Best Pocket Operator In 2021 – Top Selling & Popular Models

by Mike Constanza

Are you want to be a sound engineer or Looking for a synthesizer for scaling up your engineering skills? Either way, you need a perfect synthesizer that will serve all your purposes.

A pocket operator is a kind of synthesizer. The teenagers can operate the PO like they are playing a video game since the PO has designed to give them an endless sound pattern.

These days, teenage engineers are relying on the pocket operator due to its easy operation method and the attractive price than its counterparts.

So If you are ready to choose the best pocket operator for your next live performance or studio work, then keep reading the article, where you will find the finest PO gadgets for your musical innovation. Let's move on!

Summary Table for Best Pocket Operator In 2021

Image Product Name Price

PO-33 Pocket Operator | KO Sampler (40sec. Recording)

PO-33 Pocket Operator | KO Sampler (40sec. Recording)

Price Check

PO-20 Pocket Operator | Arcade Synthesizer (Build-in Speaker)

PO-20 Pocket Operator | Arcade Synthesizer (Build-in Speaker)

Price Check

PO-137 Pocket Operator | Synth & Sampler (Limited Edition)

PO-137 Pocket Operator | Synth & Sampler (Limited Edition)

Price Check

PO-33 Pocket Operator | KO Sampler (Silicone Case & Audio Cables)

PO-33 Pocket Operator | KO Sampler (Silicone Case & Audio Cables)

Price Check

PO-14 Pocket Operator | Sub Bass Synthesizer (FM, Wavetable)

PO-14 Pocket Operator | Sub Bass Synthesizer (FM, Wavetable)

Price Check

The Best Pocket Operator Reviews

The Best Pocket Operator Reviews
The Best Pocket Operator Reviews

In this section, you will represent every spec of the latest pocket synthesizer. That's how it will help you to choose your intended gadgets. Lets' dive into the reviews.

1. PO-33 Pocket Operator | KO Sampler (40sec. Recording)

PO-33 Pocket Operator | KO Sampler (40sec. Recording)
PO-33 Pocket Operator | KO Sampler (40sec. Recording)

To make sure your sound engineering, you need a premium PO Sampler, which will ensure all functions of a pocket synthesizer. That's how the teenage engineering brought the PO-33 with keeping all the features of the synthesizer.

Without in-built memory, the teenager would bother while recording samples. However, you no need to worry about that. PO-33 comes with 40 seconds of recording memory. As a result, you can record samples up to 40sec. By using the in-built microphone.

If you would like to play your sample chromatically, then you need to choose the eight melodic slots.

On the other hand, you can use eight drum slots to have the samples in short.

Here come the most interesting parts of the pocket operator 33. By the 4-voice sampler, you can add as much percussion as needed. Moreover, the micro drum provides your more drum while recording samples.

The PO-33 allows the teenage engineer to magnify the sound volume by creating knockout samples. To do that, you can add some loop. The alternative way to enhance the sound is to use the stutter FX key.

PO-33 can be compatible with multiple devices. The in-build stereo audio function allows you to connect the devices with another pocket operator or PC.

Key Features

  • Support samples recording up to 40 sec
  • Enable two play options Chromatic & One Short
  • Allow enhancing the volume of the sound
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Allow you to add percussions.

2. PO-20 Pocket Operator | Arcade Synthesizer (Build-in Speaker)

PO-20 Pocket Operator | Arcade Synthesizer (Build-in Speaker)
PO-20 Pocket Operator | Arcade Synthesizer (Build-in Speaker)

Are you a beginner in synthesizing or looking for a multi-functional pocket operator? Either way, you should stand with the cost-effective one-the PO-20 such a synthesizer that will serve you the all-purpose of the pocket operator.

Some teenager likes modern synths along with the retro. If you also like the function, then the PO-20 is perfect for you. Because you can produce both modern and retro synths in the PO simultaneously, for instance, your produced sound would be like chip-tunes, which is somewhat like the sound of video games.

Interestingly, the Arcade PO-20 allows you to produce an entire song. Thanks to its 16 sequencers and 128- chaining patterns. By both of the functions, you can easily create some epic songs.

PO-20 is the best pocket operator in terms of producing sounds. It does not only produce high-quality sound, but also it can give you a massive sound through its inbuild speaker.

