Best Snap Fastener Tool for 2021 – Top 5 Collections Reviewed by an Expert

Many of you struggle sewing a button because it takes a lot of time and not always convenient. The best alternative to a sewing button is snapping.

Whether you will attach your garments or car seat, a snap fastener will be a one-step application solution for you. In order to correctly snap your garments, it is essential to use a proper tool.

We have come up with some convenient snaps. Browse our selection of the best snap fastener tool below.

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DianMan Snap Fastener Tool | Adjustable Setter
DianMan Snap Fastener Tool | Adjustable SetterCheck Price

Lihao Snap Fastener Tool | Plastic Buttons
Lihao Snap Fastener Tool | Plastic ButtonsCheck Price

Ironwood Pacific Snap Fastener Tool | Easy Installation
Ironwood Pacific Snap Fastener Tool | Easy InstallationCheck Price

YZS Snap Fastener Tool | Nickel Plating
YZS Snap Fastener Tool | Nickel PlatingCheck Price

CHEPULA Snap Fastener Tool | Premium Quality
CHEPULA Snap Fastener Tool | Premium QualityCheck Price

Best Snap Fastener Tool Reviews

1. DianMan Snap Fastener Tool | Adjustable Setter

If you are looking for a button snap for every major, minor repair of c canvas cover, then DianMan is the right tool for you. DianMan will help you repair canvas cover, sail cover, traps, Bimini covers, or any heavy fabric.

Sometimes you have to take the hassle of removing the item before snapping onto it. But by this button snap, you have to cut a hole on the thing and clamp it in with the fabric or canvas that is still attached.

The set also includes pliers. It is very comfortable to work with the pliers. This is very adjustable and will enable you to work on more significant objects.

The leverage to crimp the two pieces together is very good due to it’s nicely designed vice grip systems.

The snap fastener tool can attach any item very fast. The force is manageable, so there is no risk of getting hurt while working with it. The model has two interchangeable dies that put both male and female ends on well.

DianMan is so confident about their product that they provide a 90 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. And that tells a lot about the product. So give this button span a try.

Key Features

  • 90-day movie back guarantee
  • Adjustable pliers
  • It can be used for different items
  • Very fast and safe.

2. Lihao Snap Fastener Tool | Plastic Buttons

Those who are planning to start sewing and crafting always look for snap tools that are easy to use and affordable. Lihao plastic buttons are suitable for beginners.

The box includes different varieties of colorful buttons. Professionals also can showcase their creativity using this. The top snap button set has a total of 375 pieces of snap button. The size of the button is 20, and that has 24 different colors.

You can use the snaps for several purposes. Besides using the snaps for clothing and diapers, you can also use them to make a wallet, use it on towels, so the towel does not fall from the rack.

The possibilities of uses are endless. You can fix soft and hard material with it.

You can work with different sizes of snaps with the pliers. 16, 20, and 24 snaps are perfectly fitted on the pliers. It takes little time to install. You would love to work with the pliers and snaps once you will get used to it. The snap fastener tool is very easy to use.

Warranty is an essential factor. Lihao is providing a lifetime warranty. So no matter how many times you have used it, if you face any problem, you can take it to them, and they will fix it.

Key Features

  • 375 pieces of snap button
  • Different size of snaps with the pliers
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Very adjustable and easy to use

3. Ironwood Pacific Snap Fastener Tool | Easy Installation

If you are looking for long lasting snap pliers, then ironwood is perfect for you. Ironwood Pacific is a heavy-duty snap setter tool. You can use this for a lifetime.

The pliers are very easy to use for both professionals and beginners. This is very adjustable, and you can easily install it. You can easily tighten the Snap Setter for a loose snap install. The size of the tool is just perfect. So this won’t require an ample space.

The button snapper is perfect for boat covers, Bimini tops. If you are facing trouble fixing your boat cover, you can give these pliers a try.

For snapping on your boat’s cover you need to mark a place and punch a hole in the canvas. And the hole will be large enough to post the snap.

Unlike light-duty snap fastener tools, this will last for a long time. You can easily install and remove the cap side of the snap. This will allow you for a looser and tighter clamp.

These adjustable pliers set provides greater leverage than regular ped and die design. And you can put the button exactly on the place you want to. So you will get a custom fit for your canvas.

Key Features

  • Suitable for beginners and professionals
  • easy snap installation
  • Long lasting
  • Suitable for boat covers, Bimini tops

4. YZS Snap Fastener Tool | Nickel Plating

Your button snap needs to be comfortable to work with. YZS is the best Snap Fastener Tool with its unique design. The snap tool is the upgraded version. Any major and minor repair can be done with this tool.

