Best Punch Bait for 2021 – Top 5 Collections Reviewed by an Expert

Choosing the right bait is one of the major factors for successful fishing. Particular fish fond of particular bait. If you are a catfish angler and thinking, what is the best bait for catfish? Then this article is for you.

Catfish are very choosy about their baits. Punch bait is one that catfish like most. If you go with some non-live bait that produces maximum results, you need to choose the best punch bait for catfish.

Sometimes finding the right catfish bait is a tricky job. However, our expert team has narrowed down the list with top-rated punch baits.

So, keep reading to find your most suitable punch bait.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

CJ's Catfish Punch Bait | Crawdad Flavor | Super Sticky
CJ's Catfish Punch Bait | Crawdad Flavor | Super StickyCheck Price

Mr. Whiskers Catfish Punch Bait | Cheese Flavor | Stinky
Mr. Whiskers Catfish Punch Bait | Cheese Flavor | StinkyCheck Price

Danny King Catfish Punch Bait | Stinky | Fast Disperses
Danny King Catfish Punch Bait | Stinky | Fast DispersesCheck Price

Triple S Channel Catfish Dip Bait | Blood Flavor | Biodegradable
Triple S Channel Catfish Dip Bait | Blood Flavor | BiodegradableCheck Price

Danny King Punch Bait | Strong Smelly | Pack of 3
Danny King Punch Bait | Strong Smelly | Pack of 3Check Price

Best Punch Bait Reviews

1. CJ’s Catfish Punch Bait | Crawdad Flavor | Super Sticky

While choosing the punch bait, you may prefer a versatile bait that can also work for other fishes. Yes, to kick off our list, we have come up with such quality bait for catfish and others.

Most of the time, catfish refuse to have artificial baits. That is why anglers always use natural bait. However, if you go for punch bait, you should also look for something natural. In this regard, CJ’s has manufactured this without using artificial flavor. In fact, you will find here real crawdad.

If you always prefer a quick bait while fishing, then try this one.

You no need to touch the bait. Instead, you have to use a stick to punch it on the treble hook. As a result, most beginner anglers love this one.

You may notice, most of the fishing got missed due to the inferior bait. I mean about the stickiness of the bait, which failed to stay long-time in the water. However, you will get 100% holding assurance for a long time.

The good side of the bait is its natural storage. No refrigerator is required to store it. Simply put in room temperature, but don’t forget to keep it airtight.

Key Features

  • Allow other fish beside catfish
  • Made by natural materials
  • Never wash off by running water
  • Can be store at room temperature

2. Mr. Whiskers Catfish Punch Bait | Cheese Flavor | Stinky

For those who are looking for the best catfish bait, there is an exciting collection for them. Mr. Whiskers brought a wonderful bait that made sure successful fishing.

If you are a regular user of the punch bait, you may notice catfish prefer cheese bait over others. That’s why Mr. Whiskers used a cheese flavor in this bait.

The main features of the bait are its strong smell. It can easily spread immediately after drowning.

So, within a couple of minutes after throwing, the catfish was able to recognize the bait.

Fishing success is mostly depending on the bait’s holding time. Some bait failed to do, and that leads to wastage. However, you can get every target by using the bait as it sticks tightly with the hooks. It becomes possible due to the bait’s consistency and stickiness.

If you are health conscious, you may prefer a chemical-free material. Sound like this bait. It is a completely natural material-based product. So, you can punch the bait with your bare hand.

The storing method of the bait is also natural. You can store it at room temperature. Just keep the lid always close.

Key Features

  • Comes with a cheese flavour
  • Naturally produces bait
  • Spread the strong smell instantly
  • Not to store in the refrigerator

3. Danny King Catfish Punch Bait | Stinky | Fast Disperses

While dreaming of a giant catfish, you need a super stinky bait to lure them, isn’t it? If you think so, then you can go with this one.

To get the maximum assurance of fishing bait, you have to rely on a naturally processed bait. In this instance, you can stand with the Danny King punch bait because it is produced with all-natural ingredients.

Luring a catfish is a tricky job unless you use some strong flavor. The color and flavor of the bait is blood, which is much appreciated for catfish. The same flavor you will find in this punch bait.

If you bother with less sticky bait, which is easily washed off with rainwater. Don’t be fret. You will find everything in this bait. As it is a super sticky bait, that’s why it can easily stick with the hook, and no need to use cloth or sponges for holding.

Catfish can be easily deceived by the strong smelly bait. That’s why this bait comes with a potent scent that disperses throughout the water within a moment.

Though it is naturally processed bait, it is not appreciated for human eating. So, store it out of children’s reach and make sure an airtight container.

Key Features

  • A blood flavor bait
  • Easily lure giant catfish
  • Disperses a potent scent immediately
  • Hold the hook easily due to sticky bait

4. Triple S Channel Catfish Dip Bait | Blood Flavor | Biodegradable

Are you looking for the best punch bait for catfish? Then hold on a sec. Triple S brought a search ending punch bait for catfish. If you are new to using the punch bait, you can rely on this.

What catfish like most? Stinky bait, isn’t it? Yes, most of the channel catfish has a good smell and taste sense. That’s why this punch bait has been specially formulated for the channel catfish.