The function PO-20 makes it more familiar among young engineers. The synthesizer can adjust with all most all the musical gears such as Volca, SyncKontrols, and computers.

Therefore, we can conclude that PO-20 is the perfect pocket synthesizer for beginners to professional's users.

Key Features

  • Standalone pocket operator
  • Perfect for creating modern and retro synths
  • Able to create entire songs with 128 chain patterns
  • Produce and output high-quality sound
  • Compatible with PC, Volca, and SyncKontrols

3. PO-137 Pocket Operator | Synth & Sampler (Limited Edition)

PO-137 Pocket Operator | Synth & Sampler (Limited Edition)
PO-137 Pocket Operator | Synth & Sampler (Limited Edition)

Professional synthesizer always demands on a Pro version of the pocket operator. Otherwise, it would be difficult for them to perform live. That's why Teenage Engineering comes with a premium pocket synthesizer, which is PO-137.

Among the other PO version, the PO-137 is the limited version of pocket synthesizers due to its features and functions. Although it is somewhat similar to the PO-33, PO-137 comes with eight-voice characters, which is unique from others.

Surprisingly, the PO-137 can record the large sound sample due to its in-built storage.

It can able to store 120 seconds of the sound by using its in-build microphone.

The 16 sounds effect and the sequencer allow you to produce a high-pitch sound. After the production, you can instantly play the audio with its in-build speakers.

Along with the musical features, PO-137 allows you to set the time by its default alarm clock. For setting the clock, you have to use the A & B Knobs.

During the live performance or in the studio works, you can effortlessly use the pocket operator as it has multi-device adjustability. From PO to PC or other external gears can easily be compatible with the PO-137.

Key Features

  • 120 seconds of sampling memory
  • Includes eight-voice characters for sampling
  • Built-in clock and the alarm function
  • 16 sounds effects & 16 sequencers for producing quality sound

4. PO-33 Pocket Operator | KO Sampler (Silicone Case & Audio Cables)

PO-33 Pocket Operator | KO Sampler (Silicone Case & Audio Cables)
PO-33 Pocket Operator | KO Sampler (Silicone Case & Audio Cables)

If you are looking for a studio-like sound output by a pocket synthesizer, then the first name will come to mind is PO-33. In this instance, it is a popular version of pocket operators, among others. That's how we come up with another PO-33.

During sampling, it would be better if the pocket synthesizer has its sound recorder. That's why the PO-33 always ensures the 40 sec of recording. Though the time is so short, most of the operators cannot provide the recording function.

If you like to play chromatic sounds, then you can use the eight melodic slots. Otherwise, you can use the eight drum slots for single short sounds.

Both of the functions work fantastic while playing.

Jam syncing function is a significant aspect of a pocket synthesizer. Otherwise, the device will not connect with the other pocket operator. The Jamming function of the PO-33 will help to connect the other PO to make the pocket band.

If you intend to produce a high-pitch sound, the PO-33 will help to reach that because the 16-steps sequencer and the 16 patterns of the pocket synthesizers create a complex blending of sound.

Afterward, you can listen to the sounds by the mini synthesizer. That's why some musical experts consider the PO-33 as the best pocket operator for hip hop.

Key Features

  • Allow you to record for 40 sec
  • Sync with various PO by Jam Sync function
  • Produce high-pitch sound by 16 sequencer & effects
  • Output studio-quality sounds through the built-in speaker.

5. PO-14 Pocket Operator | Sub Bass Synthesizer (FM, Wavetable)

PO-14 Pocket Operator | Sub Bass Synthesizer (FM, Wavetable)
PO-14 Pocket Operator | Sub Bass Synthesizer (FM, Wavetable)

Are you looking for a small pocket synthesizer with a simple operating system? Then PO-14 would be most suitable for you. Though it is a simple synthesizer, it has a profound impact on producing various sound patterns.

The teenage engineer may require a pocket operator that has the all built-in facility to operate smoothly. The PO-14 is the same synthesizer, which will provide you more than you expect.

For instance, the Sub Bass comes with Subtractive Synthesis, Wavetable, FM, and Physical modeled strings.

To get the studio-quality sound, the PO-14 is perfect in this instance. The synthesizer can allow you to enhance the sound quality due to its 16 punch-in effect. The others, including function (bit crusher, vibrator, and delay), also help.

