Best Racing Oil With Zinc: Reviews, Buying Guide and FAQs 2023

by Mike Constanza

Imagine you are sitting at the driving seat of a Racing Car at a Formula One Championship. You want to drive your car like Michael Schumacher and win the race. Is it possible? Yes! It is.

Well, first off, you need a racing car with a good engine. Then, the engine needs oil for boosting up the speed. That's why you have to grab the best racing oil with zinc. Without proper food (oil), the engine can't give you actual performance.

There is so much racing oil at the market, which cannot give you a great experience unless the zinc included one.

That's why, after completing huge research, we have discovered 5 premium zinc racing oil for you. So, keep reading to explore more of it.

Summary Table for Best Racing Oil With Zinc in 2023

Image Product Name Price

Valvoline Racing Oil With Zinc - SAE 20W-50 - 6 QT
Valvoline Racing Oil with Zinc - SAE 20W-50 - 6 QT Price Check

Lucas Racing Oil With Zinc - 5 Quarts
Lucas Racing Oil with Zinc - 5 Quarts Price Check

7000 Synthetic Racing Oil With Zinc - 10W-30, 1 Gal
7000 Synthetic Racing Oil with Zinc - 10W-30, 1 gal Price Check

Brad Penn 20W-50 Synthetic Racing Oil With Zinc - 12 Packs
Brad Penn 20W-50 Synthetic Racing Oil with Zinc - 12 packs Price Check

Lucas HP Racing Oil With Zinc - SAE 10W-40 - 5 Quarts
Lucas HP Racing Oil with Zinc - SAE 10W-40 - 5 Quarts Price Check

Top 6 Best Racing Oil With Zinc Reviews

The Best Racing Oil with Zinc Reviews
The Best Racing Oil with Zinc Reviews

In this part of the review, we are going to show you some racing oil that can be suitable for your engine. With the help of these, you can make a high zinc motor oil comparison to select your desire one. Let's dive into the reviews.

Mobil 1 94002 15W-50 Synthetic Motor Oil - Link

Mobil 1 94002 15W-50 Synthetic Motor Oil - 1 Quart (Pack of 6)
Mobil 1 94002 15W-50 Synthetic Motor Oil - 1 Quart (Pack of 6)

After a summer of racing and a few dozen track events, I finally decided to change the oil in my car. The old oil was pretty dirty looking, but there were no metal filings or sludge present, so I didn't bother changing it right after the event. A couple months later, I still had some wear on the motor components, so I switched out the oil.

For my OEM oil, I chose Mobil 1 15W-50 Synthetic Motor Oil, their most robust offering for flat tappet cam engines. It was time to try something new, since this would be my second change with the old oil in 6 months. And since this price hike effectively eliminates it from consideration, I decided to give Mobil 1 5W-50 Synthetic Motor Oil a try. This is their lighter version for boosted and Nitrous applications.

Break-In Period:

The break-in period involved several 2 to 3 mile drives at varying speeds and engine RPMs. This ensures an even distribution of the motor oil in the engine components (pistons, rings, bearings). I followed the BMW break-in period of 1600 km (1000 miles) if you're curious, but my driving is not limited by such strict rules.

The oil temperature remained between 160 F to 215 F during this time. The car was not race prepped for this particular track event, nor was it safe to drive at high speeds (>100 MPH). This means that long periods of intense driving (>1 hour) won't be possible, but the oil will still get used for what it is intended.

Other than regular street stops, full throttle acceleration was also used in order to heat up the engine parts. Although I didn't perform any runs on a dyno, the engine showed no signs of detonation (pinging, spark knock) during the break-in period. It's always possible that something could go unnoticed, but I'm confident that there were no immediate signs of serious damage.

