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Best Color Light For Sleeping in 2021 – Top Selling & Popular Collections

We know that every parent suffers a struggle to put their babies to sleep at the end of the day. Once you become a parent, you will understand that the world becomes still, and you get the much-needed rest when your little one turns into a sleeping cherub.

If you want to ensure a peaceful sleep for your child and stave off his fear of darkness, the best color light for sleeping is an integral feature in the bedroom. Besides, it also helps to prevent slip, trip and falls at midnight when you go to fill your water pot or check on your child.

To help you choose the appropriate LED lights for room, we considered some basic features such as size, design, and standby time. We also checked if any lights have any additional features. Here are the top five sleeping lights that worth walking for.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

GoLine Color Light For Sleeping | Silicone Kitty | Multicolor
GoLine Color Light For Sleeping | Silicone Kitty | MulticolorCheck Price

VAVA Home Color Light For Sleeping | Rechargeable | Change Color
VAVA Home Color Light For Sleeping | Rechargeable | Change ColorCheck Price

Aukey Color Light For Sleeping | RGB | Touch Control
Aukey Color Light For Sleeping | RGB | Touch ControlCheck Price

Mixigo Color Light For Sleeping | Rechargeable | Dimmable
Mixigo Color Light For Sleeping | Rechargeable | DimmableCheck Price

ROYFACC Color Light For Sleeping | Touch Sensor | Rechargeable
ROYFACC Color Light For Sleeping | Touch Sensor | RechargeableCheck Price

Best Color Light For Sleeping Reviews

In this article, we have assembled some collective data about different and famous brands around the market. Hopefully, this article will guide you by buying the most suitable sleeping light out of hundreds of different brands.

1. GoLine Color Light For Sleeping | Silicone Kitty | Multicolor

If you are looking for a cute and adorable night light for your kid’s bedroom, GoLine can be the perfect option for you. This nightlight allows you complete control over. Moreover, the quality is hard to beat amongst others.

This cute cat-face light is perfect for your children’s room. Also, you can gift this to your girlfriend because girls like such adorable stuff a lot. If you are making a gift bucket for Christmas, anniversary, birthday, or valentine’s day, it will be a “purrfect” addition there.

Though this kitty light is made of silicon, it will not harm the environment because the manufacturer has made this light BPA free. If dust piles up and makes the light dirty, you can also wash it. The size is handy, and the battery stands for 15 hours so that you can carry it for camping as well.

If your baby gets afraid of the darkness while sleeping, light this up at any corner. This soft color light for sleeping is built-in 1200 mAh battery to serve you till the night lasts. It has seven different and soothing colors, which you can change by tapping the silicon surface.

The using procedure of this color light is very simple. You just need to charge the kitty-light fully with a USB cable that comes with the light and press the main power button on the bottom to turn it on or off.

Key Features 

  • Seven color mode
  • Adorable kitty design
  • BPA free silicon made
  • 1200 mAh battery stands up to15 hours.

2. VAVA Home Color Light For Sleeping | Rechargeable | Change Color

When it comes to helping your toddler to get a goodnight’s sleep, VAVA color light will cover you on all counts. As a parent, you will love this light as you can adjust the brightness with a tap or change from warm to cool tone.

While researching this product, we were impressed with its beautiful packaging. You can send it as a present to your kid. It is a heartwarming joy when you see the apple of your eyes be happy after seeing the best LED lights for bedroom in his hand.

This LED light is made from toy-grade material with a wide range of features to capture your children’s attention.

Except for that, it is suitable for you if you want to change your baby’s diaper or breastfeed him at midnight. The soothing dim light will not wake up your baby or irritate his eyes.

You can carry it anywhere after charging 100% with a cord. It will last you around three days if you light this up only at night and turn it off when daylight appears. Besides, you can control the brightness level of this light with a soft touch.

The most outstanding feature of this color light for sleeping is the LED indicator. Whenever the battery is low, the red LED light blinks. You can keep this color light for sleeping anywhere in the room because the non-slip base is suitable for any surfaces.

Key Features

  • Energy-saving mode
  • Brightness level changing
  • Soft-touch control
  • RGB and cool-warm light tone

3. Aukey Color Light For Sleeping | RGB | Touch Control

This innovative light from the Aukey will bring a vibrant yet soft and mesmerizing ambiance to your bedroom at night. It has a perfect brightness level to call it a simple comfort light. Now, you can get the right light effect to entertain your guests or enchant your lover with the ideal romantic ambiance.

Do you want a relaxing ambiance in your spa bath? You can choose this simple yet elegant color light. It will fill your room with soothing and bright colors, such as red, pink, violet, orange, or warm and cool tone. Do not worry about facing any mishap because this lamp is water-resistant.

This versatile light is eye-safe so that you can turn it on while reading any bedtime story. Also, you can customize the brightness level from a soft glow to the bright illumination. It will serve you the highest brightness for five hours continuously.

Including the light, you will get a USB cable, circular metal plates, user manual, warranty, etc., in a package. You better not think about its standby time because this device is a built-in 2200mAh high-capacity battery. You can quickly recharge the battery with the included micro USB cable.

Therefore, this mini lamp looks great and comes with all the essentials that you expect from a color light for sleeping.

