Top 5 Best RC Crawler Motor – A List from The Expert

by Lindsey Carter

If you are a person who has a knack for thrilling games, you most probably have tried RC rock crawler. With faster speed and extreme durability, RC crawlers can move over uneven rocks as well. Overall, these trucks have redefined remote-controlled cars.

And if you are using rock crawlers for a while, you know the importance of a standard motor. It has a considerable impact on the operation of the RC crawler.

However, finding the best RC crawler motor can be strenuous. Ignoring particular facets can end up being a waste of money.

Herefore, to make the choice of no sweat, our team has listed five top-notch crawlers for you. Going through the specifications will help you pick one.

Let's begin!

Editor's Recommendation: Top RC Crawler Motor from the Expert

Summary Table for Top 5 Best RC Crawler Motor

Image Product Name Price

Axial AM27 RC Crawler Motor │ Flexible
Axial AM27 RC Crawler Motor │ Flexible Price Check

Hobbywing QUICRUN RC Crawler Motor │ Encloded ESC
Hobbywing QUICRUN RC Crawler Motor │ Encloded ESC Price Check

Globact 550 RC Crawler Motor │ Affordable
Globact 550 RC Crawler Motor │ Affordable Price Check

INJORA RC Crawler Motor │ Durable
INJORA RC Crawler Motor │ Durable Price Check

Goolsky Surpass RC Crawler Motor │ Waterproof
Goolsky Surpass RC Crawler Motor │ Waterproof Price Check

Best RC Crawler Motor Reviews

Best RC Crawler Motor Reviews
Best RC Crawler Motor Reviews

After thorough market research, our expert team has shortlisted these five motors for the RC rock crawler.

Not only that, our team went a step further and marked out the ins and outs of each recommendation. This way, it becomes for you to decide if to pick or pass a specific product.

1. Axial AM27 RC Crawler Motor │ Flexible

Axial AM27 RC Crawler Motor │ Flexible
Axial AM27 RC Crawler Motor │ Flexible

As an enthusiast, you might have multiple RC crawlers. And investing in a proficient motor that fits multiple trucks will be beneficial. On that account, motors from the Axial AM27 range are a suitable pick.

You can use the Axial AM27 in SCX10, SCX10 II, RR10, Smt10, Wraith, and some other models without any difficulty. Adding to its benefits, the potential doesn't vary in different models.

Keep in mind that when you buy AM27, you get the motor only.

Nothing else comes in the pack. So while ordering this, it is good to get an installation kit along. The installation is swift and easy for beginners.

Axial AM27 retains a great deal of torque while climbing. If you use the proper gear, the rotations will be smooth- even on the most uneven surface. If you are on a hunt for a versatile RC crawler motor, this can be your pick.

Most liking Features

Axial drastically reduced the noise production in this motor. It barely creates any sound and helps in enjoying the playtime without any disruption.

Probable Drawbacks

Users may experience some heating of the motor if used for hours. Nonetheless, it cools down pretty quickly.

Key Features

  • Adaptable to many models
  • Offers considerable rotating force
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to install

2. Hobbywing QUICRUN RC Crawler Motor │ Encloded ESC

Hobbywing QUICRUN RC Crawler Motor │ Encloded ESC
Hobbywing QUICRUN RC Crawler Motor │ Encloded ESC

If you are an adherent of the Axe 2300 but want to control the speed, Hobbywing QUICRUN has done that for you. Let's see how.

In Axe 2300, the ESC has an automated resistance to the changing torque. Hence, the user has zero control over the change of speed in resistance. However, in Quicrun, one can disable this feature and enjoy the thrill of resistance torque.

Apart from a solid bearing, Hobbywing has used rubber sealing on both ends. Besides, the lids have a small O-ring in the corner. This small hole and rubber will work as a protection against water.

Users are often confused about the specs of the motor. Is it 540 or 550? Well, the motor is 540 specs. The vacant space makes room for an ESC. This way, the total length becomes 550 specs.

Hobbywing QUICRUN might not be the best motor for RC rock crawler out there, but it aids the experience of using an RC crawler.

Most liking Features

The control that it offers for obstacles is commendable. You can get a steady command over the jeep on uneven and pointy surfaces.

Probable Drawbacks

Using the motor in single-speed sports might slow down its overall performance.

Key Features

  • Water-repellent
  • Speed customization
  • Rubber sealing
  • ESC enclosed within the motor

3. Globact 550 RC Crawler Motor │ Affordable

Globact 550 RC Crawler Motor │ Affordable
Globact 550 RC Crawler Motor │ Affordable

For all the admirers of the brushed motor might motors, our recommendation is Globact 550 RC Motor. Why are we putting a good word for this motor? Let's find out!

Many rock crawler users complain about the overheating of the motor. However, this is not the case with Globact 500. In our one-hour-long trial, we didn't experience complications with heating.

Although the manufacturers have omitted the capacitors in this variant, there is no drop in the efficiency. The speed and the turns are up to scratch, with decent reverse movements.

In backyards, you can get satisfactory functioning from the Globact 550. Nonetheless, we won't recommend this motor for rock crawling.

The price tag on Globact 12T is not a cut in the pocket. If you don't want to splurge now, you can go away with this motor. You probably are going to be contented.

Most liking Features

Compact structure is the USP for Globact 550 motor. As it is sturdy and petite, one can easily carry it with them for emergencies.

Probable Drawbacks

When used for rock crawling purposes, the lifespan of the motor drops drastically.

