Top 5 Best Coilovers for WRX In 2021 – Most Popular Collections

by Mike Constanza

While driving on the uneven road, you may have a lot of bumping. But if you have the same shaking on the even-road, then how can you define it? Is this road's problem? NO!

This is the Coilover of your car, which is either not working correctly or entirely worn out. For that reason, you are having such unpleasant shaking while driving.

A shock absorber not only prevent you from unusual bumping but also gives a well-balanced on your car's body. That's why you have to always look for the best coilovers for wrx to have a comfortable driving whatever the roads you are going to.

Though finding the automotive parts are a bit confusing. Do worry! We have come up with some top-notch shock absorbers, after having thorough testing on them and got recommended from automotive genius. Let's dive into the reviews.

Summary Table for Best Coilovers for Wrx In 2021

Image Product Name Price

Coilovers For Subaru - Legacy 94-98, Forester 03-08

Coilovers for Subaru - Legacy 94-98, Forester 03-08

Price Check

Red Maxpeedingrods Coilovers For Forester 03-08, Adj. Height

Red Maxpeedingrods Coilovers For Forester 03-08, Adj. Height

Price Check

JDMSPEED Coilovers For WRX, Impreza-2002-2007, Red

JDMSPEED Coilovers for WRX, Impreza-2002-2007, Red

Price Check

Hyper-Street Coilover For WRX - (GR/GV) 08-14, Mono-Tube

Hyper-Street Coilover for WRX - (GR/GV) 08-14, Mono-Tube

Price Check

Godspeed Coilovers For WRX-02-07(04 STI), Set Of 4

Godspeed Coilovers for WRX-02-07(04 STI), Set of 4

Price Check

Best Coilovers for WRX Reviews

Best Coilovers for WRX Reviews
Best Coilovers for WRX Reviews

In this section, we will be showing you every ins and outs of the Coilovers so that you can have a better understanding of them. Let's see which one would be most suitable for your Subaru.

1. ZYauto Coilovers for WRX- Legacy 94-98, Forester 03-08

Coilovers For Subaru - Legacy 94-98, Forester 03-08
Coilovers For Subaru - Legacy 94-98, Forester 03-08

What types of wheel/rim you are having on your car, that doesn't determine the comfort of your vehicle. In fact, car comfortability depends on the high-quality coilovers, which all you will find in this shocks suspension.

Whatever the brand of the Coilover, if it is not capable enough of performing with the car, then what are the brand values? That's why the ZYauto ensures the shocks' quality and long-lasting performing capabilities.

Though you have selected the quality Coilover for your Subaru wrx, if it not comfortably adjusts with the car's suspension then the worst consequence is inevitable.

However, this shock ensures the highest level of compatibility for your suspension.

After using these coilovers for WRX, you will have a fantastic experience while driving. Because it is designed in such a way that it can dispel the friction and noise during the bumpy driving, as well as, you will also discover smoothness while steering.

After measuring the quality and performance of the coilovers, I bet, you will admit it as the best coilovers for daily driving, because it is unbelievable to have such shock within a minimum price. Check out for glow plugs.

Key Features

  • Compatible with multiple cars
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Friction-free operation
  • Able to reduce maximum noise

2. Red Maxpeedingrods Coilovers for WRX | Forester 03-08 | Adj. Height

Red Maxpeedingrods Coilovers For Forester 03-08, Adj. Height
Red Maxpeedingrods Coilovers For Forester 03-08, Adj. Height

If you are moving with a high shock-absorbing Coilover, you will definitely enjoy the adventurous bumpy riding while in the uneven road. For having such an adventure, you have to go with these coilovers for WRX, which will provide you both comfort and massive security while cornering.

The coilover designed in such a way that it can reduce maximum friction even in high-speed riding, as well as the coil is as durable that can perform in demanding driving. Besides, the durable rubber coating also ensures long-lasting services.

The coilover can easily adjust with your Subaru Forester from 2003 to 2008 models because the ride height of the shock absorber is precisely perfect for adjusting with the car's suspension bar. So, you can undoubtedly install them in your car.

While cornering you will never hear the noise of the bumping because of its well-finished pillow ball design, which can eliminate the maximum noise even in the rough turning.

