Best Glue for RC Tires – Top 5 High Quality Models That Will Save Your Day

by Lindsey Carter

Joining the materials is not a big deal if you have super glue. But, are all the adhesive equally working for rubbers? No! Particular rubber materials need specific rubber glue.

However, if you are looking for the glue to join RC tires, you must choose some tire glue. Otherwise, you will not get the intended result.

If you pick the best glue for RC tires, that means you can use the glue for multipurpose use beside the tire, since tire adhesive has huge resistance and bonding strength.

Therefore, to ease your search, we have narrowed down the top 5 RC tire glues for you. Keep reading to unlock your desired glues.

Top Glue for RC Tires by Editors

Summary Table for Best Glue for RC Tires

Image Product Name Price

Starbond Glue For RC Tires | Medium Thick | Extra Microtips, Caps
Starbond Glue for RC Tires | Medium Thick | Extra Microtips, Caps Price Check

Loctite Glue For RC Tires | Ultra Gel | Super Glue | 6 Packs
Loctite Glue for RC Tires | Ultra Gel | Super Glue | 6 Packs Price Check

Bob Smith CA Glue For RC Tires | Ultra-Cure | 2 Packs
Bob Smith CA Glue for RC Tires | Ultra-Cure | 2 Packs Price Check

PROLINE Glue For RC Tires | Pro-Bonding | Strength 3200psi
PROLINE Glue for RC Tires | Pro-Bonding | Strength 3200psi Price Check

Traxxas Glue For RC Tires | Ultra-Premium | 100+mph
Traxxas Glue for RC Tires | Ultra-Premium | 100+mph Price Check

Best Glue for RC Tires Reviews

Best Glue for RC Tires Reviews
Best Glue for RC Tires Reviews

In this segment, we have demonstrated every feature and specs of the selected glues. In fact, it will help you to distinguish the most suitable glue for you. Let's dive into the reviews.

1. Starbond Glue for RC Tires | Medium Thick | Extra Microtips, Caps

Starbond Glue For RC Tires | Medium Thick | Extra Microtips, Caps
Starbond Glue For RC Tires | Medium Thick | Extra Microtips, Caps

To kick off the list, a versatile glue would be the best choice, isn't it? For those who want to utilize their glue, Starbond is a good pick for them. Let's dig up its other exciting features.

A tire rubber always demands a strong bonding, otherwise, it cannot hold the joint for a long time. That's why Starbond ensures industrial strength resin so that it can hold the joint for a long time.

Don't worry about the quality of the glue. Indeed, it is a premium cyanoacrylate super glue that maintains a medium viscosity. So, you can rely on this pro-graded glue for long-lasting durability.

As I mentioned earlier, Starbond is a multipurpose glue. So, besides fixing your RC tires, you can use the glue for your woodworking projects to fill knots and voids. For doing some small repairing, Starbond is a standalone glue.

Starbond is a user-friendly glue. Whether you are DIYers or an amateur user, you can apply the glue with its long-nose tips. By this, you can reach any points during the application.

Furthermore, the glue can be stored at a temperature under 40°F. If you do so, you will have a shelf-life of the glue up to 20 months. That's how you can ensure maximum use and save your extra penny.

Key Features

  • Professional-grade CA glue
  • Comes with medium thickness
  • Got self-life up to 20 months
  • Can be used on rubber, wood and for filling

2. Loctite Glue for RC Tires | Ultra Gel | Super Glue | 6 Packs

Loctite Glue For RC Tires | Ultra Gel | Super Glue | 6 Packs
Loctite Glue For RC Tires | Ultra Gel | Super Glue | 6 Packs

For those who are regularly working with glue, Loctite is a very familiar name for them. In fact, it becomes a famous brand due to the quality and performance of the glue.

The glue is specially made for bonding rubber or hardened materials. It is not only for rc tires but also suitable for every tire. It is possible due to the bonding strength of the glue.

Furthermore, Loctite manufactures the glue through the cyanoacrylate super glue formula. That's how it can resist shock, impact, and extreme vibration. Plus, the glue keeps its bonding even in huge pressures or harsh conditions.

