120mm Aio Cooler

Top 5 Best 120mm AIO Cooler in 2021 – Reviewed By an Expert

You have just built a high configuring pc but still facing the same slow performance while overclocking? You can easily conclude that the problem is not related to the PC’s configuration but the cooling system that is not compatible with your new system.

Now the effective solution is to set up an all-in-one cooler for your gaming pc. AIO cooling system only handles the heating surge but also ensures a balanced performance of the pc.

However, choosing the best 120mm aio cooler is somewhat difficult. Thus, we have narrowed down the list of top-notch 120mm aio cooler you.

Keep reading to pick the right 120mm aio cooler.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Corsair RGB 120mm AIO Cooler | 240mm Radiator | Dual Fans
Corsair RGB 120mm AIO Cooler | 240mm Radiator | Dual FansCheck Price

NZXT M22 RGB 120mm AIO Cooler | Mirror Design | Extended Tube
NZXT M22 RGB 120mm AIO Cooler | Mirror Design | Extended TubeCheck Price

Cooler Master 120mm AIO Cooler | Close-Loop | 2 Chamber Pump
Cooler Master 120mm AIO Cooler | Close-Loop | 2 Chamber PumpCheck Price

EVGA CLC 120mm AIO Cooler | Noise-20dB | RGB | 5yrs Warranty
EVGA CLC 120mm AIO Cooler | Noise-20dB | RGB | 5yrs WarrantyCheck Price

Thermaltake 120mm AIO Cooler | Intel/AMD | Efficient Radiator
Thermaltake 120mm AIO Cooler | Intel/AMD | Efficient RadiatorCheck Price

Best 120mm AIO Cooler Reviews

A detailed overview of the aio cooler can help to find the right cooler for your CPU. That’s why we have designed the reviews section with detailed features of the selected coolers. Let’s dive into it.

1. Corsair RGB 120mm AIO Cooler | 240mm Radiator | Dual Fans

Gaming computers always demand a reliable cooling system. So, what would be the most reliable 120mm AIO cooling system other than Corsair? Let’s get started to know more about the Corsair cooler.

Corsair is dominating in the tech world due to its product quality. In this CPU cooler, they ensure two 120mm magnetic PWM fans. As a result, it can enhance the airflow of the extreme heating CPU.

The most fascinating feature of the Corsair h100i cooling system is its individual light setup. It comes with 16 addressable RGB LEDs, which produce a superb lighting impact while running.

So, it can easily adjust to your computer.

How does this Corsair h100i 120mm aio cooler perform well? Let’s look at the fans’ speed. Each fan of this cooling system runs from 400 to 2400 RPM. As a result, it can reduce the maximum temperature while at extreme operation.

The cooling system runs independently by the iCUE software. So, it can automatically speed up and down the fan according to the CPU temperature. As a result, you will never experience the fan’s noise when running.

Furthermore, the iCUE software also ensures the controlling and synchronizing with the colorful RGB lighting.

Key Features

  • Comes with two 120mm fans
  • 16 individual LEDs RGB lighting
  • RPM speed of the fans is from 400 to 2400
  • Automatic control of the speed & lighting by a software

2. NZXT M22 RGB 120mm AIO Cooler | Mirror Design | Extended Tube

Are you in a rush and looking for the best CPU liquid cooler for your high-end pc? Hold on a sec. A reliable 120mm cooling system is waiting for you. If you want more functionality besides cooling, then stand with this one.

Those who have already used the NZXT know how it performs better. In fact, NZXT has specially designed the 120mm cooler for high-end PCs. It means whatever temperature the CPU generates, it can cool it down right away.

The design of the CPU cooler is awesome to look at.

While in operation, the advanced lighting of the cooler creates a cool ambiance throughout the casing. It is possible due to its infinity mirror design.

Most of the regular cooling systems produce a noise level which is quite bothering. It impacts the concentration level of the user. However, you are free from such a troublesome situation after using this one.

