Best Epoxy for Countertops in 2021 – Top Selling & Popular Collections

by Lindsey Carter

Many of you are quite familiar with epoxy resin, as it is becoming popular day by day. If you think it is a challenging job, let us ensure you one thing; the best epoxy for countertops coating is a lot easier than tiling because ceramic may break or misplace, but resin lasts for a long time.

If you are simply starting to work with epoxy resin, you should keep this thing in mind that not all the brands can serve you better. In this case, it should not be a purpose to search for the least expensive offers consistently.

It could destroy your work if you choose the wrong one.

While conducting market research, we found out that there are many types of epoxy resin in the market. But which is the perfect one for you? Keep scrolling down to know about it.

Summary Table for Best Epoxy for Countertops in 2021

Image Product Name Price

 Dr. Crafty Epoxy For Countertops | Resin Kit | Spreader + Stick
Dr. Crafty Epoxy for Countertops | Resin Kit | Spreader + Stick Price Check

Dr. Crafty Clear Epoxy For Countertops | 2 Gallon | Measuring Cup
Dr. Crafty Clear Epoxy for Countertops | 2 Gallon | Measuring Cup Price Check

TotalBoat Epoxy For Countertops | Wood & Concrete | 1 Gallon Kit
TotalBoat Epoxy for Countertops | Wood & Concrete | 1 Gallon Kit Price Check

Pro Marine Epoxy For Countertops, Table Top & Wood | 1 Gallon Kit
Pro Marine Epoxy for Countertops, Table Top & Wood | 1 Gallon Kit Price Check

Ultra-Clear Epoxy For Countertops | UV Resistant | Self Leveling
Ultra-Clear Epoxy for Countertops | UV Resistant | Self Leveling Price Check

Best Epoxy for Countertops Reviews

Best Epoxy for Countertops Reviews
Best Epoxy for Countertops Reviews

More often, DIY projects don't showcase the expected result because of the wrong selection of products. That's why we have picked the top five premium epoxy resins for countertops. Read below and get to know!

1. Dr. Crafty Epoxy for Countertops | Resin Kit | Spreader + Stick

Dr. Crafty Epoxy For Countertops | Resin Kit | Spreader + Stick
Dr. Crafty Epoxy For Countertops | Resin Kit | Spreader + Stick

Do you know? The kitchen countertop can get a new look by the beautiful satin finishing even without changing it. Yes, you read this, right! You can give your old countertop a new look by using Dr. crafty epoxy for countertops and others.

Dr. crafty resin kit is appropriate for clearing the coat from any type of wood finishes. Unlike other alternatives, it will give a very shiny and glossy look to your countertop. To be honest, the coating will not turn yellow by times.

There is no hard and fast rule for epoxy resin applications.

In room-temperature, you simply mix the equal amount of resin and hardener, then mix them properly with the provided stick. That's it! Your cure is ready to pour!

There's no doubt about the quality of the resin that will satisfy you at all. We have already told you about its yellowing resistance. Additionally, this budget-friendly resin is non-toxic. There's no harm if you cut vegetables on the countertop after using the resin.

After finishing, this epoxy resin will give you a durable and scratch-free surface. All in all, it has everything that you need for resin craft. Thus, your DIY will rock on with a transparent resin kit.

Key Features

  • Non-toxic and UV protected
  • Yellowing resistant
  • Strong, durable, and scratch-free
  • Transparent and smooth finishing

2. Dr. Crafty Clear Epoxy for Countertops | 2 Gallon | Measuring Cup

Dr. Crafty Clear Epoxy For Countertops | 2 Gallon | Measuring Cup
Dr. Crafty Clear Epoxy For Countertops | 2 Gallon | Measuring Cup

If you are looking for an epoxy resin that is suitable for wooden surfaces, then we have a special epoxy for countertops, which is manufactured by Dr. Crafty. It is solid, crystal clear, and completely UV protected resin.

This resin kit is easier to handle than you think. Not only easy to use but also ready to make your projects effortlessly though you are a new DIYer. Now you are ready to venture any type of project, but make sure the resin.

This epoxy resin is non-toxic and food-contact safe. Thus, it permits you to bring your projects to life without stress!

