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Best Airsoft Glock in 2020 – Most Popular Models

Airsoft is a popular game to play in your backyard. Besides, Pistols are so important as a primary weapon in airsoft battles. Before purchasing your airsoft pistol, you want to find a brand and model you can enjoy.

Unlike the other guns, the airsoft pistol somewhat different in terms of their functions. One of the best ways to find the airsoft pistol is by choosing a replica of a real weapon such as an airsoft Glock.

Suppose you are having difficulties finding the best airsoft Glock, which is perfect for shooting. Don’t be fret about that, as we make the job easy for you.

After gone through rigorous analysis, we have discovered some top-notch airsoft Glock so that you can have a better shooting experience. Let’s get the airsoft pistols. 

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Gen3 Airsoft Glock 19 | 410 fps | CO2 | .177 Cal BB | 25.6 oz
Gen3 Airsoft Glock 19 | 410 fps | CO2 | .177 Cal BB | 25.6 ozCheck Price

Umarex Airsoft Glock 19x | Half Blowback | 350 fps | CO2 | 6mm BB
Umarex Airsoft Glock 19x | Half Blowback | 350 fps | CO2 | 6mm BBCheck Price

Umarex G18C Black Airsoft Glock | 300 FPS | 6mm BB | Green Gas
Umarex G18C Black Airsoft Glock | 300 FPS | 6mm BB | Green GasCheck Price

Umarex Airsoft Glock- 300fps | 23-round Mag | 6mm BB | Green Gas
Umarex Airsoft Glock- 300fps | 23-round Mag | 6mm BB | Green GasCheck Price

Elite Force Airsoft Glock 19 | 350 fps | 17-round Mag | CO2
Elite Force Airsoft Glock 19 | 350 fps | 17-round Mag | CO2Check Price

The Best Airsoft Glock Reviews

In this section of the review, we are going to show every-single features of the airsoft Glock, so that it can help you to find your desire Glock among them. Let’s dive into the reviews.

1. Gen3 Airsoft Glock 19 | 410 fps | CO2 | .177 Cal BB | 25.6 oz

If you are looking for a pistol that is unmistakable with plenty of power, then this Glock 19 Gen3 is for you. It is ideal for a more versatile role playing due to its reduced dimensions when compared to the standard sized option.

The Glock 19 can shoot the .177 caliber BB. It has also powered by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge that housed in the grip. Besides, it has a drop-free durable 15 shot magazine. The pistol also has a fixed traditional Glock U-shaped rear sight. Plus, the gun also possesses a white dot front sight, which gives you a proper aim.

Though the size (7.25 inches) of the pistol is relatively small, it fires .177 caliber steel BBs with a muzzle velocity of up to 410 FPS!

Besides, it weighs a satisfying 25.6 ounces. And the air pistol has an integrated weaver rail for easy mounting of accessories.

The CO2 air gun replica of the original Glock 19, which is compact and handy. It also has a fixed Glock-style sight and is officially licensed for Glock marketing. And the CO2 Allen key housed in the back strap.

This Glock included textured grips, which makes it easy to grip and aim. Besides, It has an integrated push-button, which allows for safe handling.

Key Features

  • Drop-free 15-shot Magazine
  • Shoots up to 410 fps
  • Powered by a CO2 cartridge
  • Fixed Glock-style sights
  • Integrated weaver rail

2. Umarex Airsoft Glock 19x | Half Blowback | 350 fps | CO2 | 6mm BB

If you want a semi-automatic Glock with the half-blowback gas system, we suggest you try this Umarex Glock 19X manufactured by Elite Force. Because the half blowback gun gives you an actual shooting experience, surprisingly, you will have a licensed pistol.

Umarex ensures a lightweight due to the rugged injection-molded polymer frame with aluminum alloy slide. The slide is entirely roll-marks and logos molded to the frame.

The pistol has included an adjustable hop-up, which increases your fps.

This tan-colored airsoft pistol has a CO2 cylinder. This gun has 6mm ammo shoots up to 350 fps!

