Best DDR Pad in 2021 – Top Selling & Popular Collections

Many of you want to play dance games at home but you can not due to not having the right equipment. You can solve this problem very easily by buying the best DDR pad for you.

Some of you want to have a dance pad but can not buy this because you do not know where to find the right DDR pad. But the right dance pad machine will enable you to run the game.

The DDR (dance dance revolution) has to be comfortable and well balanced. Also selecting the right one is not so easy. Therefore we will try to help you to choose the right DDR mat.

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Dance Dance Revolution DDR Pad | Handle Bars
Dance Dance Revolution DDR Pad | Handle BarsCheck Price

Dance Dance Revolution DDR Pad | Foam Deluxe Pad
Dance Dance Revolution DDR Pad | Foam Deluxe PadCheck Price

DDR DDR Pad | Reasonable Price
DDR DDR Pad | Reasonable PriceCheck Price

MGear DDR Pad | Comfortable Mat
MGear DDR Pad | Comfortable MatCheck Price

PlayStation DDR Pad | Konami Dance Pad
PlayStation DDR Pad | Konami Dance PadCheck Price

Best DDR Pad Reviews

In this section, we are pointing out all the features of the DDR Pad and bringing the top dance pads. As a result, you will get an idea about the dance pad that meets all your expectations and needs. So keep scrolling down to find the right one.

1. Dance Dance Revolution DDR Pad | Handle Bars

As a gamer, you may have always wanted to get a DDR pad that will have handlebars with Energy Metal Dance Pad. so there is good news for you. You would be surprised to know that Dance Dance Revolution has brought such a dance pad that will fulfill all of your requirements.

The great advancement of this pad is you can use this on 4 kinds of platforms. This does not require an updated control box.

This will work with PlayStation one, PlayStation two, XBOX, and PC. the control box is included with this.

This has super sensitive features. This model is a brand new model with an upgraded technology that you will not find anywhere in the market. This has three in one multi platform plug. This works perfectly with the 4 platforms.

This energy metal dance mat creates the actual feel and looks of an arcade platform. By using this you will know exactly where you are on the mat at all times.

You can also match your skill level. From novice to experienced, everyone can use this. There are skill levels that you will go with your abilities. This Energy Metal Dance Pad will provide you with a completely new and rich experience.

Key Features

  • High compatibility
  • Include handlebars
  • Energy metal dance mat
  • Match any skill level

2. Dance Dance Revolution DDR Pad | Foam Deluxe Pad

If you are looking for a durable DDR pad at a reasonable price then this can be the right choice for you. This model of Dance Dance Revolution features an improved and new stripe surface. That will provide you a durable surface.

This is one of the top DDR mats which will provide a step to step smoother transaction. And have high traction that will help you not to slip from the dance pad. The durability will help you to use this mat for years.

This has incredible compatibility. You can use this with different power stations.

For example, PlayStation 1, playstation 2, Xbox, Nintendo wii, and PC via USB. This also does not require any updated control box.

This has durable thick inserts underneath each button that will enable you to feel the difference between the other parts of the pad and the button. This Super fast technology is very sensitive. Hence you will get better performance and a higher score.

This dance pad has a high density with 1-inch foam inserted. That will help you to move fast. This will give you a perfect balance between comfort and fast reaction time. You can play longer with this.

Key Features

  • Reasonable price
  • A balance between comfort and fast reaction time
  • Helps to perform a higher score
  • Has incredible compatibility

3. DDR DDR Pad | Reasonable Price

This dance pad is manufactured by one of the renowned companies. DDR will give you maximum satisfaction and a first-class experience. Many professionals choose this one for playing dance games.

When you play the pad, it will light up with LED lights. You can get excellent quality at the least expensive quality.

This is portable. The soft pad will let you fold this, and it is effortless to fold this. So through the instructions before folding this.

You may think the softness will decrease the sensitivity. But no, the softness of the pad with a cushy carpet combined has no negative effect on the sensitivity of the controller. This will let you move with your favorite arcade dancing games.

This will give you the full effect of dance games. You will get everything you need from a dance mat. This DDR pad works like a controller. This has four arrow buttons and also four extra buttons.

Extra thin pads have been used to make the dance dance revolution more durable. This pad will provide you a longer lasting dance experience. They also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can use this for both PSX and PS2.

Key Features

  • LED lights on pad
  • Chosen by professionals
  • Foldable and portable
  • Four arrow buttons

4. MGear DDR Pad | Comfortable Mat

Those who like stylish graphics and a thick comfortable mat, would love to have an MGear DDR mat. This is available at a very cheap price with all of the features. All the features at a reasonable price make this the best DDR pad.

