Blackout Curtains for Day Sleepers

Best Blackout Curtains for Day Sleepers In 2021 – Top Selling & Popular Models

When the summer sun is full and bright outside, it can be problematic if you are trying to take some rests. The easiest way to get a sound sleep is to make sure the room is completely dark inside. Thankfully, a pair of blackout curtains on your window can solve this issue.

If you are a night shift worker, the best blackout curtains for day sleepers will help you to achieve proper sleep each time. Besides blocking out every last ray of light, blackout curtains will help your room to stay temperature-controlled and muffle noises.

The thing you must know, blackout draperies do not have to be black or dark for this purpose. Light or white coloured curtains can also meet your need. To help you find the most delicate quality curtains for your window, we have run general research and picked up top five out of thousands.

We also tried to provide all the information that you need before buying. Keep scrolling down to know about those.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Nicetown Blackout Curtains For Day Sleepers | Black Panels | 95.
Nicetown Blackout Curtains For Day Sleepers | Black Panels | 95."Check Price

Wontex Blackout Curtains For Day Sleepers | Total privacy | 84.
Wontex Blackout Curtains For Day Sleepers | Total privacy | 84."Check Price

Rose Home Blackout Curtains For Day Sleepers | White Liner | 84.
Rose Home Blackout Curtains For Day Sleepers | White Liner | 84."Check Price

Rose Home Blackout Curtains For Day Sleepers | Burlap Effect | 84.
Rose Home Blackout Curtains For Day Sleepers | Burlap Effect | 84."Check Price

Nicetown Blackout Curtains For Day Sleepers | Shading Panel | 84.
Nicetown Blackout Curtains For Day Sleepers | Shading Panel | 84."Check Price

Best Blackout Curtains for Day Sleepers Reviews

Here is our list of the high-quality blackout curtains for day sleepers that you can get. We have picked the five most premium quality curtains from all the brands of the market. Choose the one that suits your interior and find out why the below ones are the must-have.

1. Nicetown Blackout Curtains for Day Sleepers | Black Panels | 95″

If there is a lot of sunlight in the room, it will be sweltering inside all day and night. That’s why the blackout curtain is much needed. If you are in the market for purchasing curtains to block the sun rays completely, you cannot go wrong with the Nicetown shades!

Is there any busy road near your bedroom window? The vehicle sounds might annoy you very often. Along with the sunlight blocking, Nicetown will also help to muffle the sound. After pulling the curtains, it will sound like the highway is far away from your room.

Since you add these curtains to your room, you will undoubtedly experience quality sleep every night. Moreover, its nice taupe color will create a casual and elegant look for your house. Its unique design makes it easy to install and slide swiftly.

The specialty is hidden in its design. The manufacturer sews in the black lining inside the drapes to make it thick. If the drapes are thick, it will keep out the sunlight and UV rays completely. The most significant advantage is you can enjoy a real dark environment.

Furthermore, each layer of this blackout draperies is a triple weave that balances room temperature by insulating against summer heat and winter chill. Besides, you will face almost no trouble to wash this curtain because it is washable in a machine with mild and bleach-free detergent.

Key Features 

  • Reduce noises
  • Looks elegant
  • Great material, durable
  • Keeps the room chilled

2. Wontex Blackout Curtains for Day Sleepers | Total privacy | 84″

Are you looking for a curtain that holds indoor temperature from going out and prevents the outside heat or cold from coming inside? Maybe we have something that will blow your mind away! If you want an eyecatching room darkening, Wontex is a reliable option with a variety in its color chart.

These curtains are excellent at keeping the sunlight away. You will be so impressed with its usefulness that you might want these shades for all the windows of your house. Now it is much easier to make your room warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

This heavyweight blackout curtain set provides total privacy. None can see anything from the other side of the shades. In this way, you can use it as a room divider to prevent unwanted views and viewers in any room.

The manufacturer has given more priority to its materials. They made it with three-layered polyesters weighted fabric, which guarantees a completely dark room. For a nightshift worker who wants a perfect night-time sleep, this will be the permanent solution.

Lastly, we want to talk about the cleaning procedure. You do not need to wash it very often; sweep the dust with a broom. If too much dirt accumulates, you can clean the best blackout curtains for the bedroom in the washing machine with mild detergent.

Key Features

  • High standard quality
  • Washable
  • Heavyweight blocks sounds
  • Multiple color range

3. Rose Home Blackout Curtains for Day Sleepers | White Liner | 84″

The third one in our list is popularly known for its heavy-duty materials, from the brand Rose home fashion. Besides durability, the draperies give the burlap effect that brings a more vintage and graceful look to your room.

If you are sensitive to sunlight, blackout curtains are necessary. But you may not feel interested in buying them because they are black most of the time, might not suit your interior. The good news is, Rose home brings colorful blackout draperies. You can get different pairs for each room as well.

We can say that these draperies do not just block the sunrays; they also look good in your home.  Additionally, this light block curtain is sewn in the white color lining to diffuse daylight softly. Indeed, this double-layer fabric can give you peace of mind by blocking sunlight from reaching your room.

These are going to be the only pair of your house that works better than any other blocking curtain. When you install this pair in your room, they will give you a black cave look. You won’t even realize if it is day or night outside.

If you hang a pair of the curtain in your bedroom window in winter, it will give you warmth. It happens the opposite in summer, will hold the chill inside the room. Indeed, you will not have any issues while installing it.

