Best Wood Floor Paint In 2021 – Top Selling Paints

by Lindsey Carter

You may notice a bare wooden-floor, which looks horrible without painting, right?

The wooden floor gets rough and scratchy after using it for a long time, which gives you an awful experience in every footstep. That's why wood paint becomes a predominant product in every household.

The best wood floor paint will not only work for bringing a shiny look on your floor but also has some mental healing while coming to the color of the paint.

That's why we have discovered some top-notch paints for the wooded floor by going through the absolute testing and analyzing on the market-leading paints. Let's get the paint.

Summary Table for Wood Floor Paint In 2021

Image Product Name Price

KILZ Smooth-Finished Paint For Wood/Concrete - Chocolate Brown

KILZ Smooth-Finished Paint for Wood/Concrete - Chocolate Brown

Price Check

Rust-Oleum Latex Paint For Wood/Concrete/Plastic, Kona Brown

Rust-Oleum Latex Paint for Wood/Concrete/Plastic, Kona Brown

Price Check

KILZ Latex Wood Floor Paint For Interior/Exterior, Silver Gray

KILZ Latex Wood Floor Paint for Interior/Exterior, Silver Gray

Price Check

INSL-X Acrylic Anti-Slip Coating Paint, Light Gray

INSL-X Acrylic Anti-Slip Coating Paint, Light Gray

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INSL-X Tough Shield Floor And Patio Coating Paint, Gray Pearl

INSL-X Tough Shield Floor and Patio Coating Paint, Gray Pearl

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The Best Wood Floor Paint Reviews

The Best Wood Floor Paint Reviews
The Best Wood Floor Paint Reviews

In this section, we are about to demonstrate every single attribute of theses wood floor paint so that you can have a better understanding of these paints by measuring the quality, performance, and longevity of the paints. Let's dive into the reviews.

1. KILZ Smooth-Finished Paint for Wood/Concrete - Chocolate Brown

KILZ Smooth-Finished Paint For Wood/Concrete - Chocolate Brown
KILZ Smooth-Finished Paint For Wood/Concrete - Chocolate Brown

Who doesn't like the chocolate color? Even when it comes to the wooden floor, you will be curious, how the color accelerates the beauty of the floor. So, to have the fine choco-brown appearance on your floor, you can go with this standalone paint.

The bonding capacity of the paint is a significant factor. But the paint doesn't bond for a long time, then what is the point? However, the acrylic formula of the paint ensures maximum bonding on your floor. That's how KILZ guarantees a durable surface for a long-time.

Whatever the types of paints, if the paint is versatile, then you will get everything in a single canister.

That's why it comes with 100% adjustability rates with wooded surfaces. Likewise, it works on concrete and vinyl with keeping the same level of performance.

After the application of the paint, which leaves a smooth coating, that's how you will get a comfortable feeling while walking or touching the surface. On the contrary, rough finishing causes irritation on the feet.

For having a durable coating, you can apply it twice, but after the first application, you have to leave it for 4-6 hrs then go for re-application. In this regard, it will cover 75 sq. Ft. So, within this process, you are going to have the best surface ever.

Key Features

  • Brings appealing color after finished
  • Ultimate finishing for wood, concrete, vinyl
  • Rock-hard surface after re-application
  • Covers 150 sq.ft for the single coating

2. Rust-Oleum Latex Paint for Wood/Concrete/Plastic, Kona Brown

Rust-Oleum Latex Paint For Wood/Concrete/Plastic, Kona Brown
Rust-Oleum Latex Paint For Wood/Concrete/Plastic, Kona Brown

Are you looking for a versatile paint, which you can use for wood, concrete or plastic? Then your searching will end after grabbing the painting-jar. Rust-Oleum declared the paint as a self-contained and most suitable for all surfaces.

How do they dare to declare it as self-contained wood paint? In fact, after watching the formula, you will understand how they have composed the paint so uniquely. The water-based formula ensures long-lasting protection on the wood floor.

After applying the single coating, you will get the same outlook and protection on the surface, which is equivalent to the double coating of other paints.

That how the 32oz painting-jar provides you the maximum coverage up to 120 sq. Ft.

Since the Latex paint has designed for the DIY project, that's why the application process is simple for all. Before applying, you have to make sure the surface clean, dry, and sand for getting a better finishing. After completion, leave the surface for 30mins and see the magical glow on the floor.

