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Best Battery Spot Welder – Top 5 Collections Reviewed by an Expert

A battery spot welder is a small box but that carries a lot of power. This battery power box is portable and perfect for home and industrial use. This will let you do a DIY projects at home.

A spot welder has a lot of benefits. But maintaining the box is a bit challenging. And there are a lot of portable welders out there. But for getting the first-class experience you will need the best battery spot welder.

Getting the right one is not easy. So, here we are presenting some top spot welder so that you can complete your work perfectly. You will be able to do incredible indoor and outdoor work with these.

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SUNKKO Battery Spot Welder | Intelligent Function
SUNKKO Battery Spot Welder | Intelligent FunctionCheck Price

Mophorn Battery Spot Welder | LCD Panel
Mophorn Battery Spot Welder | LCD PanelCheck Price

SUNKKO Battery Spot Welder | Lithium-Ion Cells
SUNKKO Battery Spot Welder | Lithium-Ion CellsCheck Price

SUNKKO Battery Spot Welder | LED Battery Testing
SUNKKO Battery Spot Welder | LED Battery TestingCheck Price

Mophorn Battery Spot Welder | High Precision
Mophorn Battery Spot Welder | High PrecisionCheck Price

Best Battery Spot Welder Reviews

In this section, we will be discussing some top battery spot welders in the market. We will also present the elements and performance of each product.

1. SUNKKO Battery Spot Welder | Intelligent Function

SUNKKO is a renowned brand for batteries, they have been providing services for many years. Since the beginning, this brand has created an image of top quality with the highest capacity.

They have included a new panel design with an intelligent welding function. That will improve the efficiency and productivity of the battery pack welding process. With the fixed welding head and foot pedal, you can build a battery pack.

Many of you have faced the problems of too much heat after using the welder for some time. So SUNKKO has used a built-in temperature sensor.

That has an intelligent cooling system and this will control the internal temperature of the machine according to the work and heat.

The design is also premium. Advanced technology has been used to make this box tight. The thickness range of the spot welder is 0.03 – 0.3 mm for the fixed copper head. The thickness of the mobile welding pen is 0.03 – 0.2 mm.

There are a lot of welding methods in this box. There will be no welding limitation. This can allow a tremendous temperature. The temperature of the welder box can heat up to 300 degrees Celsius in a very few seconds.

Key Features

  • High temperature of the solder
  • Intelligent technology
  • Premium design
  • Automatic heat control

2. Mophorn Battery Spot Welder | LCD Panel

Our next product is Mophorn, which has a distinct panel system. This will let you see pulse quantity and current when you are working with the machine. This top portable welder will allow you to set the current. You can easily set the pulse as well and will take very little time.

This will not burn in heat because of the efficient cooling system. The radiator of the battery spot welder is 4100 RPM. This welder will prevent overheating with its built-in smart chip. This also includes automatic short-point protection. They have tried to include everything to prevent overheating.

You can use a Mophorn portable welder for many kinds of battery packs. This will work perfectly with a button battery, Apple mobile phone camera, polymer battery, and protection board. This is also suitable for stainless steel hardware, stainless steel mesh, etc.

This has a precise spot weld. You can control this by its foot pedal. We can assure you that the parts and tips of the spot welder are designed as portable. They are made with high-quality steel. You can do any type of welding with this.

Key Features

  • Simple function
  • Easy to maintain
  • Robust construction
  • Suitable for high-volume manufacturing

3. SUNKKO Battery Spot Welder | Lithium-Ion Cells

If you are looking for a carriable welder that is suitable for all kinds of welding, this will be perfect for you. You can use this for Lithium-Ion cells, wire mesh, circuit boards, lead or nickel sheets, and soldering.

This has built the latest cooling system. SUNKKO has also included a built in temperature sensor. So this will work automatically and cope with the internal temperature of the machine. This will be heated in a very few seconds. The heat will reach up to 450° Celsius in a 5-6 second.

This has a 2 – 18 welding pulses selection. The capabilities of the welder are fixed.

You can remove the foot pedal if you want to. This is very flexible and easy to work with. This has temperature regulation and current regulator.

The welding performance can be improved by increasing the welding current and the quality of the pulses. The maximum diameter of the portable welder is 10 mm and this has no slip grip.

SUNKKO is made in Ohio, USA. we all know the quality of the USA made product. This will take only 2-4 days to ship your welder to the designated area. If you want very fast shipping in one or two days, this will also be possible.

Key Features

  • Made in USA
  • Latest cooling system
  • Removable foot pedal
  • Very quick shipment

4. SUNKKO Battery Spot Welder | LED Battery Testing

SUNKKO is a reputed brand that has been top in the market for a long time. This model of SUNKKO is the best battery spot welder because it is highly evaluated by the users and has a good reputation in the market.

