Top 5 Best Mouse for Arthritis – A List From The Expert

by Lindsey Carter

Working on computers with an ordinary mouse is very tiring. After working for a while, your wrist starts to pain, and you feel discomfort.

For user comfort, a different kind of mouse has been designed. These mouses are mainly for arthritis. The best mouse for arthritis will keep your wrist in the right position and will ensure comfort.

As there are various kinds of mouses in the market, buying the right one is not easy. Therefore we will try to help you to choose the right mouse for arthritis. So you will need less amount of gripping.

Summary Table for Top 5 Best Mouse for Arthritis

Image Product Name Price

Logitech Mouse For Arthritis | Right Hand Shape
Logitech Mouse for Arthritis | Right Hand Shape Price Check

Anker Mouse For Arthritis | 5 Buttons
Anker Mouse for Arthritis | 5 Buttons Price Check

LEKVEY Mouse For Arthritis | Rechargeable Batteries
LEKVEY Mouse for Arthritis | Rechargeable Batteries Price Check

Microsoft Mouse For Arthritis | Advanced Design
Microsoft Mouse for Arthritis | Advanced Design Price Check

3M Mouse For Arthritis | Vertical Grip
3M Mouse for Arthritis | Vertical Grip Price Check

Best Mouse for Arthritis Reviews

Best Mouse for Arthritis Reviews
Best Mouse for Arthritis Reviews

In this section, we are presenting all the categories of a mouse for arthritis. As a result, you will get the idea about the mouse that meets all your expectations and needs. So keep scrolling down to find the right one for you.

1. Logitech Mouse for Arthritis | Right Hand Shape

Logitech Mouse For Arthritis | Right Hand Shape
Logitech Mouse For Arthritis | Right Hand Shape

While working with your computer mouse, you have to move your fingers frequently. Now it is the time to stop chasing your mouse around. Because in this model, the trackball stays in one place. And you can control this with your thumb.

Logitech unifying receiver is included with the trackball. You don't need to unplug the mouse when you are moving around.

This will be connected to the wireless receiver that stays in the laptop. You can do this without any hassle of a USB connector.

When you are buying a product with your valuable money, you will want to perform better and last longer. You can use a Logitech mouse for arthritis for up to 18 months without having to change the batteries. And this has a convenient battery indicator, so you will never be caught off guard.

No matter where you use the trackball, you will get full cursor control. You can use this on comfy sofas, hard tables, and lumpy beds. This has an easy to reach forward button. The button and the scroll wheel make the control easier and simpler.

This will ensure the utmost comfort. This does not require any finger movement. The model is controllable with just your thumb. So you do not need to move your arms.

Key Features

  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Provide utmost comfort
  • Control with one thumb
  • Full cursor control

2. Anker Mouse for Arthritis | 5 Buttons

Anker Mouse For Arthritis | 5 Buttons
Anker Mouse For Arthritis | 5 Buttons

Are you finding a mouse that doesn't require you any hand banding, and you can work with this more naturally? Well, Anker mouse is for you. This top wireless mouse is designed scientifically for providing you a healthy neutral user experience.

While using the mouse, your arm and wrist position will be like a healthy neutral "handshake."

So you will get a smoother movement, and this will decrease strains drastically.

You can work all day long without wrist and arm pain.

The mouse will provide you the highest sensitivity because Anker has used 800 / 1200 / 1600 DPI Resolution Optical Tracking Technology for this mouse. You will also get precise tracking while working from a wide range of surfaces.

This has the next and previous button in the right position so that you can browse the webpage conveniently. This is more suitable for those who work for long hours at the computer. Internet surfers and gamers also love working with this.

The mouse includes smart, power-saving modes. When the mouse for arthritis keeps ideas for 8 minutes, this goes into the power-saving mode. You need to press the right or left button to turn it on. The weight is very right, and the dimension is just perfect.

Key Features

  • Smart power-saving mode
  • Highest sensitivity
  • Decrease strains
  • Precise tracking from the wide surface

3. LEKVEY Mouse for Arthritis | Rechargeable Batteries

LEKVEY Mouse For Arthritis | Rechargeable Batteries
LEKVEY Mouse For Arthritis | Rechargeable Batteries

Recharging the mouse when running out of charge; isn't it amazing? LEKVEY mouse has the added configuration to charge the mouse whenever you need that too in a few minutes.

This has two buttons, "Page Back" and "Page Forward," that will give you comfort while browsing the web page. This has 800 /1200/1600 DPI levels. The sensitivity of the mouse for arthritis is easily adjustable.

The rechargeable battery helped this model to stand out in the market. So there is no need to buy batteries. The mouse is very convenient to use.

At the bottom of the mouse, there is a nano USB receiver. It is effortless to connect this with your PC.

You can use this with any kind of device except Mac and OS. This works perfectly with Vista, Windows 2000, XP, Linux. This is very easy to use. It will take only a few days to get used to this.

We all know that when a company provides a warranty, the quality of the product is good. LEKVEY will give you an 18 months warranty. Not only that but also you will get lifetime technical support.

