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The abundance of gear oil selections in the market can be outstanding. Looking for the best 80w90 gear oil can be complicated and confusing because of this. Using a gear oil for a wrong application can significantly affect a machine's performance, or at worst, damage it.

Gear oils are vital in ensuring you get the best performance out of your automobiles. It also safeguards your internal parts from excessive wear and prevents premature failure. You can take advantage of their many features and benefits. But first, you need to find which gear oil is the best for you.

For very application and type of vehicle, there is always the right gear oil for you. Continue to read our reviews of the best gear oils to find which will best suit your requirements.

Summary Table for 10 Best 80W90 Gear Oil In 2023

Image Product Name Price

Valvoline's High-Performance SAE 80W90 Gear Oil

Valvoline's High-Performance SAE 80W90 Gear Oil

Price Check

High-Performance SAE 90 Gear Lube From Quicksilver

High-Performance SAE 90 Gear Lube From Quicksilver

Price Check

Mobil 1 Synthetic Gear Lubricant, 1 Quart (Pack Of 2)

Mobil 1 Synthetic Gear Lubricant, 1 Quart (Pack of 2)

Price Check

Honda Pro Shaft Drive Oil, Hypoid Gear Oil

Honda Pro Shaft Drive Oil, hypoid gear oil

Price Check

High Performance SAE 75W-90 Gear Oil By Valvoline

High Performance SAE 75W-90 Gear Oil By Valvoline

Price Check

Best 80w90 Gear Oil Reviews

Gear oils play a crucial part in your engine's performance and functionality. And, this is why choosing only the best gear oil is very important.

1. Valvoline's High-Performance SAE 80W90 Gear Oil

Valvoline's High-Performance SAE 80W90 Gear Oil
Valvoline's High-Performance SAE 80W90 Gear Oil

We use gear oils for differentials, both hypoid and limited-slip, gearboxes, transfer cases, and transaxles in cars, trucks, cans, and other vehicles that require specific viscosity grade.

For over a century, Valvoline has been one of the leading companies that can boast a legacy in engine performance innovations. Not only does their product provide the first line of defense against wear and deterioration, but it is also proficient in extending the life of your engine.

Their brand assures that you have the best 80w90 gear oil that would keep your automotive running at its optimum level. If you want your auto running smoothly, you should check out this high-performance gear oil. When it comes to maintenance products, it is always best to use one that you can trust.

This high-quality gear oil promises to help maintain your vehicle and its parts in excellent condition for many years. It is exceptional in protecting gears from extreme temperatures, high torque, heavy load, and extreme horsepower conditions.

Whether you need a lubricant for your conventional hypoid differentials and non-synchronized manual transmission for passenger cars, vans, sport utility vehicles, heavy-duty or light trucks, experts recommend this product for you.

It is also ideal when you are looking for API GL-5 or GL-4 fluid service classifications. With the use of extreme pressure additives in its formula, it minimizes the wear caused by shock loads on your vehicle's gears.

Moreover, it offers protection against corrosion, scouring, pitting, and scuffing. It keeps your automotive parts clean and rust-free.

Highlighted Features

  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Helps prolong the service life for gears
  • Extreme-pressure additives
  • Protects against rust, corrosion, scuffing, pitting, and scouring
  • Suitable for light or heavy trucks
  • Best lubricant for high load, speed, horsepower, and torque conditions

2. High-Performance SAE 90 Gear Lube From Quicksilver

High-Performance SAE 90 Gear Lube From Quicksilver
High-Performance SAE 90 Gear Lube From Quicksilver

What do you need to make sure your engine will perform well for many years? You need high-quality clean oil that lessens friction and prevents damage to its internal components. A gear oil's primary purpose is to maintain the life of the essential parts and make sure your engine runs smoothly.

You want reliable top-class products to get the best protection and performance for your engine.

The company Quicksilver concocted a high-performance gear lube for lower units on sterndrive and outboard. They specialize in engine oils for brands in industries, such as marine and watersports. If you were looking for products with high quality and meant for demanding environments, they got what you need.

Designed for all types of marine engines, it guarantees to provide safeguard versus corrosion and wear. The formula helps prevent breakdowns that are caused by moisture or water going into the gear housing. Expect it to perform better than other gear oil with its special additives tested to provide optimum protection.

Using this gear oil, you can make sure your gears stay in excellent condition for many years to come. It is exceptionally well in preventing corrosion and pitting. Furthermore, it fits not only Mercury Mercruiser gear housings but also all other gear cases for marine engines above 75 HP.

Their formula ensures it maintains its adhesion integrity to gears even in the presence of water. It gives you a guarantee that your engine is well-protected during metal to metal contact at all times.

