Multi-Purpose Grease
Mystik JT-6 Hi-Temp Multi-Purpose Grease Price Check

5 Best Grease for U-Joints

5 Best Grease for U-Joints
5 Best Grease for U-Joints

Most of the time, the reason universal joints fail is because of inadequate lubrication. To avoid this, check out the top-selling grease for u-joints. These top grease products can also apply for ball joints. Read the manufacturer's manual to know for sure.

1. Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Grease

Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Greas
Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Greas

The brand is practically a household name when it comes to grease. Their products are some of the best of its kind on the market today, and their Heavy Duty Grease variant snugly fits the bill.

This grease is for heavy-duty, agricultural, automotive, and industrial applications. It is more stable than the conventional lithium-based grease and is virtually waterproof and wash-out proof.

Generally, you will want to use this variant because it survives higher temperatures.

If your u-joints are prone to heating up, then this grease is perfect for you. Another common problem with regular lubricating grease is that you may need to repeatedly change it.

This grease will last for far longer because of its polyurea base. You may even only reapply the grease annually. Furthermore, you can apply it easily with its user-friendly grease gun cartridge.

However, one downside with this grease is that while it is good, it is not on the marine-grade level. Its polyurea base is not compatible with lithium-based lubricants, which are among the most common grease types and are compatible with almost all types.

Also, there are complaints of the grease coming in cheap packaging, so you might receive bent bottles or leaking products upon delivery. You may also like some of the Top Oil for Duramax from our list, so take a moment to check them out.

Highlighted Features

  • Waterproof and wash-out proof
  • Polyurea base means that it will last longer
  • Easy application
  • Survives high temperatures

2. Valvoline SynPowered Synthetic Automotive Grease

Valvoline SynPowered Synthetic Automotive Grease
Valvoline SynPowered Synthetic Automotive Grease

This lubricant grease has a lithium-based complex thickened in oil, mixed with other premium grade additives. The grease works at a broad range of temperatures, from negative 60 to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

The main thing setting this grease from other brands is its ability to handle high loads. The addition of molybdenum in its mixture gives it much better film strength. It can take heavy loads and weights while still retaining its effectiveness.

Due to this, the grease gains maximum efficiency as lubricants for the ball joints of heavy trucks and trailers. This also means that it can easily handle heavy-duty and industrial applications.

Furthermore, it is heat-fortified, adding to its strength and stability. There are no hardening issues at low temperatures or bleeding problems at high heat. The solution also has oxidation inhibitors, helping you preserve the life of whatever metal you are applying it on.

Despite all of these benefits, the grease does not feel dense and too viscous; it still pumps out well from a grease gun.

However, despite all of these fantastic benefits, the product has its small shortcomings. The components may still separate after prolonged storage, so you might see your box or container leaking after a while. Don't forget to check the 80W90 Gear Oil reviews

Highlighted Features

  • Molybdenum in its mixture allows it better film strength
  • Remains stable even under extreme pressure
  • Oxidation-Resistant
  • Includes non-corrosive additive
  • Handles high temperatures well

3. Valvoline General Purpose Amber Grease

Valvoline General Purpose Amber Grease
Valvoline General Purpose Amber Grease

Sometimes it pays to be simple. That is precisely what this lubricant grease brand. No frills, no complicated features, and extravagance, the Valvoline Amber Grease just does its job and does it very well.

The grease has industrial and automotive use in mind. It is a perfect lubricant for chassis and wheel bearings for automobiles equipped with the non-disc brake kind of bearings.

This grease sports excellent water resistance, and lubricates at broad coverage of temperature, from negative 10 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Lithium-complex EP grease is compatible with many other kinds of lubricants, so you can use it in conjunction with other products.

The product is also very handy; it sticks and sticks well. Even heavy rain will not thin it out quickly.

However, since this is a general-purpose grease, do not expect some extraordinary benefit. It does what it says it does; lubricates components very well without breaking down or bleeding or needing reapplication after every use.

The Valvoline Amber Grease is not specialized for high pressures, temperatures, or weights, but handles those well, just not amazing. Also, there have been reviews of the product leaking upon shipment.

Overall, the brand is an excellent choice for a multi-purpose grease that will not break the bank. It is a convenient tool to have in your garage. Check out the most essential automotive parts of Coilovers for Wrx.

Highlighted Features

  • A solid performer for all lubrication jobs
  • Brad temperature coverage
  • Compatible with many other kinds of greases
  • Very hardy can withstand pressure

4. Mobil 1 Synthetic Grease

Mobil 1 Synthetic Grease
Mobil 1 Synthetic Grease

The company is a quite well-known name in the automotive industry, and this product a part of its auto parts and tools offer. This is their high-performance automotive lubricant, which offers great protection against corrosion and rust.

Also, the company developed its formula using the same technology from their motor oils, helping extend the life and improve the performance of the surface it is on.

The synthetic grease combines a lithium-complex soap thickener and synthetic base fluid.

The soap thickener provides a high dropping point, and the other additives give extreme pressure properties and resistance to washing out, along with rust and corrosion protection.

Moreover, the base oil has an excellent performance in both high- and low temperature levels and excellent stability. It also has shock-loading protection, another layer of protection afforded by this product.

However, not all is positive. Many users complain that the oil and thickener separate easily when stored, and because of this, it leaks quickly.

