5 Best Vinyl Dye – Top Selling & Popular Models

by Lindsey Carter

Colors would be fading away whatever it is. Don't be fret! It is the nature of the colors. But, fading of the colors doesn't mean that you have to suffer the consequences. A better solution is still available if you come across with the best vinyl dye.

Vinyl paint is the healer of the vinyl surfaces. Immediately after application, you will notice a magical glow on the surface because the dye brings back the original outlook of the car's interior, plastic, leather, and so forth.

Vinyl dye not only works for restoring the appearance of the surface but also creates a durable coating to provides them the maximum protection. As it is playing a double role, so you should come with some best vinyl paint for your vinyl surfaces.

Finding the vinyl dye is somewhat challenging because tons of similar dying out there, so after done vast research and testing on the market-leading vinyl spray, we narrow down the vinyl paint for cars so as to you can rely on them.

Summary Table for 5 Best Vinyl Dye

Image Product Name Price

Crystal Blue Refinisher Spray For Leather, Vinyl & Plastic

Crystal Blue Refinisher Spray for Leather, Vinyl & Plastic

Price Check

VHT Vinyl Dye Black Satin Can

VHT Vinyl Dye Black Satin Can

Price Check

Rust-Oleum Flat Black Automotive Fabric & Vinyl Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum Flat Black Automotive Fabric & Vinyl Spray Paint

Price Check

Leather, Carpet, Vinyl & Hard Plastic Refinisher

Leather, Carpet, Vinyl & Hard Plastic Refinisher

Price Check

Carver White Marine Vinyl Coat - Cars, Boats

Carver White Marine Vinyl Coat - Cars, Boats

Price Check

Our Best Vinyl Dye Reviews

Our Best Vinyl Dye Reviews
Our Best Vinyl Dye Reviews

This section will make you more familiar with every single specification of the vinyl paint so that you can have a better understanding of them, as well as, which will help you to choose your intended dye from these collections.

1. Crystal Blue Refinisher Spray for Leather, Vinyl & Plastic

Crystal Blue Refinisher Spray For Leather, Vinyl & Plastic
Crystal Blue Refinisher Spray For Leather, Vinyl & Plastic

A car-value depends on its interior and exterior painting altogether. Most of the owners are not as concern about interior beautification as the exteriors. Don't worry! The vinyl dye can brings a massive transformation in your car's interior colors, so it would be hard for you to avoid this paint.

Color Bond designed this vinyl paint in such a way that it can allow you to apply this dye, not only on the vinyl surface but also on the car's interior leather, fabric, and hard plastic.

Vinyl surfaces are faded away due to the dust, grime on the surface, or the low-quality dye. As a result, Colour Bond ensures the maximum colors bonding on your surface and revives your car's interior immediately after application.

Whatever the car you have, the main things are the colors of the vehicles, which indicates an elegancy in your vehicle and can distinguish from others. So, to give you a brilliant finished-color, it comes with some elegant colors.

After applying a spray wipe, you can go to the direct application by spraying on the matter's surface. This vinyl paint bond quickly and creates a durable coating on the surface, that's how it can prevent the color from cracking or peeling.

Key Features

  • Quick bond within 10 min
  • Bring a finished showroom outlook
  • Come with a huge-colors collection
  • Stop cracking, peeling and flaking

2. VHT Vinyl Dye Black Satin Can

VHT Vinyl Dye Black Satin Can
VHT Vinyl Dye Black Satin Can

After a particular time, every color goes away. You cannot stop the color from fading. One thing you only can do is choose the best vinyl dye for ensuring long-lasting bonding.

In this instance, VHT vinyl paint can perform well on the vinyl surface to restores its original colors within a simple application. If you don't get the expected result after a single spray, then apply it twice to get the magical shining on the surfaces.

Though vinyl paint is specially designed for car's interior dying, you can use it in any hard or flexible vinyl surface. It also works fantastic on vinyl simulated leather and plastic. As a result, this single-can ensures you the multi-surface application.

