Best Spinning Combo in 2021 – Top Selling & Popular Collections

Fishing is always exciting and challenging. You need different techniques for catching various species of fishes. Even those who are fishing for many years get demoralized while fishing. And fishing solely depends on the spinning combo.

For having a great experience, you will need the best spinning combo. A good rod for fishing will help you to catch the fish quickly and will be flexible enough to turn it in any direction.

There is a wide range of products on the market. So, we are here, trying to help you out selecting the most pleasing combo for your fishing.

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Pure Fishing Spinning Combo | Salt Water Fishing
Pure Fishing Spinning Combo | Salt Water FishingCheck Price

PLUSINNO Spinning Combo | Carbon Fiber
PLUSINNO Spinning Combo | Carbon FiberCheck Price

Cadence Spinning Combo | Light Weight
Cadence Spinning Combo | Light WeightCheck Price

KastKing Spinning Combo | 2 Pieces Blanks
KastKing Spinning Combo | 2 Pieces BlanksCheck Price

Lew's Spinning Combo | Mach Styling
Lew's Spinning Combo | Mach StylingCheck Price

Best Spinning Combo Reviews

In this section, we will be discussing the top spinning combo in the market. We will also present the elements and performance of each product.

1. Pure Fishing Spinning Combo | Salt Water Fishing

If you usually go for fishing in the saltwater, you must know how hard it is to find good reels and rods at a reasonable price. Even after spending a lot of money on it, you are not able to find the finest one for you.

So here, Pure fishing has come up with the spinning combo, which is perfect for salt water fishing. The massive size rod will help you to go in any direction.

With the metal body and heavy-duty aluminum bail wire, the rod and reels are strong and durable. The aluminum bail wire makes it light in weight. The rotor and side plate are also metal. The color of the rod is black and golden, which gives it a very classy look.

The combo will enable you to catch the big fishes because the drag system is HT 100 carbon fiber. This will provide a smooth and powerful drag. You can drag the fish without breaking the rod and reel with its 4 – 10 line rating.

This combo also comes in different sizes. This combo is very adjustable and strong. And will provide you a great fishing experience. They are offering the best combo at this price.

Key Features

  • Well balanced reel
  • Perfect for saltwater
  • Easily draggable
  • Stainless steel bearing system

2. PLUSINNO Spinning Combo | Carbon Fiber

Are you planning on giving a spinning combo to your relatives or friends? For a gift, the reels need to be better in every term. PLUSINNO reel is a giftable item that comes in a very nice black box. And there are no questions about the quality.

The top fishing rod and reel combo are suitable for salt water and fresh water. This is very easy to travel with it. The size of the rod is adjustable. Normally the rod is 6’2″. But you can extend it up to 16 inches.

The reels and rods have the greatest features. This is perfect for any kind of storing and traveling. This is made with a high density of 24-ton carbon fiber to increase its durability and elasticity. These reels provide superior accuracy from a distance.

The handle of the reel is CNC machine cut and collapsible. You can easily catch fish with both of your hands. This will feel good in your hands. And you can drag the handles very smoothly.

The rods and reels are very adjustable. The reel seat is full metal and 12+1 Corrosion Resistant ball bearing. The reel is super smooth at this price range.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and traveling size
  • Gear ratio: 5.2:1
  • The handle is CNC machine cut collapsible
  • Accurate from a distance heat

3. Cadence Spinning Combo | Light Weight

The practice of Fishing passes from generation to generation. You can spend a very meaningful time with your family through fishing. And every son learns about fishing from their father. Cadence spinning combo is most suitable for such families.

24-ton graphite is used in the fishing rod and reel. The frame is from a strong carbon composite. The reel is free from any corrosion as it includes stainless steel. And all of these make the reel very strong and durable. And EVA handles make it light.

First-class materials have been used in this reel and rods. You cannot find such components in the other spinning combos in the market. They are surpassing the competition for their materials. The frames and side plates are made of carbon. So, this is very powerful and corrosion-free.

You can find various sizes of this model in the market. The fishing reel and rod are perfect for fresh water. You can catch different kinds of fishes with it, for example, gamefish, inshore species.

After purchasing from them, Cadence will provide you youth combos through their charity. They think that fishing increases the bonding, and it is a source of sharing love between family members. So, they provide exclusive service and quality.

Key Features

  • EVA handle
  • Perfect for freshwater
  • Corrosion resistance steel body
  • Very smooth and easy to drag

4. KastKing Spinning Combo | 2 Pieces Blanks

If you are looking for the lightweight and durable best spinning combo, this will be the perfect pick for you. This will give an accurate performance from any angle because of its special IM6 Graphite blank designed.

