Top 5 Best Wooden Countertops in 2021 – Most Popular Collections

by Mike Constanza

Beautification in the kitchen has a profound impact on our life. As Louis Parrish said, "If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life." So, to bring a transformation into your home, just organize the kitchen with an exquisite kitchen countertop.

A wooden countertop can serve you in many ways, which does not only enhance the kitchen's aesthetic value but also keep you safe from stop growing bacteria if you grab the best wooden countertops.

Most of the kitchen experts suggest that a wood butcher block is highly secure for your workstation because it reduces maximum cutting hazard by keeping the knife in the right balance while chopping or quick slicing.

By considering your safety and security in the kitchen, we discovered some top-notch wooden countertops by extensive research on the best countertops and got recommendations from Kitchen genius. So keep reading to get them right away.

Summary Table for Best Wooden Countertops in 2021

Image Product Name Price

John Boos Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board
John Boos Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board Price Check

Giant Maple Butcher Block, Food Graded
Giant Maple Butcher Block, Food Graded Price Check

John Boos- Oil Finish Walnut Countertop-Home/ Business
John Boos- Oil Finish Walnut Countertop-Home/ Business Price Check

Walnut Butcher Block / Kitchen Counter Top
Walnut Butcher Block / Kitchen Counter Top Price Check

John Boos Cherry-Wood Kitchen Countertop
John Boos Cherry-Wood Kitchen Countertop Price Check

Our Best Wooden Countertops Reviews

Our Best Wooden Countertops Reviews
Our Best Wooden Countertops Reviews

In this segment of the reviews, we will be demonstrating the ins and outs of the individual's countertop, so that you can come up with a better decision for your wooded countertops. Keep scrolling down to discover them.

1. John Boos Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board

John Boos Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board
John Boos Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board

During working hours, a kitchen countertop has to play various roles. So, to ensure the secure and smooth operation, you should come with some versatile cutting board like this robust cherry cutting board, which is enough to fulfill all your kitchen queries.

Cutting boards are vulnerable to bacteria. So, to stop growing microbes, you should cut meat and green veg separately by flipping over the board. To get more protection, you could use mineral oil or cream on the board.

The kitchen cutlery is getting dull, mostly due to the hard countertop. In the professional kitchen, it is noticeable than the personal kitchen. So, this charry cutting board provides you the maximum safety for your cutlery to avoid the damage.

The longevity of the butcher block depends on your hand after purchase. As it's a wooden board so initially, it required routine care like applying mineral oil, and you have to avoid water-wash altogether to make sure the quality of the board.

Though this is designed as a professional cutting board, this balanced and comprehensive board gives the amateur more efficiency while cutting. So, it would be a perfect choice for your home and workplaces.

Key Features

  • Equally, work on both side
  • Wide and balance board for all user
  • Smooth surface ensures the cutlery's efficiency
  • Serve for a long time, but provides the proper handling

2. Giant Maple Butcher Block, Food Graded

Giant Maple Butcher Block, Food Graded
Giant Maple Butcher Block, Food Graded

When it comes to countertop or butcher block, quality and safety measurement is more important than its appearance. Both these features are hard to come together, but this standalone butcher block comes with all three features simultaneously.

For your large-scale or multifarious task, you can uncritically choose this premium countertop, because of its composition with pure maple wood, as well as, other food graded construction glues.

It becomes more robust and can endure heavy work-load during rush hours if you used it in the professional kitchen. Furthermore, the edge grain construction method makes it more stable without harming its quality.

If you are apprehended about the health safety issues due to your countertop, then it will take you out of this. Because of its food-graded glues and no-varnish finished surface, allow you to go immediate operation after setting up the cutting board.

Though it ensures the highest level of quality in this countertop, you have to maintain it properly to have better longevity. The wooden surface required oil polish when it dries, so you have to be conscious regarding this to stop creaking and aging.

For your industrial kitchen solution or easy home setup, you could choose the Bison's maple block as the best wooden countertops, because it got the top position than its counterparts due to its outstanding quality and performance.

Key Features

  • Giant countertop for home & professional
  • Premium quality due to hard-rock maple wood
  • NSF certified wood and construction method
  • 1-year replacement warranty

3. John Boos- Oil Finish Walnut Countertop-Home/ Business

John Boos- Oil Finish Walnut Countertop-Home/ Business
John Boos- Oil Finish Walnut Countertop-Home/ Business

Homemakers have always understood the aesthetic values of the kitchen equipment. That's why they prefer the quality of the countertop along with its aesthetic value. So, to meet your desire, John Boos brought a gorgeous wooden countertop.

Though John Boos designed the countertop artistically, they never compromise with its timber quality. This butcher block is constructed with full-length rails to keep the unique colors pattern. While working on the board, you will get enough comfort due to its edge-grained top-surface.

Professional cutting master to amateur, everyone will have an enjoyable experience while working on the board due to its smooth finished and high-end surface. So, it is mostly recommended for amateur cutter due to safety issues.

Every hight-quality board demands regular maintenance so that it can keep its original look along with is a superb performance. That 'why it is recommended, the walnut cutting board required food-safe oil to keep it revive.

Furthermore, regular oil buffing not only keeps it secure but also can fight with foodborne bacteria, which grows after each operation. So, you have to use food-grade mineral oil to keep it safe.

Key Features

  • Come with a gorgeous outlook
  • Unique construction by walnut wood
  • Designed for home or professional purpose
  • Heavy work-loaded board for long-lasting performance
  • Routine oil-polish ensures the longevity of the wood countertop

4. Walnut Butcher Block / Kitchen Counter Top

Walnut Butcher Block / Kitchen Counter Top
Walnut Butcher Block / Kitchen Counter Top

A quality kitchen countertop could be easily distinguished by measuring its overall appearance. If you come across this butcher countertop, you will understand immediately, how well it is formulated and retain the wooden quality.