Before going to the application, you have to ensure a clean surface, which would devoid of any dirt, grime, greasy or oily substance. Otherwise, you will not get the desired outcome, plus, the dye will not provide you long last bonding.

VHT dye is recommended by most automotive geniuses due to its overall performance and quality. Along with its affordable price, which makes you compelling to have the Spray for your car.

Key Features

  • The metallic formula brings a shining outlook
  • Ensure a robust coating immediately after applying
  • Compatible with hard or soft vinyl surface
  • The proper application ensures maximum bonding

3. Rust-Oleum Flat Black Automotive Fabric & Vinyl Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum Flat Black Automotive Fabric & Vinyl Spray Paint
Rust-Oleum Flat Black Automotive Fabric & Vinyl Spray Paint

Are you looking for a versatile vinyl dye for your car and other materials? Then this vinyl dye will provide you the best service because it is more efficient for working on multi surfaces and ensure the same level of performance.

Rust-Oleum comes up with brilliant vinyl paint, that ensures the maximum quality, because of the 100 years of experience in this arena. So, to bring a shiny appearance immediately on the interior parts of your car, you can go with that.

As this vinyl paint can compatible with the various surfaces, so you can spray this 312g bottle on your flexible surfaces such as furniture, chair, carpets, upholstery, mats, etc. You can cover by the canister up to 12 sq. ft.

Don't think about the application process of the dying. As it is DIY paint, you can easily apply it after cleaning the surface. It dries very quickly but you have to leave it for 10 min to get the extreme bonding. If you are not getting the desired result, then spray the dye again.

After each application, you would love the Spray while it's shimmering on the surface of the matters. When you come to evaluate its price with the quality, it would be hard for you to turn down the spraying canister.

Key Features

  • 312g bottle covers up to 12sq. Ft.
  • Premium quality with the arresting price
  • Versatile dye working same on various surfaces
  • The extra coating protects from cracking and flaking

4. Leather, Carpet, Vinyl & Hard Plastic Refinisher

Leather, Carpet, Vinyl & Hard Plastic Refinisher
Leather, Carpet, Vinyl & Hard Plastic Refinisher

Are you fond of your car's interior colors? But are they fading away over time? Don't be fret about that. The solution is a-spraying away. Arnold formulated the vinyl dye for restoring the original colors of the vinyl surface immediately after the application.

If you are looking for multi-compatibility vinyl paint, it will work best for you. That's how you can revive your car-materials such as carpet, leather-surface, vinyl upholstery, plastic, and so forth.

After the prolonged use of vinyl, it starts creaking and peeling of the colors, which left a weird look on the surface. So, to avoid the dull surface, you can go with the canister to have a secure coating as well as a shiny appearance on your car's interior.

The simple application of the vinyl dye makes it more user friendly. After cleaning the surface, you can start spraying moderately and leave it 90 sec for drying. It will take a maximum 10min to bond permanently.

Arnold vinyl paint comes with the multi-color collections. All of these colors leave a brilliant outlook due to its shinning quality. Though the price is varying on particular colors, all of them are performing at the same level.

Key Features

  • Dries quickly within 90 sec
  • Bringing an original look after application
  • Helps to prevent cracking, splitting and peeling
  • Create strong bonding on the surface within 10 mins

5. Carver White Marine Vinyl Coat - Cars, Boats

Carver White Marine Vinyl Coat - Cars, Boats
Carver White Marine Vinyl Coat - Cars, Boats

The vinyl paint would be worthy of money when it brings a durable coating immediately after application. You will get on this vinyl dye both the performance and the shimmering outlook after finishing.

If you are looking for a multi-surface vinyl applicator, then this is for you. Because, its extensive use on various materials such as car or boat's seat, upholstery, and other stiff or flexible vinyl surfaces.

