10 Best Youth Baseball Heart Protector – Top Selling & Popular Models

by Lindsey Carter

Contrary to what people may say, softball and baseball are dangerous sports. Maybe not be as physical as basketball, football, or hockey, but they have their own set of risks, too. And while tripping and falling are common occurrences, it's really getting hit by the ball that frightens players the most.

In this article, we'll be focusing on one kind of safety precaution for little leaguers - the best youth baseball heart protector. If you're thinking about stepping out to the diamond, make sure you're wearing this. It won't just help you focus better, but also protect your body from potential injuries.

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Summary Table for Best Youth Baseball Heart Protector

Image Product Name Price
McDavid HEX Chest Protector

McDavid HEX Chest Protector

Price Check
EliteTek Padded Compression Shirt

EliteTek Padded Compression Shirt

Price Check
Easton MAKO Chest Protector

Easton MAKO Chest Protector

Price Check
Under Armour Pro Catcher's Chest Protector

Under Armour Pro Catcher's Chest Protector

Price Check
Easton Gametime Baseball Catcher's Chest Protector

Easton Gametime Baseball Catcher's Chest Protector

Price Check

Our Best Youth Baseball Heart Protector Reviews

Our Best Youth Baseball Heart Protector Reviews
Our Best Youth Baseball Heart Protector Reviews

1. McDavid HEX Chest Protector

McDavid HEX Chest Protector
McDavid HEX Chest Protector

Launched in 1969 by Dr. Robert F. McDavid Jr., they are now one of the leading brands of sports protection equipment in the world. What started out as knee braces and wraps quickly grew into high-end cushioning for the entire body. And yes, they specialize in producing youth heart protectors, too.

McDavid Inc. struck gold in 2008 when they introduced HEX technology to the market. This innovative kind of padding helps manage moisture leaving your body, while also reducing the risk of injuries. The McDavid Hex Chest Protector is part of this unique line.

Designed as a compression shirt, this youth heart protector is comfortable enough to wear under your son or daughter's uniform. The synthetic material that surrounds it helps keep your body temperature low. There are also mesh pockets near the shoulders and back that facilitate smooth airflow.

Parents should consider McDavid HEX Chest Protector because aside from a proven track record of success, its sizing is incredibly accurate as well. Try looking for an infographic with estimated dimensions of each category. This way, your kid won't have to be physically there to fit it.

More than anything, we need to see this as an investment towards our children's well-being. Sports are always going to be a double-edged sword. We'll never know what happens on the field. So rather than letting fear run your life, all we can do is take the necessary precautions to avert accidents.

Key Features

  • Built with six-sided patches that reduce pressure during collisions
  • Suitable for contact sports like baseball, softball, and lacrosse
  • Mesh pockets help manage body temperature and improve breathability
  • Made from materials that are machine washable

2. EliteTek Padded Compression Shirt

EliteTek Padded Compression Shirt
EliteTek Padded Compression Shirt

Much like McDavid, EliteTek is another widely known manufacturer of sports compression equipment. And though they began their journey as a supplier for football products, baseball and softball heart protectors eventually became part of the list of their all-time favorite.

One of EliteTek's most attractive selling points is its competitive price. Compared to other brands, they're known to offer cheaper merchandise that doesn't skimp on quality. Just like the EliteTek Padded Compression Shirt.

Similar to other options, the EliteTek Padded Compression Shirt has very strategic areas of focus. It places thickness pads around the shoulders, chest, ribs, and kidney area that are about half an inch thick. This helps significantly reduce the pressure caused by making contact with a ball, bat, or another player.

Still, despite these compression areas, we're glad to share that your range of motion won't be hampered at all. The EliteTek Padded Compression Shirt uses EVA foam that's durable, yet extremely stretchy. It won't matter if you're a pitcher, catcher, or outfielder; you'll be able to throw and catch the ball with very minimal restrictions.

Interested buyers will be happy to know that these simple measures have helped make playing so much safer and more enjoyable. However, if you somehow encounter any issues, the EliteTek customer service crew is quite accommodating and ready to lend a helping hand. They even offer a 100% money-back guarantee for anyone left unsatisfied by their product.

All in all, the affordability, customer service, and the functionality it offers are just too good to pass up. Without a doubt, the EliteTek Padded Compression Shirt is one of the best youth baseball heart protectors on the market.

