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Best Broadhead for Black Bear in 2021 – Top Selling Collections

How much accuracy you are maintaining at the shooting that will not determine successful hunting. In fact, hunting prey will depend on the broadhead that cutting through prey with exact precision.

Especially for bear hunting, you need to choose the best broadhead for black bear. Otherwise, the chances are higher to miss the prey despite shooting at the right point. The reason behind it the inferior broadheads that cannot cut precisely the flesh, bone, or organs of the bear.

Whether you are a professional or amateur bow shooter, you always need a quality broadhead for black bear. Sometimes it is a bit confusing while choosing the broadhead as there are tons of heads out there.

That’s why to ease your broadhead finding; we have discovered 5 top-notch bow heads for you. Let’s unlock them.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Sinbadteck 100 Grain Broadhead for Black Bear | 3 Blades | 12pcs
Sinbadteck 100 Grain Broadhead for Black Bear | 3 Blades | 12pcsCheck Price

Muzzy Hunting Broadhead for Black Bear- 100/125 Grain| 3 Blades (6pcs
Muzzy Hunting Broadhead for Black Bear- 100/125 Grain| 3 Blades (6pcsCheck Price

Muzzy Trocar 100 Grain Broadhead for Black Bear | 3 Blades | 3 Packs
Muzzy Trocar 100 Grain Broadhead for Black Bear | 3 Blades | 3 PacksCheck Price

Slick Trick Broadhead for Black Bear | 100 Grain | 4 Blades | 4 pcs
Slick Trick Broadhead for Black Bear | 100 Grain | 4 Blades | 4 pcsCheck Price

Ramcat Broadhead for Black Bear | 125 Grain | 3 Front & Rear Blades
Ramcat Broadhead for Black Bear | 125 Grain | 3 Front & Rear BladesCheck Price

Best Broadhead for Black Bear Reviews

1. Sinbadteck 100 Grain Broadhead for Black Bear | 3 Blades | 12pcs

Perhaps most of the bear hunting has failed due to the bluntness of the broadhead. It is so pathetic at shooting if every other thing is accurate. There is an option to avoid such experience at shooting if you choose the Sinbadteck broadhead.

Sinbadteck ensures the shaper 100 Grain broadheads in this pack. Plus, the 3 extremely sharp blades are good enough to cut the bear precisely. That’s how the bowhead will ensure every landing of prey correctly.

For field practice or professional hunting, either way, you can perform 100% with these broadheads. The 2.8″ blades make sure the quality of the blades. Plus, the tips of the bowhead has made through surgical construction.

To ensure the durability and cutting quality of the heads, Sinbadteck provides the super hard stainless-steel blades by using anodized aluminum.

Moreover, theses archery bowheads have come in a pack of 12pcs. So, if you want to use these heads on the crossbow or compound bow, you can grab these bowheads without any hesitation.

Key Features

  • 8 “stainless steel blades
  • The pack includes 12 pcs broadheads
  • 3 sharpen blades ensure the exact penetration
  • 100 grains bowhead for cross/compound bow

2. Muzzy Hunting Broadhead for Black Bear- 100/125 Grain| 3 Blades (6pcs)

Whether you are an amateur or a professional shooter, you need a quite shape broadheads which can easily penetrate the bears. To get the confirmed penetration in each shooting, you can rely on the Muzzy Bowhunting heads.

First off, the Muzzy heads famous for its hardened trocar tips, which will provide the maximum cutting through the targets. Even the heads are quite eligible to penetrate the bone of the animals.

If you are looking for 100 grain, then Muzzy will provide you an extremely sharpen blades. Besides, the other grains are also available here. So, if you need either 75 or 125 grain, you can pick from here.

Cutting diameter is equally crucial for precisely penetrating through the prey. Muzzy ensures the .020″ cutting blades with keeping the diameter at 1-3/16″.

While measuring the blades’ quality, you will find stainless steel bowhead, which has made of anodized aluminum. So, no need to worry about the quality of the bowheads during buying.

Key Features

  • 75, 100, and 125 grains are available
  • Stainless steel ensures quality bowheads
  • .020″ cutting blades with the diameter of 1-3/16″
  • 3 extremely sharp blades for the perfect cutting

3. Muzzy Trocar 100 Grain Broadhead for Black Bear | 3 Blades | 3 Packs

The quality of the blades always ensures accurate penetration and cutting through the bear.  Besides, the helix design of the bowheads allows you to take down the prey quickly. So, to get such accuracy for landing, grab the Muzzy broadhead right away.

