8 Best Pressureless Tennis Balls – Pick from Top Rated Collections

For us to be able to get a grip on the differences between the pressurized and the non-pressurized tennis balls, we need to have a deep dive as to how they were made. What we normally see in the market are pressurized balls. These are those that are filled with compressed air.

On the other hand, pressureless tennis balls are purely solid inside. These balls are made up of millions of microcells that are all filled with air.

Here, we discuss our top picks and give you the best pressureless tennis balls in the market today. We believe these choices are robust and flexible enough to endure long and exciting tennis matches for you.

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Gamma Bag of Pressureless Tennis Balls – 12 or 18 Count – 4 Colors
Gamma Bag of Pressureless Tennis Balls – 12 or 18 Count – 4 ColorsCheck Price

Tourna Mesh Carry Bag of 18 Tennis Balls
Tourna Mesh Carry Bag of 18 Tennis BallsCheck Price

Wilson Pressureless Tennis Balls (18-Pack)
Wilson Pressureless Tennis Balls (18-Pack)Check Price

Penn Pressureless Tennis Balls
Penn Pressureless Tennis BallsCheck Price

Gamma Bucket of Pressureless Tennis Balls – 40/48 Count
Gamma Bucket of Pressureless Tennis Balls – 40/48 CountCheck Price

Best Pressureless Tennis Balls Reviews

Also called as the forever balls, these pressureless kinds are durable enough to stay with you forever. Here are the best of them available for you.

1. Gamma Bag of Pressureless Tennis Balls – 12 or 18 Count – 4 Colors

When we think of Gamma tennis balls, what normally comes to mind is its durability. This bag of pressureless tennis balls is no exception. The bag is made up of 60 balls. Each of these balls was engineered to be ultra-durable. It is also built with a heavy-duty felt and contains an amazing rubber core.

These two-tone balls are perfect for teaching spin control. Because of its durability, these balls are often ideal for use during training and practice sessions. This is perhaps because training and practice sessions require longer hours than in a game itself.

And when you say longer hours, you only require the best and the most durable brand that can last you for a long time. This is that kind of pressureless tennis ball. Because it lasts longer, the pressureless balls from Gamma are always preferred by teachers, trainers, and even individuals who have tennis as a hobby.

Moreover, these balls are built in such a way that during play, it does not lose its bounce. As such, you are given the durability and consistency that you need during tennis games. The balls are also ideal for ball machines. These heavy-duty beauties are also great to look at.

You can choose between different color combinations – yellow and orange, yellow and red, yellow and blue, and yellow and green.

Overall, when you are looking for balls that go beyond forever, these balls from Gamma should be one of the best options to choose from. They give you optimum performance and last you for a long time without compromising on its quality and performance in court.

Highlighted Features

  • Rubber core for durability
  • Great for ball machines
  • Comes in many color combinations
  • Does not lose its bounce
  • Built with heavy-duty felt

 2. Tourna Mesh Carry Bag of 18 Tennis Balls

If you have already been playing tennis for a while, you would probably have heard of the pressureless tennis balls made by Tourna.

Aside from its durability and good quality, the other reason why these balls are becoming popular is because of its variety of uses. Aside from being played in court, these balls are also ideal to become toys for your dogs. In every mesh bag, you get 18 pressureless tennis balls.

And as they are pressureless, they are more durable than their pressurized counterparts. Over the years, these kinds of balls are known for their bounce. Despite being pressureless, they rarely go flat.

Each of these balls is built with non-toxic materials. They are all covered with extra-durable felt. This allows you to be able to play with these balls for an extended period of time without worries of tear and wear. The materials are approved by the ITF and USTA.

Expect to spend countless hours with each of these balls in court as they are known to last longer without exhibiting any issues at all. The manufacturers are able to give you guarantees on that.

What we like about this brand is that their balls come in regular sizes. They all bounce to regular heights as well. We like this because, as you should know by now, most pressureless balls tend to be smaller than the regular ones. This brand tells a different story in terms of its sizes.

As such, these balls are sometimes also used in tournaments like the US Open. If there is one thing we worry about this brand, it is that it is a bit scarce in the market. Available, yes, but a bit limited in terms of its supply. If you see one now, go get it.