The length of the rod starts from 6,” and this is a two-piece combo. The handles are made with contoured EVA. The handle is designed so nicely that it gives a comfortable grip. And the grip is very easy to maintain in any condition.

The rods work perfectly for both mono and braided lines. The body is made of stainless steel. This is very light in weight. That enables the fisher to balance perfectly. when you hold the rod in your hand, it will feel very light and comfortable

The KastKing Spinning Combo has a gear ratio of 5.2:1. This means that the spool can go through 5.2 revolutions each time you turn the handle as the gear ratio is higher, so you can put in line off the water and can land a fish with a minimum effort.

Key Features

  • Gear ratio 5.2:1
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Well balanced and easy to control
  • Heavy action rod

5. Lew’s Spinning Combo | Mach Styling

It is sometimes hard for beginners fishing with an advanced spinning combo. The simple with a low price is perfect for starting fishing. Lew’s fishing rod and reel are suitable for beginners.

Lew’s is a very renowned brand which is providing the top quality products to their customers. You will get an idea about the product by hearing the name of the brand. They also provide a great service. If you face any problem, they will respond very quickly.

This model will offer you very attractive qualities. The Mach style is very eye catchy. The features are innovated with the latest technology. And that will give you a flexible turn from any angle and a smooth drag. That is very important for a beginner.

The weight of the combo is very light. The light weight enables it to carry anywhere you want. Though the rod and reel is lightweight, this combo does not break easily as very good quality materials have been used.

The spinning combo is budget friendly. This is mainly made keeping the school and college going students in mind. So, the price is affordable for the students.

Key Features

  • Suitable for beginners
  • Budget friendly
  • Attractive design and materials
  • Easy to carry

Things to Consider Before Buying Spinning Combo

Best Spinning Combo

By now you have an idea about the op fishing rod and reel combo in the market. So, you are ready to buy it. But before buying a spinning combo, you need to consider some of the elements. You need to know what suits you perfectly and what you should keep in mind while buying the combos.

So here, we are providing some tips and instructions so that you can get a better shopping experience. You may also be interested in some pinfish trap from our list; take a moment to check them out.


What kind of fish you will be able to catch depends on the weight of the reels and rods. For catching a big fish, your combo has to be heavy. Unless it can be broken while dragging the fish, and if you want to catch small fish with a heavy reel, you may not be successful in it.

Medium ranges of the rod are suitable for any kind of fish. You can catch big, small and medium size fish by it. That is why before buying a rod for fishing, determine what type of fish you want to catch. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the fiber optic sights.

Power of The Rod

Power is a key issue here. How much weight you can put on depends on the power of the rod. The power of the rods and reels varies in different types. So, you have to choose the right one for you. If you try to catch a big fish with a less powerful rod, the rod will break. It would be suggested to go through all the features and elements before buying. Besides, you can choose some archery sights for hunting.

Materials of The Rods

How long the product is going to last depends on the materials. Usually, the rods that are made with stainless steel are more durable and corrosion free. And aluminum coating makes it light. The materials of the handle are also very important. A good quality material and a perfect finishing will give you a comfortable grab.

The products that we have suggested most of them are made with stainless steel with an aluminum coating.

The Ratio of The Gear

How far the reels will go for one turn of the handle is called gear ratio. The more gear ratio is the better. Some of the fishing combos have a gear ratio of 6.2:1. That means the reel will go 6.2 revolutions for a single turn in the handle. With less effort, you can land fish. So look for the gear ratio before purchasing.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Is there any specific spinning combo for saltwater fishing?

Yes. There is.

Not all the reels and rods are suitable for saltwater fishing. Some features are different for this kind of fishing. But there is also some top rod and reel combo, which is suitable for freshwater and salt water fishing.

2. Are light weight reels and rods combo better?

Not always

This mainly depends on what kind of fishing you want to do. If you want to go for a big fish, then you will need a stronger rod. Unless the rod may break while dragging the fish. So it is safe to buy a medium weight spinning combo.

3. Is the combo portable?

Not all the spinning combos are portable.

If you want a portable rod and reel set, you need to look specifically for this one. Portable rods are usually small and foldable. So you can fold it before going out and carry it with you.

4. What are the differences between left handed and right handed reels?

There are no differences.

All the rods and reels are switchable in both hands. The handles of the rods are the same.

5. Do all the rods float?


Very few rods float. But most of them do not. Rods are generally made of steel. And it is too heavy to float. But there are some light weight rods that are designed for floating in the water.

Final Words

We have provided you the best spinning combo. Now you know about the products and their features. You also have an idea about the instruments and elements of the spinning combo. So now you are ready to get the right combo for you.

Hope you will have a great experience and have a great time while fishing. If the article was helpful for you, share this with your friends to help them out!

Have a Happy Fishing!