Many are also skeptical of the grease's supposedly high dropping point of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Because even storing the grease inside a shed during the summertime will cause the tube to leak. If you find ways to work around this, you are looking at a pretty sweet deal.

This grease is an excellent lubricant for bearings, joints, and other points you need to lubricate. It has the top-notch quality and costs not that much more than your regular grease. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the Heater Core Flush.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers rust and corrosion protection
  • High dropping point
  • Resistant to washing out
  • Extremely hardy against pressure

5. Mystik JT-6 Hi-Temp Multi-Purpose Grease

Mystik JT-6 Hi-Temp Multi-Purpose Grease
Mystik JT-6 Hi-Temp Multi-Purpose Grease

This is a high-performance lithium-complex grease that incorporates high-temperature dropping point and low-temperature pump ability into a lubricant that delivers stellar quality for its multiple purposes.

Its wide operating temperature range makes it a snug fit in heavy-loaded mining, industrial, and commercial applications.

You can use the product for basically any task needing lubricants. From small vehicles and utility trailers to large farm equipment, this grease holds well.

It is quite resistant to high heat with a 550 degrees Fahrenheit dropping point, so you do not need to worry about it breaking down in the middle of a job.

High-friction and temperature bearing applications are not a problem for this multi-purpose grease.

It is also a significant rust and corrosion protector. Multiple user experiences have also pegged the brand as waterproof; their underwater applications were of no sweat at all to the grease. It also provides nearly unparalleled shock load protection, leading to extraordinarily satisfactory performance in the most severe of applications.

Furthermore, its other beneficial features include a Timken OK load above 80 pounds of weight, and superb four-ball wear and EP performance.

There is no striking disadvantage to the product. Same as the third grease in our list, though it does not stand out in any department, it does the most essential things exceptionally well.

If you are quite the heavy user of grease, know that the product comes in small tube size, meaning that you raze through your supply fast, and you might require a new purchase sooner than you think.

Highlighted Features

  • Great bang for your buck
  • For all-around purposes and application
  • High dropping point
  • Handles friction well
  • Protects from corrosion and rust
  • Waterproof

Things to Consider Before Buying Grease for U-Joints

Best Grease For U-Joints
Best Grease For U-Joints

Before you buy the grease, you are looking for your u-joints, take some time to examine the following features of the lubricant you are planning to purchase.

Water Resistance

Water-resistance is an indispensable feature when looking for the grease of your choice. There must be a protective film in a place that keeps water from touching the surface of the item you are covering. This is due to the oil used in the making of the grease.

Proper water resistance is imperative when choosing grease. If the brand you are planning to buy does not have it, then better return it to the shelf and look for another.


Viscosity refers to the rate of internal friction within a fluid. Greases are rated from 0 to 6 on a viscosity scale. You do not want too high a number, nor something too low. Grease works best when at the perfect viscosity level.

The ideal level of viscosity for something like a u-joint lubrication job is two. This rating means that the grease is not too hard, kind of like soft peanut butter.

Temperature Tolerance

Another thing you will have to look up for is how well the grease holds even in high temperatures. You will be dealing with metal and machinery, which usually produces high levels of heat. If your grease cannot handle high heat, then it will break down unexpectedly.

The best u-joint grease remains super stable even when heated. In general, lithium-based lubricants are better when it comes to heat than sodium- or calcium-based grease.

Pressure Tolerance

Some greases can withstand pressure. It is nice to have, primarily when you use the u-joints often.

Most brands have indicators and labels to show you the maximum pressure their products can withstand. Moly RP greases are generally the best ones when it comes to this.

Quality of Packaging

There are numerous instances where the grease's packaging was cheap or inadequate, and it affected the product while in transit or storage.

While doing your purchasing, check if the product's packaging will endure the environment you will put it on.


This is arguably the most important thing to note. Your decision will depend on your available budget. However, you need to find a balance.

Find the product that offers the best bang for your buck, with not too many qualities and features that you may not even need.

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Why choose lubricating grease over liquid lubricants?

Grease is preferred sometimes because it stays where you applied it. If you used it on a bearing, then it rests on the bearing. Usually, even if the sealing of the application is deficient, grease will not leak.

Also, grease keeps pesky contaminants such as dust and dirt out, and provides for cost-effective reapplication, since grease can last for months on end.

Unopened grease lubricators should be stored away from direct sunlight, preferably indoors. Keep them in an upright position so that it won't accidentally spill. Tubes of grease are also to be stored upright, with the removable cap at the top.

3. Is it OK to leave unused grease in a grease gun?

It is acceptable, but you have to release pressure from the grease so that the oil will not separate. To do this, draw the handle back and lock the spring in a compressed position.

4. How should I dispose of used lubricating grease?

Dispose of grease following state and environmental laws. Some municipalities have recycling buildings for oil. Depending on how it is used, grease may fall under the classification of hazardous waste. Also, never reuse old lubricating grease.

5. Does the color of lubricating grease have any significance?

The color of lubricating grease could be natural due to the ingredients used for the formulation or colored with a dye.

Final Words

Now that you know the best grease for u-joints, you'll see why they are the top choices for everyone who needs them. Instead of sifting through piles of junk hardly worth your dollar, find these brands instead. You will never regret choosing them.


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