Best Dominion Expansion In 2021 – Top Selling & Popular Models

by Lindsey Carter

Are you looking for an adventurous broad game with a medieval theme? Or Do you like strategical games and looking for something to play with your friends or family? Then this game is just for you.

Dominion expansion is a deck-building board game that has an abundance of expansion out there. However, you cannot randomly choose an expansion to get the ultimate excitement.

That's why we have narrow down our list with the best dominion expansion collections. If you are above the age of 13 and looking for a game of 2 to 4 people, then this game is highly suitable for you.

Keep reading to reveal the mystery of the top-selling dominion expansions.

Summary Table for Best Dominion Expansion In 2021

Image Product Name Price

Rio Grande Dominion Expansion: 2nd Edition
Rio Grande Dominion Expansion: 2nd Edition Price Check

Rio Grande Dominion Expansion: Seaside
Rio Grande Dominion Expansion: Seaside Price Check

Dominion Expansion: Intrigue + 2nd Edition
Dominion Expansion: Intrigue + 2nd Edition Price Check


Rio Grande Dominion Expansion: Dark Ages
Rio Grande Dominion Expansion: Dark Ages Price Check

Best Dominion Expansion Reviews

Best Dominion Expansion Reviews
Best Dominion Expansion Reviews

This section will demonstrate the features and technique of the top-notch expansion, which will help you choose your desire expansions. Let's dive into the reviews.

1. Rio Grande Dominion Expansion: 2nd Edition

Rio Grande Dominion Expansion: 2nd Edition
Rio Grande Dominion Expansion: 2nd Edition

If you think that you have the original expansion set and you don't need another version, then you will be missing the updated version with more cards and artworks, which is more fun to play with.

Not only has it more cards with updated text, which removes confusion, but also it added a trash mat for trashed cards and a new rule book with simplified rules that is easier to understand!

This version of dominion expansion focuses on the basic card concept, gender-neutral, and builds a foundation for future expansions.

If anyone ready to rock, then an updated pack with 7 more cards is available for them who already have the original set.

But the updated pack does not come with the newly updated rule book and the new and improved card set, which removes all the dud cards of the previous edition, which makes this 2nd edition much more fun to play.

It has a total of 30 cards, but for each game, though only 10 are selected. Hence this deck-building game has more variety of themes, and it is more of a card game than a board game.

It takes 30-45 minutes to play. Plus, it is easier to understand after the first try. So even if it feels daunting after seeing several hundreds of cards, don't fret! after understanding the mechanics of using the simplified rule book, it flows smoothly between players.


  • Tactical game for 2-4 Players
  • 30 minutes of playing time
  • Comes with some new cards, artwork, and game rules
  • Brings a new twist and mystery throughout the game

2. Rio Grande Dominion Expansion: Seaside

Rio Grande Dominion Expansion: Seaside
Rio Grande Dominion Expansion: Seaside

If you are interested in pirate and seaside themes, then it would be one of the best dominion sets for you.

Although it does not come with the complete set, it brings the seaside theme with rat-infested ships, pirates, and treasure map quite well. This is an expansion of both dominion and dominion intrigue, and it does not contain the Treasure, Victory, Curse, and trash cards.

You will either need the base game or the Intrigue version card set. It is designed to work with either or both of the sets and the other future expansions.

While Intrigue is quite an edgy game, dominion seaside is simpler.

It focuses on duration cards, which lasts between turns. It adds 26 more cards and has few dud cards for being one of the first versions. But it holds its reputation nicely of being one of the most fun addition to the expansions.

One of the big surprises of the expansion is its new mechanics. For example, it keeps placing embargo tokens on supplying deck and gathering coin tokens on the pirate ship. That's how it gives people curses for buying from one. There are many different and cool cards like pirate ships and native villages, which add a lot to the overall gameplay of dominion.


  • For 2-4 players
  • It takes about 30 minutes to play
  • Nautical expansion to the popular medieval card game
  • It is an expansion - you need basic dominion or Intrigue to use it

3. Dominion Expansion: Intrigue + 2nd Edition

Dominion Expansion: Intrigue + 2nd Edition
Dominion Expansion: Intrigue + 2nd Edition

If you are waiting for more mystery after the Intrigue expansion, then this Intrigue 2nd edition is for you. Here you will find some new cards and rules.

