Best Pandemic Expansion for 2021 – Collections Reviewed by an Expert

by Mike Constanza

If you love board games, chances are higher that you're going to enjoy Pandemic as well. It's a technical, well-detailed board game that deals with a real-world pandemic from start to finish. It's a test of your critical thinking and planning skills.

Unlike other board games, the pandemic expansion brings some mind-bending twist and addition to their every expansion. That's why you need to choose the best pandemic expansion to get the real adventure.

However, finding the exciting pandemic expansion can be a bit tricky. Don't be fret! We've reviewed a plethora of pandemic expansions that we consider to be the best!

Keep reading to find your desired for expansions.

Summary Table for Best Pandemic Expansion for 2021

Image Product Name Price

Pandemic Expansion: Legacy Season 1 | Red Edition
Pandemic Expansion: Legacy Season 1 | Red Edition Price Check

Pandemic Expansion: Reign Of Cthulhu
Pandemic Expansion: Reign of Cthulhu Price Check

Pandemic Expansion: Z-man Games
Pandemic Expansion: Z-man Games Price Check

Pandemic Expansion: In The Lab
Pandemic Expansion: In the Lab Price Check

Z-Man Games Pandemic Expansion: The Cure
Z-Man Games Pandemic Expansion: The Cure Price Check

Best Pandemic Expansion Reviews

Best Pandemic Expansion Reviews
Best Pandemic Expansion Reviews

Pandemic expansions are of many categories, and they add to the game in many ways. Our reviews will help you determine the right one for you. Let's begin!

1. Pandemic Expansion: Legacy Season 1 | Red Edition

Pandemic Expansion: Legacy Season 1 | Red Edition
Pandemic Expansion: Legacy Season 1 | Red Edition

Generally, board games are about a group of people facing off against one another. In the end, there's always a clear winner or a loser. But Pandemic has a different take on this. The board is your challenge!

The Pandemic Legacy season 1 adds more depth to the original game itself. You start off exactly how you'd start the base game, you select the origin of your virus and get the ground running.

However, as the game progresses through its year-long cycle, prepare for twists, turns, and surprises every step of the way. Playable for a maximum of four players, you're in for a treat!

One thing people don't like about board games is that they can go on endlessly. It's a cycle that keeps going without an ending. However, you can enjoy Pandemic without stretching it for too long. It can be easily completed within an hour.

However, don't think the 60-minute mark makes the game predictable or boring. You'll have ever-changing elements to keep every round interesting. There's no room for boredom.

If you think you've mastered the game, you'd be pleasantly surprised. Every game will feature a new twist to turn the game on its head. The suspense after the effort is going to be worth it! Besides, if you are a munchkin lover here are some mysterious munchkin expansions for you.

Key Features

  • Suitable for 2-4 players
  • Can be finished within 60 minutes
  • Option to customize the game in multiple ways
  • Amazing twists and turns to keep you excited

2. Pandemic Expansion: Reign of Cthulhu

Pandemic Expansion: Reign Of Cthulhu
Pandemic Expansion: Reign Of Cthulhu

The original Pandemic board game is about dealing with a worldly threat. A virus that has the potential to destroy the world. But this expansion takes the threat to another world as you have to deal with threats bigger than ever.

If you're a fan of mythology and legends, this is the right Pandemic expansion for you. The game dives deep into the Cthulu mythology to stop a catastrophe. Visit historical places like Kingsport and Arkham with your cards.

If you think Cthulu is your only adversary, prepare to be surprised.

Put on the shoes of four investigators as you go on to stop a threat from looming large. Alongside the Cthulu, there's the threat of the Old Ones that you need to take care of.

However, don't think of this exciting journey to be a long, tiring marathon. The game can be completed within 40 minutes if you play your cards right. So, you can always come back for a short, fun session.

One of the biggest criticisms of the Pandemic board game is the lack of creativity in its dices, but in this Pandemic expansion, you'll get custom made dices and cards that add to the spectacle of the game. Besides, you can pick exciting dominion expansions.

Key Features

  • Suitable for 1-4 players
  • Special mythological characters and locations
  • Can be finished within 40 minutes
  • Suitable for ages 14 and up
  • Customized dices for characters

3. Pandemic Expansion: Z-man Games

Pandemic Expansion: Z-man Games
Pandemic Expansion: Z-man Games

While Pandemic expansions are great, the base game is probably where you should start. This is where the idea came into being and should be your stepping stone for whatever you play afterward.

In this game, you play as members of a pandemic fighting team. Instead of playing against each other, you team up to play against the common enemy. Every decision, every choice has its consequences.

This game contains four serious diseases that can start from four distinct locations of your choice. You are tasked to stop the diseases from spreading all over the world. The game ends once all diseases are gone for good.

The premise is very simple. You start from the CDC in Atlanta where viruses are spreading, and you have to control them. Make strategies, take decisions, and use the event cards to your advantage. The future is in your hands, and you have to save it!

However, if the stakes seem too complicated for you, don't fret. The game can be finished within 45 minutes if you play carefully. However, you can always add more cards to amplify the difficulty. Find here some worker replacement games.

