Best Semi Permanent Eyeliner in 2021 – Top Selling & Popular Collections

by Mike Constanza

There are so many makeup items that you should mull over too much, and eyeliner is one of them. After all, it is an impossible task to pull off an uneven wing. But, with the best semi permanent eyeliner, you can practically kiss any imprecise eyeliner good-bye.

For your kind information, eyeliners wield a significant impact on makeup lovers that other products rarely do. One adequate stroke holds the ability to make a massive difference to the eye look. Furthermore, no matter how precisely you draw your eyeliner, you should know if it lasts all day.

Additionally, there is an impossibility of navigating life with just one semi permanent eyeliner. Because you cannot serve your various eye looks, such as smokey, cat eye, graphic, squiggly or foxy eye makeup with just one product.

Attempting various makeup looks, you might require eyeliners that fulfill your needs. That's why we have rounded up the finest quality waterproof eyeliner for the waterline to save your money and time. So without any further due, let's see what we brought for you to the table.

Top Semi Permanent Eyeliner by Editors

Summary Table for Best Semi Permanent Eyeliner in 2021

Image Product Name Price

Stilla Semi Permanent Eyeliner Pen | Stay All Day | Waterproof
Stilla Semi Permanent Eyeliner Pen | Stay All Day | Waterproof Price Check

The Flick Stick Semi Permanent Eyeliner | Winged Stamp | 2 In 1
The Flick Stick Semi Permanent Eyeliner | Winged Stamp | 2 in 1 Price Check

NYX Professional Semi Permanent Eyeliner | Felt Tip | Vegan
NYX Professional Semi Permanent Eyeliner | Felt Tip | Vegan Price Check

IMethod Semi Permanent Eyeliner | Long-Wear | Cat-Eye Stamp
iMethod Semi Permanent Eyeliner | Long-Wear | Cat-Eye Stamp Price Check

Haus Laboratory Semi Permanent Eyeliner | Gel Pencil | Microtip
Haus Laboratory Semi Permanent Eyeliner | Gel Pencil | Microtip Price Check

Best Semi Permanent Eyeliner Reviews

Best Semi Permanent Eyeliner Reviews
Best Semi Permanent Eyeliner Reviews

Having too many options always makes us confused, and we might end up choosing the wrong one, no doubt about that. We have narrowed down the most demanding semi-permanent eyeliners here. Here you can see the high-quality products with all the specifications to experience the best buy.

1. Stilla Semi Permanent Eyeliner Pen | Stay All Day | Waterproof

Stilla Semi Permanent Eyeliner Pen | Stay All Day | Waterproof
Stilla Semi Permanent Eyeliner Pen | Stay All Day | Waterproof

Are you looking for an eyeliner with a thin tip that glides on your upper lash line with ease? This Stilla semi-permanent eyeliner is it. It is one of the most-selling eyeliners and recommended by renowned beauty experts and makeup artists.

Once you get this eyeliner for sensitive, watery eyes in your makeup collection, you will hang-up all the other brands you use frequently. First, let's talk about its precise applicator tip. The marker-like tip is super thin, making it easy to apply both a thin line or a bold wing.

This waterproof eyeliner goes on smoothly without skipping or smudging.

The beginners can draw a precise wing instantly within a minute. All you need is to pull your eye's outer area to stretch and smooth before lining and release after drawing a line. Now, you see how accurate your wings are!

Perhaps, it precisely does what its name inherent, stays all day! After drawing the line, you will not need to wait much longer because it dries quickly. Plus, it creates a sharp winged liner that stays put even if you sweat a lot.

However, besides intense black, you will get different shades in this series. All of them have the same formula and perform great. Stilla has been an inspiring makeup brand that makes the artistry meet innovation with a modern chic. Hopefully, you will not regret buying this one.

Key Features

  • Stays put all day long
  • Smudge-free and waterproof
  • Glides on smoothly
  • Precise and sharp line

2. The Flick Stick Semi Permanent Eyeliner | Winged Stamp | 2 in 1

The Flick Stick Semi Permanent Eyeliner | Winged Stamp | 2 In 1
The Flick Stick Semi Permanent Eyeliner | Winged Stamp | 2 In 1

Almost everyone finds it tricky to pull off the same wings on both eyes every time attempting to draw eyeliners. If you face this problem very often, buy the Flick Stick semi permanent eyeliner without any second thought.