Muzzy ensures 100 Grain bowheads in this pack. So, if you love to use 100 Grain bowheads, you can try this one. No need to think about the quality of the blades and body of the broadhead.

To get the 100% penetration even though the animal’s bone, you must consider the 3 blades broadhead. In this instance, Muzzy Trocar will ensure the exact cutting due to its 3 sharped blades.

As you know, the fixed bowheads ensure the maximum deep penetration than other heads. That’s why Muzzy provides a fixed-head to get the large cutting-surface.

Moreover, the blades’ diameter is 1-3/16,” which will make sure you to ground each prey.

Key Features

  • Trocar 100 Grain bowheads
  • Fix head ensures deep penetration
  • 3 sharped blades with the diameter of 1-3/16″
  • Allow grounding every targeted prey

4. Slick Trick Broadhead for Black Bear | 100 Grain | 4 Blades | 4 pcs

While investing on broadheads, check the blades and the steel of the heads. Otherwise, you will lose both your money and your prey. Don’t be fret! The Slick trick would be a reliable bowhead to provide 100% assurance at shooting.

The blades should be much more robust and sharper to cut the prey precisely. However, you will find each feature of a standard bowhead in this pack. The stainless steel and the extremely sharpen blades provide excellent cutting experience.

You would be a wonder as the bowheads can easily penetrate almost every surface due to its 4-sided blades. That’s how it considers as the best broadhead for black bear or the fielding shooting.

The exact measurement of the blades and body of the broadhead provides extra advantages while shooting. The blades measurement of the bowheads is .035 stainless steel with the total cutting diameter of 2-1/4″.

Key Features

  • 100 grains stainless bowheads
  • The total cutting diameter is 2-1/4″.
  • 4 sided blades ensure maximum penetration
  • Awesome broadheads in terms of quality and sharpness

5. Ramcat Broadhead for Black Bear | 125 Grain | 3 Front & Rear Blades

Ramcat broadheads are quite enough to have a different shooting experience in both crossbow or compound bow since they are easily compatible with these types of bow.

Ramcat heads are famous for professional and amateur shooting. The more interesting part of this bowhead is its pivoting design. It makes the head sharp-pointing for easy penetration.

If you are a compound bow shooter, you can effortlessly shoot the bow without the air intervention because the concave scoop technology allows the bow for the long flight.

Concave technology ensures not only maximum flight but also exact penetration even in hard surfaces. That’s how the bowheads ensure maximum cutting while shooting the black bear.

The blades and the body of the bowheads have made of stainless steel. In everywhere of these heads demonstrates the sign of quality. Plus, Ramcat ensures the legal issues for using the broadheads for Bear.

So, for your tactical or military shooting, you can effortlessly use the bowheads.

Key Features

  • Comes with .032″ stainless steel blades
  • Includes 3-sided sharpen blades
  • Each blade has a double cutting edge
  • Pivoting bowhead ensures maximum penetration

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Best Broadhead for Bear

1. How many types of broadhead exist?

Basically, there are three types of broadheads such as mechanical blade (expandable), fixed blade, and removable blade. Regardless of the types, all heads should be sharp, durable, and well-equipped for hunting. Don’t forget to check the Ar Mag Pouch reviews

2. Which grain of broadhead should I use?

It depends on the shooter.

Most of the professional shooters choose the 125 grain. In fact. 125 or more grain is superior to other grain for shooting.

However, if you are an amateur bowhunter, you can choose 100 grain. It is also universal for hunting. Check out the most essential Review for Green Gas for Airsoft Guns.

3. Can a broadhead penetrate animals’ bone?


Most of the premium heads can easily pierce the bone or skull of the animals. The shaper blades and pointed tips allow them to penetrate deeply into the prey. You would appreciate having some of the Chest Rigs, so take a moment to check them out.

4. Can I use these bowheads on my cross or compound bow?

Yes! You can.

Most of the selected broadheads are compatible with the compound and crossbow simultaneously.

So, if you have these two bows, you should choose the bowheads, which will adjust with the two bows.

Final Words

To perfectly ground the prey by your every shooting, you must choose the best broadhead for black bear. Otherwise, it would be difficult to cut through the animal’s body.

So, choose the extremely sharp broadhead with 3 or more sided blades to ensure maximum killing at hunting.

Have a Great Hunting!