Applicator for Polyurethane

Best Applicator for Polyurethane In 2021 – Top Selling & Popular Models

Have you ever got disappointed for not getting the desired result from the wood coating? Even after using the most expensive and best quality oil, wax, and varnish?

The result of the final wood finishing depends on the applicator. The best applicator for polyurethane nourishes the wood surface and can reduce your coating time. And buying the perfect one is not that easy.

So here you will find premium quality applicators. We have provided top 5 applicators for polyurethane and some elements that will help you to find the best one for you.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Perdura Pro Applicator for Polyurethane | Stain Seal
Perdura Pro Applicator for Polyurethane | Stain SealCheck Price

Stain Pad Applicator for Polyurethane | Microfiber Cloth
Stain Pad Applicator for Polyurethane | Microfiber ClothCheck Price

Duratool Applicator for Polyurethane | Lightweight
Duratool Applicator for Polyurethane | LightweightCheck Price

Duratool Applicator for Polyurethane | Refill 18”
Duratool Applicator for Polyurethane | Refill 18”Check Price

Wooster Brush Applicator for Polyurethane | Wool Pad
Wooster Brush Applicator for Polyurethane | Wool PadCheck Price

Best Applicator for Polyurethane Reviews

In this section, we bring out the top-quality applicator of polyurethane. We have selected them in the top five list considering quality, durability, price and other elements. So, keep scrolling down for getting the applicator that meets your needs.

1. Perdura Pro Applicator for Polyurethane | Stain Seal

Buying a cheap brush might save you money for a certain time. But you have to change it only after 3 – 4 uses. And in that way, you have to purchase again and again.

Whereas Perdura Pro applicator for polyurethane is suitable for several uses and the price is also reasonable. This is the best choice if you want to save your time and money.

This is so comfortable to work with that the coating will be completed very fast with a smooth finishing. And you don’t need to be a professional for getting the maximum level finish if you use this brush.

As we all know, the products that are made in the USA are the best quality product. US professionals have approved the Applicator for Polyurethane as the best one. This will enable you to do multi-tasks. You can use it for stains, paints etc.

Another perk of having this is suitable for any surface. Perdura Pro Applicator will give the perfect result on a smooth and rough surface. Besides, very durable materials have been used.

Perdura Pro Applicator is like a weapon for the professional. Because they will be able to perform their best and also can save a lot of time. So they can take advantage of this and utilize the time doing more work.

Key Features

  • A protective box included
  • US professional verified
  • Best quality materials
  • The perfect result on a rough and smooth floor

2. Stain Pad Applicator for Polyurethane | Microfiber Cloth

Many of you get frustrated while using water-based stain because it dries very quickly and it is quite tough to have a perfect finish. You should try Stain Pad’s microfiber cloth. With its super absorption power, it will create less mess and will provide a streak free finish.

If you are not expert with the brushes; you should check this premium quality applicator for polyurethane. You can use it for furniture, floors, doors, cabinets etc. Stain pads give the best coverage on the rough surface. It is the best choice if you want to distress the wood project.

This applicator for polyurethane has two pads in total. The size is 6″x 8″. This is very easy to cut. So, you can cut it easily at any shape you want to. Also, you can use one Stain Pad applicator for more than 12 times.

Stain Pad Applicator holds the paint and not let it dry. This can absorb the paint very quickly. After that, when you want to release the paint, just press it on the floor or furniture. Afterwards, you will get a very smooth and flawless finish.

This requires less maintenance and very easy to use. This might be simpler than a brush but provides the best quality finishing. This is more suitable for household uses.

Key Features

  • Size: 6”x 8” pads
  • Reasonable price
  • Flawless finishing
  • Low maintenance

3. Duratool Applicator for Polyurethane | Lightweight

Reaching every corner while painting the floors is hard. Sometimes you think if the space was a bit bigger, you might have painted the corner properly. Duratool Applicator for Polyurethane is here to solve your problem.

Duratool is famous for maintaining their product quality and satisfying their customers. So, they bring this first-rate flexible T bar application at the most reasonable price. The flexibility makes it easy to move easily in every area.

If you are thinking of covering a big area, this is the best choice for you. Using this you will be able to paint a big area at very less time.

This is also suitable for outdoor uses. You will get a refill pad with it. So, there is no hassle of buying a refill pad separately.

Good quality material is used in the Applicator for Polyurethane. The solvent based body provides its maximum durability. This will also last for a long time.

Getting so many features at such a price is rare. By using the applicator, you can only save money and time but also will get the first class performance out of it.

Key Features

  • Very cost efficient
  • Best for big space
  • Materials: Solvent based
  • Very easy to use

4. Duratool Applicator for Polyurethane | Refill 18”

Suppose you are comfortable working with T bar but tired of changing then refill again and again. Then Duratool refill applicator is the best choice for you. The 18” refill has all the solutions that you were looking for.