After waking up in the morning and getting ready for the office, you might not have much time to stand in front of the mirror and struggle to make the eyeliner wings perfect.

If you are running late for morning-office, this is the effortless solution to get ready within a few minutes.

First of all, let's talk about its structure.It has a wing-shaped stamp on one side and a marker-tip on the other end. Therefore, you can anticipate that drawing the wings is much more comfortable with that stamp. Just place the stamp on the outer eye corner, and thus, your wings are ready!

To reduce the wing-liner problem of both newbies and professionals, kudos to this stamp eyeliner. You do not need to buy stencils or try hacks to achieve a sharp and perfect line because, with Flick Stick liner, you will gain the confidence to draw eyeliner and finish off the latest trend that you have been longing to try!

Just stamp it and wing it! It says all about the eyeliner. However, you better not think about its durability because it remains smudge-proof and stays out all day long. Thus, the best semi permanent eyeliner from the Flick Stick will make your makeup routine much more effortless.

Key Features

  • Stamp eyeliner
  • Quickly draws wings
  • Double-ended pen
  • Long-lasting

3. NYX Professional Semi Permanent Eyeliner | Felt Tip | Vegan

NYX Professional Semi Permanent Eyeliner | Felt Tip | Vegan
NYX Professional Semi Permanent Eyeliner | Felt Tip | Vegan

If you like thick, intense black waterproof eyeliner to complete your makeup look, NYX epic ink semi permanent eyeliner is precisely the one you need. You can effortlessly get the perfect and long-lasting cat-eye look with this professional eyeliner.

The manufacturer has made the applicator tip so thin and straight that the user can draw lines according to their preference, be it thin or bold. Its ultra-precise tip allows you to draw strokes that glide on smoothly and shows a defined finish.

Therefore, you can control the thickness of the lines by pressing down just a touch.

However, if you are concerned about animals, then you should know that this eyeliner is cruelty-free. The manufacturer does not run any tests on animals.

The formula is intensely pigmented and creates a smooth, consistent line. If you are getting ready for a daylong tour or a business trip, keep this eyeliner as the priority because it will stay in place all day with no smudges at all.

However, get a subtle, natural, broad, or bold whatever you want with this extreme dark eyeliner. You may cry or swim wearing this semi permanent eyeliner, yet it will not fade away or transfer all over the face. Thus, you can count on this flawless makeup tool more than any other one.

Key Features

  • Felt tip brush
  • Super pigmented and waterproof
  • Does not transfer
  • Blackest black eyeliner

4. iMethod Semi Permanent Eyeliner | Long-Wear | Cat-Eye Stamp

IMethod Semi Permanent Eyeliner | Long-Wear | Cat-Eye Stamp
IMethod Semi Permanent Eyeliner | Long-Wear | Cat-Eye Stamp

Do you want a 10-minute extra in bed in the morning instead of getting up early and trying to master the perfect winged eyeliner? You can enjoy extra 20 minutes in your bed by saving time in your morning makeup routine if you use iMethod semi permanent eyeliner. Read below for know-how.

iMethod has designed an eyeliner with a double-ended tip where one side is a pen eyeliner, and the other one is a winged stamp. You stamp the wing to your eyes' outer corner and draw a line towards the inner corner. Thus, creating a sharp wing is not tough anymore!

This eyeliner is a duo set, which means you will get two similar pens together, one for the left eye and the other for the right. Thus it confirms that drawing perfect symmetrical lines on both of your eyes is much more comfortable.

After using this eyeliner, you will realize that the hype about this product is genuine. Chinky, hooded, mono, or whatever your eyelid is, the wing stamp suits every eye shape. After all, this one tool will change your winged liner game forever.

Anyway, the packaging of the best semi permanent eyeliner looks beautiful. That's why you can keep it along with our artificial eyelashes in a gift bucket for your girlfriend or any makeup lover friend.

Key Features

  • Two in one set
  • Pointy precise tip
  • Easy to draw wing with stamp
  • Matte finish

5. Haus Laboratory Semi Permanent Eyeliner | Gel Pencil | Microtip

Haus Laboratory Semi Permanent Eyeliner | Gel Pencil | Microtip
Haus Laboratory Semi Permanent Eyeliner | Gel Pencil | Microtip

The last semi permanent eyeliner in our recommendation list is from the Haus laboratories that help you create your desired eye look without fading all day. It is one of the things that you must have in your makeup vanity. Let's get to know more of its details.