The more exciting thing you will enjoy of the gun is its traditional Glock sights, which gives you 100% accuracy while aiming.

The Slip-resistant grip is texturing with front & back-strap checkering. It also has a Glock accessory rail. The Functional Glock trigger gives you safety.

This pistol has a Realistic blowback (half) system, which imitates the slide cycle and recoil. Glock Gen5 style frame and the finger-grooves gives you a better grip. Besides, the ambidextrous slide stop gives you a great experiment.

Therefore, those who want to get the real shooting experience at an affordable price, Glock 19, the best airsoft pistol for them. Indeed, it is perfect for any shooting competition.

Besides, to enhance your performance while playing, you can use the ar mag pouch to handle your magazine correctly.

Key features

  • Semi-automatic
  • Half blowback pistols
  • Lightweight air Glock
  • Includes adjustable hop-up
  • Includes Glock accessory rail.

3. Umarex G18C Black Airsoft Glock | 300 FPS | 6mm BB | Green Gas

Are you looking for an airsoft pistol for your next competition? Then stop searching right here. Get the Umarex Airsoft Glock, which is the full-auto version of the classic G17 design. That’s how the G18C can fire both semi and full-automatic ways.

Before choosing an air Glock pistol, you must check whether it has an official-license. Otherwise, it would be serious wrongdoing and have adverse consequences. Don’t be fret! Umarex got the license for selling the Glock globally.

It uses extended drop free magazines that store the 6mm BBs.

The GLOCK G18C uses Gen 3 styling features and can drift of .20 gram BBs at 300 FPS! It includes a realistic gas blowback system to simulate the slide cycle and recoil.

The pistol is lightweight. Besides, it has a rugged-injection molded frame with an aluminum alloy slide. It has a complete roll marks on the slide and logos molded to the edge. The ported slide and outer barrel give you better shooting.

Besides, the Glock has a safe trigger for shooting. The traditional Glock sights give you better aiming. It also has a Glock accessory rail and the slip-resistant grip texturing with front & back-strap checkering.

Key Features

  • Full & semi-automatic
  • Used extended magazine
  • Slip-resistant grip
  • Shoots up to 300fps
  • Easy to handle due to lightweight

4. Umarex Airsoft Glock- 300fps | 23-round Mag | 6mm BB | Green Gas

Our next best airsoft Glock is 19x, which is an officially licensed Glock Airsoft pistol from Umarex. It is another great addition to the Glock airsoft lineup.

This economical green-gas powered airsoft pistol features a lightweight and rugged. Besides, it has an injection molded polymer frame with a durable and aluminum alloy slide. It also has a complete roll marks on the slide and logos molded to the frame.

Air Glock 19X is excellent for use in airsoft play, target shooting, and as a training tool.

It is a perfect gun for the amateur or veteran shooters because it has an adjustable hop with a realistic blowback system, which gives you a velocity of 300 FPS during firing.

GLOCK G19X includes a 23-round magazine of 6mm Airsoft BBs. It also has a traditional Glock sight and a Gen4 style frame with the finger grooves removed. By having this feature, you will improve your stability and accuracy while aiming.

The Air Glock comes with all the features which will adorable for all Glock shooters. This high-quality Airsoft Pistol has the ergonomics and handling function the same as the original.

Thus, to have the realistic shooting experience, get the 19X licensed Glock air pistol.

Key Features

  • Fully licensed by Glock
  • Maintain easily due to lightweight.
  • Features like the original
  • Shoots up to 300 FPS
  • Perfect for the beginner
  • Powered by green-gas

5. Elite Force Airsoft Glock 19 | 350 fps | 17-round Mag | CO2

Our last but not the least recommendation is the Glock 19 Airsoft Gun by Elite Force. It is a third-generation gun which is functionally identical to the original. It has powered by airsoft CO2.

This iconic Glock 19 has been using by military and law enforcement agencies around the world. That’s how the Glock 19 gun is also as popular as the original.

This 4th generation Airsoft Pistol has a fixed traditional Glock U-shaped rear sight and the white dot front sight. That’s how it can ensure stability and accuracy while aiming. The integrated weaver rail allows you to attach your favorite laser or torch.