Highlighted Features

  • Best product for marine gear cases with engines that exceed 75 horsepower
  • Gives optimum safeguard even when wet
  • Lengthens gear life
  • It protects engine parts from corrosion and extreme wear and tears
  • Extreme-pressure additives shields gears from metal to metal contact

3. Mobil 1 Synthetic Gear Lubricant, 1 Quart (Pack of 2)

Mobil 1 Synthetic Gear Lubricant, 1 Quart (Pack Of 2)
Mobil 1 Synthetic Gear Lubricant, 1 Quart (Pack Of 2)

For high-performance vehicles, such as light trucks, vans, and SUVs needing API GL-5 level performance, Mobil 1 has the best product for you. Their synthetic multipurpose gear lubricant meets all requirements for a wide range of operating conditions.

It gives exceptional power transfer performance even for limited slip applications. When compared side-by-side with other conventional hypoid gear lubes, this product is capable of upholding outstanding operations for a broad extent of temperatures.

The viscosity and temperature properties of the formula offer protection against degradation from thermal and oxidation. It can also prevent the premature shearing set off by viscosity loss. By protecting from wear and corrosion, it also extends the service life and improves fuel economy performance.

This gear oil combines extreme-pressure, sulfur-phosphorus, limited-slip, and wax-free hydrocarbon synthesized base oils. With this mixture of additives, it offers better performance for differentials and rear axles. It can retain good film strength and decrease fluid friction even at high or low temperatures.

Applications help to avoid spalling and wear during extreme conditions like competitive racing or on high-performance vehicles. It can endure high horsepower, speed, and torque conditions. You get smooth and efficient performance even in the harshest driving environments.

Their gear oil technology gives outstanding results for fuel economy, long-lasting friction retention, thermal capability, and improved durability. It can potentially delay the consistency of oil drain and service frequency. Gears and bearings remain clean and free of deposits, extending its service life.

Use this for the initial fill, refilling differentials, transfer cases, and other gear functions that warrant API GL-5 and multipurpose gear lubes.

Highlighted Features

  • Suits all modern passenger automotive
  • Gives you excellent thermal stability
  • Help resist high-temperature oxidation
  • Excellent protection from rust, corrosion, and stains
  • Reliable lubricant that resists foaming
  • Minimizes chatter and enhances traction
  • Reduces leakage and contamination

4. Honda Pro Shaft Drive Oil, hypoid gear oil

Honda Pro Shaft Drive Oil, Hypoid Gear Oil
Honda Pro Shaft Drive Oil, Hypoid Gear Oil

Did you know that motorcycle engines are more demanding compared to cars? The fact is, motorcycles run at higher RPM, produce higher power per displacement, but has a small capacity for oil volumes and cooling systems. Also, these machines use oil to lubricate both clutches and transmissions.

In comparison, auto oils would not be able to withstand the force from the gear teeth of the transmission. Any antifriction additives in the oil can cause the clutch to slip. This drive oil by Honda has a formula dedicated to motorcycle and ATV use. It offers optimum performance to meet the most stringent engineering requirements.

Like their name brand, they hold the same standard for their drive oil and motorcycle products. They make sure it has undergone extensive tests in performance and durability.

The shaft drive oil is a single-application hypoid gear oil. You can use it for shaft-drive motorcycles, as well as ATVs. Its API service classification is above GL-4 and GL-5. It can retain high shear strength and resist viscosity failure caused by extremely challenging driving conditions.

Gear oils should provide a superior level of protection all the more so for heavy-duty conditions. You need your vehicle's critical parts protected and well-maintained to assure that they perform at their maximum level and efficiency.

Highlighted Features

  • It exceeds classifications for API services GL-4 and GL-5
  • Can retain high shear strength and prevent viscosity breakdown
  • Exceptionally formulated additives
  • It withstands extreme environment temperatures down to negative 15 degrees
  • Ensures to extend the service life of parts by giving optimum protection
  • Drive oil approved for Honda Goldwing and other shaft drove motor vehicles and ATVs

5. High Performance SAE 75W-90 Gear Oil By Valvoline

High Performance SAE 75W-90 Gear Oil By Valvoline
High Performance SAE 75W-90 Gear Oil By Valvoline

If you are looking for a gear oil for final drives, heavy-duty manual transmissions, and axles, a 75W-90 will suffice. This type of gear oil also has an advantage over high heat. It leaves a heavy film coat on the surface that endures severe environment temperatures.

Professionals recommend this for conditions under extreme pressure, limited-slip differentials, and severe cold climates. Valvoline's gear oil under tests shows it can withstand harsh temperatures. It helps in increasing the service life of gears.

