Top 5 Best Non Chlorine Bleach – A List From The Expert

by Mike Constanza

Are you staining your favorite cloth? And if you think this is the end, you are wrong! There is a good solution to restore cloth to its pristine look that is bleach.

If you want to restore your colorful cloth, then you need a non chlorine bleach. Unlike other bleach, non chlorine bleach never affects the fabric's dyes. Besides whitening cloth, it is safe for use on kitchen, bathroom, and other stained surfaces.

Finding the best non chlorine bleach is somewhat tricky from the saturated market. Thus, we have come up with 5 top-rated color-safe bleach after thorough testing. Let's check out.

Top Non Chlorine Bleach by Editors

Summary Table for Top 5 Best Non Chlorine Bleach

Image Product Name Price

Grab Green Non Chlorine Bleach | Clear & Unscented | 132 Loads
Grab Green Non Chlorine Bleach | Clear & Unscented | 132 Loads Price Check

Seventh Generation Non-Chlorine Bleach | Color-Safe | Pack Of 6
Seventh Generation Non-Chlorine Bleach | Color-Safe | Pack of 6 Price Check

OxiClean Non-Chlorine Bleach | Laundry Whitener | 5 Pound
OxiClean Non-Chlorine Bleach | Laundry Whitener | 5 Pound Price Check

Seventh Generation Non-Chlorine Bleach | Unscented | 106 Loads
Seventh Generation Non-Chlorine Bleach | Unscented | 106 Loads Price Check

Ecover Non-Chlorine Bleach | Non-Toxic | Pack Of 6
Ecover Non-Chlorine Bleach | Non-Toxic | Pack of 6 Price Check

Best Non Chlorine Bleach Reviews

Best Non Chlorine Bleach Reviews
Best Non Chlorine Bleach Reviews

To make sure you know more about the color-safe bleach, we have designed the reviewed section with detailed specifications of these selected bleach. It will help you to make the buying decision easy. Let's dive into the reviews.

1. Grab Green Non Chlorine Bleach | Clear & Unscented | 132 Loads

Grab Green Non Chlorine Bleach | Clear & Unscented | 132 Loads
Grab Green Non Chlorine Bleach | Clear & Unscented | 132 Loads

Sometimes scented bleach is quite bothersome. If you are one of those who doesn't prefer fragrance bleach but looking for a color-safe bleach, then your desired product is here.

Grab Green brought such a natural bleach that is clear and fragrance-free. It doesn't matter where you are using this one; it is completely safe to use for any color. That's why household uses of this bleach have increased beside laundry use.

The giant pack of Grab Green bleach gives you 132 loads because it comes with a huge quantity. So, you can use the pack for a long time.

The good news is that the storing system is very convenient since it comes with velcro closure.

If you think Grab Green non chlorine bleach only works for whitening, you are wrong. Along with that, it removes hard-stain and neutralizes odors. It has no impact on color fabrics because it is devoid of harmful chemicals. That's why it is considered one of the best color-safe bleach.

If you see its composition, you will understand how safe it is for both humans and the environment. The main reason is it is free from phosphates, phthalates, chlorine, toxins, etc. Animal lovers would adore it due to its cruelty-free formula.

Key Features

  • A huge pack offers 132 loads
  • A cruelty-free non chlorine bleach
  • Safe for human and the environment
  • Hard stain remover and odors neutralizer
  • VELCRO CLOSURE for convenient use

2. Seventh Generation Non-Chlorine Bleach | Color-Safe | Pack of 6

Seventh Generation Non-Chlorine Bleach | Color-Safe | Pack Of 6
Seventh Generation Non-Chlorine Bleach | Color-Safe | Pack Of 6

If you have a color fading experience after using a laundry bleach, then hold on a sec. We have something interesting for you. Seventh Generation bleach not only protects the colors fading but also brings a shining color after washing.

The speciality of this non chlorine bleach is its color friendliness. It has no impact while you are using multi-color fabrics. Now you are safe to use the bleach on your multi-color clothes.

Some non-chlorine bleach emits strong fragrances, which can cause health issues if you directly inhale. However, there are no such issues because it is 100% unscented bleach.