Due to its ergonomics design, the shooters are getting comfortable during firing. Besides, the Glock 19 got famous for its other features such as blowback, drop-free mag, and metal slide.

It also has a durable and drop-free 17 round metal magazines. By this, it can Shoots .20g 6mm plastic airsoft BBs at up to 350 fps!

The airsoft Glock has enhanced grip texture, which makes it easier to grip, aim, and reload on the airsoft field. That’s why the gun is mostly suitable for airsoft play, target shooting, and training sessions.

Key Features

  • Realistic Blowback Action
  • Adjustable Hop-up
  • 17-round metal magazine
  • Integrated weaver rail
  • Shoots up to 350 fps
  • Powered by the green gas magazine

Things to Consider Before Buying Airsoft Glock

Best Airsoft Glock

Sometimes customers become disappointed after buying the pistol because of avoiding some essential factors of airsoft Glock.

As a result, to save you from after-purchase harassment, we put together some significant factors for you to consider before getting the best airsoft pistol.


A good pistol is one that can hit the objects consistently. These types of guns can produce consistent results because they have a higher chance of hitting any target you are aiming at.

Airsoft fighters advised, picking a pistol with a high level of accuracy. While choosing your Glock, you must consider the accuracy of the gun to restrain a lot of missed targets.


You should never compromise anything when it comes to durability. You have to be sure how well the pistol can serve you before choosing it.

The durability of the Glock will ensure the other functions as well. However, only select a gun that gives you a guarantee of a higher level of durability.  

Shooting Power

The shooting power of the weapon is a factor that affects the rate of success while hitting the targets.

These best airsoft guns have an excellent FPS. The Glock has to be able to coup the targets with adequate force and power.


The design of the Glock must be very similar to the original pistol. Otherwise, you will never get the experience of real firing.

You might not buy something that would easily pass for a knock-off or an inferior copy. Take note of the design of the Glock and choose only those that are the real representative of the brand.


During a demanding situation, you need to respond quickly and to fire repeatedly. As a result, regardless of the purpose, you need a lightweight pistol to perform better in any situation.

That’s why these above airsoft Glock ensure a lightweight pistol.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Can I modify my airsoft Glock?


In general, you will be unable to make significant alternations to your airsoft gun. However, you can make some minor modifications like exchanging the positions or adding accessories like lasers.

2. Can I dispel the orange ring from my airsoft gun?

No!  Do not remove the ring from your airsoft Glock.

Perhaps you might find it disturbing, but the orange ring is necessary for the USA because it denotes the pistol as a toy and not an original weapon.

Removing the orange ring can cause you large fines or can get you in trouble with the law.

3. Can I use several sizes of BBs in my weapon? 


People always want to try different sizes of ammo in their airsoft Glocks. But this is not a good idea.

Unfortunately, maximum air Glock has designed to compromise only a few ammo sizes. Trying to staff ammo that is too large for your weapon can damage the magazine, barrel, and other pieces of the gun.

If you want to attempt with various ammo sizes, you may consider borrowing a weapon from your friends or investing in more than one gun so you can do experiments with a variety of ammo.

4. Are airsoft Glocks accurate?

Yes! We think so.

Typically, airsoft Glocks are the most accurate genre of an airsoft weapon. These pistols are smaller, more lightweight, and more comfortable for beginners to operate.

If you want to enhance the accuracy of your game, consider investing in heavier ammo and spending some time practicing at a border before joining a match.

You and your friends can even get a target for your backyard and trying to take the shot while you are using your airsoft Glock.

Final Word

Glock airsoft guns are the most popular among air pistols. It is also a reliable brand in airsoft combat. Glock is an excellent choice as it fulfilled all the needs of an airsoft lover. Besides, they are highly recommended for their superb features.

All of the best airsoft Glock on this list are top-notch and would make great additions to any airsoft game. They have a reasonable price too. They are also easy to repair and maintain. Hope our suggestion will help to get a great experience while shooting.

Enjoy the Shooting!