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Top 5 Best Ballistic Helmet for the Money In 2021 – Most Popular Collections

We all know that any injury to the head can make a person permanently disabled or even kill them instantly. In the conflicting areas, one often gets shot or stoned in the head, which is much more dangerous.

Ballistic helmets have a great impact on us, especially on the persons who are involved in security forces or combat areas. The best ballistic helmet will protect the noggin, which is the most sensitive and important part of our body.

So, whenever your heading to buy a ballistic head protector, do not compromise with your demands. There are several types and brands of helmets all over the market for the army. Each design has its characteristics.

In this article, we are aiming to ensure you get the most appropriate one. We have reviewed five of the top quality helmets out of various alternatives. Let’s explore the factors of those helmets and the considerations before buying them.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Yashaly Military Ballistic Helmet | Chin Strap | Polycarbonate
Yashaly Military Ballistic Helmet | Chin Strap | PolycarbonateCheck Price

Sunris Tactical Ballistic Helmet | Steel Mesh Lens | Full Face
Sunris Tactical Ballistic Helmet | Steel Mesh Lens | Full FaceCheck Price

Jadedragon Ballistic Helmet | Foldable | Mask, And Goggle
Jadedragon Ballistic Helmet | Foldable | Mask, And GoggleCheck Price

Outry Ballistic Helmet | Side Rail | NVG Mount
Outry Ballistic Helmet | Side Rail | NVG MountCheck Price

Emersongear Ballistic Helmet | Adjustable | NVG Mount
Emersongear Ballistic Helmet | Adjustable | NVG MountCheck Price

Best Ballistic Helmet Reviews

Here is our list of the high-quality ballistic helmets that you can get. We have picked the five most premium quality items out of other alternatives. Choose the skull protectors for shooting that meets your requirements and find out why these are the must-have.

1. Yashaly Military Ballistic Helmet | Chin Strap | Polycarbonate

We want to start our article with the tactical helmet from Yashlay. This helmet will impress you with its ballistic performance. This high-quality headcover is a perfect combination of face and head defense.  Let’s get to know some more about it.

One of the most important considerations in choosing a ballistic helmet is to make sure that it will work according to its purpose. We can ensure about this helmet that, it will perfectly do the job it is intended to do. You will surely not regret buying this one along with chest rigs.

When we were researching our products, we have seen that Yashaly is too comfortable to carry on the head amongst others and remains protective. Also, the lenses will protect your eyes from getting hurt. Because they are thermal made and specially treated to reduce scratches and fog.

You do not need to worry about adjusting it with your head or face structure because of its chin strap. You can adjust the head protector according to your shape with the help of that strap. You can also remove the strap if you feel like it.

Therefore, after wearing this helmet, your skull will be safe from bullets, rocks, or branches. Do not worry about getting your noggin under pressure because its superior engineered ventilation keeps you away from overheating. So, why are you late? Buy it!

Key Features 

  • Does its job perfectly
  • Suitable to carry
  • Thermal lenses
  • Comfortable padding

2. Sunris Tactical Ballistic Helmet | Steel Mesh Lens | Full Face

If you want a protective cap that features a modular design, Sunris is the right pick. The manufacturer has designed this helmet with the craftsmanship and materials compile protective layer for military, police, or other strategic groups.

When you wear this combat helmet around your head, it will not feel heavy at all because the company keeps the weight light, around 1.45 kg only. Indeed, the weight distribution is ideal for a ballistic cap. In fact, this protective helmet is a lot lighter and more secure than other ones.

You might not find the incredible balance of quality, comfort, and price as you find in it. Each of the features that it offers is a guarantee that it can be of the highest quality at the most competitive price. You do not worry about its type as the manufacturer is professionals in the outdoor industry.

The packaging comes with a helmet and exchangeable lenses- PC and steel mash both. When we researched deeply on its raw materials, we found out that it is good for wargames, paintball, army, and other outdoor activities. That’s why we can tag it as the best combat helmet.

Therefore, throw all your worry of getting hurt on the head after you wear this ballistic helmet. It has a high level of corrosion resistance level that a bullet cannot easily crack. And it is a prophecy, not a possibility.

Key Features

  • Exchangeable lense
  • For battle circumstances
  • Good for outdoor activity
  • Excellent resistance ability.

3. Jadedragon Ballistic Helmet | Foldable | Mask, And Goggle

Who doesn’t love such a helmet that fits perfectly on the head without bothering with tightness?  In this concern, the third tactical helmet in our list is from the brand Jadedragon. It is adjustable with your face and head according to your comfort.

The most exciting feature of this head protector is, it comes with a GoPro mount. The manufacturer mounted GoPro in the helmet that meets the applicable safety standard.  Additionally, the helmet includes glasses to protect the eyes. These will fit snugly and never fell out.

The glasses might get blurry in an unventilated area which is a common nature of any glasses. But one thing is sure that if you go outdoor, or get moving, they will remain crystal clear. So, do not worry about getting a foggy vision through the glasses.

Before purchasing anything, you must know about the raw materials. To provide you with the product knowledge, we have done a lot of research. We found out that the main material of the helmet is heavy-duty engineered plastic and foam plastic, which makes it sturdy and durable.