Key Features

  • Strategically placed cushions cover all the major organs and joints
  • Size chart ensures an almost perfect fit
  • Perfect for all types of different sports or activities
  • Comes with a 100% money-back guarantee

3. Easton MAKO Chest Protector

Easton MAKO Chest Protector
Easton MAKO Chest Protector

Ever since its inception in 1969, Easton has been a go-to provider of baseball accessories for both teams and individuals. That's why consumers have remained loyal even though their products cost more. In the end, they know that whatever happens, this company has their back.

The Easton MAKO Chest Protector, for instance, is one of the company's premier protective gear for players. And while thicker and understandably bulkier than its competitors, it still provides better protection against fast-paced balls that come your way. This heart protector, though, only covers your body's midsection and stomach, but not the arms. So you might need to buy additional padding for your arms.

Just like most suits, the Easton MAKO Chest Protector is made from a four-way stretch material. Once put on, it feels remarkably tight, yet also elastic enough to do your usual baseball actions like throwing and catching. Abdominal wedges likewise adjust independently to ensure a snug fit always.

Best of all, the exterior has been fitted with shock-absorbing foam. This is so anytime a foreign object hits the padding, the pressure is consumed and subsequently distributed, so your body feels minimal pain. The same applies to when making contact with other players.

Even though it isn't the prettiest variant, there is no question that the Easton MAKO Chest Protector does its job well. The diamond, as mentioned earlier, is filled with numerous hazards, and this considerably decreases your son's or daughter's chances of getting hurt.

Key Features

  • Comfortable fit that adjusts to your body's shape
  • Riddled with shock-absorbing foam for added protection
  • Covers the entirety of your midsection
  • Made from a four-way stretch material

4. Under Armour Pro Catcher's Chest Protector

Under Armour Pro Catcher's Chest Protector
Under Armour Pro Catcher's Chest Protector

Playing the role of the catcher is like being a human target, literally. Assuming the batter misses, they are expected to grab the ball that is running at an approximate speed of 65-miles-per-hour. And in case you're wondering, getting hit at this rate and without proper protection can very easily lead to a cracked rib, a broken nose, or worse, internal injuries.

Under Armour, one of the leading sports companies in the world has developed a product that could potentially solve this problem. Their Pro Catcher's Chest Protector may look like any ordinary compression suit, but it's been outfitted with UltraCool construction. This has made it less complicated to wear and incredibly lightweight, too.

The Under Armour Pro Catcher's Chest Protector also comes with a pair of harnesses that adjust the tightness. Feel around and experiment until you get the perfect fit. Catching, after all, requires you to stay loose and get comfortable. And this feature certainly helps you do so.

Interested buyers, though, need to note that the Pro Gear line is better suited for teenagers aged 16-years-old and above. So if you have a child younger than that, try checking out Under Armour's beginner series instead. Both should be good for each one's varying needs.

Just analyze the situation and identify what necessities to prioritize. It's all about safety, at this point, so for your son or daughter playing in most competitive little league games, the Under Armour Pro Catcher's Chest Protector would be a really excellent choice.

Key Features

  • UltraCool construction guarantees a smoother flow of air
  • The DeltaFlex harness simplifies adjustment for a better fit
  • Ideal for players aged 16-years-old and above
  • Specialized padding minimizes the effect of getting hit by a ball

5. Easton Gametime Baseball Catcher's Chest Protector

Easton Gametime Baseball Catcher's Chest Protector
Easton Gametime Baseball Catcher's Chest Protector

Playing without protection is no laughing matter, and now, Eaton has joined the fight as well. Their wide range of compression shirts, helmets, and other protective gear has certainly helped everyone stay safe. And with this comes an even deeper love for baseball.

Products like the Easton Gametime Baseball Catcher's Chest Protector help players improve focus. Knowing that their body is guarded against potential threats means they never have to second-guess each action. The integrated memory foam ad padding, in particular, defends your internal organs from wayward balls and accidental tackles.

Users also need not to worry if the suit seems too big or small. The Easton Gametime Baseball Catcher's Chest Protector comes with a four-point web strapping system and strategically-located steel waist clip to get the perfect fit. You can loosen or tighten the whole thing according to your likeness.

Finally, this heart protector is equipped with a specialized and adjustable shoulder cap. Since colliding with other players is a real possibility, this absorbs any contact, thus minimizing the risk of injuries. Not all heart protectors have this provision in place, so we're glad Easton got it right.

The Gametime Baseball Catcher's Chest Protector is a suitable accessory for children 9-years-old and above. It comes with an accurate sizing chart, which should give you a good enough idea of whether to purchase the 15-inch, 16-inch, or 17-inch variant. There are even four colors for you to choose from.

