5 Best Youth First Base Glove in 2021 – Pick from Top Rated Models

by Lindsey Carter

Are you going to play as the first baseman in your next baseball or softball match? Then you have to be well prepared as you are going to confront a lot of actions throughout the game.

For a youth player, the first base position would be a bit challenging, since you have to catch the most violent throws than the pitchers or catchers while fielding. That's why you need the best youth first base glove to prevent yourself from threatening throws.

Unlike the other baseball gloves, the shape of the first base glove is pretty different due to its functions. To facilitate the scooping and catching for the player, we have discovered some top-rated youth first base gloves by doing thorough research on the existing gloves.

Let's have a look to get the desired youth first base mitts.

Top Youth First Base Glove 

Summary Table for 5 Best Youth First Base Glove in 2021

Image Product Name Price

Rawlings Renegade - Youth First Base Glove Series

Rawlings Renegade - Youth First Base Glove Series

Price Check

Franklin Pro - Adult & Youth First Base Glove -11/12

Franklin Pro - Adult & Youth First Base Glove -11/12

Price Check

Mizuno Youth First Base Glove

Mizuno Youth First Base Glove

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Rawlings R9 Youth First Base Glove Series

Rawlings R9 Youth First Base Glove Series

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Wilson Youth First Base Glove Series

Wilson Youth First Base Glove Series

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The Best Youth First Base Glove Reviews

The Best Youth First Base Glove Reviews
The Best Youth First Base Glove Reviews

In this section, we are about to discuss every spec of the first base gloves, so that you can have a better understanding of why you should choose these youth first base mitts for the tournament or practice session.

1. Rawlings Renegade - Youth First Base Glove Series

Rawlings Renegade - Youth First Base Glove Series
Rawlings Renegade - Youth First Base Glove Series

Since the first baseman has huge responsibility than the other players, that' why they have to ensure a lightweight glove so that they can respond to every ball quickly. To provide such a facility during the match, Rowling comes with the lightweight mitt for the youth.

At the practice session or tournament, the first based gloves have to endure a lot of pressures due to the constant upcoming catches. That's why the gloves demand a durable shield for defending every ball, which you will find in this glove series.

The youth are so vulnerable if the gloves are not able to protect their hand or they are not aware of other protective equipment. Don't be worry! The Rowling ensures high-quality palm cushioned for bringing comfort and providing extreme protection for their hands.

Whether you are playing baseball or softball, its flexible deep-pocket saves you from the turbulent catches. Aside from, this is an excellent glove series for both righty and lefty player due to the leather palm construction.

Thus, most coaches consider it the best youth first base glove for tournament and practice sessions. After comparing its quality and performance with its equivalent price, you will understand why they recommend the gloves.

Key Features

  • Deep and more flexible pockets
  • Lightweight and comfortable gloves
  • Cost-effective gloves series
  • Available for both righty & lefty
  • Ensures durability by leather construction

2. Franklin Pro - Adult & Youth First Base Glove -11/12″

Franklin Pro - Adult & Youth First Base Glove -11/12
Franklin Pro - Adult & Youth First Base Glove -11/12

If your son is a baseball lover and wants to play the match like Pro, then you can gift him the Pro gloves series by Franklin Sports. On the other hand, you can use the same gloves for you and your son simultaneously, because it is ideally suited for both adult and youth if you select the 12″.

Franklin Sports is designed the wrist adjustment conveniently so that they can perfectly work for both adult and youth players. During the game, you will feel extra comfort while catching or scooping the extreme violent throws.

To enhance the performance of the youth player, Franklin ensures the light-weighted first base mitts by implementing the mesh construction method. As a result, they guarantee the improvement in the performance by 10-15% higher than the other gloves.

After wearing the gloves, you will understand why they prefer it for the youth baseball players, because of the unique design of the soft-pocket, which provides a swift and responsive balance while encountering the balls.

