Best Titanic Model Kit in 2021 – Top 5 Picks!

Who does not like to put a little version of titanic in the corner of their house? Its aesthetic look enhances the beauty of your house.

We all are attached to the movie titanic. It’s really fun building a little titanic model by your hand. If you are getting bored in your home, it can also be a great pastime.

Everyone is looking for the best plastic Titanic model kit. But there are a ton out there, and people are confused about what to purchase. A lot of people complain about the poor quality of the kit, which broke during building the model.

Our research team spent weeks conducting intensive research on the Titanic Model Kits. Finally, they came up with the top 5 Titanic Model Kit.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Trumpeter Titanic Plastic Model Kit | LED Lights| 19 lbs
Trumpeter Titanic Plastic Model Kit | LED Lights| 19 lbsCheck Price

Academy Models Titanic Model Kit | 400 pcs | Lightweight
Academy Models Titanic Model Kit | 400 pcs | LightweightCheck Price

SuSenGo Titanic Model Kit | Most Detailed and Accurate | 1021 pcs
SuSenGo Titanic Model Kit | Most Detailed and Accurate | 1021 pcsCheck Price

dOvOb Micro Titanic Model Kit | Mini Bricks Toy | 1872 pcs
dOvOb Micro Titanic Model Kit | Mini Bricks Toy | 1872 pcsCheck Price

Cubicfun Titanic Model Kit | 7 Warm Light Strings | 2.8 lbs
Cubicfun Titanic Model Kit | 7 Warm Light Strings | 2.8 lbsCheck Price

Best Titanic Model Kit Reviews

1. Trumpeter Titanic Plastic Model Kit | LED Lights| 19 lbs

Do you like to work with a lot of details? Then you can check this titanic model kit out. This set comes with huge details.

The Trumpeter Titanic Model Kit is in large plastic. And all parts are very detailed. Very good quality plastics have been used. It looks way more expensive than other titanic model kits in the market because of its good quality.

All components are carefully packed. They are packed separately in sealed plastics. The parts are also divided into cardboard boxes inside the package. So, there is no chance of getting damaged during shipment.

They are very responsive to the message. If you have any queries or want to know more about the product, just give them a mail, they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Trumpeter titanic model kit will also arrive several days before the scheduled delivery. The users highly recommended it.

Key Features

  • Weight 19.47 pounds
  • Made of quality plastic
  • LED light
  • Manufacturer’s recommended date is up to 3 years

2. Academy Models Titanic Model Kit | 400 pcs | Lightweight

Building blocks are a great pass time for the children. Building models also help in the brain development of your kid. Academy titanic plastic model kit is very lightweight and specially made for the kids.

This set is the best plastic model sailing ship kits in terms of its design. It has come with a very well designed and made through good materials.

As it has a lot of details, it will take you a few times to build the titanic model, which will look exactly the same as the real one.

Academy models’ titanic kits are incredible. This is very easy to put together at all. It will work for you and the kids. And if you are buying it for your kid, you can have a great moment with him/her as you will get to build the ship together.

The pieces are labeled with numbers. You have to follow the instructions carefully. It is just a step by step build, and the instructions are given of what number piece goes where. You have to do it with patience and set the pieces one by one.

Key Features

  • 400 pieces kit
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to build
  • The most detailed

3. SuSenGo Titanic Model Kit | Most Detailed and Accurate | 1021 pcs

Do you want your titanic model kit to look exactly like the real titanic with a lot of details? We will suggest you go for this one. It has 1021 pieces of blocks! That’s huge right!

This iconic titanic model kit is the established standard; this model measures all others. There are surely many model kits representing the Titanic. However, very few compare in scale, size, and accuracy.

This is a premier kit for mini craft titanic models. The huge scale makes it the largest molded kit of titanic models available in the market.

SuSenGo titanic plastic model kit accurately represents the ship as it appeared on April 12, 1912.

Many users and titanic experts recommend this model. The colors are so detailed that it will give you the experience of building the real titanic.

This titanic model kit is an amazing idea for a gift. Packages are so colorful that the mood will be cheered up easily.

They also provide a great service. They are 24 hours available for online service. Whenever you need to ask any questions, just ask them.

Key Features

  • Huge set of 1021 blocks
  • Very detailed in color
  • Perfect gift for friends
  • Dimension 25.63 x 2.36 x 11.02 inches

4. dOvOb Micro Titanic Model Kit | Mini Bricks Toy | 1872 pcs

Are you looking for the best titanic model kit with a lot of details but at a low price? You might be wonder where you can get such a kit. But you will be surprised to know that dOvOb Micro has brought a kit with 1872 pieces at a reasonable price!

The quality of this titanic plastic model kit is very high. High-quality, durable-plastics and ABS materials have been used.

We all know, the smaller the brick, the better the build. The bricks are very small; 4mmx5mm.

This set is best to train your kid’s by assembling the bricks together. It helps to improve cognitive skills as well. It is also designed in a way so the children can think and use their brain to assemble.

dOvOb Micro titanic plastic model kit is not only for kids. It is also a great gift for adults. You can decorate your house with this model kit. The amazing design impresses everyone. It is indeed a wonder 3D art.

