Best Vertical GPU Mount in 2021 – Pick from Top Rated Models

While making the high configuring gaming computer, mounting the GPU is a big question. You can ask two questions to get a better way. First, what is the best way to mount the GPU?

Of course, vertically, Right? In fact, this is a convenient way to showcase your fanciful graphic card.

Second, how can you mount the GPU? You can either install the GPU in the built-in PCI slot or go for the vertical gpu mount.

We recommend you to choose the best vertical GPU mount than the built-in slot. Because the graphic card blocks all slots underneath GPU while using the built-in slot, besides, it will hamper the air circulation of the motherboard too.

That’s why we have discovered some top-notch vertical GPU mount for showcasing your colorful GPU and maintain the proper cooling system.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Phanteks Vertical GPU Mount | Universal | Riser Cable | 220mm
Phanteks Vertical GPU Mount | Universal | Riser Cable | 220mmCheck Price

Funtin Vertical GPU Mount | x16 PCI-E 3 | 90°Riser Cable | 20cm
Funtin Vertical GPU Mount | x16 PCI-E 3 | 90°Riser Cable | 20cmCheck Price

EZDIY-FAB Vertical GPU Mount | Riser Cable | EMI Shield | 200mm
EZDIY-FAB Vertical GPU Mount | Riser Cable | EMI Shield | 200mmCheck Price

IBest ImPetus Vertical GPU Mount | 7.7 ″ Cable | High-Transmission
IBest ImPetus Vertical GPU Mount | 7.7 ″ Cable | High-TransmissionCheck Price

SUPERPLUS Vertical GPU Mount | RGB Light | PCI-E Cable | 24cm
SUPERPLUS Vertical GPU Mount | RGB Light | PCI-E Cable | 24cmCheck Price

Best Vertical GPU Mount Reviews

In this segment of the reviews, we will be representing the ins and outs of the selected vertical gpu mounts so that you can choose the better one according to your graphics card and the casing. Let’s dive into the reviews.

1. Phanteks Vertical GPU Mount | Universal | Riser Cable | 220mm

If you are on the verge of making the gaming pc, you need to think about the placement of the GPU. To support the graphic unit vertically, the Phanteks would be a reliable vertical gpu mount that will ensure 100% stability.

Regardless of the types of your gaming casing, the Phanteks gpu mount can easily compatible with most of the casing. That’s how it can build a rigid balance after placing the gpu on the casing.

Along with that, the Phanteks mount has the capacity to make a solid connection between the motherboard and graphic card. That’s how it will ensure a seamless connection.

For the large graphics card, you must need a gpu mount to place it vertically. Otherwise, the card will be sagging. Plus, it will block all the PCI port of the motherboard. However, the Phanteks gpu kit includes with a 220mm riser cable to prevent blocking of other PCI slots.

Due to the installation hassle, most of the buyers reluctant to have the gpu mount. That can lead to serious pressures to the motherboard. However, you can effortlessly install the Phanteks GPU mount as it is very simple to mount. Make sure the placement of the tray on the casing.

Key Features

  • GPU mount includes a 220mm riser cable
  • Ensure a seamless connection
  • Easily to mount the gpu bracket
  • Compatible with most of the chassis

2. Funtin Vertical GPU Mount | x16 PCI-E 3 | 90°Riser Cable | 20cm

GPU performance of a computer depends on the riser cable if you place the graphic card on the gpu mount. That’s why you must consider the best vertical gpu brackets, which has a high-speed riser cable like the Funtin gpu mount.

While choosing the gpu mount, first, you have to check whether the cable has compatibility with most of the graphic card series. Otherwise, either it will adjust with the GPU or cannot provides you the better performance.

No need to worry about such things if you choose the Funtin gpu mount, because it can hold the most GPU such as GTX1080, GTX1080Ti, RTX2060, RX580, RX590, RTX2070, RTX208, and so on.

The riser cable of this gpu mount is super flexible. The Six-wire construction allows the cable to reach even in the tightest gap. Among the other wire banded construction, the six-wire banded is reliable for transmission and shielding.