Use it for any hypoid differentials, both conventional and limited-slip. It is also suitable for vehicles with manual transmissions, sport utility vehicles, vans, light trucks, and heavy-duty trucks that need API GL-5 or MT-1 fluid. This gear oil performs well under high speed, high horsepower, and high torque conditions.

Their formula uses extreme pressure additives that minimize gear wear obtained from shock loads. It also offers a safeguard for gears against scouring, pitting, scuffing, and corrosion. The protection it provides ensures better cleaning capability, and engine gears will last longer.

This 75w90 lubricant also has limited-slip additives that decrease tapping or vibration in self-locking differentials. With premium-quality base oils, it can offer superb load carrying capacity, anti-foam, water separation, corrosion resistance, and high thermal stability.

Suffice to say, that if it meets the requirements of even the most demanding performance, it might be right for you as well.

Highlighted Features

  • It has an impressive thermal stability
  • Can lengthen the service life of parts
  • Protects gears from damage
  • It reduced chattering in limited-slip differentials
  • Highly recommended for limited-slip hypoid differentials

6. Lucas Heavy Duty Gear Oil

Lucas Heavy Duty Gear Oil
Lucas Heavy Duty Gear Oil

Industries that require high performance are always in the lookout for the best oil for gears. Lucas was able to develop one of the most in-demand heavy-duty supplemental oils. This product provides anti-wear and lubricity agents that reduce wear and drag. It also contains exceptional additives that help control heat.

Compared with other gear oils, it has better performance. Experts use it for race cars and other heavy-duty applications that are more demanding. You can expect a significant decrease in noise, leaks, and oil temperature. It also has longer oil life compared with conventional gear oil.

It performs well on limited-slip differentials. The formula can resist breakdown even when in contact with water or moisture. You can mix it with other gear oils, as well as synthetics.

When it comes to developing new and ground-breaking lubrication products, Lucas Oil is in the lead. They cultivate and perform rigorous tests on their products to ensure their integrity and quality. The product guarantees you get an increase in component durability.

The company also supports many racing series, including tractor pulling, as well as drag and boat racing. Supporting motorsports provides them with insights about the demands for lubrication products in the industry. And it is why this gear oil, like their other products, are made to endure the harshest conditions.

Their top-selling line of additives helped to establish their brand in the automotive industry. They are one of the most prominent sellers of premium oils in the market today.

Highlighted Features

  • Contains special wear-resistant and lubricant agents
  • Aids in lowering or controlling heat
  • Best use for high-performance and heavy-duty operations
  • Does not breakdown even when in contact with water
  • Suitable for limited-slip differentials
  • Extended oil and component life
  • Reduces leaks and noise

7. Quicksilver's Premium Gear Lube 80W-90

Quicksilver's Premium Gear Lube 80W-90
Quicksilver's Premium Gear Lube 80W-90

This product is not like your typical gear lubricant. Quicksilver produced this gear oil that contains unique additive combinations that outperforms any automotive type gear lubricant. Designed for marine applications, it remains to provide maximum protection even in water.

By preventing corrosion and pitting, your gears are working well for longer periods compared to others. It is still able to provide optimum protection even after water breaches the gear housing. Advanced emulsifiers help to avoid foaming. Extreme-pressure additives also enable the gear oil to retain its adhesion strength.

It is suitable for marine gear cases that have marine engines under 75 horsepower. The company is one of the most dependable brands when it comes to high-quality products for marine parts, accessories, and engine care. They invest much of their assets in testing to make sure their products have superb quality and integrity.

Premium oil is excellent for lubrication that resists wearing for lower unit gears. It is perfect for either high and low horsepower engines under different levels of operating conditions. Internal components will have maximum protection from damages or deterioration produced in metal to metal contact.

Upon testing, this gear oil produced excellent results in reducing friction and prolonging the life of parts. No matter the brand of your marine engine, this gear oil will give you unmatched quality, consistency, and performance.

Highlighted Features

  • Has advanced water intrusion emulsifiers that resist foaming even in water
  • Extreme-pressure additive improves oil film adhesion
  • Protects components from excessive wear
  • Reduces friction and prevents corrosion and pitting
  • Prolongs the service life of internal components

8. SAE 80W-90 High-Performance Gear Oil From Lucas Oil

SAE 80W-90 High-Performance Gear Oil From Lucas Oil
SAE 80W-90 High-Performance Gear Oil From Lucas Oil

What makes Lucas Oil different is that it contains climbing additives that guarantee total lubrication. This additive explicitly resists breakdown caused by contact with moisture or water. It reduces rattling and whining while extending bearing service life.