Along with the material, its black Kryptek Typhon pattern will attract you the most. The weight is less than one kg, so it will not feel heavy on you.

Key Features

  • Set includes a helmet, mask, goggle, and accessories
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Adjustable with face
  • Two side rails

4. Outry Ballistic Helmet | Side Rail | NVG Mount

Are you looking for a budget-friendly yet snuggle fit helmet for your noggin? You might think that tactical helmets with reasonable price are nothing but a plastic shell. No, you are wrong! The best ballistic helmet from Outry comes here to rescue.

Helmets sometimes feel heavy or tight after wearing for too long. But, the Outry helmet has self-adjustable padding inside, which allows your wearing with ease. Moreover, the manufacturer has built it with high-quality ABS engineering plastic to make it more durable.

Now, let’s talk about its fitting. No matter if you are a big-head person or not, the adjustable suspender straps allow you to fit the helmet with any head circumference. Besides, the hook and loop design provide an extra place to make the helmet unique with patch attachment.

Honestly, you will be surprised by its sturdy structure. If you are working in a security force, you will love its heavy and thick material that stands up to random bumps and sim rounds without hurting your head.

Anyway, let’s talk about some additional features. Its side rail accessory connectors provide attachment points for quick adjustment or release. You will not face any complications to attach flashlights, camera, COMs headset, etc. with it.

Key Features

  • Decent construction with affordable price
  • NVG mount
  • Large enough to fit big heads
  • Ensures adequate ventilation

5. Emersongear Ballistic Helmet | Adjustable | NVG Mount

Let’s make an obvious point of saying that this is something that you exactly need. The configuration, building material, comfort everything is just the right thing you want. If you are more into comfort, then the Emersongear is a great bet.

Its structure creates the first impression upon us. The helmet has a round dial in the back to ensure the highest ease. This dial expands and contracts inside to give your head comfort. In such pricing, you will not find any better.

The overall adjustment of this helmet is quite easy. All you need to do is to follow the instruction chart that comes with it. The packaging includes a lot of things together, so you do not need to purchase accessories to use with this helmet.

It has beautiful colour options, such as camo, black, khaki, etc. So you can choose either of them according to your taste. Therefore, it is the right option for military personnel, hunting, cycling, or other tactical forces.

There is one little concern about purchasing a ballistic helmet, and that is the weight. But no worries, Emersongear kept the weight as minimum as possible with great ventilation. In conclusion, we can say that it is an excellent option amongst others in all way.

Key Features

  • Good colour option
  • Excellent adjustment
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Decent padding inside

Things To Consider Before Buying Ballistic Helmet

Best Ballistic Helmet

It is immensely challenging to decide the particular ballistic helmet according to your budget, head shape, choice, and most importantly, the quality you are looking for. To reduce your hassle, we have combined some basic things you should know before buying the best combat helmet.


The most significant point you should keep in mind is its adjustment, which many might not be aware of and regret after purchasing. You need to wear the helmet and try to nod your head. If the helmet stays steady and not too tight on your head, then take that one.

Do not go for the one that feels uncomfortable or offers a tight fit. It is better to buy such a helmet that provides a proper snug fit.


Getting a comfortable and right fitting helmet is crucial. Your head protector should be reasonably fit all around, without creating any pressure on your skull. Otherwise, you will suffer in the long run.

Head Size

Every person has a different body and head structure, and it is important to be concern about this matter. Mostly, there are three common categories of head shape> round, oval, long. Any person can determine the size by observing their head structure.

If the helmet creates pressure after wearing, then this is certainly not a suitable size for you. That’s why you should choose the right helmet according to your head size to prevent movement or tightness.

Proper Padding

The main purpose of wearing a helmet is to protect your skull from getting hurt or any damages and fatal conditions. In this regard, the inner padding of the helmet plays a vital role. You must be sure that the helmet has proper cushioning inside to absorb the force in a significant way.

If the inner is flat or not having a proper padding system, it will not be able to provide the protection level that you are expecting.

Ventilation System

The ballistic helmet should provide proper ventilation all around your head and face to breathe easily. Also, it ensures you do not feel suffocated.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How will I know the best combat helmet?

We have mentioned all the characteristics of the combat helmets and the basic considerations before choosing them you can read through the article to find out.

2. Can civilians wear a ballistic helmet?


It is legal for civilians to wear bulletproof armor such as vests, helmets, etc. You can easily buy any of the helmets we have mentioned above. If you have expectations, choosing either of them will not disappoint you for sure.

3. How long can I use a ballistic head protector?

Most probably for five years. But it depends on your usage. If you use it occasionally, it will last for more years.

4. Who can use ballistic helmets?

Ballistic helmets are mainly for the military. But, it is equally suitable for any organizations that need protection and benefits from ballistic.

5. Is wearing a helmet necessary?

Of course, it is.

It is crucial to safeguard your skull in a combat battle. Wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of a fatal skull injury which might lead to death. If you wear a helmet, it will absorb most of the impact energy, and your head remains safe.

Final Words

To safeguard yourself in the shooting battle, wearing the best ballistic helmet is a compulsory thing. You only choose the one that fits perfectly to protect your head from injury.

We have combined all the ballistic helmets around the market according to the quality, price, and customers’ demand. Hopefully, the provided information will help you to improve ballistic performance.

Have A Good Combating!