Key Features

  • Rechargeable batteries
  • 18 months warranty
  • Lifetime technical support.
  • Highly sensitive

4. Microsoft Mouse for Arthritis | Advanced Design

Microsoft Mouse For Arthritis | Advanced Design
Microsoft Mouse For Arthritis | Advanced Design

If you are a fan of Microsoft and have been using Windows for years, then there is no better option for you than this mouse. Microsoft manufactures this mouse. So this does not need any explanation about the quality of this best mouse for arthritis.

Microsoft has used advanced design to provide your arm and wrist the highest comfort. This ensures a neutral wrist and hand posture. The angle and height of the mouse are just perfect.

You can work with the ergonomic mouse anywhere you want to. You can comfortably use this on comfy sofas, hard tables, and lumpy beds. This will give you one-touch access facilities.

For making the mouse user friendly, Microsoft has developed a simple yet smart navigation system. The mouse is integrated with Windows. You need to click the windows button, and you will get one-touch access so that you can start the menu.

The mouse is developed with blue track technology. That will combine the optical power of the laser for remarkable tracking. The price is also very reasonable.

Key Features

  • Blue Trach technology
  • Suitable for hard and soft surface
  • Smart navigation system
  • integrates with Windows

5. 3M Mouse for Arthritis | Vertical Grip

3M Mouse For Arthritis | Vertical Grip
3M Mouse For Arthritis | Vertical Grip

3M ergonomic mouse is the next generation of the mouse. This has a vertical handle to provide your hand comfort. You will find using this totally effortless. And the handle is very flexible as well.

The design of the mouse may be different, but this works like a regular optical mouse. This helps to keep your hand in the right position. Your hand and right will be at a neutral angle. You can work with this in a playful manner.

There is no complex connection process. The wireless system will allow you to move your mouse wherever you want to.

You can easily connect this with your PS's. You need to plug a USB compatible with your PC.

The 3M mouse for arthritis is clinically proven to reduce the discomfort and stress of your hand. This can alleviate wrist pain. The whole process is like a hand exercise. You can use your thumb to control the mouse.

3M gives two years warranty to their products. So if you have any kind of problem at this time, they will try their best to fix it. Also, theories are known for their great customer service. They treat their customers very nicely.

Key Features

  • Vertical grip system
  • Reduce discomfort
  • 2 years warranty
  • Easy connection process

Things to Consider Before Buying Mouse for Arthritis

Best Mouse For Arthritis
Best Mouse For Arthritis

We have discussed the top wireless mouses. Now you got a clear idea of the mouse. By now you have probably selected the wireless mouse that you want to buy. But before buying you have to keep in mind a few things. Try to select the mouse that will meet all your requirements.

So here, we are providing some instructions and tips so that you should consider before buying. You may also be interested in the LGA 1156 CPU from our list.


This is the most important element. You buy a mouse for arthritis for comfortable gripping and reducing your arm pain and discomfort. If the fare you are buying does not fulfill the need then it will be a waste of money.

There are mouses of different sizes. Some of them are round, some of them have vertical handles. Try to select the one that will provide you utmost comfort. Before buying, try the mouse. If you feel comfortable, then buy this.


Warranty is a critical part of any electric item. It may stop working for any technical difficulties. So having a warranty on your product is necessary. Some of the mouse for arthritis give a warranty for more than 18 months. When a company provides a warranty, that means the company is confident about its product and is durable. So try to select the mouse with a warranty.


Different mouse brands have different features. Some of them are made for right-handed users and some of them are for left-handed. So if you want to use this with your left hand, do not mistakenly buy a right-handed mouse.

Not all mouses are suitable for all kinds of devices. For your Apple device, you may need a different kind of mouse. The same goes for windows and other devices. This is also another important point to keep in mind while buying.


Price always comes first. When you are buying a product, you need to fix your budget first. But it is not necessary that the price has to be higher in order to get a good quality product. But try to ignore buying the cheap product. Most of the time the cheap wireless mouse doesn't last long and does not have any warranty.

Above we have mentioned mouse of all ranges. You can choose the right one for you according to your budget. If you are concerned about the price then try to select the one with the average price. This will give you a good user experience.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Will the mouse help me to reduce my wrist pain?

Yes, it will

Mouse for arthritis is mainly designed to reduce your wrist pain and give you comfort while using the mouse for a long time?

2. Can I do browse easily with this?

Yes, you can

The top wireless mouse will give you a great experience when you are browsing. This makes browsing easy and comfortable.

3. Is the mouse costly?

The price of the mouse is a bit higher than any normal one. But there is mouse with arthritis in many ranges.

4. Do I need to change the batteries frequently?

No, you don't

If you can buy the right one with good quality, you do not need to change the battery frequently. There are also some mouses with rechargeable batteries. This is very convenient and hassle-free to use.

5. Is the mouse worth purchasing?

Yes, it is.

The mouse will reduce the discomfort that you feel while using your computer and also reduce wrist and arm pain.

Final Words

We have tried to come up with the best Mouse for Arthritis with some valuable information and tried to answer a few of your questions that you come up with. You have an idea about the elements that should be considered before buying an arthritis mouse. And now you are ready to buy the right one for you.

Hopefully, this premium quality mouse will help to reduce your arm main and discomfort and will give you a great experience. You can also check Vertical GPU mount from our list.

Have a Happy Shopping!

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