Highlighted Features

  • Can be used as toys for dogs
  • ITF and USTA-approved
  • Comes in regular sizes
  • Has bounce like regular pressurized balls
  • Non-toxic materials

3. Wilson Pressureless Tennis Balls (18-Pack)

Another brand of pressureless tennis balls that provide a high level of performance is that of Wilson. The pack comes with 18 durable Wilson balls. And while these balls are designed to work really well on clay courts or for play indoors, these can also handle abrasions that come with playing on hard and rough surfaces.

Its Dura-weave felt technology is something that we love the most about this brand. Because of this feature, you are given a ball that is durable and can provide you with superior performance on the court.

Each of these balls is made with the highest quality, imported materials. It is ITF and USTA-approved to be utilized in championships and other leagues. We can normally find Wilson balls being used in the Australian Open, in grand slam championships, as well as during the US Open.

Because of its added durability, most users would commend these balls, saying it has improved their performance in court. While ideal for training and practice sessions, these balls are also best for recreational purposes, whether you are an athlete or just playing tennis as a hobby.

With its promise of longevity and durability, these balls are much preferred by most tennis enthusiasts.

If there is one thing you need to know, however, it is that these balls would be a bit pricier as compared to their other counterparts. But being one of the best pressureless tennis balls in the market, we know you are paying for the quality more than anything else.

In case you don’t mind shelling out a few extra dollars in the name of quality, this is going to be a very good tennis-related investment.

Highlighted Features

  • Built with Dura-felt weave technology
  • ITS and USTA-approved
  • Extra-durable
  • Can be played on rough surfaces

4. Penn Pressureless Tennis Balls

Another option of an amazing pressureless tennis ball that does well in both matches and practice sessions are those from Penn. This is the kind of pressureless tennis ball that you can easily grab and play with when you have free time. That is how reliable it is. The ball is also compatible for use with a tennis ball machine.

And another thing we like about this is that this ball is ideal for play anywhere. Whether you are playing outdoors, indoors, or anywhere else, the ball would be able to handle any kind of surface without effect to its level of performance. This is versatility at its finest.

Because of its quality, these balls can also upgrade your level of gaming performance. It has a longer bounce and is consistent even after long periods of play.

Speaking of long periods of play, this is perfect for tennis practice sessions. In fact, this brand is one of the most preferred by instructors, coaches, and students alike. They are also durable, and you can expect to have each ball last you for many years.

But while we mentioned this is ideal for tennis practice sessions, it doesn’t mean you cannot use this on matches. Yes, they also provide for a great performance during tennis matches. Some leagues are even using this brand during their plays.

Overall, this is one of those brands with a higher price to performance ratio. For such an affordable price, you get the high quality in a pressureless tennis ball that you may not find in ordinary brands. It is durable, it is versatile, and could elevate your performance to a high new level.

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with ball machines
  • Can be played on any surface
  • Affordable
  • Has a longer bounce

5. Gamma Bucket of Pressureless Tennis Balls – 40/48 Count

Another great option is this bucket of 48 wonderfully-made pressureless tennis balls from Gamma. It comes in a bucket that makes it easier to store.

This is an excellent choice in that the balls are compatible with ball machines. These pressureless tennis balls are built with a durable rubber core wrapped in a heavy-duty felt. The combination presents you with durability beyond compare. You can expect these balls to last you even after hours of practice and training.

The brand is absolutely known among tennis enthusiasts – from coaches to players to even recreational players. They are known for their durability and versatility.

And speaking of versatility, these pressureless tennis balls can be used in any type of court. May it be indoor or outdoor, clay court or not, these balls truly deliver in terms of performance. The balls come in two-tone color combinations. There are those that come in yellow and green, yellow and blue, yellow and orange.

Take your pick. Because of these two-tone color combinations, it would also be easier to keep track of the balls. This is because when grouped together with other brands, these balls tend to stand out.

Since these are pressureless tennis balls, it would have the tendency to slow down the game. This is especially true for beginners. But over time, using this would develop the player’s hand to eye coordination. This is a benefit you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Overall, this is one of those pressureless tennis balls that fit perfectly well for learning and practicing tennis. Over the years, much trust has been given to the brand when it comes to tennis balls, pressurized or otherwise.

Highlighted Features

  • Works well with ball machines
  • Comes in two-tone hues
  • Easier to store
  • Will develop a player’s hand-eye coordination
  • Built with durable rubber core; wrapped with heavy-duty felt
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors

6. Tourla Pressureless Tennis Balls with Vinyl Tote (45 Pack of Balls)

Whether you like training with a coach or using a tennis ball machine, these balls can work well with you. Each purchase gives you 45 Tourla pressureless tennis balls, all of which are of high-quality and worth the price. Thanks to the extra durable felt, these balls are able to last you for many years of regular use.