The dance pad has super sensitive features. This model is a brand new model with an upgraded technology that is very rare to find elsewhere in the market. You can use this for years without having any problems damaging or breaking in it.

This DDR mat has high traction. There is no chance of sliding off during dancing. This will give you a step to step smoother transaction.

The buttons are large and in an accurate position. So you will not face any difficulties finding the buttons.

This DDR pad has color coded buttons. This will help you to identify the buttons and the arrows. And the button separation is clearly visible. All buttons are there, including the start and select buttons.

The dance mat is specially designed for PlayStation 2 lovers. If you own a playstation 2, this is the right set for you. You can connect with a USB cable.

Key Features

  • Super sensitive features
  • Designed for PlayStation 2
  • Color coded buttons
  • Provides smoother transaction

5. PlayStation DDR Pad | Konami Dance Pad

Practicing dance with a DDR pad is always a good idea. You can use PlayStation DDR Pad for playing games, exercising, etc. you can use it at your own home. And the price is very affordable, you can easily get this one.

This runs perfectly on PS3. This is fun playing with the pad. You will end up out of breath after one dance of medium level. This is suitable for people of all ages. And indeed a great exercise tool.

This is suitable for people of all ages. Children love to play with this. From novice to experienced, everyone can use this.

This pad does not move while you are dancing on it. This will stay in one place on a hard floor. And this pad will not put any scratch on your wooden floors.

You can also clean this up very easily. You can play with this every day without having any problem. This includes a long cord. That will let you set the pad anywhere you want to. This game has some amazing music. So you can enjoy them while dancing.

Key Features

  • Easy cleaning system
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Great for exercise
  • Includes a long cord

Things to Consider Before Buying DDR Pad

Best DDR Pad

You already have all the information about the top DDR mats. Now you are ready to grab the dancing pad. But wait, there are a few things left that you still need to know. You may have already decided which dance pad you want to buy and fixed your budget. Before going to purchase you have to keep in mind some features of the dancing pad to get the premium performance out of it.

So, here we are providing some tips that you should consider before buying a DDR Pad. You can also check some worker placement games from our list.


Material is the most crucial part of a dance pad. Because comfort and durability depend on the material. The softness of a pad with a cushy carpet will provide you a great experience.

Also, you have to consider the surface where you want to put the DDR pad. If you are using this on your wooden floor, you have to make sure the DDR mat does not leave any scratches.


Size is an important part. DDR pad comes in different sizes. If you need a large dance then go for the larger one. And if you want a small DDR mat to occupy in a small space then go for the small one.

For determining the size think about where you are going to use this. If you do not have room for keeping the DDR mat, you can select the foldable one. The products that we have mentioned have all types of DDR pads.


DDR mat also comes in a different color. Do you have any particular color preferences? If yes then you should look for this color. Some of you like colorful mats with LED lights. There are also some mats that include a colorful LED light to cheer your mood up.

You also have to consider if the color has any particular effect on your DDR mat or it creates any problems in the operating systems.


When DDR mat provides a warranty or guarantee that means they are confident about their products. They know the product will provide the top result. So try to go for the dance mat that provides a guarantee.

Sometimes you may not feel comfortable after using the dance dance revolution pad. So you may need a refund or replacement. So talk to the sellers and go through the customer reviews before buying DDR mat.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I get a DDR pad with LED light?

Of course, you can.

But all the DDR mats do not include LED light. If you prefer the mat with light then look for the option before buying.

2. Is the Dance pad durable?

Durability always depends on the product’s quality.

If you can buy the top DDR mats then you can get a long lasting experience. And they will be durable.

3. Is the price too high?

There are DDR pads that cost almost a thousand dollars and also some of them cost less than fifty dollars.

You can select your budget before going for shopping and look for the DDR mats under your budget.

4. Can I use this with my PS2?

Not all the dance pads are suitable for PS2. But there are many pads that support PS2 and other devices. You can connect this via USB cable.

5. Can children use the DDR mat?


Children can use the mats. But the mats that are designed for the professionals, are not suitable for the children.

Final Words

The right DDR mats are important for playing and exercising. We tried to bring the best DDR pad for you so that you can get a perfect experience. We also tried to mention some key features and important materials.

Hope now you are aware of all the features and ready to buy the right one for you. If you find this article helpful, please share this with your friend. You can also check some pandemic expansion from your list.

Have a Happy Shopping!