You will get the full performance of GPU through this riser cable because the data transferring rate of the cable is 128/Gbps.

Funtin ensures hassle-free installation for this gpu mount. As a result, you can mount the kit by yourself. Moreover, they make sure the money-back guarantee if the product cannot meet the expected performance.

Key Features

  • Data transferring rate 128/Gbps
  • Compatible with all GPU after 2015
  • Includes with EMI shield to prevent signal lose
  • Flexibility allows the cable to reach the toughest gap

3. EZDIY-FAB Vertical GPU Mount | Riser Cable | EMI Shield | 200mm

When mounting the high-configuring GPU, you need the high holding gpu mount with a flexible riser cable. If you have any bad experience with a gpu mount, then replace the mount right away with the EZDIY-FAB vertical mount.

A high-speeding cable you must be had while choosing the gpu mount. Otherwise, you will not get the expected performance even in the high-end graphics card. That’s why EZDIY-FAB brought such a mount that comes with a quality cable.

The flexibility of the riser cable allows you to place the mount where you want.

Besides, it will help to reach the most challenging gap without harming the cable. That means the cable ensures the maximum performance after mounting.

To hold the new GPU or your existing one into this vertical gpu mount, you can choose the bracket without being skeptical. The mount can place the all most all models of GPU up to RTX2080ti.

The most surprising feature of the including riser cable is, it will ensure the maximum transmission without missing a data signals. So, to have constant performance, you could consider the mount in terms of its EMI shield.

Key Features

  • Extreme holding capacity
  • Huge adjustability up to RTX2080ti
  • Easy mounting on overall PCI slots
  • Includes a riser cable at the length of 200mm

4. IBest ImPetus Vertical GPU Mount | 7.7 ″ Cable | High-Transmission

To get the full-fledged performance on your gaming PC, you must consider the gpu holder that offer a quality riser cable. So, to avoid signals losing while rendering files, you can rely on the IBest vertical GPU brackets.

A stable connection between the motherboard and the graphic card depends on the quality of the slot heads. That’s why the riser cable comes with high-quality solder joints, and gold-plated contacts that make sure a stable bridge.

One of the significant features of this gpu mount is its design. It will expand the space if there is any lack in the motherboard’s space.

That means you are able to mount the gpu kit in most of the casing.

Casing compatibility is important while getting the gpu mount. That’ why IBest ImPetus ensures maximum adjustability with all of the gaming casing. Besides, it also makes sure the compatibility with most of the GPU that’ how it considers as the best vertical gpu mount.

The mount has come with 4pcs magnet underneath the kit to solve the sagging hassle of the GPU.  As a result, it will absorb the shocking of the giant graphic card. Plus, you will enjoy a scratch-free set up as well.

Key Features

  • The mount can absorb maximum shocking
  • Can adjust with most of the casing and GPU
  • The cable can be moved around due to high flexibility
  • Gold-plated contacts & solder joint make a bridge between the mainboard & GPU

5. SUPERPLUS Vertical GPU Mount | RGB Light | PCI-E Cable | 24cm

Enthusiast gamer needs a durable GPU holder since they are always coming with the giant graphics card. So, to display your high-configuring GPU and enhance the aesthetic of your casing, you can rely on the RGB LED vertical gpu mount.

Besides the aesthetic value, the SUPERPLUS gpu bracket comes with a quality riser cable. As a result, you can make a stable connection between the graphic card and the motherboard.

Besides, the length of the cable allows you to mount the kit where you wish.

You may experience the poor signals on your high-configuring pc, which happens due to the quality of the riser cable. Don’t worry about the SUPERPLUS cable as it can transmit data so rapidly without losing the signals.

One of the most significant things that needs to consider while buying the gpu mount is its compatible rates. However, the SUPERPLUS mount can easily adjust to the most of the ATX cases. Besides, it also suitable for the PCI-E from x1 to x16.