You can safely use this kit on your countertop or other wooden surfaces. Don't worry about food safety!

It will undoubtedly provide you the most reliable consistency if you go with the resin. So, it is a good opportunity to showcase your incredible craft skill and creativity.

If you are the first time in casting, we will recommend you to do your project with the epoxy resin. It will provide you the outstanding finish within a very affordable price.

It will drastically change the whole kitchen look just in few hours. You will fall in love with the best casting resin because of its glossy finishing.

Key Features

  • Reliable Formula for casting
  • Perfect for both professional and beginners
  • Non-Toxic, Odor-free, and UV protected
  • Super shiny texture without yellowing

3. TotalBoat Epoxy for Countertops | Wood & Concrete | 1 Gallon Kit

TotalBoat Epoxy For Countertops | Wood & Concrete | 1 Gallon Kit
TotalBoat Epoxy For Countertops | Wood & Concrete | 1 Gallon Kit

Epoxy for countertop is getting popular day by day because of the creative and unique look it shows. If you want to get a stunningly clear and high glossy look, then we must say Total Boat is the perfect crystal resin for you!

By using this epoxy resin kit, you can easily prepare the resin mixture. It won't create any unnecessary bubbles after pouring from a close distance. Also, you can mix the ink, mica powder, or acrylic pigments to create a colorful outcome!

After using the resin, you will get the waterproof, durable, and scratch-resistant surface.

So, you can use the resin anywhere, such as a countertop, tabletop, bath remodeling projects, etc. As the product is BPA free, it does not contain any VOCs. As a result, you will not face any health issues while working or later.

It doesn't matter whether you are a professional, hobbyist, or beginner. Just by following the easy instructions, you can get the ultimate finished on wood, cement, stone, metal, or any kind of solid surfaces.

Do you know the interesting part of the resin? It can absorb maximum heat, but it will never be yellowish over time. Not just on a countertop, you can do resin art, embedding objects, or other crafting DIY with it.

Key Features

  • Easy to spread
  • Crystal clear look
  • Durable and strong coating
  • Non-toxic and BPA free resin

4. Pro Marine Epoxy for Countertops, Table Top & Wood | 1 Gallon Kit

Pro Marine Epoxy For Countertops, Table Top & Wood | 1 Gallon Kit
Pro Marine Epoxy For Countertops, Table Top & Wood | 1 Gallon Kit

The coating on a wooden countertop with resin may seem tough but it is easier than you think. You just need to choose the perfect brand. Pro marine brought a resin kit that is the high demanding and the leading brand from the past seven years.

In the construction and art industry, epoxy resin is a much-needed product. Keeping this thing in mind, the manufacturer ensures the highest quality in an affordable budget. Undoubtedly, you will get the most satisfactory result out of it.

If you want to change the look of your kitchen counter, take the resin and hardener in a 1:1 ratio and make a fine mixture.

Though it has the self-spreading ability, you can use a foam roller to spread it evenly to the edges. But still, if you need any assistance, follow the instruction provided.

You don't need to stay away from your kitchen for a very long time after having done with the resin coating. The main part of this resin is it dries and sets up quickly. Though it takes a short time to set, it remains the same for a long time.

After knowing all the features, it would be difficult for you to ignore this brand. That's why it considers as the best epoxy for countertops, tabletop, and so forth.

Key Features

  • Ability to spread by itself
  • Environment-friendly resin
  • Stays shiny and protective for a long time
  • Maximum in quality, minimum in price

5. Ultra-Clear Epoxy for Countertops | UV Resistant | Self Leveling

Ultra-Clear Epoxy For Countertops | UV Resistant | Self Leveling
Ultra-Clear Epoxy For Countertops | UV Resistant | Self Leveling

There are so many brands in the market, but not all of them can give you transparency as this one from Incredible Solutions. Like other brands, it will not leave you with so many questions or queries. Why though? To know the answer, keep reading on.

Whether this is your first resin casting or you are a prepared epoxy professional, you can effortlessly make your casting with it because it has a high-quality outcome to offer. For the whole working procedure, it comes with a detailed instruction to pose inquiries explicitly.