The model is specially designed for some batteries. This is suitable for 18650, 14500 battery welding. You can also use this with 0.05 and 0.2 mm nickel strips for nickel-plated steel.

You can also measure and calculate the voltage and resistance of the battery pack.

The main advantage of the model is you can work with this even at night. The built-in LED light will allow it to do this. The lights will give you directions and enough light to work at night.

After completing the pack you need to charge and test. That is why 788H is equipped with the charging port. The charging port is very fast. And for your convenience the current and voltage are adjustable.

Different users are used to having different welding. Keeping this in mind they have added a 788H foot pedal. Therefore you can coordinate hands and feet at the same time. So you can make a long term spot welding without getting tired.

Key Features

  • 788H foot pedal.
  • High speed charging port
  • Adjustable current and voltage
  • Built-in LED light

5. Mophorn Battery Spot Welder | High Precision

We keep Mophorn in our top five list because this has a great balance spring pressure. You can do one hand operation with this. And the solder joint distance is very adjustable. Mophorn avoids flashover welding and this helps the welder to balance more perfectly.

The portable welder has an LED light function that will let you work at night and you can precisely fix welding.

This has a high procession of a single, three rows or soldering six batteries. This helps to provide a quick battery welding.

Very few battery spot welders include additional accessories. Mophorn portable welder comes with 1 kg Nickel Plated Steel Strip that also has 1 x Battery Fixture (6 Section) and 2 x Copper Welding Rods.

The shape of the spot welder is very convenient. This model features the compact body shape. This has a suitable handle to make it easy for you to carry the welder. The box is very easy to make. You can carry this to any place you want to.

This model is suitable for many battery packs. For example, polymer battery, protection board and button battery. You can also use this to iPhone camera, stainless steel mesh, stainless steel hardware, etc.

Key Features

  • Compact and portable
  • LED light function
  • Suitable for various batteries
  • Has additional accessories

Things to Consider Before Buying Battery Spot Welder

Best Battery Spot Welder

As there are several types of Battery Spot Welder in the market, you may get puzzled while buying one. So, for getting the top portable port, you have to consider some key features and elements. Hopefully, this section will help you to select your preferable pulse spot welder.

So, take a moment and go through this section. And after that, you would be able to know about all the features and elements that you should follow before buying a spot welder. You may also like some of the RC hex driver set, from our list, so take a moment to check them out.


The weight is a major issue for a portable welder. The resistance welder is mainly designed for your convenience. As the name suggests, this is mainly for carrying, so you can take this anywhere you want to. This is suitable for outdoor and home use. You can take this in your transport and this requires a very little space.

So the resistance welder has to be easy to carry, which means it has to be lightweight. The lighter the portable welder is, the easier to use. So try to measure the weight before buying this.


You have to consider the flexibility of the voltage machine before making a buying decision. Try to look for a dual voltage machine. This will give you the highest flexibility. And you won’t have to buy any additional converting machine. This will also save you some money.

Also try to consider the battery spot welder with energy efficiency. Energy efficient spot welders will keep your power bill at a minimal level.


Material is also important. How long the welder is going to last, or how well this will perform depends on the material. If high quality material is not used the portable welder will not last long. The possible materials of the spot welder can be copper, titanium, nickel, nickel alloys, nickel coated steel and stainless steel. These materials are suitable for a battery spot welder.

Additional Accessories

If you want to work with a spot welder, except the power box you will need some additional items to complete your work. Buying those separately is a hassle and at the same time costly. And going back to the store to buy these is really tiresome.

Some of the battery spot welder packs include all the necessary accessories. So you will get everything in one pack. This will save your money and time. The products that we have suggested include additional accessories.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Does a battery spot welder cost a lot?

No it does not.

There are spot welders of all ranges. You can get this at a cheaper price also you can get a portable welder with average cost. But the cheap one may not last long.

2. How strongly can this weld?

The top portable welder is efficient enough to join 2 pieces of metal in a short time. This will work very quickly and efficiently.

3. What materials are used in resistance welding?

There is not a single material that is used in this. But most commonly high quality products use copper, titanium, nickel, nickel alloys, nickel coated steel and stainless steel.

4. How long does a portable welder last?

This depends on the product’s quality.

But most of the spot welders last for a long time. And if there is any problem, this can be fixed very easily.

5. Does this include LED light?

Not all the battery spot welders include LED light.

But if you prefer LED lights to get clear directions and to work at night. Select the portable welder that includes LED lights.

Final Words

We have tried to provide some valuable information about the best battery spot welder. Now you are ready to buy the portable welder that matches your needs. Try to consider the facts that we have mentioned for getting a great experience.

There are different brands of battery spot welders in the market. But we tried to select the top five brands among them. You can also check intake valve cleaner from our list.

Have a Good Day!