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5 Best Paint for Ceramic in 2021 – Top Picks!

Have you seen the bare ceramic materials? You may notice how dull they look without painting. Besides, painting also enhances our mood and brain functionality.

For instance, you might see that when we get a morning coffee-cup with vivid painting, how it rejuvenates our mind instantly.

Beginners and professional, both are always longing for a good pigment. Without suitable ceramic paints, no one can even think of a nice DIY project.

Neither all the paints can give you an expected outcome, nor bond for long-lasting. That’s why choosing acrylic Paint on ceramic demands a huge consciousness while buying. But who cares?

Don’t be worried!

We have already gone through rigorous research and had multiple testing on the market-leading ceramic paints and narrowed down the list with some best paint for ceramic for you. So, to get the first-rated paints in your bucket list, keep reading.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Matte Finish Acrylic Craft Paint Set of 18 colors
Matte Finish Acrylic Craft Paint Set of 18 colorsCheck Price

Best Acrylic Paint for Canvas, Wood, Ceramic, Fabric 24 Color
Best Acrylic Paint for Canvas, Wood, Ceramic, Fabric 24 ColorCheck Price

Complete Acrylic Paint for painting - 24 Color-Set
Complete Acrylic Paint for painting - 24 Color-SetCheck Price

Zenacolor Acrylic Paint Set 48 Color
Zenacolor Acrylic Paint Set 48 ColorCheck Price

Arteza 3D Fabric 30 Color Metallic & Glitter Set
Arteza 3D Fabric 30 Color Metallic & Glitter SetCheck Price

The Best Paint for Ceramic Reviews

In this segment, we are about to enlighten you on the painting features, so that you can have a better understanding of them to choose the best ceramic coating. Let’s dive into the ultimate guide for choosing the finest paint for ceramic.

1. Matte Finish Acrylic Craft Paint Set of 18 colors

Are you looking for premium Paint for your arts and craft purpose? Then why look around? Plaid brings innovative ceramic Paint over the 40 years of experience in this arena, which ensures the finest quality of Paint.

The formula for this Paint is simply awesome. That’s why you will see a magical glow on the surface of the materials after applying this pottery paints. Furthermore, you can bring back the original appearance of your existing materials by a simple application.

You will get the 18 bottles of different colors for easily using on multi-surfaces because the compatibility rate is as high as work simultaneously on multiple hard-surfaces including wood, rock, Styrofoam, plaster, earthenware, canvas, glass, tin, and so forth.

For beginners, it is a pretty good choice because it is inexpensive and easy to use. Apart from this, acrylic Paint for ceramic is eco-friendly and safe to be used because its AP Certification ensures that it doesn’t contain the poisonous or harmful ingredients.

Therefore, to bring a shiny glow on matter’s surfaces and keep its original look for a long time, it is hard to overlook these paints so, if you are a hobbyist and want good quality ceramic Paint at an affordable rate, hands down to this!

Key Features

  • Dries very quickly after application
  • Leave a creamy texture and glides smoothly
  • The epitome of durable painting
  • Come with 18 brightest-color bottles

2. Best Acrylic Paint for Canvas, Wood, Ceramic, Fabric 24 Color

If you are an enthusiastic painter or the pursuit of best Acrylic Paint for your canvas, then you can add this in your collection. From your canvas to household materials, you can apply it and see the magical glow immediately after the painting.

If you are a paint lover and want to share your adorable paints with others, you can give this pottery paints as a gift to anyone, which is very fond of arts and paintings, especially to children, because it packed with a bright and beautiful covering.

The thickness and color-grade of this enamel acrylic paint turn your artistry a bit more attractive and presentable.

The pigment contains non-poisonous raw material, and as it is ASTM certified.

If you want to rely on Paint, you can buy this one undoubtedly as it has created craze over the years. It is famous for its good coverage and opacity.

What makes this porcelain Paint a must-have set is that you do not need to re-apply it after a time being as the Paint does not fade quickly yet remains as same as the first day of coloring.

You won’t regret after buying a set, worth every penny because it includes all the necessary hues with some extras to make your creations more eye-catching.

Key features

  • Includes three brush paints
  • Not runny at all, thick formula
  • Tubes are small and handy
  • Thick consistency, no need of layering up

3. Complete Acrylic Paint for painting – 24 Color-Set

Make sure to get proper acrylic, ceramic Paint. You need to choose a vibrant paint that ensures the various collections in a single set. And nothing else can ensure you both of these qualities better than this color!

As most of the paints are made from a complex chemical solution, it might have some adverse issues on our health. However, this acrylic Paint is ensuring the 100% health safety issues, because most Art’s Guru recommends it.

This porcelain paint set contains all the necessary colors that a painter is looking for.

If you are in a budget yet looking for a decent color, then this color must be a good choice to go, which will also ensure the long-lasting bonding.

Though the pigment of the Paint is intense, you will never be bored by seeing this all the time. That is the magical thing included in this painting-composition for evoking an appealing color. The simple application of the Paint gives you multiple textures at the same time.

The Paint provides long-lasting bonds on multi-surfaces. You won’t need to purchase another set very soon. Thus, it is the best ceramic Paint for both beginner and professional painters, and you can consider this pottery paints in terms of quality.

Key features

  • Includes great quality brushes and a mixing knife
  • Compatible with multiple surfaces
  • Perfect kit for beginners as it contains all the primary colors
  • Specially formulated for canvas or ceramic

4. Zenacolor Acrylic Paint Set 48 Color

For painting on your home ceramic utensils, you can’t go with every painting. Household materials demand non-toxic paints as well as Paint, which can stay for long on the material’s surface. Zenacolor is specially designed for this purpose.