After the initial 2-3 mile drive to get oil circulated throughout the engine components, everything was smooth sailing from here on out. The oil temperature ranged between 180 F - 215 F throughout my break-in period, which is consistent with the ccKey Features:

  • With MoSeal™ technology, the product is coated with a tough layer of molecules that protects metal surfaces from wear and corrosion. The formula provides unprecedented protection for the engine, allowing the oil to last as much as 50 percent longer between oil changes.
  • Industry-leading multi-viscosity viscosity provides outstanding protection in hot or cold climates for easier starting in extreme conditions. Our multi-grade viscosities are engineered with the same class leading synthetic technology found in Mobil 1™ semi-synthetic motor oil, also used to improve fuel economy.
  • Designed to help promote proper lubrication of the engine during cold starts.
  • Designed to provide protection in extreme conditions. Its excellent demulsibility and low pour point help prevent water contamination, so it can be drained at oil change intervals without the need for costly recycling measures.
  • Designed with a balanced additive system to enable resistance to deposits within the engine and control viscosity increase and other oil degradation during use to help deliver long-lasting performance.
  • Specifically designed for vehicles requiring any of the following specifications: API SN/SM/SL/SJ/CF, ACEA A2/B2, VW 501.01.

Valvoline Racing Oil with Zinc - SAE 20W-50 - 6 QT

Valvoline Racing Oil With Zinc - SAE 20W-50 - 6 QT
Valvoline Racing Oil With Zinc - SAE 20W-50 - 6 QT

If you want a motor oil that is suitable for both classic and modern vehicles, then you may consider this Valvoline VR1 Racing Motor Oil. This motor oil has a High zinc/phosphorus for anti-wear protection.

This motor oil has specially formulated in a way that will increase the horsepower of your engine, that's how you can run your car like a speedy-beast. Besides, it has designed with an advanced anti-foaming system that protects the engine during extreme stress.

Valvoline Oil has a high zinc level, which provides your engine race-level protection as well as high performance. Your car is also performed better on the race-track or the highway. This oil is suitable for both racing and non-emissions vehicles.

By the manufacturing chemistry, the zinc racing oil designs to reduce friction as well as enhance the engine power. It is one of the most popular engine lubricants than the other types of racing oil.

Valvoline zinc Oil has mainly formulated for race engines, but you can use it in your private car too because it is also compatible with passenger vehicles.

Besides, classic and modern vehicles, the oil is also suitable for flat-tappet and performance cam engines. It also included high zinc and phosphorus for extreme wear protection.

Key Features

  • Reduces maximum frictions
  • Increase the horsepower of the engine
  • Save the engine during extreme pressure.
  • Contains high zinc/phosphorus for anti-wear protection

Lucas Racing Oil with Zinc - 5 Quarts

Lucas Racing Oil With Zinc - 5 Quarts
Lucas Racing Oil With Zinc - 5 Quarts

Usually, a new racing car's performance depends on how well and how fast the rings will seal. Even it could make the difference between winning and losing at the track. So, sometimes, it is essential to seal your rings quickly.

To do so effectively, you can consider the Lucas Engine Oils includes High Zinc as it can seal the ring quickly and more efficiently. Besides, it includes a better ring seal, which gives you more power while driving.

It has higher levels of zinc and phosphorous, which give your maximum engine protection.

The oil is must use for flat tappet camshaft break-in. It has less blow-by equates more power.

Surprisingly, you no need to use any moly supplement or additional additives while starting to use the zinc oil.

Lucas Racing Oil helps you to seal new rings and can protect the entire valve train. This oil has specially designed for flat tappet camshafts, but you can use it wherever you need extra wear protection.

High zinc oil is formulated in 3 grades to cover all motors. It is highly recommended for use on break-in of both flat tappet and roller camshaft so that the engine gets maximum protection.

Lucas is the best high zinc motor oil for its excellent performance on-track. Besides, zinc oil is also compatible with Ethanol, Methanol, and high-octane race gas, etc.

Lucas Motor Oil usually contains a Zinc level of 3600 PPMS, which is much higher than commercial passenger car oils. So, it is appropriate for use in racing cars only.

Key Features

  • Must use for flat tappet camshaft break-in
  • High level of zinc (3600 PPMS) & phosphorus
  • Doesn't Require any moly supplement or additional additives
  • Compatible with methanol, ethanol and high octane race fuel

7000 Synthetic Racing Oil with Zinc - 10W-30, 1 gal

7000 Synthetic Racing Oil With Zinc - 10W-30, 1 Gal
7000 Synthetic Racing Oil With Zinc - 10W-30, 1 Gal

Suppose your car engine always gets hot while driving on the track. And now you are looking for a racing oil which gives you extra protection when engines are working at higher temperatures.