During the play, if your gloves got dust and grit while you are fielding in the dirt area, then it will automatically fall out the dirt. This is possible due to the glove's surface-texture, which is highly discouraging the dust and grit to stick to the surface.

Key Features

  • Highly effective for both youth and adult
  • Most comfortable wrist and palm pads
  • Lightweight mitt enhances the movement while playing
  • Soft pocket-design ensures the maximum performance

3. Mizuno Youth First Base Glove

Mizuno Youth First Base Glove
Mizuno Youth First Base Glove

Most of the baseball gloves come with better quality. Along with that, this first base glove got popularity among the youth due to its craftsmanship. Thus, if your 7-16 years children want to play in the first base position, you can choose the mitt undoubtedly.

While choosing the youth gloves, you have to look for the quality of the leather that you will find on this youth base mitt. Moreover, the outer surface and the lace of the glove are made of high-quality rawhide.

Afterward, you have to look for the inner quality of the gloves, whether it is capable of enduring the extreme catches without harming the players' hands.

To provide maximum safety and comfort during the fielding, Mizuno ensures the advanced palm heel technology for enhancing the performance of the players.

Whatever the quality of the base mitts, if it is not adjustable with the wrist, it would be a nightmare for the player during the match.

However, it will ensure 100% compatible rates for your 7-16 years children. As a result, the chances are very low to harm the players' fingers while catching or fielding.

Key Features

  • Perfectly suited for 7- 16 years
  • Much flexible for scooping
  • Durable leather and lacing quality
  • Inner adjustment ensures comfortable catching

4. Rawlings R9 Youth First Base Glove Series

Rawlings R9 Youth First Base Glove Series
Rawlings R9 Youth First Base Glove Series

The design or style pattern of the glove are significant aspects that you have to look at while choosing the first base mitt for your children. Because a stylish glove will give them mental satisfaction alongside the quality, that's why Rowling R9 brought a unique style on their youth gloves.

Youth are less caring than adults while they are using baseball gloves. However, to ensure the constant use of the gloves during the practice or tournament, Rawlings constructs the gloves with the durable leather shell.

At the competitive match, the gloves provide you 100% adjustability with your wrist so that you can catch the most violent balls for keeping a good defense. The intense palm-cushioned ensures maximum comfort while handling the balls.

If your children are between 9-16, then you can prefer this glove for them because most of the baseball celebrities consider R9 as the best first base glove for high school.

Furthermore, if the gloves will not be compatible with their hand, then the terrible performance is inevitable during the match. That's why R9 ensures a 100% adjustment for the youth players.

If you have complexity to place your thumb inside the gloves, you should change the gloves immediately to prevent the injury on your thumb as the ball is constantly hitting. In this instance, this glove provides extra room for comfortably place your thumb.

Key Features

  • 100% compatible rates for all youth
  • The extra durable leather surface
  • Convenient room for your thumb
  • Comfortable palm & index-finger pads

5. Wilson Youth First Base Glove Series

Wilson Youth First Base Glove Series
Wilson Youth First Base Glove Series

If you are going to pick the first base gloves for your children who are in between 9-17, then you should come with 12″ gloves since the size is considered as the standard for the youth in this age range.

As it is an official first baseball glove, that's why Wilson ensures the standard size and the quality of the base mitts. I bet, most of the youth player will go crazy after seeing the gloves, since it comes with British tan color and the fine leather-texture.

As it constructs with industrial finished-leather, that's why it can endure the extreme ball's pressure during catching or scooping. Aside from this, the webbing pattern and lacing quality are so innovative that they can ensure long-lasting service.

In between heel and finger pads, you will find the high-density matters, which will ensure maximum comfort and enough grip to the player during intense fielding.

If you find the price is exorbitant while picking these first baseball gloves for your children, then you could simply compare the glove's quality and overall performance with the pricing.

Afterward, you will understand why it considers as the best youth first base mitt. Along with the gloves, if you want to choose the perfect baseball bat for your children, then check out here.