Thanks to its advanced PC radiator fans, which got a faster and soundless fan. The noise level of the fan is 21-38dB. You barely notice that you got a CPU cooler due to its low noise sound.

By using the CAM software from pc or mobile, you can control the liquid temperature and pump speed. CAM software is compatible with the windows 10 operating system.

Key Features

  • Fan noise level up to 21-38dBA
  • Dynamic lighting experience
  • Comes with 6 years warranty
  • Easy controlling by CAM software

3. Cooler Master 120mm AIO Cooler | Close-Loop | 2 Chamber Pump

Is low noise being your first priority while choosing a CPU cooler? You would definitely love this CPU water cooling system. Besides noise control, you will get everything that a CPU cooling system should have.

In fact, the Cooler Master brand is famous for its noise controlling level. If you are enthusiastic gaming or professionals, this cooler will suit your working environment. Because the noise level of the cooler is 31.5dB.

Cooler Master 120mm AIO cooler never lets you down by its performance.

The reason behind its high performance is its dual-chamber pump. The manufacturer has designed the cooler with the latest cooling technology.

That’s how it can effortlessly calm down your high heating computer. Besides, the high RPM cooling fan makes sure maximum performance while overclocking. That’s why it is good for gaming computers.

It is an RGB cooling system. It comes with customized color and lighting effects. The good news is that it has multi compatibility with most of the CPU socket of Intel and AMD.

To ensure a good liquid flowing to the CPU, Cooler Master put a sleeve FEP tube that is kink-free. In this way, it can provide maximum liquid for better water cooling system.

Key Features

  • Dual pump water cooling system
  • Comes with RGB color effects
  • Compatible with most of the CPU socket
  • 120mm fan is effective for better cooling

4. EVGA CLC 120mm AIO Cooler | Noise-20dB | RGB | 5yrs Warranty

If you are searching for a self-contained CPU cooler that takes care of the aesthetic value beside cooling, then there is a search ending water cooling system for you. Indeed, you can rely on this for your high-end gaming pc.

EVGA 120mm cooler got a high-speed fan. The maximum airflow of the fan is 58.8 CFM. Though it comes with a speedy fan, that does not mean it produces a loud noise.

You would love the cooler after knowing its noise level. The maximum noise level of the cooling fan is 20 decibels. That means you will never be bothering by its sound level.

Thus, the manufacturer recommends the cooler for professional computer users.

As it is a 120mm aio cooler, it comes with two special features one is its 120mm radiator hose and another is its 120mm cooling fan. So, if your pc produces extreme heat, you are safe from slow performances. It can calm down the CPU to a minimum level.

If you are an AMD user, sorry to say that this is not for you. The best 120mm aio cooler has been designed for all intel existing and future CPU sockets.

Key Features

  • A self-contained cooler
  • Maximum airflow is 58.87 CFM
  • Ensures minimum noise level up to 20dB
  • Comes with a built-in 120mm fan and 120mm radiator

5. Thermaltake 120mm AIO Cooler | Intel/AMD | Efficient Radiator

If the brand value is what you are preferring while choosing a CPU cooler, there is a reliable brand for you. Who doesn’t know about the quality and competency of Thermaltake? Let’s reveal what it comes with.

The main fascinating features of the Thermaltake CPU cooler are the customized pump and lighting effects. It provides RGB controlling through ASUS Aura, MSI mystic light sync, and the Gigabyte fusion. Besides, it offers eight full pre-set colors and seven light modes.

This 120mm cooler has an ARGB LED ring and a radiator fan.

The lighting effect can be synchronized with most of the motherboards, such as ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, and ASROCK.

Those who use the computer for a long time have to consider a quick cooling system for your CPU. That exact feature you will find in the Thermaltake water cooling system. Due to its low-profile pump, it can ensure quick liquid circulation to the CPU.

The water-blocking system is awesome. Thanks to its copper base connectivity with dazzle lighting that made it possible. There is no water refill in this cooler. And the overall tube length is 400mm.

