Glow Plugs For Duramax

5 Best Glow Plugs For Duramax Reviews (Top Picks)

In cold weather, the misfiring of diesel is a somewhat common scenario. However, if the problem constantly occurs even in the summer, then how could you define it? Is this the weather’s problem?

No! This is the glow plugs.

The crappy glow plug is the real culprit for giving you such nightmare while starting. Most of the time, the ordinary glow plug failed to heat the diesel engine while attempting to start.

In this case, you need the best glow plugs for Duramax to have hassle-free starting.

The Quality Duramax plugs able to control the overheating of the diesel engine and provides smooth operation. That’ why the diesel engine owner cannot avoid these high performing glow plugs.

So, to help you find the best Duramax glow plugs, we have designed the reviews with the top-rated plugs in the aftermarket. Let’s get the reviews.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

9G Professional ACDelco Glow Plug
9G Professional ACDelco Glow PlugCheck Price

Glow Plug for Chevy, Duramax, Savana, Silverado Sierra
Glow Plug for Chevy, Duramax, Savana, Silverado SierraCheck Price

62G Professional ACDelco Glow Plug
62G Professional ACDelco Glow PlugCheck Price

Diesel Glow Plug for Duramax, Chevy GMC, Early Build - 8pcs
Diesel Glow Plug for Duramax, Chevy GMC, Early Build - 8pcsCheck Price

The Best Glow Plugs for Duramax Reviews

In this segment, we are about to approach every single spec of the glow plug for your diesel engine, so that you can find the suitable plug among them. Let’s have a look at the Duramax plugs.

1. 9G Professional ACDelco Glow Plug

The diesel engine is somewhat reluctant to start without a quality glow plug since ordinary plugs are unable to heat the engine properly.

So to solve this engine complicacy, ACDelco brought a Professional glow plug for ensuring the smooth starting of the Duramax.

Alongside the quality, this 9G glow plug ensures the maximum performance due to its GN-type durable regulating coil. As a result, the engines get heat instantly and able to start with the very first attempt.

When the turbo-diesel engine produces much heat during starting, this Duramax glow plug reduces the overheat by its self-regulation over electric flow—that’ why you get a safe starting without harming your engine.

This Professional Glow Plug is compatible with most Duramax engines because it ranges from 21mm to 40mm for fitting with the multiple chambers.

So, get the plug for having better performance on your Duramax at an affordable price.

Key Features

  • Ensure a cold start
  • Wide range of 21 mm to 40 mm
  • Compatible with most Duramax
  • Self-regulation for heating control

2. Glow Plug for Chevy, Duramax, Savana, Silverado Sierra

If your diesel engine constantly failed to start at the first attempt? Then the problem is with the glow plug, which is not able to heat your cold engine for instant starting. So, to have the instant starting, you can go with this Duramax plug.

There is no doubt about the quality of the glow plug because it never makes a misfire until the plug wear and tear. Besides, the functioning system is quite independent of this plug because it can regulate the overheating of the diesel engine by itself.

For having the maximum compatibility from a single glow plug, you can install the plug into your diesel combustion chamber. This Duramax plug can easily adjust with Duramax 06-16, Express Savana, and Silverado Sierra cars’ engine.

The installing process is simple for all. If you have a little knowledge about the automobile, you can mount it effortlessly onto the diesel engine.

Key Features

  • Never fail engine firing
  • Self-controlling engine plugs
  • Replacement Guarantee if it fails to function
  • Compatible with most of the diesel engine

3. 62G Professional ACDelco Glow Plug

If you are looking for a long-lasting engine starting solution, then it would be hard for you to overlook this glow plug. Because this plug ensures maximum efficiency while starting the engine.

People are choosing the Duramax glow plugs due to its relentless performance until worn out. Besides, it will never frustrate you by its service, since this plug never miss an engine fire while starting.

Those who are looking for a quality glow plug for hassle-free operation this is designed for them. Because the GN-type strong regulating-coil ensures the maximum durability of the plug, as a result, with a single plug, you can get the maximum service.

Most of the glow plug burn out due to the lower heating regulation process. In this regard, this plus is self-contained to regulate the engine overheating and maintain the cold start on its every attempt.

Key Features

  • Ensure maximum durability
  • Able to start in every attempt
  • Self-contained heat regulation
  • 21mm to 40mm for ensuing adjustability

4. Diesel Glow Plug for Duramax, Chevy GMC, Early Build – 8pcs

Are you having trouble with starting your diesel engine? Then replace the engine plug with this Quality Duramax glow plug. Because the starting problem happens due to the low quality of the plug. After having this plug, now you are about to start the engine on the very first attempt.

The automotive genius calls this glow plug as the paragon of versatility because it ensures the maximum adjustability with multiple diesel’s turbo-engine vehicles.

The plug is mainly designed for controlling the overheating of the engine during starting. Moreover, by the quality of plug, you are getting the hassle-free starting and keep the engine cool.

To ensure long-lasting performance, the plug comes with multiple resistance. Along with that, the plug can easily mount on the combustion chamber, which will able to reduce the maximum vibration during starting.

Therefore, to get the optimum performance at such an affordable price, there is no alternative to this glow plug to choose from. That’s why most of the experts consider them the finest glow plugs for Duramax.

Key Features

  • Ensure the start with every attempt
  • Best suited for most diesel engine
  • Reliable starting even at -30°C
  • Superheat controlling performance

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Best Glow Plugs For Duramax

1. Why the glow plug goes bad?

Due to the excessive heat, the Duramax glow plugs are starting to burn out.

While running with the gasoline, the glow plugs sometimes got the unusual electric flow, which is the main cause for wear and tear of the glow.

If plugs are not able to regulate the heating flow, then the plug got affected.

2. Do the plug expensive while replacing?

Not at all.

If you are looking for the quality Diesel engine glow plug, then you have to count around $20 to $30 for an individual plug. And the replacement charge of the technician would be more or less $100.

3. What are the indications of the plug failure?

First off, you will understand by the indication of the dashboard light warning. This is the very first sign of failure of the Duramax glow plugs. However, some other reasons are out there. Such as:

  1. Struggling while starting
  2. Constant engine misfiring
  3. Produces a lot of white/ black smoke
  4. Consumes many fuels than regular

4. What is the number of plugs in a 6.66 Duramax?

The total number of the plugs is 8.

In the Duramax from 2006 to 2012, there are eight individual plugs in a typical diesel glow plug system.

5. How often should I replace the glow plug?

It depends on the quality of the plug.

In general, a good quality Diesel engine plug can survive for 100k miles. The performance of the plug is relative to the quality of the gasoline. If the gasoline is good, then you will get the service for absolute 100k miles.

Final Words

The diesel engine is quite sensitive to start. That’s why the Duramax always demands the good regulating glow plug to ensure the highest level of performance while starting.

Besides the smooth starting, the Duramax glow plugs are responsible for saving maximum fuels and protect the engine from overheating.

Therefore, choose the best glow plugs for Duramax is always worthwhile for having the smooth function of the diesel engine.

Have a Trouble-Free Engine Start!

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