Before buying the epoxy for countertops, check the label properly if it is toxic-free or not.

However, Incredible Solutions ensures that it is a BPA free equation containing no VOCs. So, you will confront no health issues while working or in later.

We must mention one of its excellent features here. Its consistency is pure thick, which makes it to cover a large area with a little amount. So, now you know, one gallon is more than enough to cover a large cabinet. You can do other crafts too with the leftovers.

Unlike other brands, this water-resistant epoxy resists yellowing which is caused by heat or the exposure of UV lights. So, to have a great experience, purchase the epoxy resin without any doubt.

Key Features

  • Satin smooth finishing
  • Perfect for any type of solid surface
  • Thick consistency with the self-leveling ability
  • BPA Free, No VOCs, and UV protected resin

Things to Consider Before Buying Epoxy for Countertops

Best Epoxy For Countertops
Best Epoxy For Countertops

While purchasing resin for countertops, you should consider some pivotal factors previously. Else, you will never get the expected result.

That's why we have assembled some vital points for you to pick the best casting resin. Besides, you can check out the article about countertop painting if you want to paint the surface after using resin.

UV Resistant

The first and most important matter that you must pay heed on before buying epoxy resin is its resistant capacity against ultraviolet rays. If the resin doesn't have enough capacity to shield against UV, it will turn yellowish very soon.


You use epoxy resin not only to change the outlook but also to protect the countertop from scratches, heat, or fragility. But if the resin itself is not durable enough to protect the top, it is useless and a waste of your hard-earned money.

That's why the epoxy resin must be durable and hard as a rock to prevent future cracks or scratches.


It is very important to decide the budget before purchasing anything. When you buy epoxy for countertops, choose the one in which you can afford.

Not all expensive products are of premium quality. On the other hand, buying cheap brands is never a wise decision because they tend to be of low quality. That's why to choose the product that is affordable according to its quality.

Self Spreading

Some resins are so thick that they stiff on a place after pouring. It leads to an uneven coating. If you want a resin kit that creates even finishing, buy something that spreads on the surface by itself. Just to reach the edges, use a foam roller or brush.

Otherwise, if you shake or use extra tools for the leveling, it may create splotches on top.

Thickness & Coverage

Resins must have an appropriate thickness for your tabletop. At any rate, a medium to high thickness guarantees an appropriate overlay on your project.

Additionally, the resin must cover the larger area, or else you need to keep overlaying over and over again.

Eco Friendly

The first and fundamental thing that you should keep in mind before purchasing resin is to check if it is eco friendly or not.

As you are using it on the kitchen table, it should be toxin-free, or else you might face food poisoning.

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Why do I need resin to cover the tabletop?

Well, epoxy resin is getting popular day by day. Most of the people buy resin to build a shield on wooden, concrete, or ceramic countertop to protect against cracking, damaging or scratching.

2. Should I blow hot air on the resin after casting?

You should blow hot air after casting the resin. If you don't do so, bubbles will appear on top.

After pouring the cure, if you face bubbles, immediately blow hot air with a hand dryer and keep doing it until the bubble appears during the processing time.

3. Is the resin resistant to heat? If I put any hot pot on the countertop, will that start melting like plastic?


The resin is enough heat resistant. It can withstand temperature up to 110°C-115°C.

By the way, you can put the hot pot, coffee mug, or anything on the epoxy resin coated table. It won't melt.

4. Can I pour more than one layer if I don't get the expected outcome?


If your first layer isn't thick enough, you can pour another layer, and it will stick. Let the resin set for at least 24 hours or more after layering. The more you let it set up, the more it becomes harder.

5. What is the perfect temperature for the expected result?

The proper temperature for the processing is normal room temperature, around 25-30°C. If the temperature is lower than 10°C, set up time takes longer. So, maintain a certain warmth to set your resin perfectly, which can help limit bubbles and speed up relieving.

Final Words

Last but not least, we have conveyed you great information regarding epoxy resin, so you must keep in mind these vital things before purchasing the best epoxy for countertops.

To customize your countertop with creativity, you can mix powder or liquid pigments with the cure or embed objects, display photos, and other cherished trinkets underneath the epoxy resin layer.

Have a Great Resin!

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