Key Features

  • Perfect fitting for 9-17 years
  • Comfortable heel and finger pads
  • Quality leather and brilliant color
  • Durable stitching and finishing

Things to Consider Before Buying Youth First Base Glove

Best-youth First Base Glove
Best-youth First Base Glove

Though you are enough informed about the game rules and the essential baseballs' equipment, you have to consider some significant factors while buying the youth baseball gloves, which will prevent you from future buying harassment. Let's have a look at them.

Surface quality

As the first base gloves encounter the most wildly and turbulent balls, so it demands a most durable surface.

Whether the surface is made with leather, this is not the consideration. Leather surfaces aren't always indicating the better product.

Whatever the surface materials are, if they can endure the maximum pressures and provides comfort for the player, then you can go with these first baseball gloves.


The shape of the first base gloves makes it different from the other players' glove. These gloves are designed with this special shape for performing well during the most demanding moment.

Moreover, the shaping pattern also provides you much comfortableness while ground fielding or catching the most turbulent throws.

So, before choosing the best youth first base mitt, you must check whether it has a constant round edge or not.


Though you are going to have the youth first base gloves, each glove will not ensure you the most adjustability with your children's hand.

So, you have to select the gloves according to their hand's measurement or by measuring their ages. For insistence, 11″ would be adjusted for the age in between 9-14.


The webbing is situated between thumb and index finger. Compare to the other pitcher or catcher's gloves, and the first based ball gloves need a larger webbing for supporting all the upcoming balls.

The web of the gloves ensures flexibility and overall glove's performance. The standard first base gloves come with a vertical plus two horizontal leather strips. So, before confirming your order check the webbing pattern.


The measurement of the first base gloves is an important aspect that you have to consider before buying the gloves for your young children. Because the size will measure the overall performance of the player.

If it is perfectly adjusted with hand, then the player feels much comfort while ground fielding or catching the balls.

For your 9-14 years children, the 11″ to 11.75″ would perfect size. And the 12-13″ first base gloves will mostly suitable for 12-17-year-old players.

Therefore, if you maintain such size ration during buying, you are about to have a perfect first base mitt for your children.

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Is it right if I choose the right-hand gloves for my lefty boy?

Yes! This is the right choice.

If the player is throwing the ball by his right hand, then you have to choose the left-hand gloves, because he/she has to catch the balls by the left hand.

This choosing process is vice-versa for the player who is throwing the ball by his left-hand.

2. Are these gloves would be better for the catchers? As it looks like catcher's mitts.

Though this first base glove is one kind of mitten, this is specially designed for first base gloves.

They look almost similar to most people who are not well known about the difference between the catchers and first base mitts, as like the difference between the baseballs and softballs.

However, if you wish, you could use the gloves as a catcher mitt if you are continually playing for both positions. Otherwise, you should use the specific mitts for the particular position.

3. Will the gloves work for fastpitch softball?

Yes! It will.

Though they are specially designed for baseball gloves, they work very well for the fast and slow pitch softballs. So, for your next softball match, you could use them.

4. What would be the perfect size for this 5.8″ height and 130lbs weight boy?

Though glove size doesn't measure by the height and weight of the players, however, by gauging body measurement, you can anticipate the size of the gloves.

The most recommended size of the first base mitts for this guy is 12-13″. Or to be precise in size, you can go with the 12.75″ for perfect fitting.

5. Difference between Pedroia fit and standard fit?

The Pedroia fit is perfect for the youth or the small-handed people. However, the standard size of the first base glove could be 12″ for most of the youth in between 9-17 years.

Final Words

For the youth baseball gloves, the first and foremost consideration would be choosing the perfect glove's size for the players. Besides, the quality of the outer surface is also a significant factor for the first baseball mitts.

If you completely go through this way for picking the gloves, I bet you will find the best youth first base glove for your children. Afterward, these gloves ensure the youth to have a big match on the tournament and a better practice session as well.

Have a Great Match!

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