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Best Microblading Kit – Top 5 Selection for 2021

Do you know why it is difficult to distinguish the difference between a natural eyebrow and a microblading eyebrow? Even the eyebrow looks natural after grooming. Indeed, this natural look is only possible by using the microblading kit.

A microblading artist must stand with the microblading set that can do this grooming job meticulously. Otherwise, what is the point of having microblading tools? Only the best microblading kit brings out the ultimate shape with exact precision.

These days, finding the right kit is somewhat tricky from tons of microblading kits. However, we have come with 5 top-rated microblading kits after rigorous testing. Let’s check out the list.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Charme Microblading Kit | 15pcs Cartridge Needles | 7pcs Pigments
Charme Microblading Kit | 15pcs Cartridge Needles | 7pcs PigmentsCheck Price

ATOMUS Eyebrow Microblading kit | 14pin Needle | Pencil
ATOMUS Eyebrow Microblading kit | 14pin Needle | PencilCheck Price

QMYBROW Microblading kit with-  Blades, Cup, Ruler, Pigment
QMYBROW Microblading kit with-  Blades, Cup, Ruler, PigmentCheck Price

BIOMASER Microblading Kit – Quantity Pack
BIOMASER Microblading Kit – Quantity PackCheck Price

Anghie 26pcs Eyebrow Microblading Kit | 14pin
Anghie 26pcs Eyebrow Microblading Kit | 14pinCheck Price

Best Microblading Kit Reviews

To let you know more about these microblading sets, we have designed this reviews section with detailed specifications and uses. Indeed, it will help you to narrow down you buying list. Let’s dive into the reviews.

1. Charme Microblading Kit | 15pcs Cartridge Needles | 7pcs Pigments

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional microblading artist or a newbie, if you need a complete pack for your microblading, then have a glimpse of the Charme Princesse microblading kit.

First talk about the quality of these kits. The manual tattoo pen has engineering with high quality aluminum alloy. Plus, these microblading needles are made of 316 stainless steel. That means there is a question about durability.

Using the manual tattoo pen is easy for all. It comes with a built-in control system to adjust the speed or turn on/off.

To provide power supply, it includes an adapter. Besides, you can use the power bank to operate the pen.

As I mentioned, this is a large pack and it includes a pen kit, a waterproof eyeliner pen, a microblading manual pen, 15pcs cartridge needles (1rl, 3rl, 5rl), 10pcs manual needles, 7pcs pigments, 2pcs practice skin and 10pcs ring ink cups.

Most Liking Features

The most arresting feature of this kits its pigment set. It comes with 7 bottles of different pigments. Plus, the color is so vibrant and gives you a long lasting durability. Besides, the quantity of each bottle is 5ml more than other brands on the market.

Probable Drawbacks

After using the pigments, it may cause some irritation to the sensitive skin.

Key Features

  • A aluminum made manual pen
  • Tattoo pen has 3 speed controller
  • Includes pen, eyeliner, needles, pigments, ink cup etc
  • Multi-functional pack for eyebrow, eyeliner, lips and small tattoo

2. ATOMUS Eyebrow Microblading kit | 14pin Needle | Pencil

Do you want to practice microblading with an affordable kit? Then you are about to have the best microblading starter kit. Let’s explore what it comes with.

First we notice that the ATOMUS makes the maximum safety for their kits. Like, all 14pin needles are sterilized and made of medical grade stainless steel. Plus, all of the needles come in individual packs.

Although the price is quite less as compared to the first kit, this pack does not include some spare kits and the extra tattoo pen like the first one.

However, the pack includes various eyebrow tattoo tools such as a manual microblading pen, a microblading pencil, 2pcs tattoo practice skin, 5pcs 14pin blades, 5pcs ring ink cups, 1pc eyebrow ruler and a dark coffee pigment. Remember this coffee pigment is only for practice skin.