Key Features

  • Simple, fun plot for the game
  • Easy to learn and master
  • Can be completed within 45 minutes
  • Can feature up to 4 players
  • Suitable children above eight years old

4. Pandemic Expansion: In the Lab

Pandemic Expansion: In The Lab
Pandemic Expansion: In The Lab

Pandemic expansion packs are generally two types. Some of these are standalone games on their own, while some of them require the base game as an addition. The lab is a great addition that can take your classic game to the next level.

In the original game, you have to find solutions to end the pandemic, but adding this expansion pack taken you on a journey behind the closed doors of the lab to collect samples, research, and find a cure.

However, the research isn't just a simple mix and match; you have to make use of your cards to travel, collect samples and go through stringent research rules and safety mechanisms to make sure your research is successful.

In an already well-built game, this adds that extra touch of complexity. If you're a fan of research and technical things, this is the best Pandemic expansion for you.

This pack comes with additional roles cards, a research table, lab dishes, sample cubes, and more event cards. While it means you have more things to do and more time to enjoy.

Key Features

  • Adds a plethora of new things to the game
  • Adds more character roles
  • Creates an additional segment involving research
  • Creates provision for more decision making and critical thinking.

5. Z-Man Games Pandemic Expansion: The Cure

Z-Man Games Pandemic Expansion: The Cure
Z-Man Games Pandemic Expansion: The Cure

In all it's glory, Pandemic is a card game. However, if card games aren't for you, then this is the expansion you're looking for. Pandemic: The Cure is a dice-based alternative to the successful board game series.

Just like the card game, you have certain roles here; you can be a dispatcher, a medic, or a pilot. You have unique roles based on your position that are important for the crews' success.

This is a board game, where you play as a team, win or lose, you're in this together. There's no other way out. You can either play as a team of two or as a team of four. But you have to stick together till the very end.

What makes this more fun is that your decisions depend on the roll of a dice. So, there's always a serving of uncertainty in your moves. A single move can change the game, whether for you or against you.

Furthermore, the addition of dice means you can have more players now than before. The base game features a maximum of four-player, but you can have five players on the dice board. So, this is a better fit for bigger parties.

Key Features

  • A dice-based alternative to the classic card game
  • Can feature up to five players
  • Easy to learn and play
  • Multiple specialized roles

Things to Consider Before Buying Pandemic Expansion

Best Pandemic Expansion
Best Pandemic Expansion

There are several expansions available for the base Pandemic game, both from Z-games as well as third-party developers. While each of them has its own features, not every game is right for everyone.

Here are a few things that you need to consider before buying your pandemic expansion.

Base Game Requirement

Not every Pandemic expansion requires the base game to play. Some of the special edition games have everything within the expansion pack. So, make sure you read the product details before buying.

Type of Game

Pandemic expansions are of many types. There are card-versions, dice-based versions as well as special editions. Each of these versions' tweaks around the base game here and there.

We recommend that you go for the version you'd enjoy playing. If card games aren't for you, go for the dice version. However, look into product reviews first before making a purchase for a seamless experience.

Number of Players

Pandemic is a co-op-based game where the players play against the odds. It's not something you can play alone. You have to choose the right player card and get to the action.

However, not every expansion has the same player requirements. The base game and most expansion generally feature from two to four players. However, some expansions can have five or six players as well.

So, choose your expansion based on how many people you play with regularly.


Time is an important aspect of any board game. Most PVP board games have the potential to go on for hours without an end. Leaving players frustrated and bored. However, Pandemic is different in that regard.

Most pandemic games can be finished within 60 minutes. There are a few shorter and longer alternatives out there as well. So, if you love a long, intense game, go for the longer options. Otherwise, the shorter versions are there as well.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Should I go for the base game before trying the expansion packs?

Although some of the expansions don't require the base game, to begin with, we recommend getting the base game first. It gives you an idea about how the game works, and if you like it, you're going to enjoy the expansion as well.

Furthermore, the base game itself is pretty complex, if you don't like it, the chances are, you won't like the additions either.

2. Is the dice version of the game very different from the card version?

The base and card versions are very different from each other. Both of them are made for different sets of people based on their preferences. So, you have to choose whoever you think is for you.

However, the dice version can be a bit different because there's a luck factor involved. If you like games like Monopoly, but with higher stakes, you might love the dice version more.

3. How hard is the Pandemic board game?

In all honesty, the game isn't very complicated. There are some technical factors involved that don't necessarily make the game unplayable for everyone.

If you love solving crimes and going through critical adventures, this is right up your alley.

4. How to choose the best pandemic expansion for two players?

Choosing the right pandemic expansion isn't very hard. You have to choose your expansion based on your choices. Firstly, decide whether you need a standalone game or an expansion to the base game.

Furthermore, look for factors like age restrictions, time, type of game, etc. before buying.

5. How is Pandemic different from other board games?

To begin with, Pandemic is not a PVP or "winner takes all" board game. It's a game about strategy, critical thinking, and efficiency where you play as a team to secure the win. It's a unique take on traditional board games.

Final Words

Board games are always fun. They can give us hours of entertainment without a shred of boredom. However, if you love something that's both complicated and fun, Pandemic is what you need.

It's not easy to declare any specific expansion as the best Pandemic expansion because every expansion is unique in its own way. In this article, we've described a few articles that we consider to be the best in their features.

We hope you found this helpful!

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