Best AMD FX Processor – Our Top 5 Selection from 99+ Models

Are you an enthusiastic gamer and thinking of building a high configuring computer? If you think that gaming processors are not in a considerable budget, let’s solve the confusion first.

Unlike other CPUs, ADM provides budget-friendly processors with keeping the same quality and configuration. Though you are choosing the CPU for gaming, it will allow you to do other tasks such as long video rendering, graphics, and 3D designing seamlessly.

Therefore, to ensure high performance, we have come up with the best AMD FX processor for gaming after thorough research.

Keep scrolling down to find your desired gaming CPU.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

8350 AMD FX Processor | 8-Core | 4.2GHz
8350 AMD FX Processor | 8-Core | 4.2GHzCheck Price

8320 AMD FX Processor | Octa-Core | 4.0Ghz
8320 AMD FX Processor | Octa-Core | 4.0GhzCheck Price

8 Gen AMD FX Processor | 16MB | 4.2GHz
8 Gen AMD FX Processor | 16MB | 4.2GHzCheck Price

8300 AMD FX Processor | Turbo Octa Core | 3.3 GHz
8300 AMD FX Processor | Turbo Octa Core | 3.3 GHzCheck Price

8120 AMD FX Processor | 8-Core | 3.1GHz
8120 AMD FX Processor | 8-Core | 3.1GHzCheck Price

Best AMD FX Processor for Gaming Reviews

To let you more about the specification of these selected AMD FX gaming CPUs, we have designed this reviewed section. Indeed, it will help you to make your buying decision easy. Let’s dive into them.

1. 8350 AMD FX Processor | 8-Core | 4.2GHz

Are you searching for a high performing gaming CPU? If yes, there is a search ending gaming CPU for you. AMD brought such a fantastic processor, which is FX-8350. Let’s reveal its other features.

If you are already an AMD family member, then there is little to let you know about the quality of the processor. AMD also ensures such quality for this FX gaming processor.

Besides gaming, this processor is an ideal selection for those who are choosing CPU to accomplish other high demanding jobs. From graphics designing to video editing, you will have such a brilliant performance after using this one.

Let’s talk about the speed of the processor. It is an octa-core processor that is designed for non-stoppable services. That means you will never experience any slow speeding if other accessories are up to date.

Moreover, AMD provides a high cache memory of up to 8MB. Plus, the clock speed of the processor is up to 4.2GHz. So, never dare to grab this CPU to make a super faster computer.

Generation is important while choosing a gaming processor. The generation of the CPU determines the overall performance of the CPU. Besides, it also ensures compatibility with the other parts of the computer such as ram, graphic card, and so on.

Key Features

  • Designed for desktop pc
  • Comes with octa-core black edition
  • Total clock speed up to 2GHz
  • Total cache memory is 8MB
  • Maximum working temperature is 61°C

2. 8320 AMD FX Processor | Octa-Core | 4.0Ghz

Choosing a high performing CPU would be easy if you look at the cache memory and clock speed of the CPU. AMD is introducing the best FX processor that is capable enough for versatile pc users.

AMD FX-8320 processor has been specially designed for gaming computers. Besides, it is a reliable processor for professional computer users. The socket type of the CPU is am3+.

To evaluate the reliability of this CPU, first, you have to look at its speed. The FX processor provides the maximum clock speed up to 4. GHz. As a result, you will never experience slow performance regardless of working types.

Most professionals appreciate the AMD CPU because of its cores.  FX-8320 is an Octa core-based processor. Besides, AMD ensures all upgraded features of the eight-generation processor on this FX black edition.

Another thing that captures our attention is its hyper transport technology. AMD uses hyper transport generation mode 3.0 on this CPU. That’s how it can transfer data up to 8GB/s.

Not to worry about the CPU’s heating while using the computer for a long time. The heat-sinking feature of the processor makes sure a constant performance. The processor can endure a maximum temperature of 61°C.

By considering the overall features and performance, the tech expert considers the FX-8320 CPU as the best gaming processor.

Key Features

  • 8th generation octa-core CPU
  • Clock speed up to 0Ghz
  • Total cache memory up to 8MB
  • Ensures hyper transport technology
  • Special black edition for gaming

3. 8 Gen AMD FX Processor | 16MB | 4.2GHz

For those who are looking for a speedy processor to build a high-end computer, there is good news for them. AMD comes with another FX-8350 processor, which will surely impress you with its performance.

After knowing the full specification of the CPU, you will fall in love with this one. This CPU is only famous for gaming but also a perfect solution for video editing. It becomes possible due to its uncompromising speed.

If you are wondering how it provides high speed, let’s see its cache memory. The total cache memory of this AMD FX processor is 16MB.

More precisely, it will provide the level 2 cache of 8MB and the level 3 cache memory of 8MD. Plus, the system memory type of the CPU is DDR3.

If you are concerned about the generation of the CPU. Be relaxed! AMD FX processor is an eight-generation CPU. Besides, it comes with an eight-core, which is quite good for graphics and 3D design along with gaming.

The fascinating feature of this gaming CPU is its cooling system. It comes with a built-in professional cooler, which is called a wraith cooler. So, your computer never bogs down while you are multitasking.

Furthermore, the CPU has a good temperature of enduring capacity. The maximum working temperature of the processor is 61°C. Plus, the clock speed is quite standard, which is up to 4.2GHz.

Key Features

  • Total cache memory is 16MD
  • An octa-core 8th generation CPU
  • Maximum clock speed up to 4.2GHz
  • Ensure a professional cooling system

4. 8300 AMD FX Processor | Turbo Octa Core | 3.3 GHz

If you are budget conscious but never want to compromise with the quality and speed, then AMD FX-8300 will surely impress you. Interestingly, the processor comes with everything that you need to build a gaming pc.