So, in these circumstances, synthetic zinc Oil is an excellent solution for you. It always keeps your engines clean from harmful wreckage and buildup.

The zinc racing oil use advanced detergency additives to suppress sludge, varnish, and high-temperature deposits.

Synthetic motor oil contains extra zinc to protect the flat-tappet engines and other materials from wear. Besides, the high viscosity of the oil can enhance the film strength at high operating temperatures.

Due to oxidative protection and thermal stability, the oil performs well in all weather. Besides, zinc oil can prevent the engine from rust and corrosion. It will increase your engines' cleanliness as well.

During racing action, Schaeffer's racing oils maintain accurate oil film density and reduces the engine friction simultaneously.

Synthetic zinc oil has designed for use in all types of gasoline engines except for a motorcycle. For a long time, races can rely on the oils to make the engine ready for the following race.

Key Features

  • High viscosity index
  • Keeps engines incredibly clean
  • Extends the service life of components
  • Perform well at high temperature
  • Can be used on the gasoline engine
  • Ensures rapid circulation & excellent pump-ability

Brad Penn 20W-50 Synthetic Racing Oil with Zinc - 12 packs

Brad Penn 20W-50 Synthetic Racing Oil With Zinc - 12 Packs
Brad Penn 20W-50 Synthetic Racing Oil With Zinc - 12 Packs

Are you looking for synthetic oil to get full-fledged performance? Then the Brad Penn engine oil would be a top pick. But how? Because the Brand Penn designs the oil for enhancing the engine performance.

Brand Penn is suitable for flat tappet camshaft engines because it has designed with super anti-wear additives. That's how the oil gets preference for those who wish to chase for a long drive. Besides racer, zinc oil becomes a trusted brand for engine builders.

You can replace your existing oil entirely with the 12 packs.

Most of the owners prefer oil due to its cost-effective packs.

During the high stress or torque, the oil helps to reduce the maximum risk. Constant use of zinc oil can leave a fresh engine.

Engine oil can stay fresh for a long time due to the included detergent and dispersant additive. It also helps your engine to deliver high performance. Though it is a partial synthetic oil, it also available at a straight blend.

Synthetic racing oil can meet the lubrication demands of the traditional classic, muscle car, and motorsports vehicles. There are a lot of high ZDDP oils out there, but we think this is the best racing oil with zinc for old engines.

Key Features

  • Minimized wear & tear
  • Keeps engine clean
  • Ensures top performance
  • Perfect for all others classic engines

Lucas HP Racing Oil with Zinc - SAE 10W-40 - 5 Quarts

Lucas HP Racing Oil With Zinc - SAE 10W-40 - 5 Quarts
Lucas HP Racing Oil With Zinc - SAE 10W-40 - 5 Quarts

If you need a racing oil with a high level of zinc as well as high quality, then you may try this Lucas Classic Car Oil. This high-performance oil is available at both synthetic and non-synthetic types.

This paraffinic base oil has fortified with a unique additive package, which is containing a high level of zinc, molybdenum, and phosphorus. These substances make the oil a more robust and thicker for protecting the engine in a difficult situation.

High-performance oil can enhance the film power between the cylinder wall and piston rings. It also has a proper cold temperature characteristic, that's why it can stand with the high temperatures.

Lucas Oil is compatible with methanol and all other racing fuels. Besides, it can also adapt to synthetic and non-synthetic oils. As a result, the oil is suitable for muscle, showroom, classic, and trophy cars without catalytic converters.

Besides the other function, Lucan zinc is excellent for the protection engine from rust and corrosion. So, while you are going to invest in zinc oil, find an oil like Lucas to get the everlasting engine performance.

Lucas synthetic oil is available in convenient 5-quart bottles. Besides, it has increased the zinc value up to 2100 PPM. However, it is only for racing cars, not for passenger vehicles.

Key Features

  • Includes 2100 PPMS zinc & phosphorus
  • Available in synthetic / non-synthetic
  • Compatible with methanol
  • Prevents rust & corrosion
  • Suitable for an older vehicle

Buying Guide for The Best Racing Oil with Zinc

Now you're probably thinking why would someone want to use oil with zinc? It's not as high tech as some other additives or oils that we've talked about.