If you want a quick sketch around your eyes, the Haus laboratory eyeliner pen is what you need. When you draw a line, you might get puzzled seeing the outcome, thinking if it is a permanent tattoo or not because the outcome is as intense as tattoos and lasts for long hours.

Eyeliners from various brands transfer a lot on the oily eyelids and turn the eyes to look like a raccoon. If the same happens to you, switch your regular eyeliner with this one. This "all day long" liquid eyeliner stays for more than 12 hours without fading, smudging, or transferring to the lower eyelid.

Now, let's talk about the applicator tip. The applicator portion of this felt tip eyeliner is sturdy, straight and makes it easy to draw a sharp line quickly. You can easily master the eyeliner game with its precise and flexible tip that adds a delicate definition to your eyes.

Key Features

  • Easy to draw a line
  • Sturdy applicator tip
  • Glides on smooth and straight
  • Dries quickly

Things To Consider Before Buying Semi Permanent Eyeliner

Best Semi Permanent Eyeliner
Best Semi Permanent Eyeliner

As the market is filled with numerous varieties, you must consider a few things to grab the suitable and premium eyeliner. Hopefully, we will be able to instruct you to pick the best permanent eyeliner.

You will be able to save your money from wasting and invest it in a fruitful product.


The first and most important thing about eyeliner is its durability. If the eyeliner does not stay for long and transfer all around the eye area, your whole look will be ruined, and all your confidence will dropdown.

In this regard, we have mentioned all the eyeliners that stay put no matter how rough-working day you pass. Choosing either of those will be a win-win game!


In addition to the applicator, you need to think about what type of line you want. The most common types are felt-tip pens or liquid eyeliner.

Different types of eyeliners result in various thicknesses. Liquid eyeliners show thin and sharp lines. On the other hand, felt-tip eyeliners create a thick and soft line. Yet you can control the thickness of sharpness depending on your need.


If the pen or brush is heavy or fatty, we do not get much comfort while drawing eyeliners. Also, those are not so easy to move or rotate to make a wing. The same thing happens if the pen or brush is too thin.

In that case, choose the semi permanent eyeliner we have mentioned above that you can control easily.


When you click on the products we have mentioned above, you will get a clear idea about the price range. If you have decided your budget already, you can choose any of them because we have selected all the brands whose quality justifies the price.


Are you looking for something that you can wear regularly or something that will make your eyes stand out on any special occasion? That's why we have selected the brands above that come in different colors along with dark black or brown.

Hence, we would like to suggest you choose the color that matches your eye color as well as your personality .

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What things should I consider before buying the best permanent eyeliner?

The most important thing you should consider before purchasing an eyeliner is its durability. Anyways, we have mentioned the above what the other things you should remember.

2. Can I put eyeliner on my waterline?

Of course, you can .

When you apply eyeliner on your waterline, it changes your entire eye look. You can make your eyes look bigger or smaller by drawing a simple line on your bottom lid. Just e cautious so that the product does not go inside your eyes.

3. How long does the eyeliner stay?

It depends on the skin type. If the user has oily skin, the liner transfers quickly. On the other hand, if the user has dry, combination, or normal skin, the eyeliner stays for a long time. That's why you should choose the waterproof eyeliner that suits all skin types and stays in place all day long.

4. Can teenagers use eyeliner?

Yes, they can.

But it is better to keep the teenagers away from makeup kits because during that age, their skin issues from genetic or hormonal changes. If they use makeup frequently, it may lead to permanent skin problems.

5. Does eyeliner cause eye infection?


Eyeliners are made of waxes and oils that do not harm the skin. But if you wear it for so long or do not wipe the product properly from your eyes, it incorporates harmful bacterias that cause an eye infection. That's why you must remove your makeup properly at the end of the day.

Final Words

Finding the best semi permanent eyeliner that suits all your requirement is quite challenging because there are so many brands who claim their ones as the highest-quality. But the truth is, not all of them can exceed your expectation.

We have surveyed, tried, and tested countless eyeliners brand all over the market to help you find the right one. Hopefully, these will fulfill your expectation.

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