Like any other Dominion Expansions, this game also takes 30 minutes to play. But it is edgier. There are secret plots brewing. This is the more natural version of the expansion series, which focuses on interactions and card choices.

The second edition removes all the 6 dud cards and adds 7 new cards that compatible with the other expansions. Intrigue introduces 26 new kingdom cards.

There are victory cards that do something before the end of the game.

The second version is not a standalone set and requires the base set. To play with it, you need basic cards and a rulebook. To expand to 5-6 players, use the base cards.

The first edition of the intrigue version had all the base cards, but this 2nd edition removed them. But it was meant to be an expansion anyway. Cards have included in the expansion are Lurker, Courtier, Mill, Patrol, Diplomat, Secret Passage, and Replace. Cards have removed from the 1st edition are Saboteur, Coppersmith, Scout, Secret, Great Hall, Tribute, and Chamber.

Before playing this expansion, play the original version to have more fun. This Expansion can be combined with any of the other versions quite well and has additional Copper, Silver, and Gold.


  • For 2-4 players
  • 30 minutes of playing time
  • Updated cards, artwork & rules
  • This is an expansion, not standalone



This version of dominion expansion is much like its title implies. It has all the cards of Dominion 2nd Edition and Dominion Intrigue 2nd Edition. It can be played between 2 to 6 players, and it has all the base cards!

Having said that, this version can be quite intimidating with 500 dominion cards, 300 Intrigue cards, and 100 cards for 5 and 6 players. It is the updated version of the classic one, which comes with a trash mat and a streamlined rulebook.

This game has longevity and is difficult to carry around as it is big and can intimidate new players.

But if you are an expansion lover, then you will love it as more cards give more variety, and no two games are the same!

It looks complicated at first and is not as smooth as prosperity, but players love the intrigue version of this set. It is easy to learn but has a good amount of strategy that changes every game.

The cards are organized per expansion that makes them easy to find once the mechanics are understood. There are several pre-built game setups in the instructions that are a recommended starting point for anyone to play.


  • Big Box II contains Dominion and Intrigue 2nd Edition
  • Added new base cards and can play 2-6 players
  • Gaming time is 30 minutes
  • Can be played with other dominion expansions

5. Rio Grande Dominion Expansion: Dark Ages

Rio Grande Dominion Expansion: Dark Ages
Rio Grande Dominion Expansion: Dark Ages

If you are looking for the expansion version with the most numbers of deck building kingdom, this dominion version is for you.

It is a massive expansion with 500 cards, emphasizing card interactions, trashing, and cards that interact with the trash pile. It has new bad cards called Ruins, that can be replaced with Shelters, and cards you can only get via specific other cards. The central themes are trash and upgrading.

There is more interaction among players with this expansion than in some other sets.

Your opponent will try to force you to trash good cards that make the game more fun and challenging. This game is a very strong addition to the expansion with lots to offer.

Where expansions like prosperity are about wealth and fortune, this set is about dregs of society, and many of the cards' names fit well with the theme (Beggar, Death Cart, Graverobber, Hermit, Junk Dealer, Rats, Scavengers, Vagrant, etc.)

Dark Ages provide a wealthy variety, mechanisms, strategies, and tactics and depth the game system. If you are a dominion fan, then you will like Dark Ages as well!

If you are new to this, this might not be your best first choice, as it is not a standalone game. So, try to play the expansion of the dark age with the original or full version like the second edition.


  • Game time 30 min and players 2-4
  • Includes 500 cards
  • Comes with twist and complexity
  • This is an expansion, not a standalone game

6. Rio Grande Dominion Expansion: Adventures

Rio Grande Dominion Expansion: Adventures
Rio Grande Dominion Expansion: Adventures

If you are a fan of duration cards, then here is good news for you. Dominion adventures bring this particular fun feature back for you!

Not only this, but it also has three new cards- Event, Reserve, and Traveler cards, which can grow more powerful, and Events, which are powerful effects that can be directly purchased instead of cards.

Adventures include 30 kingdom cards and 20 Events. This set contains 400 cards, 60 tokens, and six mats. The Reserve cards can be set aside until activated at the right moment.

Traveler cards can grow more powerful, and Events can be a powerful effect.

Event cards are a new type of card that provides bonuses to your turn and future turns. When an event is purchased, the card is not added to your deck. It does use up one of your buys to purchase an event. More than one event can be purchased in turn, including the same event. They seem like a great way to increase the complexity of the dominion game.