Key Features

  • Budget-friendly
  • Apt to use in backyards
  • Brushless motor
  • Close-packed

4. INJORA RC Crawler Motor │ Durable

INJORA RC Crawler Motor │ Durable
INJORA RC Crawler Motor │ Durable

Brushed motors are well acclaimed for their remarkable torque. And brushed motor from Injora store is not an exception.

Whether in curved pathways or over barks of trees, the motor is capable of enduring plenty of turns. While using this motor, we experienced falls from steep edges, but they were few and far between.

Other than that, this motor has almost all the features of the best RC crawler motor. With proper functioning and no heating issues, the Injora motor can be deal with within budget.

If one ensures maintenance, this motor can serve for years.

For anyone who wants to try out RC crawler motors with a different number of turns, this brand can be a substantial choice. Ranging from 12T to 35T - they have a wide variety of options. Depending on your needs, you can pick either of them.

Most liking Features

The team has brought down the number of wires in this motor to only two. Therefore, no more hassles of installation. All you need to do is plug in the wires.

Probable Drawbacks

As it is a brushed motor, we won't recommend using Injora motors for rock crawling.

Key Features

  • Easy to fix
  • Use of less wiring
  • Capable of enduring turns
  • Available options for the number of turns

5. Goolsky Surpass RC Crawler Motor │ Waterproof

Goolsky Surpass RC Crawler Motor │ Waterproof
Goolsky Surpass RC Crawler Motor │ Waterproof

Are you having difficulties while using 5mm shafts? Well, many motor casing doesn't permit the use of thick shafts.

For such necessities, brands are designing motors with thinner stocks. Surpass is a motor of such kind. The insertion rod of this motor is 3.5 mm in width and can easily fit into cases. Nonetheless, the Goolsky Surpass is a standard-sized motor with 550 specs.

The manufacturer claims to ensure a compatible functioning of the motor. And we wanted to examine its capability in the field.

We conducted the trials on various spaces and commendable performance.

On the whole, Surpass RC Motor is apt for crawler drives. It offers a great deal of resistance and can move smoothly through uneven plains. In addition, you can also check our recommendations for the rc boat for pool.

Overall, if you want a decent motor for rock crawling, you can consider this one. With standard performance and torque, there is not much to complain about Surpass motors.

Most liking Features

With protection from water and dust, Surpass can deal with mud as well. Herefore, users can use this motor in damp weather without much trouble.

Probable Drawbacks

As it works in uneven and curved ways, this motor can lack speed at times.

Key Features

  • Can be used in damp weather
  • Leaner shaft
  • Suitable for RC rock crawler
  • Smooth movement over an uneven surface

Things to Consider Before Buying RC Crawler Motor

Best RC Crawler Motor
Best RC Crawler Motor

Technically, the RC crawler won't function without a motor. And no one wants to spend bucks on a motor over and over again.

You can avoid such situations by simply checking for the basic features of a motor. Remember, the best motor for RC rock crawler might not have multiple advanced features. Rather it aces the fundamental facets.

To make your search trouble-free, we have marked out the attributes of a suitable motor for the RC crawler.

Brushed vs Brushless

Picking one between brushless and brushed motors is not an easy task. However, setting your preferences in the first place is a wise decision. This way, you are specific about your choices. All you need to do is to look for those features and buy one.

Looking into the configuration, you'll see the brushless motors are more concealed. Thence, the motor is not affected by dirt or water. On the contrary, you can use the brushed motor in dry spaces.


As we already know, speed is one of the primary concerns while picking a motor for an RC crawler. It will ultimately determine the performance of the battery. When you get into checking the velocity, it will vary between brushed and brushless motors.

In general, the speed of the brushed motor is in terms of turns in the coil. On the contrary, the speed of the brushless motors is denoted using kV. We suggest you go for the brushless motors as it offers steady velocity. The ideal speed range here is 2500-3300 kV.

Pole Count

The difference in pole count determines how smooth the initial speed of the car would be. The higher the pole count, the smoother the starting. Nevertheless, if you go for a higher pole count, you will have to compromise on the overall speed of the motor.

Number of Slots

Usually, the number of slots in a brushed motor is lesser than the brushed motors. For brushed motors, the number of slots ranges between 3-5. On the other hand, this number is 17-21 in brushless motors.

While more slots offer speed, fewer slots provide better torque. You can also read about some competent rc bumper cars here.


Last but not least, you need to consider your budget. Fancy claims will come with a higher price tag. Before investing in these expensive motors, make sure those features are apt for you.

If you are getting an RC rock crawler motor for the first time, we will suggest you go for a basic one. Over time, you will figure out your specific demands and purchase thereby.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What is the difference between brushed and brushless motor?

Brushed vs. brushless- the debate goes on. The difference between these two motors is how they function. A brushed motor works using electric coils, whereas brushless magnets work with a permanent magnet.

2. Is there a pinion gear with the motor?


The motor comes without the pinion gear. You can get it online or at any local hardware shop.

3. Which battery should I get for the RC crawler motor?

The appropriate battery for the motor may vary depending on the ESC. Check the manual of the motor to have an idea.

4. Are these motors water-resistant?

Yes, most of the motors are waterproof. Nevertheless, we recommend avoiding direct contact with water for a long.

5. Can the motors endure reverse rotation?

Yes, the specifications of the best motor for RC rock crawler are designed to tolerate reverse rotation. Just check if the speed control has an option for reverse rotation.

Final Word

Every user of RC rock crawler will agree to the need for a good quality motor. After all, it keeps the crawler functional. Hence, picking out the best RC crawler motor is an absolute necessity.

We admit the job of selecting a suitable motor is difficult. Nonetheless, understanding the features and demands of your crawler will help you pick one. We hope our writing was helpful for you.

Have a safe drive!

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