This solid butcher block ensures you relentless performance during rush hours, because of its top surface slicks coating provides a safe operation as well. So, from your personal to the professional kitchen, it would be your best companion.

The butcher block is specially designed for heavy-duty purposes, that's why they used supreme walnut wood for securing long-lasting durability. As a result, it can perform its best level in any kitchen environment.

The color pattern of the black walnut enhances its aesthetic value. Along with that, its edge grain constriction formula makes it robust for any butchery activities. As a result, you can confidently work and enjoy its relentless performance.

Though the cutting board ensures the highest quality wood, if you are not maintaining it properly, then it will not perform for a long time. So, to utilize your hard-earned investment, you have to make sure of the maintenance.

For medium or heavy work purposes, it would a solid butcher block, which will provide you best performance at an affordable price.

Key Features

  • Extremely durable due to black walnut wood
  • Enhance kitchen aesthetic due to gorgeous look
  • Wooden construction ensures forever joining
  • Perform fantastic on home and professional work

5. John Boos Cherry-Wood Kitchen Countertop

John Boos Cherry-Wood Kitchen Countertop
John Boos Cherry-Wood Kitchen Countertop

Are you looking for a vast solution for your countertop? Or want to get additional facilities with the giant board? Then, it would be difficult for you to overlook such a massive professional countertop by John Boos.

Butcher blocks are confronting a lot of work-load regularly, so it has to perform its best with keeping the safety measures. As a result, this butcher block is built with sturdy cherry-wood and comes with the high-end oil finished for everlasting durability.

If you look for a high performing board, then you can see the construction of the board to have the best countertops. For that reason, John Boos ensured the artistic edge grain surface by the full-length trail and brought aesthetics on the board.

Though the skilled American craftsman designed the butcher block for long-lasting performance, it will not work that way if you are not maintaining it thoroughly. The cutting board demands the food-safe oil polish to stop growing bacteria and reviving itself.

For considering the top-rated wooden countertops, you have to look for the quality board and the aesthetic value along with its price. Hence, for getting a giant professional countertop, you can go with this for its price and features.

Key Features

  • Huge board for home and business
  • Cherry wood ensured the durability of the block
  • Nonstop performance due to oil finished surface
  • Create a durable coating on the surface through oil polish

Things to Consider Before Buying Wooden Countertops

Best Wooden Countertops
Best Wooden Countertops

As it is the most significant equipment for kitchens, so you have to evaluate some factors before going to finalize your decision. Otherwise, it might frustrate you after buying, or able to create adverse health issues.


Reversibility is not the common factor for all wooden countertop, but most of them are have these features.

It defines the multipurpose use of the butcher block. It also measures the safety issues of food. For instance, if you use the top for raw meat, then you can use the back of the board for veg or dairy product. As a result, it rescues the contamination of bacteria.

Wood types

There are different types of wood used for kitchen countertop. Though each-type is high-quality wood, you have to make sure which models would be perfect for you.

For example, some wood is performed well in the summer seasons, and others are in the winter seasons. So, you might select the forest in terms of your geographical environment.


The construction method of these wooden countertops depends on their manufacturer. So, in which way they designed a particular countertop, it indicates the quality and performing capabilities of the butcher block.

So, the construction process has finally defined the quality of the finished wooden countertops.

Food- safety issues

Though these wood countertops ensure the food-graded quality as it will use in the kitchen. But before finalized your cutting board, you have to check it twice, whether it is food safe.

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During their construction, if it is not using food-grade glue or other substance which harms health, then it would be a disaster for your health.

Size measurement

The measurement of size is another essential aspect you have to consider before buying. This cutting board comes with multiple sizes, which is depending on their purpose.

According to your purpose or the measurement of your counter, you have to choose the perfect one.

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I use these for tenderizing meat?

Yes! You can

All these kitchen countertops are specially designed for butchery purposes. So, any kind of things which are related to butchery, cutting, slicing, or cleaving you can go with this.

To get more clarity, you can see the butchery industries or five-star hotels, where these kitchen countertops are using for heavy work purposes. Also, these are suitable to perform any type of kitchen tasks.

2. Is it possible to join multi countertop together?

Yes! It is.

You can go with that in terms of your need. It will work fantastic as it is also constructed in that way.

But it is recommended that you have to hire a skilled professional contractor, so to get a seamless finishing as like showroom look.

3. How can I clean these countertops?

It requires a straightforward cleaning process. You can go with either lukewarm water or warm soap water. Along with that, you have to ensure the proper maintaining process as well.

If you routinely polish the cutting board, which will bring the shiny glow on your surface and make it robust for provides better performance. But never go with bleach or other intense chemicals, which can damage the wood.

4. Can I fix it in my granite counter?


It is possible to set in any counter. As it is too heavy to carry, so you have to handle it very tactfully, so that it can quickly fix on the granite countertop without harming it.

5. Can I use these boards as an outdoor countertop?


It shouldn't be wise to use these precious countertops at outdoor. Because these are not highly weatherproof, so it cannot stand long on the outside.

Final Words

As we have seen that, a countertop is not only essential kitchen equipment but also a multi-tasking surface, so you have to think about whether it is safe for your kitchen before setting up.

The types of countertops vary from its purpose to purpose. Because some butcher blocks are individual for heavy-duty, and the others are for medium/light use.

Hence, before choosing the best wooden countertops, you should identify your intended one by keeping the above factors on the mind to keep yourself out of future disappointment and brings a significant comfort on your cutting, slicing, or butchery operation.

Have a Great Butchery!

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