Training and practice sessions require that you play for long periods of time. These balls are ideal for such training and practice sessions. You can never expect these balls to falter even after hours and hours of practice. This is the kind of durability that you have to look for.

These 45 pressureless balls all come in a vinyl tote bag. With the tote bag as part of your purchase, you will never worry about the transport of balls from one place to another anymore. Storage is also something the tote bag is able to address. The bag easily zips closed. It has a handle, making it easier for you to carry the balls wherever you go.

Pressurized balls go flat over months of regular use. Actually, even if you don’t use them, pressurized balls were created to become flat in the long run. You no longer have to worry about flat balls with the pressureless tennis balls. You get the same consistent bounce all throughout its life span, minus the getting flat issue.

Not only will this be great for tennis matches and training sessions. These balls are also great with dogs. Believe us when we tell you they won’t rip apart even after hours of play with your dog.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a tote bag for easy transport and storing
  • Wrapped with extra-durable felt
  • Can be played with your dog
  • Consistent bounce

7. Urbest 12 Pack Advanced Training Tennis Balls

What we like best about these balls is that they give you the same consistent bounce like any other pressurized tennis ball in the market. Unknown to most, pressureless tennis balls tend to have a lower bounce than their pressurized counterparts. For these balls from Urbest, it is a different matter altogether.

Speaking of the bounce, it can bounce to about a height of 135cm. This would be consistent with the bounce of any other pressurized ball.

Your purchase gives you a dozen pressureless tennis balls, each of which has a diameter of about 2.5 inches. Each ball is durable and can last you for many years of play. The natural rubber component is responsible for its consistent feel and reduced shock during tennis matches.

Another thing we like about these balls is that it is totally blank. By blank, we mean there are no other designs that come along with the ball. Just a durable felt cover that gives an air of simplicity and no-nonsense kind of design.

The best thing about the blank ball is that these can be spaces for autographs. You can now have your favorite tennis player to sign your ball without a fuss. The ball is also versatile. You can use these balls for tennis matches.

If you are spending long hours practicing and training for your next tennis match, these balls would also be able to deliver in terms of performance.

Not only that, but these balls can also be played by your pets. Spend countless hours playing fetch with your dog without worries of these balls deteriorating. That’s the least these balls can do for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Reduced shock
  • Durable
  • Great with pets
  • Consistent bounce
  • Ball has no design; good for autographs

8. Gamma Sports Pressureless Practice Tennis Balls

When you are on the lookout for pressureless tennis balls suited for beginners, this may be the best one for you.

And when this brand is mentioned, what always comes to mind is durability. The brand has a reputation to uphold, which is the company’s name for being the main producer of some of the most durable tennis balls in the market. These specific pressureless tennis balls do not disappoint.

For such an affordable price, the brand can compete with more popular ones in the industry in terms of quality and performance.

A purchase includes 60 Gamma pressureless tennis balls. Each ball is made of the brand’s very durable rubber core. Plus, like any other ball from this brand, each rubber core is wrapped in heavy-duty felt. This allows you countless hours of consistent performance during training and practice sessions.

The brand has always been popular among tennis enthusiasts. Trainers, students, recreational players, and even professionals can attest to the durability of the ball. Add to that the optimum performance these balls bring to the court.

These are two-tone balls, which makes them easier to spot and track. The balls are designed to help you improve spin control. They are great with machine balls as well. We have noticed, however, that the balls are a bit bouncy than their other Gamma cousins. It is manageable, though, and should not worry you one bit.

In fact, the bounce is helpful as it would be able to help beginners in mastering the game in comfort. Also, the balls are slightly bigger than their other Gamma counterparts. It would be easier to hit, which makes these balls great for training.

Highlighted Features

  • Rubber core
  • Comes in two-tone hues for easy tracking
  • Wrapped in heavy-duty felt
  • Great with machine balls

Benefits of Using Pressureless Tennis Balls

One of the benefits of using pressureless tennis balls is their life span. They are not referred to as the forever balls for nothing. These balls would last you forever. Plus, the fact that they stay with you without losing their bounce is something that is commendable.