After a few weeks of installation, you will understand the quality of the coilover and notice how well it can balance your car's body. Because, from coil rubber coating to aluminum camber plates, everywhere it symbolizes the quality-materials. Click for Radiator Hose.

Key Features

  • Eliminate all squawky sound
  • For Subaru Forester 03-08 models
  • Gorgeous design and appealing color
  • Rubber coating coil for reduces friction

3. JDMSPEED Coilovers for WRX | Impreza-2002-2007 | Red

JDMSPEED Coilovers For WRX, Impreza-2002-2007, Red
JDMSPEED Coilovers For WRX, Impreza-2002-2007, Red

Are you longing for an adventurous long-drive with your loving Impreza? Then the shock absorbers suspension can accelerate your tour-plan few steps forward. And leaving you a happy riding in every cornering of your journey.

After designing the monotube and the integrated aluminum top mounts, the coilover got extra durability to perform in all bumpy road conditions and keeping the right balance on the car's body. That's why you will feel less shaking even in abrupt driving.

The pack comes with four individuals coilover for four wheels. Each can effortlessly install on your car suspension because the JDMSPEED ensures the maximum compatibility on the multiple cars.

After the successful installation of these four coilovers for WRX, you can have a high shock resistance capacity, because of its lower mount allow independent turning during extreme driving.

This shock absorber not only comes with durable quality but also brings elegance to its appearance. Moreover, the hard-coated coilover can able to resist the maximum rust and corrosion; that's why it can keep the same performance as the beginning.

Therefore, after considering the price of the shock absorber along with its performance and quality, it would be hard for you to overlook this well-finished shock absorber. Get some quality Can AM Maverick Belt

Key features

  • 4 easy adjustable coilovers for WRX
  • Compatible with Impreza wrx 2002-2007
  • Strong coaling ensures maximum durability
  • Strut designed for highest performance

4. Hyper-Street Coilovers for WRX | (GR/GV) 08-14 | Mono-Tube

Hyper-Street Coilover For WRX - (GR/GV) 08-14, Mono-Tube
Hyper-Street Coilover For WRX - (GR/GV) 08-14, Mono-Tube

While riding with the family, it is frustrating if the car is extremely oscillating back and forth. Sometimes it may cause harm to your children. So, to avoid such an unpleasant situation and have a good ride, let's see how this shock performs.

For your personal Subaru, it would be the best wrx coilovers, because of the quality and overall performance able to reduce the maximum shaking at riding. As a result, after completing the installation, you are going to have a comfortable journey ever.

If you are constantly thinking about the quality of the coilovers for shock-absorbing, then you can install these without any hesitation because the formulation of the monotube with extreme steel alloy makes it more durable for long-lasting riding.

The absorber is designed for supporting on your Subaru. The compatibility rate of these shock absorbers is so high that it can adjust with all most every Impreza wrx in between 2008-2014.

Due to the same spring rate of front and rear, it can endure the maximum shock without emitting any noise. If you think in terms of the performance and the quality of the coilovers, you would also acknowledge that this coilovers come with a balanced price. Check out for Heater core flush.

Key Features

  • 8Kg Spring Rate for both front and rear
  • Easily adjustable with WRX 2008-2014
  • Well harmonized with your car's suspension
  • Extreme durable due to a complex metal alloy

5. Godspeed Coilovers for WRX | 02-07(04 STI) | Set of 4

Godspeed Coilovers For WRX-02-07(04 STI), Set Of 4
Godspeed Coilovers For WRX-02-07(04 STI), Set Of 4

Shaking is an inevitable thing that you may face in your every riding. But the intensity of the bumping is depending on the quality of the coilover. So, if you are having an extreme level of shaking some time on a flat road, then you need such this premium coilovers for daily driving.

Are you got the Subaru Impreza from 2002 to 2007? Then install this shock absorber immediately to escape the majority percent of the shaking while driving since the quality of the spring makes sure the comfortable journey.

The overall metal quality of the shock absorber is quite fantastic, because the formulation of the bodily-metal is so complex-alloy, that ensure the highest level of durability after installation.