Let's talk about stain removing effectivity. It is a clear bleach that has the efficacy to remove the toughest stains within a single wash.

Moreover, it is fighting not for removing fabric's satin but works well for other stains such as grass, coffee, and rust stain. In some cases, you can use it for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom too.

Therefore, if you look for a color-safe bleach that offers all facilities of a premium laundry bleach, then you can go with this one.

Key Features

  • A color friendly bleach
  • Comes with a clear formula
  • Compatible with machine washes
  • Brings extra brightness

3. OxiClean Non-Chlorine Bleach | Laundry Whitener | 5 Pound

OxiClean Non-Chlorine Bleach | Laundry Whitener | 5 Pound
OxiClean Non-Chlorine Bleach | Laundry Whitener | 5 Pound

Want a shining glaze on your gloomy old clothes? Then you have to rely on a whitener which has no impact on clothes regardless of color. In this regard, OxiClean whitener gives you everything you need.

If you are a regular user of non-chlorine bleach, you may have familiar with the OxiClean. From household to professional laundry use, OxiClean has a reputation due to its product quality. But how do they ensure such quality?

Let's clear it first. If you look at their formula, you will understand the performance of the bleach.

OxiClean has manufactured the bleach through a color-safe formula. Plus, it is free from chlorine and other harsh chemicals. It means it has no impact on the users as well.

If you are suffering from stubborn stains on clothes, it will release your frustration immediately after washing. Besides removing stains, you will experience an extra brightness on clothes as new.

Some people use chlorine bleach, especially for whitening clothes. Though it cleans, chances are higher to burn your clothes in some cases. However, in this case, you can use OxiClean bleach, which will ensure 40% more shining cloth than regular chlorine bleach.

Key Features

  • A pro graded laundry whitener
  • No impact on colorful clothes
  • 40% brighter than chlorine bleach
  • Remove statin and restore the original color

4. Seventh Generation Non-Chlorine Bleach | Unscented | 106 Loads

Seventh Generation Non-Chlorine Bleach | Unscented | 106 Loads
Seventh Generation Non-Chlorine Bleach | Unscented | 106 Loads

Sensitive skin is always prone to danger while using a hash laundry bleach. If you have such skin, you should not go with any random bleaching. In these cases, the Seventh Generation keeps you out of such devastation happening and makes sure brighter clothes.

To provide you more assurance, let's talk about the bleaching formula. Seventh Generation has come with non-chlorine bleaching which 96% ingredients are organic. And it got EPA certification. That means it is safe for humans as well as the environment.

Unlike chlorine bleach, it hasn't contained any harsh chemicals; as a result, the laundry detergent becomes completely devoid of fragrance. Plus, it is a clear detergent that is perfect for professional laundry or home use.

Seventh Generation non chlorine bleach not only ensures a shining cloth but also removes tough stains from any type of clothes. Thanks to its triple-enzyme formula that made it possible.

While using the bleach for machine wash, it will provide maximum washing. This is a pack of 2 that can be used for a total of 106 loads.

Therefore, the price of the bleach is in the buyer's range. By considering its effectiveness and price, you would also admit that it is one of the best non chlorine bleach.

Key Features

  • An EPA certified bleach
  • Most suitable for sensitive skin
  • Made of 96% organic ingredients
  • Comes with a triple-enzyme formula for stubborn stains

5. Ecover Non-Chlorine Bleach | Non-Toxic | Pack of 6

Ecover Non-Chlorine Bleach | Non-Toxic | Pack Of 6
Ecover Non-Chlorine Bleach | Non-Toxic | Pack Of 6

Don't let yourself down by staining clothes; if you have a better option to remove them right away. Yes, Ecover has committed to removing the most stubborn stain without harming the fabrics.

The main purpose of using the Ecover is not only to remove the stain but also to restore the original color of the cloth. This is right. Ecover non chlorine bleach can keep intact the fabric color with a shining appearance. That's why it is safe for use on any colorful clothes.

Besides whitening cloth, it deodorizes clothes. After a single wash, the fabric becomes so vibrant and emits a smell like new fabrics.