Key Features

  • Complies with NOCSAE Commotio Cordis standards
  • A special should pad protects that part of your body
  • Several provisions have been included to adjust its overall fit
  • Comes in four unique colors to choose from

6. All-Star System7 Axis Chest Protector

All-Star System7 Axis Chest Protector
All-Star System7 Axis Chest Protector

When it comes to crafting protective gear, very few come close to what All-Star Sports offers. This family-run company began its journey in 1960, before eventually growing into the sporting goods conglomerate we know today. Therefore, if the best baseball youth heart protector is what you're seeking, they'll probably know a thing or two about it.

Among their wide range of offerings, the System7 Axis Chest Protector immediately stands out. And just like the Easton Gametime Baseball Catcher's Chest Protector, we discussed earlier, it, too, abides by the NOCSAE standard for safety. As such, consumers can be assured of its effectiveness both on and off the field.

One feature that has helped it cope with the rigors of baseball is its moldable PE protective plates. This specialized padding aids in protecting your body from foreign objects. There are diamond vent lines all around as sell, so it never feels too heavy, despite its supreme durability.

In terms of fit, the All-Star System7 Axis Chest Protector comes with an option to adjust the tightness. A DeltaFlex harness helps get you comfortable because initially, this suit might feel too bulky. Eventually, though, it will begin feeling like it's just an extension of your body.

That heftiness is perhaps the only downside with owning this heart protector. Still, all in all, it's a small price to pay for owning such a sturdy piece of equipment.

Key Features

  • A DeltaFlex harness ensures a snug fit always
  • Equipped with diamond vent lines to reduce weight and improve breathability
  • Moldable PE protective plates reduce the pressure of impact
  • Comes in ten stylish colors

7. TUOY Youth Boys Padded Protective Shirt for Baseball

TUOY Youth Boys Padded Protective Shirt For Baseball
TUOY Youth Boys Padded Protective Shirt For Baseball

TOP YAO Ltd., otherwise known as the company behind TUOY Sport, began its journey in 2008 as a high-quality clothes maker. Despite their relative inexperience, they still grew and eventually even expanded into the sports apparel niche. That is how products such as the TUOY Youth Boys Padded Protective Shirt and Shorts for Baseball were born.

Made from a combination of polyester, spandex, and lycra, these compression clothes are flexible enough to fit almost any form or figure. The rubberized material likewise keeps moisture in, allowing your body to recover after every vigorous workout. As such, it's an ideal undergarment for baseball, softball, basketball, football, and other forms of recreation.

The TUOY Youth Boys Padded Protective Shirt and Shorts come with extra padding, too, specifically around the chest, sides, back, shoulders, and low abdomen. Since these are the areas commonly afflicted by collisions, having the added cushions does a lot to prevent aches and injuries. We find this adequate for little league games, though it might not be enough for competitive tournaments. In this case, try adding extra gear near the stomach or kidneys area.

Parents with children whose ages range from 5 to 11-years-old are this product's ideal target market. The TUOY Youth Boys Padded Protective Shirt and Shorts are cheap enough to be bought in twos or threes at a time. We would even go as far as encouraging you to buy in bulk, especially if your son or daughter is the athletic type. Invest in their safety because it's something you can never put a price on.

Key Features

  • Uses elastic materials that are comfortable and helps regulate temperature
  • Machine-washable; just do not spin or tumble dry
  • Provides protection in key areas of the body
  • Both the shirt and shorts fit snuggly under most uniforms

8. Markwort Youth Heart-Guard Protective Body Guard

Markwort Youth Heart-Guard Protective Body Guard
Markwort Youth Heart-Guard Protective Body Guard

Competition among kids isn't usually so intense, although accidents are sometimes just around the corner. So to guarantee your son or daughter's safety, try buying a compression suit that isn't too invasive, but protects all a very essential area. A model like the Markwort Youth Heart-Guard Protective Body Guard could be your best option.

At first glance, the Markwort Youth Heart-Guard may look like any ordinary sleeveless shirt. A closer look, though, will show that it's made from polyethylene to provide extra protection and heightened comfort. It facilitates the release of moisture, too, so your body's temperature is kept at a minimum.

Of course, you'll also find a heart-shaped cushion sewn in near the middle. This is designed to shield your chest from out-of-control foul balls. Moreover, the rubberized material absorbs unwanted pressure before forcing it away from your body.

Nevertheless, interested buyers should realize that the Markwort Youth Heart-Guard Protective BodyGuard is better suited for newbies rather than intermediate players. Yes, this entry-level option is cheap, but it also has several weaknesses that shouldn't go unnoticed. Paramount, of which, is the lack of protection in other relevant body parts.