Use it for outboard, final drives, and other applications that require heavy-duty gear oil. This product also exceeds service specifications, including GL-4, GL-5, MT, and others. It promises lower thermal and quiet performance with minimum wear and drag.

Best suitable for limited-slip differentials, trucks, RV's, trucks, hypoid gears, and transfer cases. It offers more advantages than any other ordinary gear oil. Improved anti-wear, anti-seize, and lubricity agents reinforce the formula to deal with grind and corrosion.

These special additives are also beneficial for controlling heat. When it comes to high performance and intensive requirements, Lucas Oil has what you need. They are one of the fastest-growing producers of premium oils in the market today. Other products they make aid industrial and agricultural purposes.

The engineered blend of oils and additives in this product gives it a longer oil lifespan and extends the service life of parts as well. By improving performance, your engine draws less power. Enhanced high-speed shock load also helps in giving maximum protection to gear components.

Moreover, the company works hard to provide industries with the best lubricant solutions. Their multiple lines of high-performance and heavy-duty gear oils always comes first when it comes to performance and quality.

Highlighted Features

  • Best for hypoid gears, limited-slip differentials, and shock loading
  • Suitable for race cars and other heavy-duty applications
  • Protects against rust, corrosion, and wear
  • Thermal stability down to -26 degrees
  • Reduces noise and heat
  • Carefully designed non-foaming formula
  • Surpasses API service levels GL-5 and MT1

9. Pennzoil Axle And Gear Oil, Low Temperatures

Pennzoil Axle And Gear Oil, Low Temperatures
Pennzoil Axle And Gear Oil, Low Temperatures

A combination of premium gear oil additives, this gear oil contains superior mineral oil base stock. Performance additives enhance the formula to give necessary protection for gears and bearings.

What you get with this mixture is a gear oil that offers features like low-temperature fluidity, which ensures total lubrication even during freezing weather. It remains to provide excellent protection to internal components in winter or places with cold climates.

And it is also able to maintain a thick oil film that protects components even in scorching conditions. This film lubricates gear teeth of hot running gearboxes, making sure it is protected. The excellent stability of the products allows long service of oil and your engine.

Extreme-pressure agents are also there to safeguard parts against wear and shock loading. Oil aeration can destroy lubricant film. When this happens, gears can break down due to the lack of lubrication, which is why Pennzoil added foam inhibitors to prevent this from happening.

Rust resistance features, on the other hand, protects against corrosion from water intrusion or condensation. It also contains oxidation inhibitors that provide oxidation stability. This attribute deters deposit and sludge build-up that can occur in high-temperature operations.

They have also included limited-slip friction modifiers to give better control over clutch slippage wherever it is needed. These protections work together to prolong the service life of gears and bearings.

This product is designed mainly for differentials, axles, and gearboxes. They also recommend this for manual transmissions that require API service classification GL-5 fluids. Use it for passenger cars, vans, light trucks, sports utility vehicles, and gear applications needing limited-slip performance.

Highlighted Features

  • Retains fluidity even at low temperatures operations
  • Stable formulation
  • Provides long service lifespan
  • Prevents rust and resist oxidation that can cause damage to components
  • Deters formation of sludge and dirt
  • It can endure heavy shock loads

10. ACDelco Axle and Gear Lubricant

ACDelco Axle And Gear Lubricant
ACDelco Axle And Gear Lubricant

Last but not least is the multipurpose lubricant, used for conventional type axles, made by ACDelco. It provides excellent oxidation resistance and extended seal life expectancy. With your engine running at optimum performance, you can enhance fuel efficiency.

They recommend this gear oil for hypoid or other highly loaded gears. It offers numerous benefits, like lowering temperatures, long service life, and enhanced durability. This product during tests shows to work well under extreme conditions.

The enhanced thermal stability helps guarantee that it can withstand severe temperatures. It is the best transfer case and differential lubricant to keep your automobile running efficiently. You can make sure that your gears and other moving parts are smoothly running when you use this gear oil.

With this product, you can avoid any rippling, ridging, pitting, spalling, and rusting. The lubricant also helps resist deposit build-up by keeping it clean. It, in turn, will aid in extending the life of the internal parts.

ACDelco is the brand behind the General Motors Original Equipment. Their company specializes in producing GM equipment and parts for GM automobile production. They take care that all their products adhere to the quality and expectations of their brand.

Their range of fluids, oils, and other auto care products aims to provide protection, maintain, and enhance engine and parts performance.

Moreover, this gear oil does not include a limited-slip additive. The company only recommends customers to use for passenger cars. You can't use this for trucks and other applications as well.