If you dislike the fragrance of bleach, this laundry bleach you like most. It has 0% fragrance. So, it will never bother you while washing. Plus, it is a safe bleach for humans and the environment because it is a biodegradable and non-toxic bleach.

Though it is safe, you should use a laundry dispenser while using it. Besides, this bleach is very convenient to use. That's why it is the best color-safe bleach for household use.

Besides using on clothes, you can use the bleach for other stain removing purposes. It will wash away most tough stains such as coffee, tea, rust-stain, grass, and so on.

Key Features

  • Removes tough stains and odors
  • Safe to use on color fabrics
  • A biodegradable and non-toxic
  • Fragrance-free bleach ensures brightness

Things to Consider Before Buying Non Chlorine Bleach

Best Non Chlorine Bleach
Best Non Chlorine Bleach

Some significant specifications of the non chlorine bleach can help you to distinguish the quality of the bleach while buying. Otherwise, it will damage your clothes and lead to some health issues. That's why we have organized some crucial factors of the best color-safe bleach that can make your buying decision easy.

Color Friendliness

Most of the users complain of a faded cloth due to the harshness of the bleach. Plus, it can destroy the original color of the fabric. It happens due to the lack of color friendliness of the bleach.

That's why you must check whether the bleach has compatibility with the color fabrics; otherwise, you will have the same experience. You may also like some of the caulk for concrete cracks from our list, so take a moment to check them out.


What is effectivity of a non-chlorine bleach? Well! If the bleach has the potentiality to remove the toughest stain with a wash. That means you are with an effective bleach.

The main purpose of using bleach is to remove all kinds of stains. If you cannot do that, then what is the point of having such laundry detergent. That's why make sure the efficacy before diving into it. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the LED strip lights sync with music.


This is an essential feature while purchasing a chemical-based product. Though most of the non chlorine bleaches devoid of any harmful chemical, it's your duty to confirm it beforehand.

If the bleach contains some toxicity, then it will not only harm your clothes but also has some serious issues to human health. You may also be interested in some of the applicator for polyurethane from our list.

Environmental Impact

It is normal to have some environmental effects by a chemically produced bleach. Though bleach is effective for cleaning cloth, it should be avoided in this regard. There are a lot of non chlorine bleaches that has no harmful impact on the environment. Plus, some of them have biodegradability. So, find a environment-friendly one.


A good non chlorine bleach offers multiple uses beside removing stains from clothes. If you choose a versatile one, it can clean the most stubborn spot of the bathroom and kitchen. Some bleach can be used on food graded materials to remove food stains.


While you choose the bleach for multipurpose uses, you cannot avoid the product authentication. In this regard, only the government approved bleach can assure you more. So, household users have to check the product's approval before taking it into the cart.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I use these bleaches to clean coffee stains?

Yes, you can.

Most of the non chlorine bleach can remove such stains alongside fabric stains. However, in this case, you can rely on versatile bleach that is compatible with another cleaning beside cloth.

2. Is it okay to use a kitchen appliance?

It depends.

Kitchen is a sensitive area, so you should use an approved bleach here. There is a lot of bleach, which is good for use in the kitchen or other household materials.

3. Does the bleach have an impact on animals?

It means cruelty-free, right?

Yes, some of the non chlorine bleach is made of natural ingredients. So, this type of bleach has no impact on animals or the environment.

4. Do these bleaches eliminate unpleasant odors from clothes?

Yes, they do.

Non chlorine bleach work as a good deodorizer. So, you will have fresh clothes after washing by these bleaches.

5. Which is the best color-safe bleach?

It's a serious issue while choosing bleach for colorful clothes. You must use a color-safe bleach for colorful clothes; otherwise, it will destroy the color pattern of the clothes. To avoid such incidents, you must stand with color-safe bleach.

Final Words

If you don't want to harm your cloth, health, and environment, you must choose the best non chlorine bleach. Besides, the quality bleach serves you more along with cleaning cloths.

I hope that you will find the most suitable laundry bleach if you carefully consider the reviews and buying guide section.

Happy Washing!

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