The innovative pillow-ball mount included in this shock absorber. For this reason, you feel no noise while extreme riding. Moreover, this pillow ball ensures the friction-free operation of the car.

Therefore, for having better performing shock absorber, you have to go with these best coilovers for wrx, because the price will not make any barrier to choose these high-quality coilovers.

So, to have maximum comfort during each journey, you can put this shock absorber into your suspension. Looking for Duramax Oil Filter?

Key Features

  • Brings innovative design on springs
  • Support Impreza from 2002 to 2007
  • Quality Strut ensures the car's body balance
  • Providing maximum noise reduction
  • 1-year official warranty

Things to Consider before Buying Coilovers for WRX

Best Coilovers For Wrx
Best Coilovers For Wrx

Perhaps you may think to get a recommendation from an automotive expert to choose the best coilovers for daily driving. However, you can quickly come to the conclusion if you consider our following significant factors.

Spring Quality

In the coilover, the significant aspect is the springs. In fact, the springs are measuring the quality of the shock absorber. Because, while you are driving, these springs will endure the maximum pressure and help to keep the cars in a balanced position.

So before buying, if you check the spring quality, that means you are going to get the premium coilovers for WRX. Get some quality Oil for Harley Transmission.

Coil Coating

If the coils come with hard-coated, it means the resistance capability of the coilover is better than any others.

The high coating spring can able to reduce the maximum noise while the car is driving.

That's why you have to check the coil coating. Click for Coolant Addtives.


Before going to get the shock absorber, you must check the compatibility rates of your shock absorber. You have to make sure whether it is compatible with your Subaru Impreza or not.

They mention the model number of the adjustable vehicles. So, don't forget to check the adjustability to avoid after buying-harassment.

Mounting Hardware

If you carefully check whether the coilover has come with the mounting hardware or not, you can escape the installation hassle.

Although most of the shock absorbers come with mounting hardware, if they are not available, don't be fret! Your technician can easily manage them. Check out for Smelling 2 Stroke Oil.

Metallic Alloy

Though it is difficult to understand the metallic composition of the shock absorber. However, most of the companies mentioned how they formulate these automotive parts and what the perfect alloy.

If you check the right alloy while seeing the specs, then you can easily understand the quality of the shock absorber.

Ride Height

Ride height is an important aspect to check while buying your coilovers for WRX. Because it determines the balance level of your cars while shaking.

However, these shock absorbers have come with standard ride height, which will be perfect to compatible with your car's suspension.

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Are these coilover adjust with my 05 Subaru Impreza wrx properly?


These are well suited for your Impreza wrx 2005.

The compatibility rates of these coilovers are as high as they can perfectly compatible with the most Subaru Impreza wrx from 2002-2014.

2. Do they include adjustable camber?

Yes, they are!

These shock absorbers have come with a well-finished camber plate. The OEM of coilovers is ensuring the high-quality camber plates so that it can perform its optimum level while rough riding or critical cornering.

3. Are they coming with mounting hardware?

Yes! They are.

Most of the shock absorbers have come with the new mounting hardware, such as several bolts, and the pillow ball also comes with its nut.

However, if someone missing this hardware, then don't be worry! Your professional technician can handle this easily.

4. Is it easy to install, or how can I install them?

If you have previous experience then you could easily install them. Or if you have an expertise on your vehicle-mechanism, then you can mount it.

However, this is not a DIY project, so you need an automotive technician to install these coilovers for WRX.

5. Are the springs rate of the front and rear coilovers' same?

In fact! It depends on the shock absorber.

Some of the front and rear absorber's spring rates are the same. But some of them come with different weights. For example, if the front spring rate is 9 kg each then the rear spring rate is 7 kg each.

Final Words

For your sporty car, it is never expected to start bumping while extreme riding. It is as terrible as a nightmare if you have such experience due to the crappy coilovers.

Therefore, for your safe and comfortable riding, you must invest in the best coilovers for wrx. It will neither turn to the worst invest nor an ignorable automotive-parts for your cars.

So, if this little investment can bring an incredible change in your vehicle's movement, then it would be really difficult for any car's owner to ignore these coilovers for daily driving.

Happy Riding!

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