5 Best Butcher Block Oil in 2021 – Top Selling & Popular Models

by Lindsey Carter

A bitcher block has to encounter a lot of raw and cooked foods every day. Chances are huge to get affected by food-borne bacteria, which are detrimental to health. So, we have to come up with the best kitchen lubricant that ensures maximum safety.

In this instance, the best butcher block oil can play a double role. Because it not only keeps the product clean and sanitize but provides maximum food-graded protection from in and out.

A research study shows that a food-graded kitchen lubricant can able to kill the bacteria and microbes on the butcher block and keeps it revives for long-lasting performance.

Thus, to provide the best protection of your kitchen stuff, we narrow down some top-notch butcher oil, after having a rigorous analysis and application on different types of mineral oils. Keep reading to get your best cutting board oil.

Top Butcher Block Oil Top Selling Popular Models by Editors

Our Best Butcher Block Oil Reviews

Our Best Butcher Block Oil Reviews
Our Best Butcher Block Oil Reviews

In this segment, we are going to demonstrate some significant characteristics of the butcher block oil, so you could have a wide-views about these cutting oils to make an accurate buying decision by selecting the best kitchen lubricant.

1. Mineral Oil for Cutting Boards, Countertops and Butcher Blocks - Food Safe

Mineral Oil For Cutting Boards, Countertops And Butcher Blocks - Food Safe
Mineral Oil For Cutting Boards, Countertops And Butcher Blocks - Food Safe

When it comes to a kitchen product, you have to make sure whether it is safe for your kitchen. Is it comply with the kitchen standard? This rule is for all kitchen stuff, so it is applicable for the butcher block oil too.

Don't be fret! Thirteen Chefs ensures the maximum safety on their Mineral oil. This is designed in such a way that; it can keep the food safety measure after application on the kitchen equipment.

After each application of the white mineral oils, you will get a reviving appearance on your materials surfaces. Because they ensure the premium quality product by formulated it with pure naturals ingredients.

People usually say that the best mineral oil is the master of the kitchen because of its highest compatibilities rates. You can easily apply on its multiple surfaces such as butcher block, cutting board, woods, utensils, and most of the kitchen apparatus.

This oil works miraculously well on wood or other surfaces to provides them extreme protection. After application, it creates a durable coating on the wood surface and penetrates the wood cells to prevent it from cracking and aging.

Though it is butcher tools, anyone can effortlessly use it on their kitchen stuff. There are no professional skills required to go through the application of this cutting board oil.

Though people are concerns about the kitchen tools due to safety issues, you can undoubtedly choose this butcher block oil, as it is ensuring the sky-high kitchen safety within an affordable price.

Key Features

  • Designed especially for cutting stuff
  • High-quality mineral oil for smooth operation
  • Ensure health issues by 100% Food Graded formula
  • Leaves a shiny appearance and robust surface after application

2. Ultra-Pro Mineral Oil for Wood, Steel, Knife, Tool, Machine and Equipment, NSF Approved

Ultra-Pro Mineral Oil For Wood, Steel, Knife, Tool, Machine And Equipment, NSF Approved
Ultra-Pro Mineral Oil For Wood, Steel, Knife, Tool, Machine And Equipment, NSF Approved

It won't be wise to choose a conventional mineral oil for sanitizing your kitchen equipment. In this instance, you have to make sure the maximum-security on the kitchen, because it is associated with your personal and professional safety.

As a result, Ultra Source brought an NSF certified butcher block oil for cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen stuff.

They improved the product quality by ensuring the extra protection from any rust or corrosion on kitchen equipment. Moreover, after each application, it creates a durable coating on the wooden surface to stop growing bacteria.

Though this oil is specially formulated for butcher blocks, it has multiple compatibilities to work on cutting board, countertops, kitchen-wood, utensils, and stainless steel.

After each application of the cutting board oil, it gets back to its original outlook, as well as removes oily appearance and other rotten stuff permanently. Plus, prevent the wood from cracking or early aging.

From metal to wood, it can provide extra protection equally on every surface, due to its high resistance capabilities. To have a long product lifespan, you should apply it regularly.

This butcher block oil is recommended for large scale use. Because of its natural formula and huge quality gallon provides you extra protection and can save you from monetary wastage. For the same reason, you can also allow it for household use.

Key features

  • Enhance materials' longevity
  • Multipurpose use on kitchen stuff
  • Huge quantity, save huge money
  • Prevent from rust or corrosion
  • Save materials from cracking and aging

3. Mystery Butcher Block Oil, Lab Tested

Mystery Butcher Block Oil, Lab Tested
Mystery Butcher Block Oil, Lab Tested

John Boos brings a butcher special natural oil for your cutting board, countertop, butcher block, and other kitchen stuff. As it is NSF approved the best cutting board oil, so they ensure the food grades ingredient on the composition of the oils.

After having multiple research and testing on the oil, they ensure the product quality and overall performance. Hence, after each application, you will get a shiny appearance and a smooth finishing on the surface of the board.

As it is Food graded butcher block oil, so it can easily stop growing the foodborne bacteria by several application on the surface. Plus, build a protective shield on the wooded surface to prevent it from cracking, drying, and premature aging.

To ensure your cutting-boards' maximum longevity, you have to apply the mineral oils for the entire night after buying the new board or block. Make sure, the frequent application on the dry seasons to keep it revives.

Though the quantity of the oils seems low, This 473ml bottle provides you maximum protection for more than years and keep your kitchen materials on its pristine look. The price is quite reasonable as compared to the other existing products.