If you are still concerned about the speed of the CPU, let’s expose the speed first. The overall speed of this gaming processor is 3.3GHz. That is quite good for any gaming computer.

Besides gaming, this FX processor is a perfect solution for other taskings.

For example, if you are a professional video editor or 3D model maker, the processor never lets you down with its processing speed.

In fact, it is considered the high ending CPU for mega-tasking. Thanks to its bulldozer architecture that made it possible. That’s why it is considered as the best AMD FX processor for gaming, video rendering, and so on.

You would be happy to see the processor cores. AMD FX-8300 is a turbo octa core-based processor. The total frequency of the processor is 4.2GHz. Besides, it is an eight-generation gaming processor.

For those who usually operate the computer for a long time, there is no tension about the pc heating issues. Thanks to it heatsink cooling system can keep the processor cool even after a long operation.

Key Features

  • An 8th generation gaming CPU
  • Maximum clock speed up to 4.2GHz
  • Comes with turbo octa-core processor
  • Maximum working temperature is 70.5°C

5. 8120 AMD FX Processor | 8-Core | 3.1GHz

If your intention is to build a high-end computer not only for gaming but also for video rendering, then the AMD FX-8120 CPU would be most suitable for you. This CPU makes sure every feature that is needed for multi-tasking users.

Most professionals love this black version due to its overclocking capability. After installing the CPU, it will unlock the boot performance and speed for the users.

The fascinating features of this FX processor are its Bulldozer Architecture. In fact, it works while you are multitasking.

Due to this, the processor maintains an unparalleled speed among all running tasks.

AMD comes with a turbo core technology for this gaming processor. This is an octa-core processor that supports an AM3+ socket. The good news is that the processor includes all advanced technology as it is an 8th generation processor with a clock speed up to 3.1GHz.

The processor makes sure the energy efficiency, isn’t it fantastic? Yes, thanks to its 32nm die shrink that made this possible. It provides a smooth and stable performance with consuming minimum energy.

Therefore, you can undoubtedly go with the FX-8120 black edition for gaming, video rendering, 3D modeling, and so forth.

Key Features

  • Clock speed up to 3.1GHz
  • Most suitable for multitasking
  • Turbo 8-core CPU is 900MHz faster
  • 32nm die shrink ensures energy efficiency

Things to Consider Before Buying AMD FX Processor

Best AMD FX Processor

Buying technological products is somewhat confusing. It needs proper consideration of the features and performance of the processor. Otherwise, chances are higher to get frustrated after buying. However, not to worry! We have done this for you.

In this section, we have assembled some crucial factors of gaming processors, which will help you to get the best FX processor. Besides, you can choose some mouse for arthritis.


It is the most essential and expected feature for the gaming computer. Though you are choosing the processor for gaming purposes, that does not mean you cannot use it for another tasking.

Thus, you must check the multitasking features of the processor so that you can effortlessly run your other projects such as video rendering, 3D modeling, etc. besides gaming. Check out the most essential Review for LGA 1156 CPU.

Core and Generation

If you need a high performing processor, you cannot avoid these features. The overall performance of a processor depends on its total cores. Besides, the generation of the CPU has a huge impact on computer performance.

If you choose the latest-generation processor, it should include all other advanced features. So, you should consciously pick the gaming processor, which includes high core and latest generation. Make sure you also check our guide for hearing protection for hunting.

Clock Speed

Another important thing about the high-end processor is its clock speed. So, to speak, the overall data processing speed that a CPU provides by its clock speed.

The high clock speed CPU will provide multiple options and seamless operation while mega-tasking.

Heat Sink

Since gaming processors are considered as the high performing CPU, it always has to do a lot of tasking simultaneously. As a result, the processor automatically generates huge heat. That’s why heat sinking features are mandatory for gaming CPUs.

If the CPU got much heat, your pc got stuck all of a sudden. Besides, the lack of heatsink, CPU provides slow performance after a while.

If the pc has a heat sinking facility or a better cooling system, that is an ideal processor for gaming or another high-loaded job.

Energy Efficiency

Most of the high-end processors are not good in terms of energy efficiency. If the processor consumes a lot of energy, sometimes it automatically produces a lot of heat. Plus, you have to count extra money at the end of the day.

It is seen that lack of energy-efficiency of the CPU has some impact on the overall performance of the computer.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Do these CPUs include cooling systems?

Yes, they are.

Most of the gaming processor has its own cooling system. Plus, this CPU has a good ability to work at high temperatures. So, not to worry about the cooling system of the AMD FX processor for gaming.

2. What is the maximum clock speed of these CPUs?

On average, the clock speed of these gaming processors is 4.0Ghz. However, if you need more speed, you will find out there.

3. Can I use these best AMD FX CPU for video rendering?

Yes, of course.

Besides gaming, these FX processors are good for other high-loaded taskings such as video rendering, 3D modeling, and graphics.

4. Are FX CPUs compatible with an HP laptop?


These AMD FX processors are specially designed for desktop computers. So, you cannot use it on a laptop.

5. What to consider while picking the best FX processor?

First off, see the core and generation of the processor and choose the latest one. Afterward, check its clock speed, cooling system, energy-efficiency, and maximum working temperature. If all these things are okay, you can go with this CPU.

Final Words

It doesn’t matter whether you are picking a high-end CPU for gaming or video rending; you must always stand with a speedy processor. In these cases, you pick the best AMD FX processor for gaming.

Hope that you are about to have the high-performing processors if you have considered the reviews and buying sections.

Happy Gaming!