First of all, artists always keep a thing in their priority list, and that is a nice hue to turn his imagination into reality. On that purpose, these pottery paints are undoubtedly a perfect choice for you.

Perhaps, you can decorate your gloomy wall as an eye-catching canvas, or design your old t-shirt into a new one.

You can even design the old wine glasses with it as it is considered as the best Paint for glass. So, without any hesitation, put your hands down to this best paint for ceramic.

The color blends very well and glides smoothly on the surface. You can use these pottery paints to design everything, from your ceramic crockery to wooden crafts and most of the materials on your house.

Though the tubes look small, the intensity of the colors is huge. That’s why it allows you to cover maximum areas. An artist will be satisfied after getting such an excellent pigment at an affordable price.

Some colors create an allergic reaction to the skin, which is unsafe. So, to talk about safety, this acrylic Paint for ceramics is 100% non-toxic, and ACMI certified. Thus, to ensure the non-stop use of your house materials or your children’s painting, you can pick the Paint.

Key features

  • Works as the best fabric Paint
  • Leave a brilliant color after finishing
  • Affordable price, great at quality
  • Can be used in airbrush

5. Arteza 3D Fabric 30 Color Metallic & Glitter Set

Craft painting or designing becomes more enjoyable and funny after applying these vibrant colors because of its exquisite tints leaving after each application on the surfaces, which able to brings a 3D outlook instantly.

Arteza paints are uniquely packaged in a pen-shaped bottle. You will get some extra nozzles of different shapes, that make you able to create different bold-patterns or thin lines on the surfaces of the matters.

Since their inception, they always ensure the health safety colors for various use on different materials.

That’s why the glitter color-set got recommendations for using on many schools and allow the children to make tangible their creativity.

This enamel acrylic paint is not only a great deal but also the best option for your productions. Color opacity is so high that you can make 3D Paint very easily.

Even if you work with this ceramic Paint on your fabric, the color will not fade away after washing for so many times. It works best both on solid surfaces and fabrics as well.

Therefore, the metallic paint gives you a fantastic vivid experience after every single application of these chromatic colors. So it would be difficult for you to overlook such a vibrant color-set at an affordable price.

Key features

  • Includes varieties of nozzles
  • Works great both on cloths and hard surface
  • Contains metallic, matte and glittery colors
  • No need to use brushes, work directly with the pen

Things to Consider Before Buying Paint for Ceramic

Best Paint for Ceramic

When it’s time to select a color, you should keep some factors in your mind. From the color texture to durability, everything should be the best as you are investing your hard-earned money.

So, to help you to purchase the Paint according to your choice, we put together some factors for your consideration before going to get the best acrylic Paint for ceramic or other materials.


The most important part of buying a ceramic paint is its maximum coverage areas. A color that is not watery and covers the surface completely should be your foremost concern.

Because, if you are not the best one to utilize the colors, then your hard-earned penny will go to the dogs.


We buy color to paint our favorite thing or our artistry that we want to hold for a longer time as a memory. That is why the color that we buy needs to last for a very long time.

Some color fades away after some days or may ruin our creations for not having enough resistance. So, we must keep this thing into consideration.


If the color is not bright and vibrant enough, why spends money over it? There are so many colors, even the expensive ones, are not also deliver the proper hue that we want.

Some colors do not match with the picture that the seller displays. So, you have to be picky before choosing one.

Water resistance

If your color is not strong enough to stand with water, it means the inferior quality of the Paint.

This is the important aspect of painting because you need to wash it with plain water or soapy water regularly, so if it can resist such water intensity, then what’s the point for painting on surfaces.

So, you should purchase the ceramic paints that do not wash away or fade with water.

Color Intensity

Some colors give very light coverage, which is why it seems that you need to layer the surface over and over to fill the area with color. It takes a huge amount of pigment to do the work.

So, choose a color that is thick, and opacity is high.

Paint’s Fluids Quality

The ceramic Paint that glides smoothly and blends like butter is the top priority for an artist. On the other hand, the color that does not blend smoothly; you cannot work with those.

You cannot even mix twice or more color to create a customized hue if the texture is not fine. So you have to consider the Fluids Quality of the ceramic Paint.


You have to double-check whether the Paint you are going to buy, is it non-toxic? Because if the paints include harmful and poisonous ingredients, that can be dangerous for everyone, such as children, amateurs, beginners, or professionals.

Therefore, before going to have the acrylic Paint for ceramic, you have to ensure maximum safety level by choosing an ASTM certified Paint.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How can I wash my pottery if I paint it with these ceramic paints?

You can simply wash it with water or soap. The color may wash away from your skin, but it lasts for a long time in your pottery.

2. Is it safe if my child uses this color?


These colors are non- toxic, and ACMI certified. So, your child can use it.

3. Can I use this color to paint any fabric or any glass jar?


These pigments are made for solid surfaces so that you can use them on the glass. Also, you can wear them on your cloth too.

4. Can I use this color to paint my ceramic crockery?

Yes, you can use it.

But add a clear acrylic coat to make them glossy.

5. Can I use this color on the skin to make hand and footprints?


The colors contain harmless ingredients. You can use it on your skin without any doubt. These dissolve in water so, you can easily wash it off your skin.

Final Word

Now-a- days, people are getting so much busy and engaged in their day-to-day activities. They almost forget about their passion or leisure time activities. In the past days, children used to draw their imagination in a piece of paper, but now they are busy playing games.

So gift your dear one the best Paint for ceramic, they can’t help themselves without using it! Or you can buy it for yourself if you want to create something extraordinary craft by putting colors all over and make dazzling artistry.

Have a Great Ceramic Paint!

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