Most Liking Features

ATOMUS mostly focus on the microblading pen. They have engineered this pen out stainless steel. Plus, the anti-skid surface makes sure maximum stability while working. Besides, cross mouth design of the pen can firmly hold the blade.

Probable Drawbacks

The pigment of this pack seems poor quality which doesn’t provide the vibrant color.

Key Features

  • A cost-effective kit for beginners
  • All needles are medical graded
  • Practice skin made of silicon which are non-toxic
  • Pen comes with an anti-skid design and a stainless steel cross head
  • Includes microblading pen, pencil, needles, skin and pigments

3. QMYBROW Microblading kit with-  Blades, Cup, Ruler, Pigment

Most of the users seek safety first when looking for a permanent eyebrow makeup set. If you are one of them and safety is your first consideration, then dig a little deeper.

Let’s know about what makes it different from its near competitors. Unlike other kits in the list, QMYBROW offers four different size needles with maximum quantity. That means each needles pack has 10 pcs of needles.

Moreover, all the individual needles come in Individual sterile wrapped. And you will find the lot number and expiry date on the pack.

You will see that the pack includes everything for a microblading artist with great quantities such as a pen, a dark coffee pigment, 2 practice skins, 2 rulers, 40pcs needles, 50pcs ink cups and 50pcs finger gloves.

Most Liking Features

The manufacturer has specially designed the microblading pen and uses stainless steel materials. Plus, it has autoclave safe tools that can hold the blade tightly.Besides, it can accommodate multiple sized needles such as U needle, curved needle and round shading 3,4,5,7,9 .

Probable Drawbacks

Not provided pigment for real skin. You should use the pigment only for practice skin.

Key Features

  • Autoclave safe microblading pen
  • Each needles comes in sterilized pack
  • Includes pen, ruler, needles, cups and gloves
  • Ensure maximum quantity for needles and other stuff

4. BIOMASER Microblading Kit – Quantity Pack

If you are looking for the best microblading kit with maximum quantity, then you can consider this pack first. From needles to every other kit are abundant in this pack.

The most attractive feature of the pack is its microblading pen. And the pen’s locking is quite rigid, which comes in 3 different tips to fit all the needles or blade.

Besides, the pen can adapt to a variety of needles such as general, round, single stitch and other needles.

While we juxtapose this pack with the other listed kit, we see that the kit’s quantity is huge in this kit. And the price is the same as its other counterparts.

Let’s take a look at the pack. It includes a microblading pen, a pencil, 2 pigments, a ruler, 50pcs finger gloves, 100pcs ring ink cups, practice skin and 40 different size needles.

Most Liking Features

In terms of safety issues, BIOMASER’s microblading kits are up to the mark. All the needles comply with the medical requirements and cosmetology. In fact, they made these needles out of 361L medical grade stainless steel.

Probable Drawbacks

The pigment is not as bold as it depicts.

Key Features

  • The pen can hold multiple needles
  • Medical graded 316L stainless steel needles
  • Four different types of needles pack
  • Ensure maximum quantity for all kits

5. Anghie 26pcs Eyebrow Microblading Kit | 14pin

For those who are looking for a microblading starter kit, there is a good collection for them. Anghie brought a microblading kit that can be reliable.

One thing is noticeable about this pack is its needle quality. All the needles are manufactured by 316L stainless steel and comes in an individual pack. Plus, all needles are comply with the medical requirement. So, there is no safety issues.

While using the microblading pen, you will feel a tight grip since it comes with a no-slip design.

Plus, the cross-head design makes sure the perfect locking with various types of needles.

The pack includes a pen, a pencil, 2 practice skin, a dark brown pigment, 5pcs ring ink cups, 5pcs 14pin blade, a 3-point ruler, 5pcs finger coats. However, the quantity of each kit is lower than the other pack in our list. But the price of this pack is much more reasonable than others except the 2nd one.

Most Liking Features

Those who start learning microblading, they would enjoy most by practicing this set. Because the pack comes with 2 practice skin that looks like real skin and the pigmentation seems real on the practice skin.