Key Features

  • Top listed food-graded butcher block oil
  • Stop growing Foodborne bacterial and microbes
  • Provides extra lifespan after frequent application
  • Ensure premium quality through industrial research
  • 473ml serve you more than years with the best performance

4. Butcher Block Oil & Finish, Crystal Clear

Butcher Block Oil & Finish, Crystal Clear
Butcher Block Oil & Finish, Crystal Clear

Cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen equipment would be an easy job if you get the best kitchen lubricant. So, to ensure the safe and easy application of the oil, Watco comes up with a legendary food-graded butcher block oil.

Butcher block or cutting board is too vulnerable to damage because it's confronting a lot of raw and cooked foods, which helps to grow bacteria. But a single wipe of the oil can protect it from future damage.

The composition of the cutting board oil is so intricate, that it can pierce through the wood to make a protective shield for preventing the board from rust, patina, or chalky coating. Moreover, this layer is so effective that it can save the butcher block from early drying or cracking.

Furthermore, Rust-Oleum ensures the maximum quality so that it can perform on every surface in your kitchen. As a result, you can also apply it on each kitchen surfaces such as bowls, equipment, cabinet door, and all wooden surfaces.

This natural oil is not only providing you the maximum safety but also giving you a shimmering blow on your matter's surface after a moderate application. So, to get the ultimate benefit from a single bottle, you can grab it at an affordable price.

Key Features

  • Butcher-Special Kitchen sanitizer oil
  • 100% Food-grade natural oil
  • Huge usability on multiple surfaces
  • Provides extreme protection from cracking and drying

5. Butcher Block Oil & Conditioner, Lemon & Orange Formula

Butcher Block Oil & Conditioner, Lemon & Orange Formula
Butcher Block Oil & Conditioner, Lemon & Orange Formula

CLARKS brought a phenomenal transformation on this mineral oil, because of its unique formula ensures the highest quality product. Along with that, the amalgamation of natural chemicals will provide maximum food safety issues.

Furthermore, the naturals fluid of this butcher block oil can easily pass through the internal inside of the wood to make it robust for providing a strong surface and shiny appearance.

In kitchen equipment, this butcher block oil is performing on its best for your butcher block, cutting board, bamboo board, bowls, and other wooden materials.

This cutting board oil is composed of orange and lemon extraction, which gives extra strength for fighting with the micro bacteria. Moreover, its vitamin E formula works for bringing out the reviving glow from the deep of the wood.

If you are more concerned about the longevity of the cutting board, then, make sure the frequent application of this cutting board oil to ward off creaking, drying, and aging of the surface. This moderate application increases your product lifespan by 30-40%.

Therefore, to have the best butcher block oil for protecting your kitchen stuff, it would be hard for you to escape this natural blended oil with a balanced price.

Key Features

  • Vitamin E ensures the reviving surface
  • Premium quality due to a natural formula
  • Stop creaking, drying immediately after apply
  • Enhance lifespan up to 40% by routine application

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Butcher Block Oil

Best Butcher Block Oil
Best Butcher Block Oil

As we realized that, buying the best cutting board oil would be an easy task if you consider some crucial factors beforehand. Otherwise, it would be a nightmare if you come with a kitchen lubricant which is not performing well for you. So, by focusing on these points, you could escape any future buying-frustration.


As it is a kitchen-based product, so, to ensure the maximum safety and security level, it would better to check the product's composition ingredients.

Ingredients of these products indicate the oil quality for performing the kitchen environment. Although, these butcher block oils are composed of natural ingredients and qualify as a Food graded product.

Color and Smell

Some of the product comes with some ingredient's smell and color, which are not conducive to the kitchen environment.

After the application of the oil, when you are going to cut some raw and cooked food on the board, chances are that it will create some pungent smell on the Food as well.

Therefore, to make sure the maximum safety of your kitchen you should skip those butcher block oil which has odor and color.

Food Grade Quality

A buyer must consider this issue before buying the kitchen lubricant. Because the Kitchen stuff is demands intense security.

If you are not ensuring the Food graded cutting board oil, it would be a disaster for your kitchen, as well as your personal health.


Though a kitchen lubricant is specially designed for butcher block or cutting board. But some of the versatile product can perform equally on multiple surfaces.

So, you should find such butcher block oil, so that you can ensure its multi-use on various kitchen equipment.

FAQ&A - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I use these for food slicers?

Yes! You can.

As the butcher block oil is compatible with the most kitchen stuff, so It would work for food slicers too.

On the other hand, this Food graded oil provides extra resistance for your slicers.

2. For coating a kitchen knife, can I use it?

Yes! you can!

Though, these cutting board oil specially for wood. But these are equally working on metal, steel, and other material.

It will work for your knife, and provide strong resistance to save them from rusting or oxidizing.

3. What is the perfect temperature for oil application?

In general, there is no specific temperature for the oil application. As it is applied in the kitchen, so you can apply it at room temperature.

On the other hand, you can maintain the temperature from 65 to 72°c.

4. How often should I apply butcher block oil for maintenance?

Initially, you have applied frequently. For example, in the first phase, you have to apply once a day for a week, then once a weed for the entire month and finally once a month for the rest of the days.

However, if the wood looks dry or chalky then you should apply the butcher block oil immediately.

5. Are these bitcher block oil works for a plastic countertop?

Basically, these are specially made for porous surfaces such as wood or other similar matters.

Most of the kitchen lubricant work on metal or steel. So, it may work on a plastic-coated board. But it is uncertain, whether to give you the intended result.

Final Words

Most of the kitchen equipment is vulnerable due to the hot and humid kitchen environment. It is difficult to save the equipment individually.

However, after a simple application of these butcher block oil can, not only save the kitchen stuff from damage but also give them an original outlook.

As a result, after measuring the features and overall performance of these cutting board oils, you should pick up the best butcher block oil, so that you can ensure a healthy life as well as the prolonged lifespan of your butcher blocks and other kitchen materials.

Have a Nice Butchery Operation!

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