The answer is simple: racing has been around for a long time and the original castor oil (one of the first motor oils) had zinc in it!

Today, most racing oils have about 1,000 parts per million of zinc. The average street car has around one or two ppm. Deciding to use a racing oil with zinc is really up to you and your specific needs for your vehicle. There are many pros and cons that will be discussed later on in the article.

Help Prevent Wear and Tear on Your Engine

The biggest reason that you would want to use a racing oil with zinc is because it can help prevent wear and tear on your engine. It does this by forming a protective barrier over the metal parts in your engine, which prevents corrosion and rust from happening. This can keep your engine working smoothly for many years down the road, provided you keep up on the oil changes.

Help Reduce Friction Between Your Engine Parts

Another reason you might want to use a racing oil with zinc is because it can help reduce friction between your engine parts which will help increase horsepower and fuel economy. This can be very important if you're an avid performance tuner.

Cause Your Engine to "Sludge" Over Time

One of the cons that come along with using a racing oil with zinc is that it can cause your engine to "sludge" over time. This will cause your engine parts to stick together which can end up doing more damage than good (like the Biggest Loser but for your car).

Reduce the Lifespan of Catalytic Converters

Another con of using racing oil with zinc is that it can reduce the lifespan of catalytic converters. This is because it can coat the insides of your catalytic converter which will decrease its ability to work properly.

More Requent Changes to the Oil

One other con that should be noted is that using a racing oil with zinc can end up causing your vehicle to require more frequent changes to the oil. This causes you to spend more money on having your oil changed which is never a good thing.

Help Prevent Sludge From Building Up

The final pro that should be noted is that it can help prevent sludge from building up in your engine's oil pan. This can save you a lot of money because you will not have to replace your oil pan as often, depending on how bad the build up has been.

Benefits of Using Racing Oil with Zinc

Best Racing Oil With Zinc
Best Racing Oil With Zinc

If you are a racer, then we think you already know almost everything about the racing oil. But there are some exclusive benefits of racing oil with zinc, which make it better than traditional motor oils.

That's why we point out some of the essential benefits of zinc racing oil for engines. Let's have a look at them.

You may also like some of the Efficient Oil for Harley Transmission from our list.

Enhance Performance

A racing oil with zinc delivers greater protection without the detrimental outcome of zinc. Besides, it has been experimented and committed to giving better service than the regular oils.

Prevents Wear & Tear

Normal racing oil can damage your engine. But a zinc oil additive won't harm your engine's parts. Besides, it will increase your engine's efficiency. Our guide to the Duramax Oil Filter is also useful products for you.

Prevents Engine from Cold-start

In cold weather, the engine can not start at the very first attempt, which happens due to poor engine oil. In this instance, if you use racing oil with zinc rather than regular oils on your car, the cold-start hassle of the engine will be reduced massively.

Environment Friendly

Traditional engines that used motor oils have emitted some elements that can be harmful to the environment. But, a racing oil with zinc reduces harmful emissions and increases the performance of your engine.

The Different Types of Racing Oils Available on the Market Today

Racing oil is a class of lubricants that are engineered and designed to meet high performance demands. They often contain key additives that provide specific functional benefits aimed at meeting the stringent demands of racing engines. Despite these specialties, however, there are three different general types of motor oils: standard, synthetic, and semi-synthetic racing oils. Each type still has the same basic functions as regular motor oils, but they each serve their own unique purposes as well.

Standard oil

Standard oils are exactly as their name implies: standard, original oils that meet the minimum standards set by automotive manufacturers like Honda and Ford. These types of oil often contain a blend of base stocks and additives engineered to meet the demands of certain vehicle systems. Generally speaking, standard oils are not engineered with the needs of high performance engines in mind, so they don't provide any special benefits aside from basic protection.

Synthetic racing oil

Another option is synthetic racing oil. This type of oil uses synthetic base oils as well as additives that aim to improve the lubrication and engine oil functions. Synthetic oils have a much higher resistance to temperature extremes, which makes them great for engines that see a lot of high temperature operation. They also provide less friction between moving parts, resulting in considerable energy savings when compared to traditional motor oil.