Luring catfish is a difficult job. So, it is better to go with a bait that spreads a strong smell. In this instance, you can rely on this bait because it comes with a very unpleasant smell. As a result, it can easily lure the catfish.

While choosing punch bait, you may prefer multiple flavor. However, Triple S is the kind of bait that you are looking for. It comes with two favorite flavors of catfish such as cheese and blood.

The main feature of the bait is biodegradability. So, everyone can undoubtedly use the bait. Basically, it can use in all water fishing.

There is no special requirement for storing. Just make sure the airtight lid. By doing this, you can use it for a long time. Besides, its sticky bait allows you to use trotlines, limb lines, and jug lines.

Key Features

  • Perfect bait for all water
  • Comes with a strong smell
  • A biodegradable bait
  • Can be stored naturally in an airtight container

5. Danny King Punch Bait | Strong Smelly | Pack of 3

If you are searching for a combo punch bait for money, there is good news for you. You are about to have a combo pack, which comes in 3 different flavors such as blood, original, and garlic.

If you are already familiar with the manufacturer, you can say how they naturally produced the bait. Their all flavors are a product of natural ingredients. So, it is wise to go with such bait that uses fewer artificial things.

These three flavors perform equally well. They are quite similar in terms of their features.

That means all of them have a strong, genuine scent that can disperse easily within a moment. That’s how it can make sure quick fishing.

As the pack comes in a huge quantity, you may think about the storing method, right? There is no hassle to store these baits. You no need a refrigerator to store it. Simply keep it in a dry place within a tight lid.

Therefore, if you consider the pack in terms of quality, flavor, and stickiness, you cannot overlook the bait. Plus, the combo pack becomes more tempting due to its reasonable price.

Key Features

  • Offers a combo pack
  • Naturally processed bait
  • Allows natural storing
  • Makes sure a genuine color and flavor

Things to Consider Before Buying Punch Bait

best Punch Bait

While choosing the right punch bait for fishing, you need to consider some important factors. Otherwise, chances are higher to suffer after buying harassment. So, to avoid such a bad experience, you should consider such factors beforehand.

That’s why we have assembled some crucial factors which will help you to choose the best catfish bait. Besides, you can choose some sabiki rig.

Bait Flavor

As you know, the catfish are very picky about flavor. So, you should consider its flavor first. Always try to pick a natural-based flavor.

There are a lot of flavors out there, such as blood, cheese, garlic, and crawdad. It doesn’t matter which flavor you prefer for catfish; you can go with any of them. Make sure you also check our guide for spinning combo.

Strong Smell

It is a good way to go with a strong smelly bait for catfish. If you use some stinky bait, then you can lure the catfish easily. Moreover, the stinky one can easily disperse throughout the water. That’s how strong bait can quickly lure the fish.


For those who usually fish other fish beside catfish, you should go with a universal bait. As a result, you can make the best use of the bait. Besides, it will save your an extra penny.

There is some multipurpose bait for various fish. In this instance, you can prefer such bait.

Storing Method

The most significant aspect of the punch bait is its storing method. However, there is nothing to worry about that. All punch bait provides a convenient way of storing. That means you can store the container at room temperature. So, in this condition, it can stay well for a long time. But don’t forget to keep it airtight.


Don’t forget to check whether the bait is sticky enough to stick with the hook. Most of the bait fails due to lack of this reason. So, bait stickiness should get the same priority as flavor.

In fact, most of the fishing success is depending on the bait stickiness. If the bait is not sticky enough, it will easily wash away by the running water. So, choose a more sticky and consistent punch bait.


There is a good way to choose a cost-effective punch bait for fishing. Some manufacturers offer a combo pack, which comes at a quite reasonable price. If you can pick such a pack, you can easily save some extra penny.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I use these baits for other fish?

It depends.

Some bait can be used for various fishes. So, if you need a universal bait, you must check it beforehand. Otherwise, you cannot lure the other fishes.

2. How many flavors do they have?

These baits come with few flavors such as cheese, blood, garlic, and original flavor.

3. Can I store them in the refrigerator?

No need.

As these baits are naturally produced, they no need to store in the refrigerator. So, you can store them in a normal environment. Just keep the container airtight; that is all the storing method for these catfish punch bait.

4. Are they harmful to humans?

Not at all.

Most of the baits are produced with non-chemical ingredients. That means there are no harmful chemicals included. So, you can use the bait by bare-hand. However, these baits are not edible.

5. How can I find the best catfish punch bait?

It has a quite simple process.

First, you need to consider a few factors about the bait. Let’s say its flavor, smell, ingredients, and so on. Finally, check the price of the bait. If the price is compatible with the other features, that means you are choosing a premium bait.

6. Is there any chance to wash off quickly?

There is no chance for these baits to wash off with running water. This is because punch baits are quite sticky and ensure enough holding capacity. In fact, you no need to use anything to hold them tightly with the hook.

Final Words

Now finding the right punch baits would be easy for you, as you have known how to look for them. So, you should not compromise with the quality of the punch bait if you want more confirm fishing in your every throwing.

Hope that you are about to choose the best punch bait for fishing, as you have gone through the articles.

Happy Fishing!