Top 5 Best RC Crawler Shocks – Recommended By Automotive-Genious

by Mike Constanza

Nothing can be more infuriating than driving on a bumpy road. It's uncomfortable and risky. To eliminate this unfavorable condition, we use shock absorbers in cars. And as RC crawlers work like a real-life car, why should it fall behind?

In most cases, people like to use their RC crawler on uneven surfaces and slopes. Such driving may cause a lot of waggling and ultimately affect different parts of the truck. Using suspensions can reduce the shock by many folds.

On that account, brands are designing the best RC crawler shocks to ramp up your experience. To help you choose a good quality rock crawler suspension, we have come up with some options.

Continue reading to find the "one" for you.

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Summary Table for Top 5 Best RC Crawler Shocks

Image Product Name Price

INJORA Oil RC Crawler Shocks │ Leakproof
INJORA Oil RC Crawler Shocks │ Leakproof Price Check

INJORA Spring RC Crawler Shocks │ Affordable
INJORA Spring RC Crawler Shocks │ Affordable Price Check

RCLions RC Crawler Shocks │ Internal Shock
RCLions RC Crawler Shocks │ Internal Shock Price Check

Que-T RC Crawler Shocks │ Minimum Droop
Que-T RC Crawler Shocks │ Minimum Droop Price Check

Hooshion RC Crawler Shocks │ Elementary
Hooshion RC Crawler Shocks │ Elementary Price Check

Best RC Crawler Shocks Reviews

Best RC Crawler Shocks Reviews
Best RC Crawler Shocks Reviews

After long research and trials, we found these five shocks for trucks that outperformed others. We also took quality and price into account.

Nevertheless, not every shock will work seamlessly for your RC crawler. Based on your type of use and personal preferences, you can pick either of these.

1. INJORA Oil RC Crawler Shocks │ Leakproof

INJORA Oil RC Crawler Shocks │ Leakproof
INJORA Oil RC Crawler Shocks │ Leakproof

Who minds having some apparatus with appealing clour and design in their toolbox? INJORA got it just right with their shock patterns. However, the shocks are not only attractive, but they are also effective. Let's check some of its features.

One of the common complaints about oil shocks is the leaking of oil. Addressing this trouble, INJORA Stores have used a rubber ring on the stopper.

This thin layer is effective in preventing any leakage.

Apart from the shocks, there are two separate springs in the package. The options allow users to customize sprung adjustments based on their needs. In addition, you can go a step ahead and tune the adjustment.

Although the shock can be a bit tough in comparison to other options, you can't bit it for the price. Herefore, this pack of 4 oil shocks is a deal in budget.

Most liking Features

Controlling the rear wheels is convenient with these shocks. They are capable of absorbing the shocks aptly without the tires popping out.

Probable Drawbacks

The built of this shock forbids the dampening with a piston. Some users may find the oil dampening not as good as a piston.

Key Features

  • Long-lasting
  • O-ring to prevent oil leakage
  • Multiple options for sprung adjustment
  • Budget-friendly

2. INJORA Spring RC Crawler Shocks │ Affordable

INJORA Spring RC Crawler Shocks │ Affordable
INJORA Spring RC Crawler Shocks │ Affordable

INJORA Store is well known for its reasonable price range. And this model is not an exception. With decent efficiency and shock-absorbing, there is nothing much to complain.

It is hard to find good shocks that offer oil tuning. INJORA Spring RC Crawler Shocks are one of the few shocks that offer specialize in oil-based tuning. Standing apart from the standard bore shocks, this one is a big bore shock absorber.

Springs in this kit work fine for scale RC crawler, but not the best.

Nonetheless, this not the case if you use heavier rigs and soft springs. For such uses, these shocks are apt in length and rebound.

This rock crawler suspension is from the affordable range category. Comparing it with premium best aluminum competition shocks 2.2 RC rock crawler is unlikely. And trying this out as a novice is of no harm.

Most liking Features

Being a bit fancy never harms. The five different color options will let you match it up with your gear setup.

Probable Drawbacks

If the shocks are overfilled or not closed properly, there can be oil leaking from these truck shocks.

Key Features

  • Oil-based tuning
  • Great rebound for heavy rigs
  • Economical
  • Five color options

3. RCLions RC Crawler Shocks │ Internal Shock

RCLions RC Crawler Shocks │ Internal Shock
RCLions RC Crawler Shocks │ Internal Shock

With abundant shock options for light rigs, there are not that many choices for heavier rigs. Widely available soft springs cannot take huge loads. For that reason, we need a stiffer spring variant.

For such needs, RCLions come to the rescue. They have designed shock absorbents with the necessities of a heavy-duty RC Crawler.

The springs are stiffer than regular shock. This rigidity helps them to absorb shocks from heavy loads on a bumpy road.

In addition, the shocks are to be attached inwards. This way, one can drive in a curved path safely. The suspensions effectively prevent the bulging of tires.

In the main, the RCLions RC Crawler Shock is a one-stop solution for heavy-duty RC trucks. And the price is also a plus. Getting this shock will take your worries of driving on a slope away.

Most liking Features

With regular oiling and proper maintenance, the RCLions RC Crawler Shocks will last you for years. Use a good quality oil to achieve better functioning.

Probable Drawbacks

Springs are not as soft and flexible to absorb slight shocks. Thence, it is not suitable for light rigs.

Key Features

  • Set in the interior
  • Fit for heavier rigs
  • Relatively rigid springs
  • Durable

4. Que-T RC Crawler Shocks │ Minimum Droop

Que-T RC Crawler Shocks │ Minimum Droop
Que-T RC Crawler Shocks │ Minimum Droop

It took us a long time to decide whether we like this shock or not. And finally, the Que-T RC Crawler Shock made it into our list. Let's check the ins and outs of this rock crawler suspension.

