Best Elk Bugle – High Quality Models That Will Save Your Day

For hunters, a good elk bugle is their most valued companion. Not only does it help to lure the best game, but it also acts as a distress-signal in danger. So, both professional and amateur hunters are always in the search for the best elk bugle.

Elk bugles are found in a plethora of categories. There are several companies currently making many types of bugles, each with its salient features. However, not every product is worth the money.

Since the market for elk bugles is very saturated, you might be confused about which one is right for you. In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the elk bugles that we consider to be the best. Let’s begin!

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Phelps AMP Elk Calling Kit| One Size| Elk Bugle
Phelps AMP Elk Calling Kit| One Size| Elk BugleCheck Price

Rocky Mountain Radar Corey's Elk101 Calling Kit| Elk bugle
Rocky Mountain Radar Corey's Elk101 Calling Kit| Elk bugleCheck Price

Berry Game Calls Thunder Bugle | Elk Hunting Call Bugling | Elk Bugle
Berry Game Calls Thunder Bugle | Elk Hunting Call Bugling | Elk BugleCheck Price

Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls & Supplies | Extreme Elk Cal | Elk Bugle
Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls & Supplies | Extreme Elk Cal | Elk BugleCheck Price

Primos Hunting 00904 Terminator Elk System | Elk Bugle
Primos Hunting 00904 Terminator Elk System | Elk BugleCheck Price

Best Elk Bugle Review for 2021

Elk bugles are available in a lot of categories, and each type is different from the other. Here are the reviews of some elk bugles that we considered are worth the value

1. Phelps AMP Elk Calling Kit| One Size| Elk Bugle

On top of our shelf, we bring you the best from Phelps. It’s a specialized brand for attracting animals, especially Elks. This brand ensures the most accurate calls possible and doesn’t make plastic sounds like most of the market’s products.

Phelps Game Calls includes a huge bugle tube that can reach a minimum of 100 yards to a few miles depending upon your face’s direction.

This tube has multiple camouflages and a custom printed logo on the sides to make a fashionable choice for all users.

This series features four AMP calls- white, grey, green, and especially pink, the Phelps games call’s signature AMP. The different AMP’s have different sound types.

Here, the Green AMP is an all-around use making a medium cow sound for a longer distance. In comparison, the white AMP has a black latex that affects the sound and is more challenging because it takes more air than others.

Furthermore, the Grey AMP gives a louder sound and tighter stretch on the latex but challenging to get a low-end cow sound because of tighter stretch. The signature game call is an all-around performer who gives great cow sounds and high pitch bull sounds.

The multiple AMP calls make sure that you have the advantage regardless of the situation. Whether you have elks close by or far away, you’ll get the edge every time.

Key features

  • 25″ mouth tubes with wide and sturdy walls
  • Large corrugated chamber to reduce plastic sound
  • Comes with four diaphragm sets
  • Lightweight

2. Rocky Mountain Radar Corey’s Elk101 Calling Kit| Elk bugle

Our next product is an innovation made in USA bugle tube with kit calling AMP. Made by Rocky Mountain, this North American big game provides additional three mouth options to fit upon your compensation for any beginner.

Multi camouflaged bugle helps to blend in any forest areas while it is easy to carry to any hunting areas of your choice. Including the three diaphragms, The Champ Diaphragms makes it soft sweet nasal cow calls, and with the bugle, it will make a high-pitched octave.

The product is easy to use because its soft lighter latex helps to make small to medium calls.

While, All-star Diaphragm calls are a medium latex on the mouth and convertible diaphragm by partnering with Corey Jacobsen, world champion of Callers.

The All-star Diaphragm has a high-pitched sound compared to the medium latex, but it can be lowered to make an excellent aggressive cow call with the bugle after the latex gets settled. It’s a friendly diaphragm for all the users having difficulties makes a proper cow call.

The last one has also collaborated with the champion Corey Jacobsen, built to last for a more extended period with the thicker latex. It is a little challenging to make cow calls because of its thicker latex, but you can take full control of the cow calls when used with the bugle.

Key features

  • Largemouth openings help make loud noise from 150 yards to a few miles.
  • Great for beginners
  • Lightweight, easily portable

3. Berry Game Calls Thunder Bugle | Elk Hunting Call Bugling | Elk Bugle

Berry Game calls thunder bugle is another product made in the USA. This company has been elk bugles for over 20 years, providing the hunters with the best quality products in the forest. And the Thunder Bugle is no different.

Bugles with diaphragms might be a little hard for some users, but the Thunder Bugle by Berry game Calls is a game-changer. It’s very easy to blow, so it’s excellent for beginners. Simple blow it like a flute, and you’re good to go.

Since the sound depends on your effort, with a little practice of their tongue pressure, anyone can make different octaves with it.

Besides, the 9.6-ounce product is easy to carry on the back with an adjustable knot on the bugle.

However, we recommend that you reserve your air for the end to give a nice roaring call. This will make sure the sound is loud and gets the distance it needs.

Furthermore, the bugle comes with two new thin replaceable RT-Reeds to comfortably ease into your mouth. One white reed is attached with the bugle, and another black reed comes with the packaging.

Key features

  • User friendly. Great for first-timers and experts
  • High-quality sound output
  • Capped mouthpiece to ensure a germ-free experience

4. Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls & Supplies | Extreme Elk Cal | Elk Bugle

Product by Rocky Mountain and branded by Bugling Bull means quality paired with beginner’s luck. This sturdy looking Elk call makes a tough battle for the best elk bugle in the market.