Still, it offers just enough to remain functional, especially in beginner leagues or practice sessions. And the fact that it caters to baseball players aged 6 all the way to 20 only increases its appeal.

Key Features

  • A heart-shaped pad protects your chest from various foreign objects
  • The compression shirt keeps bodily temperatures low
  • Has two variants - one for adult and another one for the youth
  • Comes in either white or grey

9. G-Form Baseball Pro Sternum Shirt

G-Form Baseball Pro Sternum Shirt
G-Form Baseball Pro Sternum Shirt

Have you ever wondered what it's like to wear Iron Man's suit? Flying and beating up bad guys, while looking good doing it, is a fantasy every person has probably had at least once. And though we may never come close to achieving that dream, the manufacturers at G-Form have given us a little taste of what it feels to be indestructible.

The G-Form Baseball Pro Sternum Shirt is ideal for athletes who want to be like superheroes. It's made from high-quality compression fabric that hugs the torso, but still allows a full range of movements. Plus, its ergonomic design will make this shirt seem as if part of your uniform. You'll never ever feel that wearing it as a burden.

Aside from its sleek texture, the G-Form Baseball Pro Sternum Shirt is also waterproof. Since intense workouts often lead to a pool of sweat, this heart protector helps your body remain cool. The suit seals out moisture, too, so it won't get soggy when used in the rain.

Furthermore, you'll find several SmartFlex pads around the stomach and sternum area. These work to reduce the impact caused by outside forces, sparing your body from any bumps or bruises. And the best part is these cushions aren't at all bulky. They've been designed to be as low-profile as possible to eliminate any discomfort.

Nonetheless, what we found most astonishing about the G-Form Baseball Pro Sternum Shirt is that all its aspects stem from scientific research. The manufacturers behind the scenes have allocated resources to create one of the best youth baseball heart protectors on the market - and by golly, they've succeeded.

Key Features

  • SmartFlex technology alleviates your body of harmful pressure
  • Uses a low-profile design; it isn't bulky or heavy to wear
  • Waterproof; prevents moisture from entering
  • Made from material that's machine washable
  • The compression fabric improves breathability and facilitates the expulsion of heat

10. Sports Unlimited Diamond Shield Youth Baseball Sternum Guard Shirt

Sports Unlimited Diamond Shield Youth Baseball Sternum Guard Shirt
Sports Unlimited Diamond Shield Youth Baseball Sternum Guard Shirt

The brand, Sports Unlimited, might be the last contender on our best youth baseball heart protector, but it's far from inadequate. Established in 1983 as a brick and mortar store of sporting goods, the company eventually made a transition into e-commerce in 2008. At present, 100% of their business is done through online transactions, making them perhaps the most accessible merchant for your athletic apparel needs.

Thirty-seven years of experience has allowed them to build a strong following. They've developed top-notch products like the Diamond Shield Youth Baseball Sternum Guard Shirt, too, which aims to provide added comfort and protection for athletes everywhere. And as an added treat, they won't cost much either.

Just like others, the Sports Unlimited Diamond Shield Youth Baseball Sternum Guard Shirt is also made from a nylon and spandex with polyethylene foam padding. It is relatively thin yet capable of absorbing the impact brought about by loose balls or unnecessary contact from other players.

Consumers must note, though, that this model isn't meant to be a primary form of protective gear, but rather, a supplementary accessory your children wear underneath their jerseys. This is a small price to way for ensuring your kid's safety while playing.

All in all, the Sports Unlimited Diamond Shield Youth Baseball Sternum Guard Shirt offers everyone a cheap alternative to branded compression clothes. We advise you to consider this if you're seeking an effective option without spending too much.

Key Features

  • Made from a rubberized polymer that provides a perfect fit
  • Outfitted with a 10-mm diamond shield for added protection
  • Suitable for baseball, softball, lacrosse, and paintball
  • Comes in four sizes perfects for kids of all ages

Things To Consider When Buying the Top Youth Baseball Heart Protector

Best Youth Baseball Heart Protector
Best Youth Baseball Heart Protector

To help in making an informed decision, we've identified some additional factors for consideration. These may seem very commonsensical, but you'd be surprised how often buyers overlook them. So don't make the same mistakes; contemplate on these features, too.


Often times, these heart protectors are worn under or over your shirt as a secondary piece of equipment. Thus, if the fit isn't perfect, then your range of motion could be extremely restricted. As a result, you won't be able to reach the level of play we know you're capable of.

So when canvassing through options, consider the weight and material used. It needs to be elastic and lightweight without skimping on durability. Otherwise, your safety could be what ends up being compromised.