Besides, the PO-14 always ensures high-quality audio output. The synthesizer uses high-resolution audio functions such as Cirrus Logic DAC, Silicon Labs EFM, and 32 Gecko MCU. Alongside, the build-in Knowles Speaker also provides excellent sound experience.

Due to its audio-pulse-based sync, the PO-14 can easily sync with the third-party audio gadgets. Besides, the synthesizer can also be compatible with the other pocket operators and computers, thanks to its Jam-Sync function.

Key Features

  • Offers a high-quality audio output
  • Most suitable for enhancing the bass sound
  • Comes with two tweakable parameter locks
  • Includes FM, Wavetable, & Subtractive Synthesizer

Things to Consider Before Buying Pocket Operator

Best Pocket Operator Photo
Best Pocket Operator Photo

While you are buying engineering devices, some crucial things you must consider to avoid future frustration. As a result, we put together some factors for you to find the best pocket synthesizers easily. Let's have a look at them. You may also be interested in some of the bowstrings from our list.

Sound Quality

First off, you have to look at the sound-producing quality of the pocket operator. Otherwise, the synthesizer would worthless for you.

The main functions of these synthesizers are producing quality sound. If the devices cannot do the job, then what is the point of buying the PO.

However, don't get fret! Here we come with some quality synthesizers which will able to produces the high-resolution sound.

Choose PO According to Purpose

It is an important aspect to look at while buying the pocket synthesizer. Though PO functions are interchangeable, among others, each model comes with specific functions.

That's why you need to choose the pocket operator in terms of your requirement. For example, if you want to work on bass sound, then you could prefer the PO-14. Likewise, if you are looking for a more sound-recording memory, then you could grab the PO-137.

Sound Recording Function

Some of the pocket synthesizers don't have the recording option. So, if you need to record for instant playing instantly, you have to stand with the PO, which has a recording function.

On average, the pocket synthesizer offers the recording memory up to 40 seconds. However, if you need more memory than 40 seconds, you can pick the PO-137 since it has the recording memory up to 120 seconds.

Audio Out

The pocket operators are quite well to produce a high-quality sound effect. However, all of them haven't the in-built audio output system. So, choose the synthesizer which has the audio output.

Here all the PO have the audio out function since they come with the in-build speaker.

Sync Capability

After producing the sound effects, the pocket synthesizer needs to sync with the other device to send the files. If it has no syncing capability to mass devices, it would be complicated to function the tools anywhere.

However, all of the five devices have jam syncing functions. That's how the pockets operators can use compatible with the other PO, computer, and third-party audio gadgets.

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What is a pocket operator?

The pocket synth is a small teenage engineering device that can produce high-pitch sound while keeping the studio quality. The device has multiple compatibilities with the pocket synthesizer and the other musical gears.

2. How does the best pocket synthesizer work?

The stereo cable connects the two pocket synthesizers and carries the two signals. Then the syncing signals go through the one channel and align the tempo of each unit.

Afterward, the produced-audio passes through the channels and travels through the output of the last pocket operator in the chain. That's how the pocket synthesizers work.

3. What is the cleaning pattern of the pocket synthesizers?

Press & hold the write + pattern button and press the key from 1-16 to activate the patters on the new slot.

Afterward, press the function key + pattern to clear the existing pattern of the pocket synthesizers.

4. What are the additional features of a pocket operator?

A pocket synth is a small synthesize. However, it comes with multiple functions like professional synthesizers. Even some PO can use as a professional purpose.

Usually, the pocket synthesizer comes with a pocket-size device that includes little LCD screens and 23 buttons & 2 knobs. It has an audio 3.5mm input and a built-in speaker. The PO powered by the 2 X AAA batteries.

5. Is the PO suitable for nine years old kid?

Of course!

Most of the pocket operators made for kids because its function is very easy and understandable.

The kids can easily produce their favorite sound effects since they have multiple functions to do that. Afterward, the PO will allow them to record their sounds as well.

Initially, if you have some complexity to operate the devices, then first follow the instruction, or you can directly go to YouTube for having tutorials.

Final Words

Pocket operators are an essential musical device for teenagers. Some professional composers are using the pocket synthesizer due to its easy accessibility with the other 3rd party musical devices.

So, to accelerate the musical creativity, you should choose the best pocket operator to perform constantly.

Have a Great Musical Experience!

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