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Best RC Battery Connector – High Quality Models That Will Save Your Day

RC battery connectors are an essential part to connect battery packs to any power system. A right battery connector let the current flow from the RC battery to the power system.

There are many types and sizes of RC battery connector. It is not easy for the beginner who is using a connector for the first time to choose a proper one for his.

Here we are providing the best RC battery connector and some other elements to help you out from this situation. Hopefully, after considering the whole article, you will have a vast knowledge about connector battery.

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Apex RC Products RC Battery Connector | EC5 Style
Apex RC Products RC Battery Connector | EC5 StyleCheck Price

Finware RC Battery Connector | Bullet Connector
Finware RC Battery Connector | Bullet ConnectorCheck Price

Padrasey RC Battery Connector | Multi Purpose Use
Padrasey RC Battery Connector | Multi Purpose UseCheck Price

Finware RC Battery Connector | Heat Shrink
Finware RC Battery Connector | Heat ShrinkCheck Price

SIM&NAT RC Battery Connector | Octopus Connector
SIM&NAT RC Battery Connector | Octopus ConnectorCheck Price

Best RC Battery Connector Reviews

In the following section, we bring out the top-quality RC Battery Connector. We have selected the items in our top five list considering quality, durability, price and other elements. So, keep scrolling down for getting the adapter that meets your needs.

1. Apex RC Products RC Battery Connector | EC5 Style

If you are a new user and looking for an easy to use yet high-power battery connector; you can look for this one. Apex connectors come in high quality with 20 pieces plugs.

The EC5 style is a staple for any power system such as charger, battery, power meter ESC, etc. the connector can carry high power into it. Apex connector comes in 20 pieces. Ten out of them are males, and the other 10 are female pieces.

The quality of the connector is very high. This is a banana style plug set. That is made of copper. The battery connector is very durable and low resistant.

With all these elements, this gives an excellent flow of electricity.

The male end of the plug is bullet style which is very strong. The bullet end helps to stay strong and does not separate once it is fixed. The collector is protected, so there is significantly less chance of any kind of shorting.

The hollow plug end is for soldering the wires. After that, the pins have to connect into the connector. And there is no chance of any default. This will provide very nice current flow through the wire.

Key Features

  • Banana style collector
  • High quality
  • Durable and low resistant
  • 20 pieces plug set

2. Finware RC Battery Connector | Bullet Connector

Fineware RC battery connector will give you satisfaction with a very reasonable price. This is very easy to use. You can plug and unplug without any effort.

High-temp Nylon has been used in the top plug and connector. The bullets are gold plated. When forming the connector, both are included in an injection mold.

The connector is XT60. That means it has a high amp connection. Fineware is perfect for any applicators. This is suitable for up to 65A constant. The fineware Nylon plugs can hold 60A current for a long time. And it does not exceed 80DegC.

As we mentioned it is constructed with high-temperature Nylon, no matter how much electricity flows into this, there is significantly less chance to melt or deform. You will get ten pairs of female and male connectors. And every single plug is very high in quality.

Heat shrinking is 2:1, which enables the connectors to insulate the exposed solder joint. Both red and black wire is included. And the connector is high temperature resistant.

Key Features

  • Total 20 plugs
  • Materials: high-temperature Nylon
  • Bullets are gold plated
  • Less chance of deform

3. Padrasey RC Battery Connector | Multi Purpose Use

Having a RC battery connector with a multi purpose use is not bad. Sometimes it is hard to find such a connector. Padrasey brought such connectors that will enable you to use a single connector for various uses.

The connector works very easily than any single one. Protective cover caps have been used for open contacts for new adapters. You can use it for 19 different power systems. You can get 19 charging systems in one single connector. Isn’t it great!

The quality of the connector is very high. The wire is made with smooth flexible silicon.

And the scientist has used advanced technology to make it durable. And you can use this with most RC chargers.

The banana plug is 4mm, and the length is 5.9 inches or 150 mm. And the branch charger cable is also 150mm. So, in total, the length of the RC battery connector is 11.8 inch or 300 mm.

The conductor is made with copper wire which is gold plated. This great innovation is the perfect one for the users. There is no hassle of using it. The connector is convenient to use. And is the solution of many power systems.

Key Features

  • 19 plugs in 1 charging adapter
  • High-quality material
  • 4mm Banana Plug
  • Total length is 300mm

4. Finware RC Battery Connector | Heat Shrink

Many people are worried about the safety of the connector. This model of fineware is the safest connectors in the market. And Fineware came up with a solution and designed this connector properly.

You may find many copies of the connectors in the market. But they are not from a trusted brand. There is a risk of using it. Here Fineware is true to their worlds and gives you the best RC battery connectors.