Accuracy of Sizes

Have you ever bought an article of clothing, only to realize the sizing is wrong? Well, that's the same problem sports apparel and heart protectors experience, too. That's why before buying anything, make sure you verify with the sizing chart first. Most companies display this on their page, which matches your kid's age with an estimated size.

But to be safe, we're inclined to recommend models that allow you to manually adjust the tightness. This way, the risk of buying something that doesn't fit significantly decreases.

Versatility to Weather Conditions

We mentioned earlier that the heart protector you buy must be flexible in a literal sense. But we forgot to mention it needs to be versatile against different weather conditions as well. After all, nobody can ever predict the conditions that may happen out on the baseball field.

Owning a compression suit that emits heart constantly while keeping moisture out is a necessity you can enjoy. This helps prevent discomfort while also keeping your body fresh and free from injuries. Muscles can often cramp up, especially when exposed to fluctuating temperatures. Having this feature is definitely a step in the right direction.

Shock Absorbing Ability

At the end of the day, the best youth baseball heart protector should be able to minimize uncertainties when playing. That's its primary purpose, after all. And having a compression suit with solid shock absorbing abilities will go a long way in guaranteeing your son or daughter's safety on the field.

Initially, it might be tough to decipher effective options from bad ones. So to make your life easier, we recommend going for models that come with more cushions. They need to be strategically located, too, specifically in key areas like the stomach, chest, shoulders, and back.

Furthermore, don't forget to read up on customer reviews as well. This is the fastest way to get feedback from actual consumers who have experienced their benefits - or blunders - first hand.


To avoid going over budget, make sure you set aside your funds properly. Allot a fixed amount and consider only options that fall under that price point. This way, you won't ever be tempted to spend more than you actually should.

This is a good practice of staying within your means. There are currently so many opportunities out there, and we doubt you'll ever run out of quality picks. You can also see our prescribed allowance in the section below.

What Are The Benefits of Using It

Burns, bruises, and broken ribs; these are all possible ailments caused when playing baseball or softball. But by wearing a heart protector, the odds of this happening decrease significantly. Made from different synthetic materials, they are designed to provide an added layer of protection from the many hazards on the field.

Hearts protectors often cover the chest and shoulder area, yet a few run all the way to the lower abdomen, arms, and elbows. This helps keep your bones and internal organs safe from contact. The padding around it absorbs the pressure so you won't experience any ill effects.

Aside from the physical ramifications, wearing this accessory also has a mental effect. Knowing you have this shield helps you focus on the game better. And because you aren't worried about getting hurt, every movement feels more natural, and you're able to react to plays more instinctively.

Teams in both the professional and amateur ranks have already made this part of their uniform. Some have even literally sewn it onto their jersey. If this isn't an indicator of value, then I don't know what is. It's just our belief that every athlete needs to own at least one suit at home.

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How much money should I set aside for a quality heart protector?

Spending $30 for an entry-level option for beginners is really reasonable. However, you might need to devote at least $80 to $100 for more technologically-advanced compression suits. These are the ones that come complete with manage heat and water, are lightweight, and can absorb more pressure than usual.

2. What are these products typically made out of?

Usually, they are manufactured from synthetic and rubberized materials. The exact composition varies from one model to the other.

3. Are they machine washable?

Yes, some are, especially the compression shirts. But just to be sure, adjust the setting to cold wash only so the rubber won't peel off. Still, most advise consumers to simply do hand-washing. This is to preserve the integrity of the product.

4. Should the competitiveness of the league my son is in factor into my decision?

We would think so. Competitive leagues often lead to an increase in physicality. Thus, you might need to buy extra protection. Otherwise, a standard compression shirt should be enough.

5. Is there a special requirement if my kid plays as a catcher?

In this case, your son or daughter may need an additional chest plate and mask. Still, a heart protector is a good secondary accessory to wear, too. Catchers are usually the ones who feel the brunt of pressure out on the field. Ensure their safety at all costs.


Making this decision is so much more than just spending money. Choosing the best youth baseball heart protector has a direct effect on your child's health and safety. As parents, this is something you never want to compromise.

So as you're canvassing through each one, we suggest you take a longer-than-usual look at the G-Form Baseball Pro Sternum Shirt. Even though it has limited padding in the arms and shoulders, this compression suit's versatility, style, and comfort more than makeup for this. Plus, it doesn't cost as much, so you can buy more with the money you have.

Ultimately, just find something that perfectly answers your personal needs. That, in our opinion, is what it truly means to have the best youth baseball heart.

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