Semi-synthetic racing oil

The final option is semi-synthetic racing oil. This type of oil contains both synthetic and petroleum-based oils, but the ratio of synthetic to petroleum base oil is much higher than in standard oils. Most semi-synthetic racing oil also contains a high level of additive package. The blend of petroleum and synthetic oil provides the same basic benefits as regular semi-synthetic motor oils while still providing some extra benefits that you don't get with standard oils.

How to Use Racing Oil With Zinc in Your Engine for Best Performance

The following instructions will show you how to use racing oil with zinc in your engine for best performance. This is the recommended procedure by the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and I have been using it successfully since 2001. If you follow this, you can expect to go from 100,000 miles to 150,000+ miles on your engine before you have to replace it.

I can not stress enough how important it is to use a good quality oil with a high zinc content properly. If you do not follow these instructions, then your engine will be wearing out faster and may get damaged from the lack of zinc in the oil. It really does work!

Oil pressure also plays an important role. An oil with a higher viscosity rating will not lower your oil pressure as bad as one with a lower rating due to the fact that it takes more horsepower to turn the gears inside of the engine which turns the oil pump. This is good for you because your engine will last longer.

People don't realize that oil pressure does drop when the oil gets dirty and it also drops under acceleration (horsepower). Therefore, if one doesn't use a high quality oil, their oil pressure can easily get down to 15 psi or less in hot weather and cause serious damage to the engine. This is a very common mistake that some tend to overlook which costs them a lot of money in repairs on their engine.

In addition, the oil pressure should never drop below 10 psi at any time while driving or it will cause serious damage to your engine over time from not being lubricated enough under high heat conditions. If you have a problem with your oil pressure dropping, then you can put a high volume oil pump in it. This is a better choice over installing a high pressure oil pump which would only be necessary if you had an extremely modified engine.

In order to get the most out of your new racing oil with zinc, follow these steps on how to use it properly:

1. Change the engine oil and filter every 3000 miles with a good quality diesel rated oil such as Mobil Delvac 1 ESP synthetic or even a regular diesel rated motor oil with high zinc content. This is now required by all auto manufacturers from the factory, so do not ignore this step! Doing so will help your engine tremendously.

2. Every oil change use a high quality fuel system cleaner such as Chevron Supreme Fuel System Cleaner or Red Line SI-1 Complete Fuel System Cleaner to help keep the intake valves from carbon build up.

3. Every other oil change, add a bottle of Chevron Delo 400 15W-40 Super Diesel engine oil or any diesel rated 15W-40 or 20W-40 motor oil with a high level of zinc in it and run it for 2500 miles to get the best protection out of your new racing oil with zinc. This is where your engine will shine! You can do this step every 5000 miles to maintain top performance if you like, but I would only recommend doing it once a year at most because doing it too often will cause the engine to get too much oil and it can gunk up your injectors if you use a diesel rated 15W-40 high zinc oil. It's usually best to stick with a 10W-30 or even straight 30 weight oil such as Mobil 1 for best results and fuel economy.

4. Every other oil change, add a bottle of Red Line SI-1 Performance Improver which is also a fuel system cleaner and octane booster to help remove carbon build up on the valves and combustion chamber as well as clean out your intake manifold. This will give you maximum top end power and performance, but do not use this product every oil change because it's very strong and can cause damage to your engine if used too often.

5. Every other oil change, add a bottle of Lucas Oil Stabilizer or Chevron Delo 400 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil Supplement to help clean out the entire fuel system and reduce harmful emissions as well as lower soot production which will improve your fuel economy by up to 5%.

6. Every 4th oil change, add Lucas Oil Deep Creep Motor Oil Supplement or Lucas Oil Stabilizer to dissolve any water in the crankcase and engine which will also help prevent corrosion while your racing oil with zinc lubricates your engine better.

7. If you use fuel containing alcohol (ethanol), then I would recommend adding 1 bottle of Lucas Octane Booster with each oil change to help prevent carbon build up on the combustion chamber and valves. Also use Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner which is also an octane booster, but better for removing stubborn deposits in fuel injection systems left by alcohol fuels containing ethanol.

8. If you live in a very cold climate where the temperature gets below -20 degrees F (-29 C) then you should use a lower viscosity oil such as 5W-30 for best results. Using a 10W-40 oil in cold weather is not recommended because it will make the engine too thin and cause loss of power along with sluggish response, plus this can cause very serious damage to the engine if it gets too cold out where you live.