For better protection of the wooden floor and utilizing your hard-earned money, you should go with this paint for your wooden floor because, these days, Rust-Oleum is count as the best wood floor paint.

Key Features

  • Perform instant after application
  • Maximum coverage up to 120 sq. Ft.
  • Brings the shiny glow on the floor
  • Quick Dry and finished the project within 30min.

3. KILZ Latex Wood Floor Paint for Interior/Exterior, Silver Gray

KILZ Latex Wood Floor Paint For Interior/Exterior, Silver Gray
KILZ Latex Wood Floor Paint For Interior/Exterior, Silver Gray

Most of the time, outdoor surfaces like the porch and patio cannot retain its color due to the UV rays or other external forces. If it is a true disaster for them, then see how the KILZ solves the problem by bringing a world-ranked interior and exterior wood paint.

Due to the strong resistance, the wood paint got mastery for performing on the outside environment because the paint creates an extra durable coating that can protect the color of the floor from fading.

The wood floor paint is not only an environmentally friendly product but also able to perform on the multi-surface such as wood, concrete, vinyl floor, etc.

After applying on these surfaces, it can make a strong bonding with the floor and last forever.

Though the application process is simple, you have to make sure a clear and smooth surface for a better outcome. For the rough surfaces, this gallon can cover up to 300 sq. ft. And for even surfaces, it ensures 400 sq. Ft. altogether.

Therefore, for your next outdoor DIY project, it would be the best paint for the wooden porch floor & the patio's as well since KILZ ensures better quality and maximum coverage within an affordable price.

Key Features

  • Most suitable paint for decks
  • Provides maximum coverage
  • Make the surface more resilient
  • Low-Lustre but gorgeous finishing

4. INSL-X Acrylic Anti-Slip Coating Paint, Light Gray

INSL-X Acrylic Anti-Slip Coating Paint, Light Gray
INSL-X Acrylic Anti-Slip Coating Paint, Light Gray

Do you have a floor-slippery experience? Or Are you trying to prevent such an accident? Then I bet you will rely on the paint because of its anti-slip coating. Whether the indoor or outdoor floor, you will get the same assurance from escaping such incidents.

INSL-X has given priority to the quality of the product, which makes it multi-resistance paints for surviving in any demanding situation. It can resist abrasion and pondering water due to its after finished, durable coating.

The wooden paint is specially designed for your porch, patios, or the floor where huge traffic pressures, as well as the other masonry-surfaces because it can endure all environmental forces and keep the floor still intact due to its resilient performance.

For your home DIY project, you can go with this wood floor paint due to its easy application. However, if you want to get the maximum coverage, make sure the clean and dry floor. This gallon covers up to 120 sq. Ft.

By considering the quality and performance of the paint, you will understand how affordable the price is. As a result, some paints specialist recommended the paint for indoor/outdoor wood painting solutions if you maintain the proper application procedures.

Key Features

  • Apply for anti-slip formula
  • Able to cover up to 120 sq. Ft.
  • Fit for both interior & exterior surfaces
  • Provides multiple resistance & huge longevity

5. INSL-X Tough Shield Floor and Patio Coating Paint, Gray Pearl

INSL-X Tough Shield Floor And Patio Coating Paint, Gray Pearl
INSL-X Tough Shield Floor And Patio Coating Paint, Gray Pearl

Outdoor surfaces always demand a strong painting-coating, since it has to protect the floor from adverse weather. This paint is such a paint that provides a tough shield on the floors for resisting the severe pressures of the wooden floor.

If you want to paint on your wooden surfaces, plastic materials, or concrete surfaces, then this wooden paint is going to play the best performance those multi-surfaces, because it is considered as the paragon of versatile paint.

Due to the complex formulation, the paint gains extreme resistance so that it can withstand scrubbing, greases, oils, and other paint's discouraging substances.

Moreover, after finishing, it will ensure you the non-stop serving at any weather.

Before painting, you should clean and dry the surface for the better painting output. Besides, you have to make sure the surface temperature +50°F for getting strong bonding on the floor. As a result, it considers as the best paint for the plywood floor as well.

During the application, if you go through the single coating, then you can cover 450 sq. Ft. In fact, you no need to reapply the paint for a better outcome, since the single coating is quite enough to survive for a long time.

Key Features

  • Perform equal on multi-surfaces
  • Build a tough shield for outside painting
  • Ensure maximum coverage up to 450 sq. Ft.
  • Make a durable floor due to various resistances.