Key Features

  • Durable and water-resistant
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Different color option
  • 2200 mAh battery

4. Mixigo Color Light For Sleeping | Rechargeable | Dimmable

Are you looking for an alternative to LED strip lights that you can carry everywhere you go? The best color light for sleeping from the Mixigo brand will be the right one for you. It is made with toy-grade ABS and PC materials to be a 100% baby-safe light.

Isn’t that great if you can change your room light’s color mode lying in your bed with sleepy eyes? Mixigo has made this possible for you by adding a remote control feature to this midnight lamp. You can turn on/off, change color, brightness level, etc., with this remote’s help.

The light is shaped like a lantern, which looks so aesthetic when you switch it on.

It has 13 color lights with an extensive selection, including the RGB spectrum. You can never find such sleeping light with boat-full features just at an asking price.

It has four different white light modes, such as bright, natural, dim, and warm. In this way, you can read with a bright tone, sleeping in the dim and relaxing in the natural or warm tone. Furthermore, you can create customized effects to suit your mood.

This eye-friendly and anti-blue touch lamp provides more uniform and delicate light. In this way, it helps to protect your and children’s eyes.

Key Features

  • Remote control
  • Anti-blue feature protects the eyes
  • Helps kids to fall asleep quickly
  • Color adjustment

5. ROYFACC Color Light For Sleeping | Touch Sensor | Rechargeable

Every nightlight on our list holds different and useful features. ROYFACC is not an exception to that. It has various vibrant colors where you can choose your favorite color to suit your mood and turn your room atmosphere into relaxing, beautiful, and romantic.

This classic drum shape color light for sleeping has three brightness levels, including soft, moderate, and high. You can quickly switch it on or off and change the light modes with a short touch.  All you need is to tap the control panel on the top to change the colors.

This light is a perfect addition to your room if you want to have a relaxed and peaceful environment in your room after a long day of work. You can situate the light on the bedside table, hall room, kids room, or wherever you want. Along with this lamp, you can keep an artificial flower vase as room décor.

This color light for sleeping will save a lot of your money because it consumes electricity at the lowest and does not require any batteries. Once you charge it fully, it will fill the room with a soft light for a long time.

Therefore, you do not need to afraid of darkness due to a power cut as this light stays on the whole night.

Key Features

  • Premium grade material
  • Powered by USB cable
  • Creates a mellow environment
  • Ideal as bedside, reading, camping nightlight

Things To Consider Before Buying Color Light For Sleeping

Best Color Light For Sleeping

Just knowing about brands does not help you to get the best LED lights for the bedroom. There are a few essential things that will assist you in purchasing high-quality room lights.

Here we have mentioned all the facts that you must consider before purchasing a color light for sleeping.


The first thing you should consider about the night light is its material, which some people do not care about. But the truth is raw materials matter to ensure the quality of the lamp. As you are purchasing a color light for sleeping for the bedroom, make sure if they are environment friendly and child-safe plastic made or not. Some low-quality lights may create smoke, burn, or accidentally burst.

Eye Comfort

Some lights hurt the eyes and cause headaches. That’s why you should skip them from your shopping list. Instead, try the lights that we mentioned above. They will not bother your eyesight hence comfort you by creating a soft ambiance.


Most of the color lights for sleeping are handy or small in size. Size matters depending on where you are planning to place the nightlight for sleeping. Suppose you want to put the light on a shelf so you should choose the smaller one. On the other hand, you can select a comparatively bigger one if you hang it on the wall.


Another most important feature of color light for sleeping is the brightness level. The sleeping light needs to be bright enough to illuminate the room, but not so bright that it will drive your sleep away. In this regard, you can choose the lights that have a dim light mode or brightness adjusting option.


Durability is somehow related to usage. Mostly, the night lights have eight to ten years of life, depends on how you use it. As this is a machinery thing, it will last for a long time if you use it properly.


Generally, LED lights offer safety because they do not heat up like incandescent bulbs.  However, you must remember that you should place the light in a safe area where it will not be covered by anything or catch fire.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What is a nightlight?

It is an electric light that provides soft and soothing color lights in dark areas. People use such lights in the bedroom or kid’s room while sleeping at night.

2. Does a color light harm my eyesight?

Absolutely not.

The color light for sleeping is a feature that reduces the darkness at night and displays soft, warm, or cool colors. It helps you to fall asleep after staying up late. These types of soothing colors do not bother the eyes but minimize eye strain.

3. What are the best LED lights for bedroom?

Different products provide various features. So there is no single product that we can claim as the best one. But, we have mentioned the most convenient products above. You can choose any of them.

4. Which color night light will help to sleep?

Cool-toned colors such as green, blue, pink, etc., are perfect for helping you sleep. On the other hand, warm-toned lights comfort your eyes and let you relax after a whole busy day.

5. Is a color light for sleeping necessary?

Yes, it is.

It is friendly for mental health if you sleep in dim light because sleeping in the darkness leads people to depression.

Final Words

Many people are fond of using night lights for sleeping because that soft luminous glow helps them sleep peacefully. However, we have gathered all the valuable information and the five best color light for sleeping. Choosing either of them will be the right investment of your money.

Have A Peaceful Night!