After having the Loctite CA glue, you don't search around other glue to join various materials. In fact, Loctite performs equally well in other materials. That's why you can undoubtedly use them to bond rubber, vinyl, plastic, glass, ceramic, leather, and so on.

For subtle repairing, it would be your best companion. Loctite dry clearly and never leaves a glue spot. As a result, most people prefer Loctite glue for completing craft, office, and household materials.

Therefore, if you think in terms of quality, durability, performance, and price, you cannot overlook such a fantastic adhesive. That's why experts consider it as the best tire glue.

Key Features

  • A versatile CA glue
  • No dripping or running
  • Never leaves glue spot
  • Resist water, impact, shock, and vibration

3. Bob Smith CA Glue for RC Tires | Ultra-Cure | 2 Packs

Bob Smith CA Glue For RC Tires | Ultra-Cure | 2 Packs
Bob Smith CA Glue For RC Tires | Ultra-Cure | 2 Packs

If you are searching for a specialized glue for RC tire repairing, there is good news for you. Bob Smith brought a search ending ultra-care glue that ensures high performance on rubber materials.

The most reliable glue for rubber has come through the CA formula. Bob Smith glue is also a CA glue that makes sure the industrial strength on its every bonding. Plus, it provides a long-lasting sealing solution such as a filling or small repairing.

This CA glue has some natural resistance. As a result, the joint becomes permanent even after a while of application. As a tire's glue, it can resist extra shock and vibration.

Besides, it can protect the joint from water attacks.

Let's come to its application process. Anybody can apply the glue by its pinpointing tips. The good news is that it comes with an extra pointing tip. It makes applications quick by reaching any unreachable points.

Moreover, as it is a chemical-based product, you must consider the safety issues while using the glue. One thing is clear that it is not a foam-safe glue. So, see the manufacturer's instructions before applying the glue.

Key Features

  • Special glue for RC tires
  • It is a medium thick glue
  • Provides huge resistance
  • Comes with an extra pinpointing tip

4. PROLINE Glue for RC Tires | Pro-Bonding | Strength 3200psi

PROLINE Glue For RC Tires | Pro-Bonding | Strength 3200psi
PROLINE Glue For RC Tires | Pro-Bonding | Strength 3200psi

When you are in a rush and looking for a quick fixing adhesive, in this case, you can rely on the PROLINE tire adhesive that is considered the best glue for rc tires.

PROLINE declared the glues as pro-bond because it has industrial bonding strength. On the psi scale, it has a strength of up to 3200. So, if you want a relentless perfmon on your tire's bonding, you can trust it.

As I mentioned earlier, it is a quick fixing glue. Yes, it is considered as super-fast glue to joint-most hardened rubber materials.

After the application, PROLINE takes a maximum of 15-20 seconds to fix the joint.

Quick fixing doesn't mean a less durable product. Besides its industrial-grade strength, it has some resistance. That's how it performs on the tire's joining regardless of shock, impact, pressure, and vibration.

The design of the glue bottle makes the application easy. Plus, it never releases extra glue even after an extreme squeeze. In this way, you can reduce the maximum glue waste.

As compared to the other glues, the prices are quite reasonable. So, for having a long-lasting bonding, you can take it into your cart.

Key Features

  • A quick fixing glue
  • Ensure crystal clear drying
  • Cost-effective glue for RC tires
  • Maximum bonding capacity 3200psi

5. Traxxas Glue for RC Tires | Ultra-Premium | 100+mph

Traxxas Glue For RC Tires | Ultra-Premium | 100+mph
Traxxas Glue For RC Tires | Ultra-Premium | 100+mph

If you are not getting proper bonding strength in tire bonding, throw your existing glue away. You are about to have a premium tire glue, which is brought to you by Traxxas. Let's reveal its other features.

Traxxas always manufactured high-quality glue. Surprisingly, they guarantee durable bonding up to 100+mph speed. In fact, it is possible due to its cyanoacrylate (CA) glue formula.

The convenient glue bottle makes the application easier for all. It comes with two extra application tips to make sure the precise application.

Besides, you can reduce wastage by simply putting back the sealing pin after application.