Over time, pressureless tennis balls may lose color and may look like they’ve been through a lot in life. But this is just on the outside. Inside, their rubber cores remain solid.

The problem with pressurized balls is that they lose their bounce and flatten over time. This is not the case with pressureless tennis balls. They’ll stay with you until the very end. Another advantage is its versatility. You can use this on just about any tennis court or surface.

These balls come in buckets or bags. A single purchase would give you anywhere from 12 to 48 or even more pressureless tennis balls. And thanks to its long life span, this single purchase is a cost-efficient solution for high schools and clubs that require hours of practice. These balls are also great with ball machines.

Speaking of ball machines, one of the things you have to be wary of is the speed of pressureless balls. Its speed is much higher than pressurized balls. As such, you need to have a quick reaction time.

Its weight may just feel the same when held. But it can be different when played. The combination of the weight and its high speed can be hard for new players. It could sometimes take a toll on your elbow and wrists. But this is not a disadvantage.

Moreover, the combination of speed and weight is good for training. It may be hard for beginners, but it is a great way to improve hand-eye coordination, which makes these pressureless tennis balls a gem to trainers, coaches, students, and recreational players.

Things to Consider before Buying Pressureless Tennis Balls

Best Pressureless Tennis Balls

Now that you have already decided on getting pressureless tennis balls, what next? Do you grab the first bag from the market? Of course, not.

Manufacturers always claim that they have the best pressureless tennis balls available. Choosing can be confusing. And so to help you with narrowing down your options, we prepared this list of things that you have to take into consideration prior to the purchase.

The Durability

We already know by now that pressureless tennis balls last longer than their pressurized cousins. So, to get a bunch of pressureless tennis balls is already one step further in the right way. You are getting a ball that would last you far longer than any other.

But remember, some brands produce pressureless tennis balls that are more durable than the others. The best pressureless tennis balls usually come from brands that have solid rubber cores and ultra-durable felt, factors that contribute to a ball’s longevity. Gamma balls, for example, are highly-durable pressureless balls.

You can go get them or any brand of equal quality.

High Altitude

“High altitude” here refers to locations that are about 4,000 feet high or more.

If you are playing tennis at these high altitude locations, there are specialized tennis balls for them. The problem with getting just about any other ball in such high altitude is that it affects their speed and bounce.

And the effect may be devastating for players. Some balls are just made for these types of locations. If you are not playing at high altitude, you can skip this.

Regular Duty or Extra Duty

This is another factor that involves the tennis court. Will you be playing mostly indoors? Are you going to be spending more time on hard-court surfaces?

Regular duty balls are built for indoor tennis courts. These balls are built with thinner felt, which means that they have the capacity to lessen the amount of clay that is absorbed.

There are balls that are created for more demanding surfaces. Hard-court surfaces require that you purchase pressureless tennis balls of extra-duty capacity.

The Tiers and Levels

There are balls that are created specifically for kids and beginners. Most of these are larger for beginners to easily see. These balls are also created for slower play with mediocre speed and lesser bounce.

The pressureless balls for beginners are further divided into three. These are stages 3 (red), 2 (orange), and 1 (green). Red is for beginners, orange is a bit advanced, and green is the more advanced of the three.

Pressureless tennis balls for those in red are slower and have lesser bounce, while those in green are way faster than the other two.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

We know you still have questions that are left unanswered. So, to help you with these questions, we’ve prepared a few things for you.

1. Are pressureless tennis balls great for training and practice?

Yes. Pressureless balls tend to retain their bounce even after long periods of practice and training. While they are great for such a purpose, they are rarely used in competitive matches. They tend to be heavier and have a woody feel to them.

2. How long do pressureless tennis balls last?

The advantage of the pressureless ones is its durability. A pressurized ball can last for up to two weeks. A pressureless ball will last you for at least a year.

3. What is inside a pressureless tennis ball?

Pressurized balls have compressed air, while the pressureless ones are pure solid inside. These are sometimes microcells that are filled with air.

4. What do tennis professionals usually use?

Normally, they use pressurized balls for matches.

5. What are the other uses of pressureless tennis balls?

Aside from play? They’re also durable enough for your pets to play fetch with.

Final Words

Now that you have a wide array of options to choose from, we hope that you are able to narrow down your options. We have also provided you with a guide that could further help you in singling out the best pressureless tennis balls available.

Have you picked your choice yet?

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