In most cases, if you wanted to snap on a button that was snapped previously, you would have to remove the first one. But in this case, you can snap on the old one without removing it. Just find the place where you want to snap, and cut the holes.

The best part of the snap tool is this it is safe. This will not hurt your hand while working with this.

The snap tool is designed in such a way. So you can install the snap fastly without having to worry about any kind of accident.

YZS snap tool comes in 10 sets of button snap studs, ten pads for snap caps, and ten pieces of the screw with Phillips head. These buttons are also very durable and corrosion resistant. If you use it for your boat canvas, it will remain as new after using it for years.

Key Features

  • Adjustable Snap Setter
  • Comfortable to work with
  • Powerful and durable
  • Nickel Plating

5. CHEPULA Snap Fastener Tool | Premium Quality

Who does not like a huge collection of buttons with a plier set? CHEPULA Snap Fastener Tool has 10 colors of a button, and each color has 20 different sets. The tool is enough for meeting your every need.

As the set comes in a wide range of button collections, you can use this for making thin clothes, DIY crafts, or anything you would like to work with. This is suitable for every kind of fabric; for example, you can apply it on shirts, hats, backpacks, curtains, towels, jumpsuits, etc.

The set of snap fasteners is not like other plastic tools.

This is durable. Plastic buttons can be broken easily, and the color also doesn’t last long. But you won’t need to face any of these with CHEPULA Snap Fastener Tool.

The snap tool is made of eco-friendly copper. That is durable, bright, tough, and anti-rust. And if we talk about the pliers that are also made with premium quality materials. The pliers are made with high-quality aluminum.

You will get an excellent and hassle-free work experience if you work with the tool. You will need a hammer to fix the snaps. Once you have installed the button onto our fabric, it won’t fall. The button snap tool has the five sharp corner that makes the snap steady.

Key Features

  • wide range of button collections
  • High quality materials
  • Bright, tough, and anti-rust
  • Easy to control

Things to Consider Before Buying Snap Fastener Tool

Best Snap Fastener Tool

 We have discussed the top snap button set.  Now you have an idea about a snap fastener tool. You have probably selected the tool that you want to buy. But before buying there are few things that you should keep in mind. You need to know what tool is the best for your work.

So here, we are providing some instructions so that you can get the perfect snap fastener tool. You may also be interested in some Plug Cutter; Take a moment to check them out.


This is the most crucial element that you should consider before buying a button snap tool. Not all the tools can do all the projects. There are different sets of tools for various purposes. If you want to buy a button snap tool for DIY craft purposes, you should go for a colorful one. If you want to fix your boat canvas, then steel buttons are more suitable for you.

Also, all the pliers do not fix on all the materials. If you want to snap on a thick canvas, you will need more strong and heavy-duty pliers.


There are different kinds of tools in the market. Some of them included pliers, and some of them do not. If you already have buttons and you do not want to buy any extra buttons, you can just buy pliers. In the same way, if you already have pliers, you can only buy the buttons for your project. This will save you money.

We have tried to suggest every type of tool.  Just pick the one that is suitable for you.


How long the tools are going to last depends on the product’s durability. If you want to use snap fastener tools for DIY purposes, you do not need durable buttons. In that case, you can choose plastic buttons because that tool is good and also suitable for DIY projects.

If you want to use the snap for a boat or any important work, you will need strong and durable pliers and a button set. So try to select copper or steel buttons.


Price is always an important issue. You need to fix your budget first. Going for a medium range of tools will be a great idea. If you find a tool with a cheap rate, that may break after some use. You also do not need to go for a very high range of products. Because a medium range of snap fastener tools is enough for any kind of snaps.

So it is safe to buy a tool at a reasonable price.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Does the plastic button last long?


Plastic buttons are not suitable for long term use. It is preferable for DIYS, jumpsuit uses. For long-lasting buttons, steel and copper buttons are perfect.

2. Is there any risk of cutting my hand while working with pliers?

If you use a cheap brand, then there is a risk of cutting your hand.

For your safety, it is better to select the top snap button set. They are designed perfectly so that it can’t hurt your hand.

3. Are the pliers easy to control?


Most of the good quality pliers are easy to control. You can easily install buttons with it. You just need to mark a place you want to make a hole and snap in the right place.

4. Is the price too high?


You will get high-quality pliers and a button set at a very reasonable price.

5. What kind of buttons are preferable for boats?

Steel buttons are preferable for boat covers and bimini tops because it is durable and long-lasting.

Final Words

We have provided you the best snap fastener tool. Now you have an idea about the products and their features. you also know which button, snap and pliers are suitable for you. So now you are ready to get the right snap fastener tool for you.

If you find the article helpful, share this with your friends to help them out. You can also take a look at T top boat cover from our list.

Have a Happy Shopping!