The connector is covered with gold plated brass. This has high quality heat shrinking; 2:1.

Which enables the connectors to insulate the exposed solder joint. The both red and black wire is included. And the connector is high temperature resistant.

The RC battery connector is made with high temperature. And the bullets are gold plated. That enables it to deform or melt less likely. These connectors are suitable for batteries of drones, cars, airplanes and any kind of vehicle.

The collector has an XT30U. Which may make it a bit pricey than any cheap brand. But if the XT is genuine then the price will be a bit high. One of the most important aspects of RC battery connector is its durability. You can use this connector for more than 1000 times.

Key Features

  • XT30U collector
  • Trusted brand
  • Can be used up to 1000 times
  • The safest connector in the market

5. SIM&NAT RC Battery Connector | Octopus Connector

Getting a connector is not an easy job. This is very usual to get in a fluster while buying one. If the connector is not right, it may damage your battery. Here is good news for you.

SIM&NAT connectors are adequately designed so that it doesn’t do any harm to your batteries. You will also be able to save time by not giving much attention to the quality of the connector you are using.

The SIM&NAT is an excellent battery connector which is suitable for charging batteries of model cars, model aircraft, methanol engine ignition rod.

The banana plug-in charger is a 1 in 8 adapter which has two DIY bare leads.

The 14 AWG 4mm charger cable’s outside is made of silicon. The connector has excellent properties. That enables the adapter to endure high flame retardant and high temperature.

Sometimes you get worried about whether the product is untouched or not because many local shops sell used products. SIM&NAT battery connector has used cover caps for opening the adaptor. That will ensure those are entirely new.

Key Features

  • Silicon coating
  • Protective with cover caps
  • High flame retardant
  • 1 in 8 adapters

Things to Consider Before Buying RC Battery Connector

Best RC Battery Connector

As there are various varieties of adopters in the market, you may get puzzled while buying one. So, for a top plug and connector, you have to consider some features. Hopefully, the following section will help you to select a suitable adaptor for your battery.

So, take a moment and read this section. And after that, you would know about all the features that you need to consider before buying connectors. You may also like some of the RC Hex Driver Set from our list, so take a moment to check them out.


The connector has to be reliable. And have to meet the maximum current flow of the battery. If the connector is unable to pass enough, it may create some danger. The adaptor can be overheated, and the voltage drop can be reduced.

So before buying an RC battery connector, you have to look for the information on how many curtains it can flow at a time. Reliability is essential. Besides, you can choose some glue for rc tires.

Maximum Sustained Current

How much current it can flow at a time is an essential element to consider. Even it is the first thing that you know about your adapter. Your battery model indicates the maximum number of current pulling. The power of your connector will depend on your battery.

For example, if your battery has a Maximum current pulling rate of 100 AMps, you will need a connector for the battery with 100 Amps or more.

Type and Style

There are many models of RC battery connector. Some are single, some of them include cods, and some have multiple options. So before buying, consider all the possibilities and this precisely what you need.

If you want to use the adaptor for multiple batteries, then an octopus adapter will be suitable for you. Again, if you are comfortable with a single male, female connectors then go for this one.


Different battery connectors have other purposes. You have to look if the connector is fulfilling your requirements or not. And if you ignore this and buy a random connector, you might be unable to use it.

Connectors for electric circuits, car battery, requires different connectors.


People sometimes think that the most expensive tools set have the premium quality. It is sometimes true but not always. But this does not mean low price products are always good.

Instead of looking for the price, consider some reviews and customer feedback. Then take the decision.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How do I know what power my batteries need?

This is mentioned in your battery.

And the power and the maximum current pulling range is also mentioned in the RC battery collector.

2. What is the top plug and connector?

There are many reputable brands in the market which is good.

But the products that we have suggested above are the top pick from the market. We won’t get any chance to complain once you use these products.

3. How long does a connector last?

Durability of a connector depends on the quality of the products.

But top-notch collectors last for a long time. You can use one good quality plug and connector up to 1000 times.

4. Can I get a high current flow by the connector?

If you can buy the right one for you, you will get high electricity flow without letting the plug get hot.

But the wrong connector can sometimes bring danger for you if it gets too hot.

5. Are the plug and connectors costly?


Not all the connectors are costly. The products that we have mentioned are at a very reasonable price and provide a good service.

Final Words

We have provided you the best RC battery connector. Now you have all the knowledge of the products and their features. Therefore, you have a clear idea about the instruments and elements of the plug and connector. So now you are ready to get the right connector for your battery!

Hope you will have a great experience while working with your batteries. If the article was helpful for you, share this with your friends to help them out!

Happy Shopping!