Highlighted Features

  • Matches API GL-5 and SAE J306 specifications
  • Resistant to deposits formation
  • Help prevent spalling, pitting, rippling, or ridging
  • Performs well even under severe operating conditions
  • Thermal stability provides total protection
  • Able to lessen operating temperatures

Things to Consider before Buying 80w90 Gear Oil

Best 80w90 Gear Oil
Best 80w90 Gear Oil

As a rule, you can't just use any lubricant as it can compromise the quality and durability, and cause damage to your vehicle's internal components. There are many types of gear oil in the market, and to help you avert a disaster, here are four points to consider before making a purchase.

Determine Appropriate Viscosity Grade

The job of identifying the correct viscosity grade is straightforward if you have the part's manual at hand. So, why is it important? The speed and load determine the viscosity of gear oil. It has to provide the exact film thickness to protect the surfaces of interacting parts.

Viscosity affects the temperature caused by friction generated by moving components and the resistance of the oil itself. Its performance can also vary depending on contaminants, shearing forces, extreme pressures, and severe operating conditions.

Thermal Stability and Oxidation Resistance

As the primary line of defense for your gears and other components, it is crucial to choose a proper gear oil that remains stable under extreme heat or cold. Some gear oils can deteriorate or lose their effectiveness when exposed to extremely high or low temperatures.

You can avoid sludge or varnish formation if your gear oil is resistant to oxidation. By preventing the oil from oxidizing, it delays the regularity on which you need to drain and replace the gear oil.

Extreme Pressure Properties

Anti-wear or extreme pressure additives provide the wear protection for heavy loads, slow speeds, and shock loading. Essentially, it gives gear oils the capability to decrease wear on parts as well as safeguard its surfaces against extreme pressures. How does this affect your gear oil's performance?

These additives typically contain sulfur, phosphorous, or chlorine compounds. Its role is to prevent adhesive wear that occurs when the lubricant's film thickness fails. To put it simply, they act as a safety net or added barrier to ensure your parts are well protected when the viscosity of the gear oil is not sufficient for the operation.

Contamination and Water Resistance

High-quality gear oils should have properties that resist water and contamination that may enter the gearbox. It must be capable of demulsifying, which allows easy removal of water.

Water and other contaminants can affect the lubricant's performance, leading to a decrease in its adhesion and load-carrying capability. When the oil loses its integrity, it can no longer protect your components from corrosion and wear.

What Are the Benefits of Using 80w90 Gear Oil

Besides providing lubrication and protection for internal components, gear oil also serves many functions. You can also reap some of these benefits if you use high-quality gear oil for your machines:

Reduces Friction of Moving Parts

By reducing friction between metal parts, it protects your components from wear and breakdown. It acts as a protective layer that the metal slips rather than weld to other metal parts that come in contact. Less friction also means lower temperatures and reduced energy consumption.

Enhances Operation Efficiency

Using high-quality gear oils on machinery increases its efficiency by about 30% to 50%. It reduces the loss of power or energy caused by friction. A smooth running engine helps ensure that it is performing at its maximum potential.

Proper lubrication and lowering temperatures also provide bearing and gears a longer set life. With it, you can decrease downtime and cost for replacing or repairing components.

Extends Operating Life

Metal and metal contact can cause irreparable damage to components. Bearing and gears that drag rather than slip or roll will wear itself down. Gear oils make sure that this doesn't happen. It keeps all moving parts from grinding and causing excessive friction that can be damaging.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. When should I change gear oil?

The interval for changing gear oil depends entirely on the type of transmission, and level of use and abuse. It is best to consult your vehicle's instruction manual for recommendations and proper maintenance.

2. How to check the gear oil level in the gearbox?

To check whether you have sufficient gear oil, you need to remove the cork on the upper side of the gearbox. The oil level should fill up to where the cork is screwed or close to it.

3. Why is changing gear oil essential?

The gear oil's properties diminish after time and use, which means impurities are starting to build up. Oil changes allow you to keep your engine clean, your gears in top condition, and prevent corrosion.

4. What factors affect the consumption of gear oil?

Mechanical condition, lubricant viscosity, base oil volatility, filling degree, and operation condition, all have a direct impact on oil consumption. Also, you should note that thinner oil diminishes faster than thicker gear oils.

5. How to resolve whining noises coming from the gearbox or differential?

Whining noise from a gearbox or differential may be caused by the internal gears pushing against each other. It usually means that the gear oil hasn't been changed in a long time, and needs servicing right away.

Final Words

Changing gear oils is vital for maintaining your car's efficiency and good condition. Just remember always to use the best 80w90 gear oil to make sure that you are giving your engine the proper care it needs.

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