Therefore, to make your graphic unit more colorful, you can choose this mount at a reasonable price. Besides, the riser cable of the gpu kit will never let down in terms of connectivity, data transmission, and performance.

Key Features

  • Includes with colorful RGB LEDs
  • Suitable for the PCI-E from x1 to x16
  • Support the low & high-profile PCI-E bracket card
  • High holding capacity ensures maximum stability

Things to Consider Before Buying Vertical GPU Mount

Best Vertical GPU Mount

While mounting the gpu vertically, you have to consider some factors to avoid after buying harassment. That’s why we have put together some crucial factors that will help you to choose the best vertical gpu brackets. Let’s get them.

Holding Capacity

These days, most of the graphics units come with a huge size and weight. So, to place them vertically, you need a durable gpu mount that can hold any giant graphic card.

If you come with a low quality that cannot support most of the giant gpu, then the gpu will be sagging that can cause damaging to your expensive gpu.

So, you must check the holding capacity of the vertical gpu mount to ensure the stable placement of that. You may also like some of the PC Radiators from our list, so take a moment to check them out.

Riser Cable

The riser cable is the most important aspect of the gpu brackets. Although you have chosen the durable gpu mount, if it has not come with a quality riser cable, it would be a nightmare during the operation.

The overall performance of the gpu depends on the riser cable because it can process the data transmission. Plus, the riser cable also responsible for the missing signals while rendering files.

Therefore, check the quality of the riser cable so that you can get an uninterrupted connection between the motherboard and the graphic card.


Choosing a multi compatible gpu provides you maximum advantages. If you pick a compatible mount, that means you can set up your gpu with most of the ATX casing. Besides, it will allow you to adjust with most of the graphics cards as well.

Though most of the vertical gpu mount ensures the maximum compatibility, you should check the compatibility to ensure the maximum GPU mounting.

Flexibility of the Cable

A good quality riser cable always maintains flexibility. There are huge benefits if the cable is being flexible. You can easily move around the cable inside the casing. Plus, it will allow you to bend the cable while maximizing the casing spaces.

However, to get such a reliable riser cable with the gpu mount, you can grab the above vertical gpu mount.

Magnetic Mount

Some gpu mount comes with magnets underneath the gpu mount. Basically, these magnets help to make a stable balance between the casing and the mount.

Most of the time, these magnetic features prevent the gpu from sagging. So, you could consider the features while choosing the vertical gpu mount for your heavy graphics card.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Why should I use the vertical GPU mount?


There are huge benefits of a vertical gpu for gaming pc. First, the giant graphic card blocks most of the PCI slot of the motherboard.

Second, to enhance the beauty of the gaming pc, most of the users prefer a vertical gpu mount.

Finally, if you place your gpu on a bracket, it can get more space which will help to circulate the inside air. That’s how it will keep cool the pc.

 2. Can vertical gpu mount affect the performance of the PC?


The gpu mount can help to circular the internal hot air. Besides, it can enhance the PC’s inside spaces. That’s how the gpu never gets hot even in extreme operation. As a result, it can enhance the performance of the pc.

3. How thick the metal of the mount?

These selected gpu mounts come with a decent thickness. That’s how the mount becomes more durable and support the heaviest graphic unit.

4. Has the PCI-E cable EMI shielded?

Yes! It is.

The PCI cable comes with an in-build EMI shield to prevent interference. Above all the gpu mount comes with a high speeding cable. Plus, they include with EMI shield.

5. Can I use the vertical mount for the GTX1080 graphic card?

Yes! Of course.

These all gpu have multiple compatible not only with the casing but also most of the graphic card. The graphic card after 2015 can easily adjust with theses vertical gpu mounts.

Final Words

To enhance the performance of your high-configuration computer, one thing you must do is setting up the gpu vertically. That’s why you must choose the best vertical gpu mount for your gaming pc.

A vertical gpu mount can cool down the pc and showcase your high performing graphic card. So, don’t let your pc downgrade and choose a quality vertical mount.

Have a Speedy PC!