Key Features

  • The thick and graceful look
  • Comes in various colors
  • Block light like the foil paper
  • Perfect for a bedroom or living room

4. Rose Home Blackout Curtains for Day Sleepers | Burlap Effect | 84″

After seeing loads of pleasant reviews, these blackout curtains for night shift workers have made their place in our top favorite list. It is a perfect pick for any room that needs to stay dark. Even though they come at a reasonable price, they will not possibly disappoint you.

If you are looking for something with a great deal to meet all your hopes and criteria, Rose home is the perfect option for you. The manufacturer has gone through a scientific experiment on the design. They sewed white liner that reflects more light, minimizes heat more than the black one.

Moreover, it is a linen and textured fabric that looks royal, modern, and more expensive. If you want something of standard quality at an affordable price, there is no substitute for a pair of Rose home curtains. Along with stopping sunlight entry, it ensures absolute privacy with all your indoor activities.

Though it is lightweight, it hangs beautifully on the rod. You might think that it will wrinkle after washing, but surprisingly it is not. Its perfect fabric and eye-soothing color will work with many different styles.

If you are more into neutral colors, this curtain set will catch all your attention. You will be pleased looking at the best blackout curtains for day sleepers and showing your family and guests what a stylish interior decorator you are!

Key Features

  • Standard color and fabric
  • Stays crinkle-free
  • Durable material
  • Ensures cave-dark

5. Nicetown Blackout Curtains for Day Sleepers | Shading Panel | 84″

The last entry in our top picks is the one from Nicetown. These are magnificent if you want to add blackout draperies in multiple rooms without spending so much money. We highly recommend this one because these are thick enough to keep out the light and UV ray completely.

Spend the night outside and come sleeping in your room during the day, you can trick your mind with a pair of these stylish curtains. When the sun is bright and full, you can instantly turn your room dark as night by tugging these curtains. If you maintain the curtain properly, it will last for years.

It can be an excellent sense to drape the curtains on your window to blackout your room entirely from the outside. Apart from blocking the lights, it obstructs the outside noises entering your room. No worries if the length is shorter than your window, you can hang them with rings and hooks.

If there is an older person who lives in your house, you can hang it in his room because they love to sleep in a quiet place. The thing you will love the most is the cleaning procedure is very easy, throw this in a washing machine with mild detergent.

You can set a perfect sleeping ambiance by setting up LED lights in your bedroom along with beautiful pairs of curtain set.

Key Features

  • High quality
  • Block heat and sound completely
  • Polyester made
  • Easily creates pleats

Things to Consider Before Buying Blackout Curtains for Day Sleepers

Best Blackout Curtains for Day Sleepers

We researched the blackout curtains for day sleepers in the market that will suit you perfectly. It is essential to understand the different styles of blocking curtains because the market is filled with lots of varieties. If you know the useful strategies to look for, you can pick the most valuable one.

Here, we will provide you with all the unavoidable things you need to check while buying blackout curtains. You may also like some of the

Metallic Paints from our list, so take a moment to check them out.

Light Blocking

If you want a curtain to blackout or darken your room thoroughly and it doesn’t, then it is not doing the right job. We have seen countless reviews of the curtains to check if the curtains we considered lived up to the promise.

All of the mentioned curtains will fulfill the task as per your wish. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the Wooden Countertops.


It will help if you consider buying synthetic curtains because those are better at blocking light. But many of them come in a darker color which does not look good. Thermal curtains are not applicable for home décor; they have another purpose. But they are still a prominent piece as you hang them inside your room. That’s why we choose the ones that look as standard as possible. We have reviewed the pretty-looking curtains available to work with a variety of styles. Make sure you also check our guide for Glue for Cardstock.

Affordable And Available

We have seen a lot of custom made blackout curtains which costs you a lot and take a lot of time to have made. It will help if you go for an affordable option because you have to count a lot of money to purchase curtains for every room. Apart from this, you should see if the excellent quality fabric is available or not within your budget.

Here we have mentioned all the budget-friendly options that you will easily find in any curtain shop.

Size And Style

Different windows come in different sizes. So, purchase the one that will fit your window perfectly. If the size is a little too much or too short, that will not be a significant matter though.

Ring, hook, loop- there are different styles of the curtains. You may choose any of them according to your interior type.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What type of fabric creates the most darkness?

Synthetic is the most famous fabric for stopping the lights from entering the room.

2. Do the best blackout curtains for the bedroom really work?


These curtains can trap in the heat during winter and keeps the summer heat and light away. They also hold noises from coming inside your room

3. Can I sleep with blackout curtains?

You can sleep better!

Not only they stop sunlight from running inside, but they will also keep the heat out. Nothing can be better than a cold and darkroom for sleeping.

4. Does a pair of curtains in my windows keep a room cool?

Blackout curtains will reduce the amount of warmth which transferred through your windows. That’s how it works to keep your room cool during summer.

5. Which colour should I choose, light or dark?

Fabric colour doesn’t matter for light-blocking curtains. You can choose any colour that suits your interior.

6. How to wash them properly?

You can wash the curtains with mild detergent. Washing machine or hand washed- you can choose either way. But refrain from washing them with bleaching powder, it will ruin the fabric quality.

Final Words

Now you have realized to take a correct decision of your purchase and be satisfied while utilizing it. You additionally have found about the best blackout curtains for day sleepers that we have chosen for your necessities. To block the lights and noises, you have to install the curtains properly.

Anyways, if you discover our article valuable, do not forget to send it to the people who need to know about it.

Have a Good Sleep!