When it comes to absorbing shock, these suspensions work just fine. They work fine for medium rigs. Drooping is minimum and works efficiently in curved plains. Besides, we didn't experience any tire hitches with this shock.

Keep in mind that these shocks don't have oil filled in them.

If you don't have oil in stock, order the oil along with the suspension. Furthermore, be careful while filling oil in them. There can be leakage if the lid doesn't get a snug fit.

Will it make a durable option? With oiling in regular intervals, yes. Is it one of the best RC crawler shocks? Undoubtedly in the affordable range. Overall, this is more like a "get what you pay for" type of gear.

Most liking Features

The brand offers a variety of spring length alternatives. Users can choose the spring depending on liking and need.

Probable Drawbacks

Overfilling the suspension may result in oil leakage.

Key Features

  • Least hitching
  • Multiple spring length options
  • Less dropping
  • Easy installation

5. Hooshion RC Crawler Shocks │ Elementary

Hooshion RC Crawler Shocks │ Elementary
Hooshion RC Crawler Shocks │ Elementary

Many of us are not into rock climbing. We rather prefer driving the RC trucks. For such driving, there is no need to go all out for a heavy-duty shock. Simple shocks like the one from Hooshin will get the job done.

With softer and bendable springs, this shock offers features needed for a regular drive. The suspension can absorb minor bumps while moving or crossing a log.

Hooshion RC Crawler Shocks also comes without any oil. So you need to get one separately.

However, there is no plastic sealing on the head of the filler. Hence, there can be cases of oil leaking from the truck shocks.

We are not sure if the shock can handle the rock crawling, but it works fine in the unevenness of the yard and steep roads. If you drive your RC crawler mostly in backyards, you can get away with this suspension.

Most liking Features

Despite the flexible springs in the shock absorber, this can work aptly in balancing out the mass of the RC crawler.

Probable Drawbacks

Hooshion RC Crawler Shocks is not the best choice for rock crawling.

Key Features

  • Sturdy built
  • Flexible springs
  • Basic mechanism
  • Suitable for lighter rigs

Things to Consider Before Buying RC Crawler Shocks

Best RC Crawler Shocks
Best RC Crawler Shocks

With numerous options available, choosing the best aluminum competition shocks 2.2 RC rock crawler becomes difficult. And there is nothing wrong with it.

Moreover, it is tough to find the perfect shock absorber on the first go. With a few try-outs, you will figure out the rock crawler suspension suitable for your needs.

No matter whichever shock absorber you buy, they should have some primary attributes. This way, there is lesser wastage.

Following are some of the primary facets of a rock crawler suspension. Your first purchase can get away with these characteristics. Later on, you can add on preferences with these facets.

Type of the spring

Manufacturers use three different kinds of springs in the making of shock absorbers. Based on the mass of the RC crawler and place of driving, you can choose from these options.

Softer springs are ideal for driving on the lawn. These springs are apt for minor hitches and slopes. You can get passable functionality with your lightweight trucks. Despite being ductile, these springs effectively protect the car gears.

On the other hand, medium and rigid springs are ideal for regular and extreme crawls. They efficiently balance the entire mass of the car.

Furthermore, these springs prevent tire damage in slopes and rock edges. You can also check the recommendations for rc crawler motor.

Leakage of Oil

Oil leaking is one of the facets where you can't take any risk. This mishap can lead all your money to drain. Hence, carefully check the features before ordering the shock absorber.

Some shock absorbers come with oil filled in them while others don't have any oil in them. In such instances, you need to get an oil separately. Get a good quality oil and stick to it.

Added to that, get a shock absorber that has a seal on the lid. This way, there is no oil spilling out of the suspension. Prioritize on a rubber sealing over a metal one.

When you are filling the shock absorber with oil, make sure that you are not overfilling. Excess oil will disturb the movement of the spring. Lastly, close the lid properly after filling.


For the price, it is better not to compromise. After all, you are paying for the safety and overall car health. If you are a novice, consider getting a shock absorber with elementary features.

Later on, you can go for rock crawler suspension with advanced features. However, don't go for something that will dig a hole in your pocket. Take your budget into account and spend accordingly. You can also find advice on essential product reviews.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What will be the compressed length of 80mm RC Crawler shocks?

The travel length of 80 mm spring shock is 15 mm approximately. If we subtract the 15 mm from the total length, we will get the compressed length. In this case, the compressed length is 65mm.

2. Is it possible to convert the spring to full droop?


All you need to do is put the spring shock below a piston. Avoid using any dampers like oil, or else the spring will bleed.

3. Do I need to get oil separately for oil shocks?


Maximum springs come with oil filled in them. Still and all, keep oil in stock for filling the shocks later on.

4. Are these measurements taken from hole to hole?


The measurement of the best aluminum competition shocks 2.2 RC rock crawler represents the overall length. That is, you get an idea about the entire length of the spring. For an end to end measurement, you can find it with a measuring tape.

5. Do I need different screws for mounting?

Yes, you can use a spare screw from the toolbox for mounting. The ideal fit for this will be a 3 mm screw.

Final Word

Rock crawler suspensions are responsible to give you a smooth and safe driving experience. In fact, it sets the seal on a long lifespan of RC crawlers. Hence, ignoring this tool is not likely.

Now with all these recommendations and guidelines, finding the best RC crawler shocks is as easy as pie. Let us know about your tricks on finding a decent suspension. We will be happy to hear from you.

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