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Best Rhinestone Applicator In 2021 – Top Selling & Popular Models

Suppose you have a prom night ahead, and you are running out of money to purchase a new gown. Or maybe you want to add some sparkle to your old looking shoes or pieces of denim.

We have the perfect solution for you in this regard. Adding sparkles with the best rhinestone applicator will change the look and turn your simple things into a gorgeous one.

If you are a professional with rhinestone designing, you must be looking for a good applicator set with a variety of rhinestones.

The types, quality, and bond are the main factor of any rhinestone applicator stick. You will suffer in the long run if you don’t have the perfect one.

Here, we are showcasing the most demanding rhinestone applicator whose finest quality will satisfy you by any means.

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Rhinestone Applicator Wand Setter – 7 Tips
Rhinestone Applicator Wand Setter – 7 TipsCheck Price

Hotfix Rhinestone Applicator kit – 3880pcs- 12 Colors
Hotfix Rhinestone Applicator kit – 3880pcs- 12 ColorsCheck Price

Hotfix Rhinestone Applicator- 4360pcs - Tips, Tweezers, Tray
Hotfix Rhinestone Applicator- 4360pcs - Tips, Tweezers, TrayCheck Price

Meircy Rhinestone Applicator Setter- 12000pcs – 5 Tips
Meircy Rhinestone Applicator Setter- 12000pcs – 5 TipsCheck Price

 Hotfix Applicator - Bedazzler - Tweezers & Cleaning Kit
Hotfix Applicator - Bedazzler - Tweezers & Cleaning KitCheck Price

The Best Rhinestone Applicator Reviews

An adhesive tool is not just for hobbyists or artists. It is a much-needed tool for everyone. From paper crafts to wooden ones, to make any DIY projects, rhinestone applicator pen is the top priority. Make your decorations more glamorous and classier with the following applicators.

1. Rhinestone Applicator Wand Setter – 7 Tips

Do you want to add more sparkle to your favorite jeans or to decorate scrapbooks for your best friend? To well-set your wish, we are here to introduce you with an amazing rhinestone applicator kit of 18cm from the brand GGLTECK.

GGLTEK hotfix applicator is leading the market because of its various extra-ordinary features. First of all, the glue has to melt quickly to attach rhinestone to any surface. This applicator heats up fast and becomes sticky, that’s how the stones stuck quickly.

Another important thing you need to know is, the rhinestone setting tool contains different shapes and colors as well as they have glue on the background.

So, when you place and heat them with the applicator, the glue melts and sticks to the surface immediately.

The first impression is the last. The same goes for this applicator also. If you choose this applicator to manage your intricate crafts such as paper, wood projects, or leather, fabric materials, it will not frustrate you.

Do you know what the good part is? To apply the different patterns of crystals, you will get different shapes of tips with it. Whenever you want, just change the tip after cooling and attach another to work with different shapes of stones. Just keep the glue out of your skin-touch.

Key Features

  • Melts quickly after heating
  • It takes a short time to fix
  • Won’t fall off after being wet
  • Works on any types of paper, cloth, leather or even wood

2. Hotfix Rhinestone Applicator kit – 3880pcs- 12 Colors

Who doesn’t want to gift handmade things to their dear ones? Handmade stuff makes with amazing sparkles add an extra dimension on the gift. That’s why people love to attach sequins stones to the DIYs. But those gifts create a good impression if the attachments stay long.

It looks really bad if rhinestones fall off after sometimes. The elegance of your craft instantly destroys if the sparkles are no more. So, to keep the rhinestones on DIY things for a long time, use the best rhinestone applicator.

Before application, heat the hotfix applicator for one or two minutes, then start applying the glue. It takes a few seconds to melt the glue and fix it quickly.

But if you make a mess and accidentally spread it elsewhere, do not worry. It has a brush by which you can clean it.

When you work with it, you won’t need anything extra because it contains all the necessary materials in a set. Once you start bonding rhinestone, you will love to apply more, since they are enough sparkles add to an extra shine on your crafts.

To change your laptop, phone cover, recycle old crafts, renew old cloths, or make jewelry, this rhinestone applicator is a game-changer. This handy tool is very easy to use and will make your work faster.

Key features

  • Safe & Easy to use
  • Packed in a zipper bag
  • Various color and shapes of rhinestones
  • Includes all the needed tools for DIY projects

3. Hotfix Rhinestone Applicator- 4360pcs – Tips, Tweezers, Tray

The WorthofBest manufactured a hotfix applicator, which is designed especially for girly uses. You can use the rhinestones to embellish t-shirts, denim, bags, jewelry, or even to nail arts also. Its extra shine will leave an extra impression wherever you go.

This is a premium quality glue by which you can design or recreate a new look of your clothes. Also, when you do nail art, decorate your nails with this rhinestone to make them look different and unique from others.

Unlike ordinary applicator, it doesn’t create any harm to your skin. Be careful while heated-up, do not touch the tip to escape any kind of skin burning.

Interestingly, the rhinestone applicator works on all surfaces.

Anyways, the kit comes in a zipper bag, which ensures the stuff stays inside on place. The set includes all the rhinestones of the rainbow series, which means you will get all the colors together. That’s how it worth your every penny.

Thus, it is high time to show your DIY talents with an extra-ordinary hotfix rhinestones applicator toolset and add charm everywhere. So, are you ready to get set started?

Key features

  • No harmful ingredients.
  • No complicated procedure to use
  • Works on all types of fabrics
  • Durable and water-resistant.