The marine dye has designed in a way that can quickly bring a stark white on the surface of the vinyl after finishing. Plus, the intense metallic formula creates a durable coating on the surface; that's why it can last for long and prevent the fading of the colors.

Careful application of this dye can ensure you a better coating and after-finished performance. Otherwise, it would be wastage of money and energy. So, before applying, clean the surface and leave it untouched after spraying.

The strong resistance of the vinyl-coating never allows any dust or grit to stick to the surface. As a result, you will always enjoy a shiny glow on your leather or other plastic furniture.

Before finalizing your decision, you have to check the dye performance and the price. If the price is not exorbitant compare to its quality, then you can go with the paint.

Key feature

  • Shining as bright as new after finishing
  • Extra protection by the robust coating
  • Specially designed for cars and boats' seat
  • Never allow dust or grit to stick to the surface

Things to Consider Before Buying Vinyl Dye

Best Vinyl Dye
Best Vinyl Dye

Though you are enough informed about the vinyl paint but consider some crucial factors that help you to choose the top-rated vinyl dye and save you from after-buying harassment, let's have a look at them.

Color Bonding

Some vinyl dye takes a long time to bond on the surfaces, and some of them are rubbed off even after well finished.

As a result, it is essential aspects of vinyl paint to check how long take it to bond on the surface, and how last they perform.

Drying Duration

A good quality vinyl dye should be dry quickly. So, you have to make sure the drying duration of the vinyl paint beforehand.

If the vinyl-dye dries quickly, it can easily create a stable coating on the surface and prevent it from rubbing off with other substances.


Some vinyl paint is especially for car's interior surfaces or others are particular purposes. So, you have to check whether it is perfect for your car or not.

However, if you go through a versatile dye, which can perform equally on the multi surfaces, it would be a potential vinyl paint for you.

Metallic formula

If the vinyl dye composed of some metallic method, you will have an extra shiny glow than the other colors.

The metallic ingredient makes the dye more robust so that it can emit as glows as possible for a long time. This formula also helps to prevent the surface from early fading.


A well-resistant dye can protect the color surfaces from any adverse effect. Plus, resistance helps to keep its after-finished look for a long time.

The resistance of the vinyl paint provides a longstanding coating on the surface, and protect them from fading. So, you have to confirm the resistance ability of the paint before buying.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I use these paints on my broken car's dashboard?

Yes! You can.

But you have to fix the dashboard first. After using a strong adhesive, you can go for spraying this vinyl paint.

This dye will work well on a clean surface and makes a strong bonding within the surface.

2. Can I have used these on my dining chair, which got flexible vinyl coating?

Yes! Absolutely

These vinyl dyes have designed for applying on the thick and pliable vinyl coating. So, it will work fantastic on your chair coating.

Make sure the right application to get a better outcome.

3. Does it rub off on the cloth after painting?


It doesn't rub off on the cloth. However, you have to make sure the proper application process to escape maximum rubbing off.

If the paint doesn't dry properly, then the chances are higher rubbing off; otherwise, after the proper drying, it never does that.

4. Will it work for the motor hood, which got several cracks?


Though these vinyl paints work on multi-surface, you might not get the expected result if you apply it on your motor hood, because it is not performed well on high temperature and have a risk of the chemical reaction. So, it is wise to avoid such surfaces.

5. Does it need a primer before applying the spray?

NO! It does not require any primer.

Before spraying, you can clean the surface with a damp microfabric cloth, then go for direct dying. On the other hand, you can use spray-wipe to clean the surface.

Final Words

These days, the vinyl dye turns into an essential product. Because the potentialities of the dye are increasing. As a result, people are having both benefits and beauty at the same time.

Therefore, it becomes a necessary dye for every car user. So, to ensure the fine interior-painting of your car and other vinyl materials, you can grab the best vinyl dye to give them a shimmering outlook and a robust coating.

Happy Dyeing!

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