Things to Consider Before Buying Wood Floor Paint

Best Wood Floor Paint
Best Wood Floor Paint

Since the paint is a chemical-based product, so, to avoid the unexpected hazard, you have to consider some crucial factors before getting them. That's why we put together the following points for facilitating your buying.

Drying time

If the paint takes a long time to dry in a normal environment, that turns out, it is not a quality paints.

Furthermore, if the paint will not dry in the expected time, then the paints might lose its essential attributes, which is a kind of obstruction for making a strong bonding on the floor.

That's why we have chosen some quality paints for you so that it can give you an instant finishing.

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Everyone expects a good paint for the wooden floor. However, if you come across a paint which is a good performer for wood and other surfaces at the same time, then how can you refuse the paint?

Most of the household has multi-surface for painting while they are doing a DIY project. In this instance, you have to come up with versatile paints.

These above wooden paints are compatible with many surfaces. Plus, they can provide the same level of performance regardless of the surfaces.

That's why these paints consider as the great paint for wood or other surfaces. You may also be interested in some of the Paint for Rusty Metal from our list.

Paint coverage

Coverage of the paint is the fundamental expectation from a paint. As the wood is absorbent surface, that's why it requires maximum coverage for wooden surfaces.

These selected paints are specially for wooden surfaces. That's how they can give you maximum coverage on absorbent surfaces.

So, before choosing paint for wooden surfaces, make sure whether it is special for wood or porous surfaces. Otherwise, you will not get the 100% coverage performance. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the Oil Based Paint.


The compositing of the paints determined the quality and overall performance of the paint. The water-based formula ensures the maximum durability on the surfaces.

These above wood paints have formulated by a water-based solution. That's how it can ensure you an extreme bonding on any type of floor.

Resistance Capacity

As we see after the few months of painting, some paints are starting to fade away. This is so awful for the painter.

These types of problems are occurred due to the lack of resistance to the wooden paint. That's why it cannot survive both the indoor and outdoor environments. So, the resistance capability is an important issue of wood paint.

However, these wooden paints got multiple resistance. As a result, they ensure maximum performance and durability while using either indoor or outdoor surfaces.

Chemical Impact

Sometimes paints have formulated with the complex chemicals, so it might leave any adverse effect. That's why you have to ensure beforehand whether it is non-toxic or not.

Furthermore, most of the paints will be used in the house or apartment, where chances are higher to affect the children and the pets if the paint has any virulent effects.

However, these above wood paints are free from any dangerous chemicals. Alongside this, most of the paints compose of water-based formula.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Are these paints suitable for wood decks?

Yes! They are.

These paints are specially formulated for any type of wood surface.

As the wood deck is situated in the outside, it has constantly endured a lot of adverse effects. So, for deck painting, you can go with these wood paints. Basically, the wood paint got a lot of resistance for standing on the outside environment.

2. Will these wood paints work for the boat floor?

Not sure!

Some manufactures are discouraging to use on the boat floor because of the possibility of lower graded coating, which will not run for long.

However, some others ensure that this is water ponder paints and have extreme durability if you ensure proper application.

As a result, you can use these exterior wood paints on boat surfaces by ensuring the proper application and drying.

3. Can I use it for my garage floor?


This paint is not suitable for the drivable floor. Although your garage floor is made of wood, it is strongly discouraging for using the paint on such a floor.

Because these wood paints can endure the human or other light/medium pressures, but the vehicle's pressures are so exorbitant to bear for them. That's why you should avoid the paint on the garage floor.

4. Are these paints work over old paints?

Yes! They are.

After painting on the old paint, this paint makes a durable coating on the older paint.

If you want a better outcome on your older paints, you have to sand the surface before painting.

5. Are these paints water-resistant?

Yes! They are.

These wood paints have designed for working on the outside environment. So naturally, they got some resistance. That's why you can use them on water contacted surfaces.

Moreover, the manufacturer also ensures that the wood paint got some water resistance. So, to get the best water-resistant performance, you have to ensure a double coating.

Final Words

The main purpose of the wood paints not only provides a gorgeous appearance but also it can make a smooth and well-finished wooden surface.

People are constantly looking for wood paints to bring a comfortable and durable surface on the wooden floor. That's why you cannot overlook these paints if you have a wood floor.

If the wood painting is inevitable to go through, then you should pick the best wood floor paint for the sake of your comfortableness in your every footstep.

Have a Smooth Wood Surface!

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