4. Meircy Rhinestone Applicator Setter- 12000pcs – 5 Tips

Are you dreaming of sparkling up your world with a high-quality set of rhinestones right away? You will be fully satisfied by the brand we are now presenting to you, which is the Meircy hotfix applicator.

You won’t face any difficulties working with the rhinestones, because these hotfix stones have their glue at the backside. You just place the stone on the place and heat up with the applicator. Just be aware, do not touch the applicator tip. Otherwise, the hot glue will burn your skin.

After applying the glue, wait for just 10-20 seconds, the rhinestone will be stuck. After drying properly, they will hold the place forever. The good part is, the glue doesn’t leave any spot around the rhinestones.

The rhinestone tool is not only for paper but also for different categories of fabrics, leather, wood, etc. The bulk amount of rhinestone set makes you wonder for applying on various colors in various places.

The 7-inch hotfix applicator is quite handy, which is very prominent to work with. Your eyes will glaze by the glittering rhinestones of different sizes and colors. Also, the set includes different sizes of nozzles (2mm-9mm).

Key features

  • Bonding rhinestones forever
  • Come in a convenient box.
  • Cost-effective rhinestone set
  • Each color rhinestones have a different size.

5. Hotfix Applicator – Bedazzler – Tweezers & Cleaning Kit

“Practice doesn’t make perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect”- Vince Lombardi

Your practice gives you perfection only if you do your job with quality products. Hence, we are suggesting you a top-quality rhinestone pick up the tool, so that you can prepare a perfect embellishment by yourself.

Get yourself an upgraded quality of rhinestone picker with exciting gems collections and varieties of tips from KUIENSI. The rhinestones themselves are so shiny, that’s how they can gorgeously transform the outlook of matter.

A significant feature of this applicator is, the glue is so strong and water-resistant.

You can use this hotfix on any kind of fabric or paper; it works better on these kinds of surfaces more than rubber or leather.

The manufacturer used a perfect ergonomic handle, which makes the grip more comfortable and heat resistant. Besides, the applicator won’t be overheated after long-time use. That’s why whoever uses this brand once, still stick to the applicator.

Its overall performance is mind-blowing. It will help you to create a gorgeous and blinking effect on your dresses or old jeans. Its effectiveness and good-bond make it a top-pick among all the craft-lovers.

Key features

  • The epitome of permanent bonding.
  • Disappear glue spots after drying.
  • Different types of tips from 3mm to 5mm
  • Glass made rhinestones

Things to Consider Before Buying Rhinestone Applicator

Best Rhinestone Applicator

Before buying anything, you need to be cautious and know well about the product. Buying the wrong product will make you regret it forever. Moreover, it is a total waste of money if you go for the worst one unknowingly.

To help you choose the best hotfix tool, we are showing you some basic things you must be aware of.


The most important factor of a rhinestone applicator is how strong its bonding is! A quality product will show the greatest performance.

So, the glue that can hold the product for a long time should be the priority.

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Interchangeable nozzles

Applicator must have different shapes of the tip according to the rhinestone size so that you can change whenever you need. It will ease your work more than ever.

Surprisingly, the above all rhinestone applicators has come with different size from 3mm to 5mm. So, pick the applicators which are most suitable for you.

Rhinestone quality

Polished rhinestones and glass made shine the most. The creativity will fail if the rhinestone doesn’t blink properly. So never compromise the quality of the rhinestones while buying.

Follow the above reviews, which will help to choose the best hotfix rhinestone applicator.

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Water resistance

If you paste the rhinestones on fabric, the glue must be water-resistant. Otherwise, it will fall from the cloth after a few washes. Even if it’s on leather or wood, these things also come to water contact. So, water-resistance glue is applicable in all sectors.

Using Procedure

People always ignore complicated things. When you buy an applicator toolset, the easier the use is, the easier the working is. The products we have mentioned above have a super easy method of application. Just place the gem and heat with the applicator, that’s it!


It looks very ugly if the glue leaves any marks after drying. The wholesome of your creation ruins if such a thing happens.

Make sure to buy glue that becomes transparent and doesn’t leave any glue-spot after drying.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can it be used on the canvas board?

The rhinestone can be placed on any surfaces that can absorb the glue after melting. So, yes, it can be used on the canvas board as well.

2. Can I use it for my nail art?

Yes, of course!

You can use this rhinestone applicator tool kit to decorate your nails; it won’t do any harm on your skin.

3. Is that ok if I make jewelry with this set?

100% yes!

Most people buy this kit for jewelry purposes. The rhinestones are so gorgeous that they look like original Swarovski.

4. What are the rhinestones made of?

You can see the eye-glaring shine from the rhinestones if they are made with good materials. Usually, they are made of glass, and that’s why they shine the most.

5. Will they fall off after washing my clothes?


The glue is water-resistant. No matter how many times you wash your clothes, they won’t fall off.

5. Will these work with pearls?

This adhesive works with things that can absorb it. As pearls can absorb the glue and they are hotfix. Thus, it will work on pearls.

Final Word

Adhesive tools must not be considered as an ordinary kit. It is the most important for craftwork, which can be defined as a magical wand.

The perfect tool will show you the perfection of your handmade things and won’t create any harmful effects at all. That’s why, for your convenience, we have compiled a list of the best rhinestone applicator out there.

Now it’s time to showcase your charisma with the perfectly placed rhinestones.

Happy Blinking!