Probable Drawbacks

The needles collection is limited to this pack, that means it comes in only one variety.

Key Features

  • The pen comes with non-slip design
  • All 14pin needles are medical graded
  • Includes pen, pencil, cup, skin, color, coat and needles
  • Silicon based practice skin feels like human skin

Things to Consider Before Buying Microblading Kit

Best Microblading Kit

Some of you might wonder why you should see some factors of the microblading kit meticulously.In fact, it is needed as you are choosing some skin treatment tools. Plus, considering some factors in advance will save you from after buying harassment.

That’s why we have designed this buying guide to help you get the best microblading starter kit or professional one easily. Let’s jump into it. Check out the most essential Review for rhinestone applicator.

Microblading Pen

The key instrument of a microblading kit is the pen. And most of the blading success is depending on the quality and performance of the pen. We have seen that some of the pens come in poor quality and it doesn’t have a proper gripping system that can lead to a severe accident.

Another thing you should know about the pen is its overall functionality such as speed control mode and the vibrating level after starting. Moreover, importantly,  you should check the compatibility of the multiple needles.

Some packs also come with tattoo pens which would be worth it for those who are searching for a microblading pack for professional purposes. Make sure you also check our guide for zipper lubricant.

Needle’s safety Issues

As microblading needles are used for incision strokes, the needles must be medical graded or must comply with the cosmetology. Otherwise, it leads to serious infection.

While checking the needles pack, first see whether they come in a sterilized individual pack or not. If you find any safety issues then you should immediately contact the suppliers or return the product.

Needles Size and Quantity

In general, a microblading kit comes with a variety of needles sizes. You will find from 7pin to 18pin needles. So, you should choose the size according to your purpose . Because not all of the kit provides all varieties of needles size. Thus, you should check the needle size for professional purposes.

Besides, quantity of the needles would be prime consideration. Some starter microblading kits offer small quality needles which are not worthy for the professionals.

Focusing on Pigments

Usually, some microblading packs come with two types of pigment, one is for real skin use others are for practice skin use. However, if you choose a budget pack that might not include a real skin pigment. In such a regular pack, the pigments come mainly for practice purposes.

So, you should be careful about the practice pigment and never try this on real skin. Otherwise, it will burn the skin or cause some irritation.

Additional Accessories

Along with pen and needles, a microblading kit should have included other essential stuff such as ring cup, finger coat, ruler, pencil, tattoo practice skin, and pigment. Besides, if the pack has a tattoo pen then check its power supply.

Moreover, if you want a worthy microblading kit at an affordable price then you should look up the quantity of each additional stuff.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Is it necessary to have all varieties of needles in a kit?

If you are a professional microblading artist, then you need a complete pack with a variety of needles sizes. Otherwise, you can go with a single size needle like 12pin or 14pin.

2. Can I use the tattoo pen for making any tattoo?

Yes, you can.

The tattoo pen is almost like the professional tattoo making pen. But you can only make some small tattoos by using this.

3. Is the practice pigment safe for real skin?


You should never try the practice pigment on the real skin. It will burn your skin or leave skin irritation. Even most real skin pigments also cause some issues for the sensitive skin.

4. How many pigments are available on a microblading kit?

It depends. A premium kit includes 6 to 7 pigments on the pack. However, most economic packs come with a single pigment that is only for practice skin not for real skin use.

5. Is the needle safe for using on skin?

As far we see that, all of the microblading kit offers medical graded needles. And the manufacturer never compromises with the needles safety issues if you choose the best microblading tools pack.

Final Words

Though some of you are not buying a microblading kit for professionals, that doesn’t mean that you have to go with a random one. No, you must have all the kit and perhaps, you should take a look at the comparison list to narrow down your choice.

That’s why all above sections of this article design in such a way that you can easily find the best microblading kit. Hope that this article will help you to reach that buying decision.

Enjoy the Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Treatment!