Therefore, Thermaltake offers a reasonable price for this one. So, you can easily go with this cooler due to heatsink performance and longevity.

Key Features

  • Sync with most of the motherboard
  • Comes with a low-profile pump
  • 8 pre-set colors with 7 light moods
  • No water refill is required

Things to Consider Before Buying 120mm AIO Cooler

Best 120mm Aio Cooler

Technological products are a little bit confusing while choosing the best one. That’s why it is wise to consider some factors beforehand. So, to keep you out after buying frustration, we have come up with some significant factors of 120mm aio cooler. In fact, it will ease you’re choosing the best CPU liquid cooler. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Noise level

A CPU cooler mainly works for reducing excessive heat of the CPU. However, a quality CPU cooler comes with other additional features that are very necessary for users. Noise level is one of them.

Most of the aio coolers use high-speed fans. As a result, sometimes it produces extreme noise while in operation. So, the buyer should be careful about that. Otherwise, it will create another hassle for the users.

In this case, you should choose the 120mm aio cooler, which has a lower noise level.

Fan Speed

Sometimes most of the manufacturers mention the cooler’s fan speed. Basically, it determines the quality of the fan.

Suppose you go with a CPU cooler that has a high-speed fan, that means you are standing with a better cooling system.

So, don’t forget to consider the fan’s speed and its other functions while buying.

Lighting Effects

Though the light effect is an additional feature for a CPU cooler, it ensures the aesthetic value of your high-end computer.

Most of the gamers prefer the aesthetic value of their computer beside configuration. So, if you are one of them and give your water cooling system an outstanding look, you must see its lighting effects.

Usually, manufacturers use the RGB colorful lighting effects on the aio CPU cooler. However, there is a lot of variety in this lighting, so pick your most suitable one consciously.

Pump Design

To avoid a wire mess inside the computer’s casing, you must check the pump design. Always try to skip the cooler, which wire or radiator hose is complicated. That’s why it is wise to go with a low-profile pump-based CPU cooler.

Water Refill

If the cooler needs a water refill after a certain period, it would be a complete mess for the users. Most of the pc users are not compatible with the water filling.

So, you should always prefer the cooler, which doesn’t need any refill after installation.


In some cases, users need to install the 120mm aio cooler. So, if the cooler demands an expert installation, you should avoid such a cooler. Otherwise, you hire an expert.

So, you must stand with such a cooler that is very convenient to install.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Which CPU coolers would be better, one fan or two fans cooler?

It depends.

Some of the aio coolers have a single fan, that does not mean it is a quality less or low performing cooler. If the basic features are okay, you can go with one fan cooler. Otherwise, you should choose the double fans cooler.

2. What is the specialty of the 120mm aio cooler?

AIO means all-in-one cooler. Basically, it is a water-based CPU cooling system. Plus, it comes with all of the features that a CPU cooler should have. So, the AIO cooler is considered a standalone cooler for high-end PCs.

3. Can I use the aio cooler on my 6th gen pc?

Yes, you can if you are using a gaming computer. Otherwise, you need to check the power supply voltage. First, confirm whether your existing power supply can accommodate the cooler.

Besides, check the CPU socket adjustability.

4. Do they come with warranty facilities?


Most of the manufacturers provide warranty facilities from 1-6 years. Actually, AIO has a less technical fault, so a cooler can last long. But as it is a technical product, you should go with a warranty-based product.

5. What is the best CPU liquid cooler for gaming?

There are a lot of coolers that are designed especially for gaming computers. First off, it comes with a high-speed fan, excellent heatsink, a better radiator, and so forth. So, if you seek the cooler in terms of these features, you will find you desired one.

Final Words

Only a quality cooler can ensure maximum cooling of your CPU; otherwise, you end up with a slow-performing computer. That’s why you should not compromise with the cooler’s quality.

Hope that finding the aio coolers would be easy for you as you have gone through the list of the best 120mm aio cooler.

Have a Cool PC!