Another great addition to this expansion is the Traveler cards. Each time a player uses it, power grows. For example, it turns into a Treasure Hunter, then a warrior, hero, and eventually a Champion after playing. So, this is also a fun addition but best used in longer games.

Finally, dominion Adventures is not a standalone set, so one must have the base set, or second edition, or the intrigue. But if you are a Dominion fan, then this is a must-have for you.


  • Ages: 13+
  • Includes 30 kingdoms and 20 events
  • Number of Players: 2-6
  • Playing Time: 30 minutes

7. Dominion Expansion: Renaissance

Dominion Expansion: Renaissance
Dominion Expansion: Renaissance

If you are looking for the best dominion sets, then this one is one of them. This is the 12th expansion of Dominion with 300 cards and 25 kingdoms.

Do you know why it's fun to play? Because it introduces us to projects which increase replay value a lot. For example, if you pay a certain amount for a certain project, your first action can be automatically activated. That's how it adds value a lot.

Another thing is, it introduces us to coffers and villagers, which can be saved for future turns.

For example, coffers are physical coins that can be saved for the future, and villagers are action tokens that serve the same purpose.

The artifacts are passive ability granting cards that a player uses to hold on to stay out of the deck. This expansion is light on attack cards.

However, this expansion changes the dominion world strategically. It has complexity in a good way, easily amplified power move, and has artifacts to fight over. It is not a standalone set, so have a base-game set for playing.


  • For 2-4 players
  • 12th dominion expansion
  • It has 300 cards, with 25 new kingdom cards
  • Some tokens that let you save coins and actions for later

8. Dominion Expansion: Nocturne Board Game

Dominion Expansion: Nocturne Board Game
Dominion Expansion: Nocturne Board Game

If you are into the horror-based theme and are looking for the best dominion expansion for even only two players, then this is your game. It is a vampire and a werewolf-based game. Plus, the night lovers and supernatural lovers will certainly like this one. It also has 500 cards with 33 kingdom cards.

It has a nice theme. However, if you are not experienced in dominion, then you will find it a bit complex. Having said that, it is certainly a worthy addition to the dominion expansion.

Though the concept of boons, spirits, hexes are new mechanics, which is assumed to be breaking the original concepts of the previous expansions, it does not do that.

It is a fun expansion to play amongst 2 to 6 players. Also, the Heirloom cards replace copper with better currency. The night phase is original and keeps turns longer; plus, keeps the game interesting. Also, the bat and vampire combos are fun. There is a Fool card as well.

Overall, it is a nice addition to the dominion world. It is not a standalone, only an expansion like others. And if you are a dominion lover, then you will like this one too.


  • 11th expansion to dominion
  • 500 cards, 33 new Kingdom cards.
  • For 2-6 players
  • 30 minutes of playing time

9. Dominion Expansion: Cornucopia & Guilds

Dominion Expansion: Cornucopia & Guilds
Dominion Expansion: Cornucopia & Guilds

This particular 8th addition to the dominion expansions is quick to learn and has many ways to win. It is originally sold in two small expansions.

Where Cornucopia focuses on card variety, Guilds introduces coin tokens that allow a player to spend more money later and cards that a player can overpay for a special effect.

If you are a dominion fan, then this expansion allows you to have two expansions at once. This expansion includes Cornucopia & Guilds in one large box, plus brings another 13 new Kingdom cards that entirely change the games.

By using the coin tokens, a player could save to spend later and cards to get more by paying extra for them. While all expansions are good and fun to play, these two small expansions bring a lot of variety into the game.

The central theme is variety and some cards that reward a player for having a variety of cards in his or her deck. Like any other expansions, it does not come with the basic cards. So, you must have the first edition, second edition, or the Intrigue set to play with it.

Overall, it has a variety of interesting things that are enough to make your mind bend and provides the ultimate thrilling during the game.


  • Allows 2-4 players
  • 30 minutes of playing time
  • Need an original dominion game to play
  • Easy to understand the rules and reveal mysteries

10. Dominion Expansion: Intrigue

Dominion Expansion: Intrigue
Dominion Expansion: Intrigue

If you are looking for a standalone set beside the 1st, 2nd, or the dominion Intrigue, then this set is for you. Not only it comes with a complete card set, but it also allows 8 players to play in two tables or 6 players in one table at a time.