There is no question about quality. As the refill is made in the USA, the quality and texture are at its best. There will be no fabric on the floor after painting with it. So, this will provide the smoothest finishing.

The size of the refill applicator comes in an ideal size.

This is going to be fixed in any t bar. The weight is very light; only 3.2 ounces. So, this is very easy and handy to work with.

If you use an applicator for polyurethane regularly, then you must know T bar refill applicators are not suitable for oil and water based finishes. But you can use it for both of them. This is the first T bar applicator that will give ideal finishing for water and oil based finishes.

You will get the best applicator for polyurethane at the most reasonable price. This is very easy to get, as well. You will find it in the local shop near the house. So, you can purchase immediately.

Key Features

  • Smooth finishing even in oil and water based finishes
  • Good quality materials
  • Ideal for professionals
  • Very lightweight

5. Wooster Brush Applicator for Polyurethane | Wool Pad

Sometimes you do a tremendous job on painting all over the floor. But the corners and small details are still unfinished. You need a Wooster Brush wool pad painter. This will help you to cover every detail and corners with the perfect finish.

Yet this is made with wool, the Applicator for Polyurethane is very durable. The pad is made with shearling, which is 100% natural. The durability doesn’t make it heavy. The weight is extremely light, as well. This is very handy to work with.

The high performing wool pad provides an extremely smooth finish.

This company is very reliable as they have been providing services since 1851. And customer satisfaction is their first priority.

You can work smoothly with paints, enamels, varnishes. You can use the wool pad for every kind of painting. There is a soft handle with it. So, you can easily grab it while working.  And the price is very reasonable.

So, you can go for it without any second thought for getting the faultless corner and edge finishes. Most of the customers who have used it once have repurchased the wool pad applicator for polyurethane.

Key Features

  • Very handy to use.
  • Trusted brand
  • 100% natural materials
  • Perfect for corners

Things to Consider Before Buying Applicator for Polyurethane

Best Applicator for Polyurethane

As there are various varieties of applicators in the market, you may get puzzled while buying one. So, for a premium quality Applicator for polyurethane, you have to consider some elements. Hopefully, this section will help you to select the preferable Applicator for Polyurethane.

So, take a moment and read this section. And after that, you would know about all the features that you need to consider before buying applicators. You may also like some of the stain for exterior wood door from our list, so take a moment to check them out.

Painting and Surface

Different surfaces and paintings require different applicators. For example, for getting the best result in water based paints, it is good to use cloths and brushes applicators. If you want to cover a huge surface, then T bars are the best. In the same way for corners and edge finishing, selecting a wool pad would be wise.

That is why, before buying the Applicator for Polyurethane, you should determine the purpose. Fix your needs and then go for buying. It will make your purchasing experience hassle free and better. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the brush for polyurethane.


Budget is another important issue here. Always going for the cheap might not give you the best result. Even it can make a mess while painting and does not give a smooth finish. So, try to purchase the better quality applicator. The good quality also save money. As you do not have to change it after one or two uses, the products that we have recommended, mostly have a reasonable price range. Make sure you also check our guide for wood floor paint.

Applicator Size

Selecting the size is a critical part here. Most of the people mistakenly buy applicators a size bigger or smaller than required. If you are painting on furniture or small floors like stairs, corners then you need a small applicator. And for covering a big surface, you need big applicators. That is why it is wise to select the size of the applicator.


Not all the applicator for polyurethane is suitable for reuse. So, if you want to reuse your applicators, then you have to select it keeping this thing in mind.   Many applicators can be used several times. There are applicators that you can use more than 12 times. Also some of them became unusable after one or two uses. So, go through the product specification before making the buying decision.

Approved by the Professional

The best quality applicators are approved by the professionals. There are many fraudulent companies that are selling duplicate and low-quality products. So, for ensuring the product’s quality check the approval. If it is approved by the professional, it is safe to buy it. And hopefully, you will get the best result out of it.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I use same brush for oil and water-based painting?


The premium quality Applicator for Polyurethane can be used for both purposes. The products that we have mentioned, all of them are suitable for both oil based and water based painting.

2. How many times can I reuse it?

It depends on the product that you are using. Usually, cheap became unusable after one or two uses. On the other hand, good quality yet reasonable price applicators can be used more than ten times.

3. Which applicator should I use for edges?

Small brushes, clothes and wool pad are the best for corners and edges.

The main facility of using cloth for corners is you can cut it into any shape you want to. And it can be reached to any corners.

4. Is it easy to manage?

Yes. Most of the applicators are flexible and very easy to work with.

5. Does the brush come with a box?

Not all the time.

There are few brands that provide a box. So you can keep the brush in the box after using it. Our first product includes a box set with the brush.

Final Words

The finishing of your wood painting depends on the applicators. If you are using the best applicator for polyurethane, you will get the best result. We have tried to come up with the top applicators for your better experience.

We also discussed the elements and tried to answer some of your questions. Hopefully, you get your desired applicator from this article.

Have a Great Painting!