If you think in terms of prices, you cannot overlook the glue for repairing any kind of tire. Along with that, the other features, mostly durability and bonding strength, makes it a must-have tire glue. That's why most automotive genius recommends the glue for tires.

Therefore, for those who are looking for a permanent solution for repairing their high-speeding tires, they can 100% rely on this glue, since it has specially formulated to perform at high speed.

Key Features

  • Specialized glue for tires
  • Pack includes two application tips
  • Ensure further storage by its sealing pin
  • Comes with a fine tip to make sure precision

Things to Consider Before Buying Glue for RC Tires

Best Glue For RC Tires
Best Glue For RC Tires

Choosing a chemical-based product like glue is somewhat tricky for someone. This is because most of the buyers skip some significant factors before buying the glue. It leads to a disaster after buying the glue. So, it is better to consider such factors beforehand.

However, we have put together these factors for you so that you can easily find out the best tire glue. Let's get them. Besides, you can choose some glue for cutting boards.

Bonding Strength

While choosing a glue for RC tires, you must consider the bonding strength of the glue first. For fixing tires, you cannot randomly go with any gules because they are not able to hold the joint for a long time.

In general, the CA glue provides maximum bonding. That's why it is preferable for bonding tires. So, check twice whether the glue has enough capacity to hold it.

Some glue guarantees maximum bonding strength up to 3200psi. In this regard, you can pick such glue. Make sure you also check our guide for glue for cardstock.


Tire's glue demands a huge resistance than other surfaces. First, the tire is constantly producing pressures, heat, and vibration. As a result, they are always prone to damage if you do not use professional-grade glue.

Tire glue must have water, heat, pressure, shock, and vibration resistance. That's why you should go with a specialized glue for repairing tires. Don't forget to check the glue for slime reviews.

Quick Fixing

These are additional features of the tire's glue to look at. Choosing a particular glue depends on the purpose of your work. Suppose you always do small repairs or need an instant filling, then you can pick a quick fixing glue. This type of glue also provides maximum bonding capacity at all.

Drying Effect

After the application, some glue leaves stain or residue. So, you must be careful about those issues. If you use such glue for any clear materials, then it would be a complete mess.

However, these tire's glues are drying clearly. That means you can use these glues even in some meticulous joining.

Speed Limitation

Suppose you are using the glue to join such a joint that is constantly under pressure. In that case, you must check the speed limit of the glue for rc tires. Some glue clearly mentions the speed limitation. For example, the glue can endure a speed of up to 100mph.


Whether you are a professional or DIYer, you should consider the price of the product. A higher price doesn't mean higher quality. After checking the rest of the features, then consider the price.

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Which viscosity would be good for tires?

Medium-thick glue is ideal for the tire. It is super flexible and provides maximum strength. On the other hand, thin viscosity glue is dripping or running most of the time. So, the automotive expert recommends medium-thick glue for rc tires.

2. Do they leave any stains after drying?

No, there are no chances.

Though these glues are selected for tire use, it never leaves any glue spots after drying. Most of the glue is transparent in color, so they are also preferable for use on other materials.

3. Can I use these glues for joining rubber to foam?

Not all of them.

If you choose a versatile one, you are welcome. But some of the tire glue cannot be compatible with the foam substance. So, if you mostly work on different projects, then it is wise to pick a versatile one rather than specific glue.

4. How can I discover the best glue for tire?

The process is very simple.

First, you need to consider some factors of the glues. For example, see its strength, durability, resistance, and price. If these things are okay, then you can confirm your buying.

5. What are the safety issues about these glues?

As it is a chemical product, you must be aware of it while using the glue for RC tires. Direct contact to skin can cause irritation. So, you should take proper protection before using the glue.

The one advantage of this glue is its long-nose tips. It will help you to maintain a moderate distance between the glue and you.

Final Words

While looking for the particular glue for a particular purpose, you should not compromise with the quality of the adhesive. It is also applicable for selecting the RC tire glue.

Therefore, if you consider some significant features of the RC tire glue such as strength, resistance, viscosity, and prices, which means you are about to pick the best glue for RC tires.

I hope that you have come up with your desired glue collection.

Have a Great Bonding!

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