You cannot get such a model kit at that price. The price makes the kit affordable for everyone. They also have very responsive customer service.

Key Features

  • Two figures
  • Reasonable price
  • Suitable for children and adults
  • Amazing 3D art that fits in the palm of your hand

5. Cubicfun Titanic Model Kit | 7 Warm Light Strings | 2.8 lbs

It is the last but not least titanic model kit from the Cubicfun. If you are looking for a huge and expensive one, then it would be the most suitable set for you. Cubicfun ensures everything in this titanic model kit that you may ask for.

It contains LED lights, which will surely lighten up your mood. Cubicfun store titanic plastic model kit is more delightful at night.

If you are hosting a party at night, this set of titanic will magnify the beauty of your party.

There is no doubt about the quality. High-quality pre-cut Paper is used to make this titanic model, which makes it easy to take out to assembly and fit perfectly together. You don’t need any extra pieces of equipment like glue to assemble it.

This huge titanic model kit is suitable for teens and adults. It is also great for Improving patient and cognitive skill. As this titanic model kit is huge, it is suitable for families to assemble the blocks together. At the same time, you can promote communication with your family members.

Surely their fancy products will bring you more happiness. If you have any problems, they are always available to help you out.

Key Features

  • Comes with LED lights
  • Dimension 35 x 4 x 12 inches
  • Weight 2.81 pounds
  • 7 warm light strings
  • Made of high-quality plastic, durable Paper & foam

Things to Consider Before Buying Titanic Model Kit

Best Titanic Model Kit

The titanic plastic model kit has become a part of the children’s world. Kids love to play with it, and also it increases their cognitive thinking and focusing ability and but choosing a good Titanic Model Kit somewhat difficult.

There are a lot of details and features that you just came into consideration when purchasing the right product. So, to help you find the best plastic model sailing ship kits, we have put together some crucial factors. Let’s get them. You may also like some of the Gyro Ball from our list, so take a moment to check them out.


For some of your budget might not be a big factor. But most of the time, it is a big concern.

In most of the cases, we see the highest budget products provide the highest quality. But first, you have to fix your budget. It is better to look for a product that is within your budget. It makes your purchase experience easier and hassle-free. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the Youth First Base Glove.


Quality is the main factor of any product. You are purchasing a titanic model kit and spending a lot of time building the ship. It costs a lot of hard work. So, if the titanic model kit does not last long and break down during building, it will be a total waste of time.

So, look for the best quality at your budget in the market. That has used good quality plastics and Paper. Check out the most essential Review for Cushioned Tennis Shoes.

Number of the Parts

Some of the titanic model kits have only 500 parts, and some have more than 2000 pieces. It is up to you what you want to buy.

The more the pieces are, the more detailed the model kit is. So, if you want to buy an extremely detailed model, then go for more pieces.

Ease of Building

Mainly Titanic Model Kit has been designed for all ages of people. Kids, teenagers, and adults can play with it. So, it has to be detailed yet not too complex to build.

Sometimes people lose patience doing more complex design and stop building it. So, the ideal option is, read all the guidelines carefully and follow them. It will save you time as well as give you an easier experience.

Customer Service

Customer service is another important issue. The company from where you are buying the Titanic Model Kit has to be responsive to your massages.

You might face any problem during building, or there might be some pieces missing in the box, then you have to contact them. So, if they do not respond in time, it can be a problem.

For getting the best plastic model kits, you have to consider these criteria for a better experience. These are all very important points when you are purchasing a Titanic Model Kit.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

We have come with some questions while researching the market. Here we will try to answer a few of your common questions.

1. How the best titanic model kit made of?

Different manufacturers use different materials. Some use plastic, and some use Paper. Both are good if the best quality of them has been used.

Moreover, good quality paper cut and ABS materials are good for a titanic model as it is easy to build and organize.

2. What weight is suitable for a titanic model kit?

If you are buying it for your kid, then Lightweight is more suitable.

However, if you want to buy it for decorative purposes, then you should go with the heavy one. It is durable and enhances your house’s beauty, and looks like a real titanic in a smaller version is placed on your corner.

3. What number of blocks are preferable?

It depends on you. If you want a more detailed and accurate model kit, then you can buy the kit that contains huge pieces of blocks. And if you want it to be simple, then go for the small block one.

4. Can it float?

There are some models that are made for floating. Those are mainly lightweight.

Most of the models are a display piece. Those are never supposed to be placed in water.

So, you have to look into this before buying it. If you want your model kit to be a float, then go for the lighter one.

5. Does it last longer?

Yes. Most of them do.

After completing the model, you can place it in your room. It will not break easily, and any damage won’t happen unless it falls down.

Final Words

We come to the end of our review. Hopefully, you have already known about the best Titanic model kit in the market.

We have pointed out the key features of each model, which will help you to compare. And you can find the perfect titanic model kit that you are looking for.

Have a Happy Titanic Model Building!