“If a diaphragm call is what makes the Elk sound, then the bugle tube makes the Elk sound better.” The Bully Bull Extreme is one of the favorite bugles for the nine-time champion of callers, Corey Jacobsen.

This tube has a broader gap in the mouth, giving you the deep guttural sound you need to make a mature Elk call.

The mouthpiece has a diameter of 1×1″, which allows you a firm seal around the exterior of your mouth so that you can channel all of the air down the bugle tube.

In comparison with the other bugles, this particular bugle maintains simplicity at its best. With its quality ensured by manufacturers and perfect craft, this bugle is indeed the right equipment for beginners for Elk calling.

Furthermore, This elk bugle can learn different kinds of tongue pressure using either lower or upper lips with sufficient precise airflow in the tube, allowing you to use diverse sounds for different scenarios.

Key features

  • Thick 1.15” mouth opening
  • Lightweight at only 12 ounce
  • Top-notch build quality
  • It comes with a replacement warranty.

5. Primos Hunting 00904 Terminator Elk System | Elk Bugle

Last but one of the best Elk calling bugles is the Hunting Terminator by the strong brand Primos. Many people have trusted the brand because of its high-quality material. It can survive the harshest conditions.

Primos Hunting terminator Elk Caller is unique and constricted. Resonant finishing makes the most genuine Elk calling sounds. It’s the top on the wish list for any professionals or beginners to select from.

It is easy to use and carry to any environment or hunting area.

You can blow it using your lower or upper lip controlling your tongue pressure on the specialized blue “snap-on” reed on top of the mouth opening with a protective tip cover.

You can always start with a lower scale and end it with a higher tone with few chuckles to attract your hunt. This bugle will create any pitch you desire, based on your skills.

Key features

  • Can withstand any weather condition
  • Additional blue reed for accuracy
  • Additional removable mouthpiece
  • Comes with a camouflage cover

Things to Consider Before Buying an Elk Bugle

Best Elk Bugle

So, you might be wondering, “what’s the best elk bugle for me?” While we don’t have a definite answer for you, here are a few things you need to consider before buying your elk bugle. Besides, you can choose some shooting bench.


The size of the elk bugle is critical for multiple reasons. The size will amplify the sound to make sure it reaches longer distances. However, there are a few disadvantages of a big elk bugle as well.

Firstly, bigger bugles are harder to carry when compared to smaller ones due to size. And since you have to pack a lot of things into a compact space during hunting, size is an issue.

So, think about your packaging and how big of a bugle you can carry. Also, if you only target small regions, a large bugle will only mean extra baggage. So, make sure you know what size you want. Make sure you also check our guide for archery sights for hunting.


The diaphragm is where the sound is produced. The bigger the diaphragm is, the more sound it will make. Also, a robust diaphragm ensures a versatile range of sounds when compared to its counterparts.

A powerful diaphragm will allow you to make a plethora of sounds to lure different prey. However, you’d need to control your vocal cords to make sure the sound is produced correctly.

For amateurs, controlling the diaphragm is hard. Thus, getting a simple elk bugle is the better choice. However, if you want to amplify the challenge, go for a more powerful bugle.

Additional Reeds

Some elk bugles come with additional reed diaphragms. The reeds can be added to amplify the sound and add effects to it. This gives you more opportunities when you’re searching for your prey.

Another advantage of reeds is that you can simply attach them to the base model. So, even if you’re not good with diaphragms, you won’t struggle. Elk bugles with reeds are a good choice for any first-timer.

Product Weight

Hunting isn’t always an enjoyable experience. You have to spend days in dangerous places searching for the perfect strike. Thus, organizing your resources is very important.

There are some elk bugles that are extremely heavy due to their internal construction. Albeit feature-packed, they’re pretty hard to carry. So, they become hard to carry when hunting.

So, we recommend going for lighter elk bugles that save up on your baggage space. Carrying too much weight is not a good idea.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can you make chuckle sounds with elk bugles?

While you can’t use every elk bugle to make chuckle sounds, some of them can. Look for elk bugles with 7*7 diaphragms, and they have enough space to make chuckle sounds without sounding too heavy.

2. How to use a Diaphragm Call?

Diaphragms might seem a bit complicated, but they’re pretty comfortable. You have to apply adequate pressure to produce the right set of sounds. You need to put in a considerable amount of practice to master the skills, but you’re good to go on your own.

3. How to choose the right elk bugle for me?

There are certain factors that you should look into before choosing the elk bugle for you. These include the weight, length, and size of the bugle to see if you can carry it.

Furthermore, your choice of bugle should reflect on the area you’re working in. The diaphragm length, the additional reeds, the sound range, etc., should depend on your region. So, make sure you’ve done your research.

4. How do I use additional reed diaphragms?

If your elk bugle supports additional reed diaphragms, you can set them up easily. Just put them in place and attach them to the slot. The reed will start working immediately.

Final Words

For hunters, the search for the right set of tools is never-ending. They’re always on the hunt for the best products to aid them in their adventures. For elk hunters, the search for the best elk bugle is never-ending.

In this article, we’ve reviewed some elk bugles that live up to their name. We hope you find this article healful!