This is only an estimate of how to use racing oil with zinc and other than adding a bottle of Chevron Supreme Fuel System Cleaner every oil change, all other products mentioned need to be added at your own discretion based on your specific climate and driving conditions. They do work well together and this combination is what my customer's engines really like. If you want to add a bottle of Red Line SI-1 Performance Improver every oil change instead, that will work too and it has less harmful chemicals in it (see "what about using another brand of racing oil with zinc" section below).

9. Use the highest quality oil you can afford like Castrol, Valvoline, Mobil 1 or Red Line. These oils use the highest quality base stock available and they do make a very noticeable difference in performance!

10. If you use an oil with a lower viscosity such as 5W-30, then it's best to add Lucas Oil Stabilizer or Chevron Delo 400 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil Supplement to the oil instead because thinner oils have a harder time maintaining their viscosity in hotter weather and this can cause sludge build up problems.

11. If you have an old race car that does not have a catalytic converter, then it's ok to use Lucas Octane Booster with every oil change because it has less harmful chemicals in it than most other brands, but by law you cannot use the octane booster if your car comes equipped with a catalytic converter.

12. If you have to drive more than 1,000 miles then I recommend changing the oil at 500 mile intervals instead of waiting for 1,000 miles unless you use a high performance racing oil with zinc. If you do not use a higher quality automotive oil, then it's best to change the oil every 500 miles because lower quality oils contain more impurities that can harm your engine over time, especially if you run them low on oil between changes.

FAQs for Racing Zinc Oil

1. Is zinc racing oil full synthetic?

Yes! Most of them are entirely synthetic.

But there are several oils available at the market which might be non-synthetic.

You can find the features on the level of the bottle. So, don't forget to check before confirming the oil.

2. Can these oils usable for passenger vehicles?

Well! It depends.

You can use some of these oils on normal vehicles. But mostly you can't use racing oil over a passenger car as they have specially formulated for the racing engines only.

If you want to use zinc oil for your non-racing cars, then you should choose the oil which is perfect for all engines.

3. Do I use an additive to increase the zinc level?


Recommend is you should not do so. Because the zinc additives are somewhat corrosive over a particular level, and it can damage your engine. So, be aware of this matter.

4. How much ZDDP should the oil have?

There are so many opinions in this particular case. But, more ZDDP isn't better. Usually, 1300 ppm is the maximum useful limit suggested by the experts.

So, if you use more than that, your engine can lose its vitality.

5. Which types of oil are better for power up the engine? Thinner or thicker?

Well, it is difficult to say.

The thin oils have a comparatively lower viscosity than the thicker ones. But the thin oils can reduce the friction of your engines and help it to start quickly during winter.

On the other hand, the thick oils are better at film strength maintenance and oil pressure at comparatively high temperatures.

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Driven Racing Oil HR-5 Conventional Hot Rod Motor Oil 10w40 - Hot Rod - Classic Car - - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Schaeffer Manufacturing Co. 0191-012 Micron Moly Racing Engine Oil 20W-50, 1-Quart Bottle - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

SAE 10W-40 Hot Rod Motor Oil 3X1/5Q - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Driven Racing Oil DT40 High Zinc Synthetic 5w-40 (12 Quart Bottles) Street Performance - - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Driven 03806 Hr-5 High Zinc Conventional 10W-40 quart, 1 Quart (Quantity 4) - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Driven Racing Oil FR20 Street Performance Synthetic 5w-20 Motor Oil 1 Quart Bottle - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Mobil 1 94002 15W-50 Synthetic Motor Oil - 1 QT - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Chevron Supreme Fuel System Cleaner - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Red Line SI-1 Performance Improver - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Conclusion for Zinc Racing Oil Buyers

Even with all this fact, choosing the best racing oil with zinc is not so easy. But now you have a proper guideline for buying zinc oil for your racing car because these features are necessary for boosting up the speed of your car.

We tried our best to provide you a high zinc oil list. So that you can effortlessly, you're your racing oil. And with the assist of that, you can run your car as fast as you can and win the championships.

Good luck with the race!

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