The set is amazing and the best dominion expansion for the beginners who do not have the base set as it comes with a complete set. This game adds 25 new Kingdom cards and a complete set of Treasure and Victory cards. As a standalone game set, this expansion provides interactions, fellowship, and challenges.

Intrigue can be the first expansion pack to get because it allows 6 players to play at once, and the game is more flexible when others are not. It adds a lot to the gameplay without introducing new mechanics, which is easier to learn.

This game is fun to play either on its own or combined with the original set. Combining with the original set allows the players to play with a total of 8 players at once. This game can be played alone if the players are experienced with dominion or the basic game rules of dominion.


  • Proprietary design and high quality
  • Tons of replay
  • For 6-8 players
  • Can be a standalone game or expansion to the base dominion game

Dominion Rules for Gameplay

Best Dominion Expansion
Best Dominion Expansion

Although many expansions of the dominion series have different sets of cards with new rules and features, the basic rules are the same.

Learning dominion expansion rules are as simple as learning ABC- Action, Buying, and Clean-up. You may also like some of the Munchkin Expansions from our list, so take a moment to check them out.


If the player has any action cards in their hand and chooses to play one, they must do what the text on the card instructs. This may mean drawing extra cards, extra actions, or pacing a card in the trash, upcycling a card, attacking an opponent, gaining more treasure to buy phase, or gain the opportunity to make extra buys.

Unless a player plays an Action card that tells them otherwise, they may play only one Action card during their time.


A player must use some or all of the treasure cards in his hand. Plus, use any treasure offered by the Action cards. He has to play during the Action phase to buy a card from the supply.

The cost of each card is printed on the lower-left corner of the card. The player can buy any card of equal or lesser value to the amount of treasure he has on the board.

Sometimes action cards allow a player to purchase extra buys. But if treasures are fewer, then it will be good to remember that copper is always free to buy.


The player should take the card he purchased and place them in his discard pile. This is the clean-up stage. Any cards that have been played during his turn should be placed here as well.

While placing his cards in the discard pile, the player should draw five new cards from the draw deck. If there are not any cards left on the draw deck, then he should shuffle his discard pile and place it under his draw deck.

During the first two turns, the player will not be able to act because they won't have any Action cards in their hand. This may occur throughout the game, and if this situation arises, the player may skip this phase and proceed with the buy and clean-up.

Whenever one of these three conditions meet, the dominion expansion game will end. These terms are the following:

  • If the Province pile got empty.
  • If the Colony pile got empty when playing the Prosperity to Colonies.
  • The game is over if any three of the supply piles got empty (a game has four supply piles).

At the end of the game, players should count their total number of victories points in their individual deck. After counting, the highest score holder will be the winner. If two players score the same, then who had less turn in the game will be the winner.

FAQs : Frequently Asked Question & Answer

1. What is the difference between the I, II, and Intrigue edition? Which would be the best dominion sets for me?

Dominion Intrigue is standalone when the second edition is just an expansion. If you have the base set, the second edition would be more fun to play as it compatible well with a base set and has more updated cards.

But if you are a beginner, then you can purchase the first edition as it has all the cards you need to start playing. But the updated version has removed the dud cards, so this one has more updated features.

2. Does Dominion's second edition come with everything players need to play a complete game?


It is a standalone game set that can be played by using the cards that come within the box.

3. Which one is better, Dominion Intrigue or Seaside?

It depends entirely on the players. If a player like edgy games, then he should go for Intrigue. Seaside is all about colonization and strategy. So, for a gentler game, go for Seaside.

4. When do I shuffle my discard pile?

Whenever you need a card from your deck and find the deck is empty.

5. Is Dominion Expansion worth purchasing?

If you have kids, siblings who are more than 13 years old, and like medieval theme and deck building strategical game, then yes. It will be worth it.

Final Words

Dominion Expansion is a fun game amongst 2-4 players, which is played with deck-building strategy, interaction, and fellowship. It's a fun game for kids as well as their parents. So, it's awesome for family gathering time as well as the party time amongst friends.

The rules are pretty simple and easy to learn. Plus, dominion expansion would be a great pleasure that loves theme-based board games. Hopefully, this review has helped you to choose the best dominion expansion.

Have a Great Playing!

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